Alleyway Rendezvous

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Shannan said to meet him late at night. As ever there was no specified time, and in the absence of a particular meeting place, Daniel could only assume they would meet here. The alleyway nestles between towering, anonymous apartment blocks and the only thing people remember about the alleyway is that they can leave their rubbish there. It’s piled, high and haphazard, and affords those who remember the alleyway a place to conduct their shady business.

And now Daniel’s back is pressed up against the unforgiving chill of the wall, darkness shrouding movements in this forgotten alleyway but not hindering them. His breaths are ragged things drawn in by starving lungs desperate, struggling to regain air that was forced out of them by Shannan’s harsh shove at Daniel’s chest – a greeting which was not unusual from Shannan. It had sent him staggering backward until he was caught by the wall with a dull thud that made Shannan smile wickedly.

Shannan knew his pet could take quite a beating, knew it because he’d been testing him, finding his limits and then taking him far beyond them. This is what he loved about Daniel – it wasn’t just about raw sexual energy oozing from him the moment he’d met him; it wasn’t just about those enthralling eyes that captured his curiosity; it wasn’t just because Daniel tasted like an illicit danger, like a crime upon his lips.

It was that Daniel never cried out, never yelped aydın escort in pain, never showed that he was hurt. Oh, he would say Shannan’s name over and over, chanting it like it was the last word left on earth, whispering it like it was a prayer sent up to the heavens as the world crumpled around him. But he would never admit to the pain Shannan scorched him with, branded his body with memories of him. And it was something Shannan was only too happy to explore, to push at and he found Daniel’s limit before and he could find it again given time, given the right equipment.

Tonight is all about pain, all about pleasure, all about the taste of Daniel, as Shannan’s hands drop to Daniel’s pants and his palm rubs at the denim to coax the bulge beneath, urging it toward hardness. Daniel’s breath catches, a gasp at the pressure upon his most sensitive parts, and Shannan laughs, a laugh that flows into Daniel’s mouth as he captures Daniel’s lips with his own.

Daniel can feel the way Shannan’s lips smirk against his as dexterous fingers work at his pants, free him from the confines of his jeans and boxer shorts. Shannan’s hands are cool and gentle upon the length of Daniel’s cock, teasing him to full arousal, a task that is not difficult when Shannan’s busy sucking on the tip of Daniel’s tongue.

Shannan pulls at Daniel, tugs at him gently and he adores the way the skin moves aydın escort bayan over his shaft, his uncircumcised lover, and this makes Shannan laugh again but he does not let go of Daniel’s tongue. Instead he holds it between his teeth and laughs around that tongue, laughs while gazing up into Daniel’s eyes – one milky white and sightless, the other grey drowning in violet mirth.

The dip of Shannan’s teeth are more than mere pin-pricks of pain on the tip of Daniel’s tongue, and yet he does not stop Shannan when he drops to his knees in one smooth motion, hands still wrapped around his cock but soon joined by Shannan’s mouth – warmth enveloping Daniel entirely as Shannan swallows him whole.

There’s a shuddering sigh that rattles from Daniel as Shannan takes him, tongue lashing furiously at him, moist heat a perfect thing for him to be buried within. Daniel’s hands fall to clasp gently at Shannan’s head, fingers long and clawing to bury themselves within sweeps of dark hair. He needs something, an anchor, and in Daniel’s sweet despair he lets out a low keen as Shannan suckles upon him.

Shannan’s breath is a cool breeze that flutters over hot, damp flesh when he takes Daniel out of his mouth. There’s no respite for Daniel though – just because Shannan’s mouth is no longer around him does not mean his hands aren’t and Shannan’s hands glide up and down with escort aydın steady, practiced motions – twists and squeezes given at just the right places. Daniel can feel the way Shannan’s watching him, watching his expression, even as Daniel arches into those hands, shivers under the fireworks those hands of Shannan’s generate over sensitive nerve-endings.

“Ah, god, Shannan,” Daniel breathes out and Shannan isn’t sure if Daniel is praying to him or to someone high above them all, but it makes his lips twist into a sardonic smirk and Shannan wraps his lips around Daniel again, tongue working at him, and Daniel cannot help the way his hips buck. His body spasms beneath Shannan’s administrations, encouraging, urging him and then he comes, tipping over the edge and plunging further into a welcoming darkness that leaves him spent and empty.

Shannan tastes his bitter essence, laps it up greedily and milks it out of Daniel until he has nothing left to give, nothing left but a weary adoration that Shannan reads easily in that one good eye of his. Shannan cups Daniel’s face with his hands, hands still damp from a cock that’s slick and flaccid, and he kisses him, kisses that adoration away because that’s something he doesn’t want. Right now he wants Daniel to taste himself, taste Shannan mixed with Daniel, taste bitter over that sweetness, and Daniel tastes himself, tastes Shannan, and tastes blood when Shannan bites his bottom lip.

The rush of copper-tasting liquid is foul but serves as a reminder that tonight was never about pleasure, never about gentleness and love. Their love echoes their lives – agonizing and lethal. But in this world that’s the life and love they have no choice but to indulge in.

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