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I went to a Literotica party in Washington DC. It was very well attended as you might imagine. Some of the outfits were simply outrageous. I really could not imagine a more exciting place to be.

I hung out in the shadows, mostly enjoying the sights. People were connecting very quickly. I heard comments like “Oh, I can’t believe it’s you. I love your stories. You have spiced up my love life and now it’s my turn to say thanks.” I don’t think the hotel had enough rooms for all of the extra activity.

I went to the bar and took a corner seat. I ordered a brandy Manhattan and leaned back in my stool to watch the partygoers. I’d only been there a couple of minutes when a fabulous babe walked up and sat at the bar, two stools away from me. God she was hot. She looked to be about 22. She had long dark hair and an extremely kissable, pouty bottom lip. She was wearing a lacy, sheer white blouse that was just shy of being see-through. Her gorgeous nipples were clearly visible and I wanted desperately to kiss them. Her tits were full, probably 36C. Her waist was firm and slim, probably 22″. She wore very short leather shorts that were laced down the side. A beautiful portion of her fine, tight ass was exposed. Simply put, she was absolutely one of the sexiest woman I had ever seen and without question, the sexiest I had ever been so near.

She was getting lots of attention but I couldn’t make out the conversation. She smiled and the whole room lit up. It was clear she was the most popular person in attendance. It seemed to me that guys were acting almost sophomoric in their attempt to gain her interest in their advances. She was always polite and engaging but all the guys were striking out. I’d seen her somewhere before; I just couldn’t place it. I finished my drink but was going nowhere as long as she was in that stool. I ordered another. She glanced my way and said, “Wouldn’t a gentleman offer a lady a drink?”

I smiled, “Perhaps he would my dear but a rough and tough detective avrupa yakası escort in search of an elusive jewel thief would not. Low budget you know.”

She posed as if I’d caught her interest, “Elusive jewel thief, eh. And what do you know about this clever rogue?”

I played along, “All we know at this moment is that the thief has been able to confound her victims, both men and women, with an extremely lustful presence.”

“So it’s a she?” She said.

“Yes indeed. The victims all say she’s the most beautiful and sexy woman they’ve ever seen.”

She smiled, “Yes, I imagine she is. Don’t they have any kind of description?”

“Well, it seems she is different with every victim. I guess the one thing common is her body. It’s gorgeous, perhaps 36C-22-34. Excuse me, I get a little excited just thinking about a body like that.”

“Mmm, I understand. I do as well. Nothing else then?”

I looked at her bottom lip. “Ah, yes. I’m told that her lower lip is pouty. She’s evidently very kissable and uses kissing as a tool.”

“Hmmm, how does she do that?”

“Well, you have a pouty lower lip. You seem to be very kissable and certainly a detective like me has noticed that you’re very popular at this party. How do you use kissing to your advantage?”

She moved to the stool next to me and leaned close as if to share a secret. “When I kiss someone, they melt in my arms.”

“And this works all the time?” I inquired.

She smiled, “Never fails.”

I gave her a serious look. “Is it possible I have stumbled upon my thief? Are you the jewel thief I’ve been looking for?”

She pulled back acting alarmed, “Don’t be absurd. Would I, a world renowned jewel thief, simply give myself away to a man who has admitted to be a detective in search of me?”

“I think I may need to detain you while I sort through this evidence. Let me buy you a drink.”

I ordered her drink and sipped on my Manhattan. bahçelievler escort bayan I pulled out a notepad and pen. “Let’s see, what evidence do I have? Beautiful and sexy.” I glanced at her. “Miss, you are beautiful and sexy are you not?”

“Well, perhaps some would think so.”

I said, “I’m the detective here. I know evidence. You’re beautiful and sexy, now take my word for that.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t get excited. While you’re at it, I do have a kissable, pouty lower lip. My measurements happen to be 36C-22-34. Do you think I’m the only one here that answers to this description?” She acted annoyed.

And then I remembered where I’d seen her before. I brushed my notebook to the floor. “Could you pick that up for me Almira.”

She said “Sure.” She picked it up from the floor.

As she stood back up, I looked her square in the eye. “There’s one other piece of evidence I hadn’t shared with you. Our thief’s name is Almira and you just answered to the name Almira. You are my jewel thief and I never, ever let my man get away.”

She smiled, “Hmmm. I see you’ve done your homework. I am Almira. What are you going to do, handcuff me and blindfold me?”

I reached in my pocket and produced the handcuffs she alluded to. “Yes my dear, I am going to handcuff you. I need to take you up to my room so I can get an oral confession.”

“Mmmm, that’s my favorite kind of confession. I’d love to.”

As we stood to leave for my room, she made a break for the door but I caught her gently by the arm. “Naughty girl, now I’ll need to spank you.”

She purred, “You really know how to treat a girl don’t you.”

When we got to the room, I took her in my arms. I kissed her lips. They parted. I gently sucked on her tongue. She pushed her tits against my chest. I put my hands around her and held her close by grabbing her perfect ass. She ripped my shirt open, buttons flying. The gorgeous bakırköy escort Almira was sucking on my nipples. I pulled her blouse out of her leather shorts and pulled it over her head. Her tits were more beautiful than even her Literotica profile pictures would suggest. I fondled them, I pinched and pulled on her nipples. I could wait no more. I picked her up and lay her on the bed. I got the robe ties from the courtesy bathrobes and tied her hands to the bedpost. I used a couple of my neckties and spread her sexy legs wide. Her shaved pussy was fully exposed. I leaned down and sucked on her swollen clit. She moaned. I stood before her and removed my pants. My 8″ cock was hot and hard. I straddled her body, my hands on her tits and brought my cock to her lips. She kissed the head and then licked the shaft down to my balls. I pulled hard on her nipples and she moaned as she took my cock in her mouth. I leaned down in a 69 position and licked her sweet pussy. She arched up to meet my tongue. I sucked on her clit and she cried out, “Oh my God. Fuck me, fuck meeee.”

I removed her restraints, rolled on my back and said, “No, you fuck me.”

She was so gorgeous. She straddled my cock as I fondled her tits. She was the best I’d ever had or imagined. She reached down and pinched and rubbed her clit as she humped my hard cock. I couldn’t hold back, I shot her full of cum just as she screamed out in orgasm. She lay down on top of me, her tits cushioned against my chest. We kissed and then she whispered, “Umm, weren’t you going to spank me?”

I sat up, hard again. I had her lay across my lap with my cock buried in her pussy. I spanked her. She asked me to do it harder, so I made it sting. She moaned with each spank. Then she kneeled down between my legs. First she rubbed my cock all over her tits, especially her nipples. Then she took it completely in her mouth. She stroked my cock as she sucked it in and out of her mouth. She looked up at me and told me she wanted to swallow my cum. I looked at the beautiful Almira deep throat my hard cock and I let go with my second load. She swallowed it all down.

I pulled her to me and we kissed for a long time and then I hit the showers. When I got out, she was gone. But she left a note behind – “E-mail me. I want to play with you again. Love, Almira.”

Thank you Literotica, you’re the best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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