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Chapter 031 � A New Leader and Family Member



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington

Jason Allman: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to General Meat and General Goodman.) Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.) Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.) Robert Allen Gregory, Colonel, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69 Matt Longdick: First Lieutentant, U.S.Army (Alpha Zulu Headquarter Staff) (Partner of Jason Allman)


“With all due respect, Sir… there must be more qualified men in the Army than me”… Randy simply smiled at him and told him he concurred with his statement but Adam, Steven, Meat, Luke, John and I feel you are the best man for the job. I hope you will accept the command and continue the great work we have begun. “I am most humbled by this great honor bestowed upon me and I pledge my life and sacred honor to fulfill your expectations”… We all were in awe at the gracious acceptance. In the words of Mama Bear: “We have chosen the right man”!


Meat and Steven smiled at him as he was informed he was now out of uniform and handed him the insignia of a full colonel in the United States Army. Now we tell you the bad news… off to medical so Doc can chip you. I know how much soldiers love doctors with long needles. We were surprised when Doc chipped him he also took a mouth swab. Nothing surprises me about Doc but this is a new one for him. Colonel Gregory would be flying out with Adam and Randy to Washington to get fitted for his new uniforms and to complete the mountain of paperwork required by both the Pentagon and Worthington. Randy ask our new Colonel when he called his father to share the good news with him to advise him Worthington Intelligence would be contacting him in the next few days to do a background check on both the Colonel and his living family.


At evening retreat we stood before the entire base and proudly announced the new base commander had been selected and introduced Colonel Robert Allen Gregory. The base was sorry to see Steven and I step down but everyone had known since our promotion we wouldn”t be able to remain in day to day control of Fort Connor. I was honored the men flew our six star flag any time Steven or I were in residence. We were truly loved by the men of Fort Connor. The official passing of command would come a few weeks later after Colonel Gregory had selected his final officers and had his operations up and in force. The last man we procured from Colonel Gregory”s command was Master Sargent Longdick. He and Jason were partners in life and love and they were both a team to be cherished by any command.


As Randy, Adam and Colonel Gregory settled into a suite at the Washington Marriott the paperwork seemed non-ending. The trips to the tailor seemed like a break from a “paper prison” and he was astonished at the quality of work provided with his uniforms and civilian clothing. Randy presented him with his official Glock and advised him to procure an ankle pistol when he returned to Fort Connor. Randy and Adam had one last task before they could return to their normal corporate, military and political assignments given by Luke and Mama Bear. They needed a DNA sample from Lt. General Masters.


Assuring General Masters it was a new security protocol since the infiltration of Worthington by foreign agents anyone who had direct access to any Worthington would have a DNA search of every available database. Understanding the necessity to protect Mama Bear and her family he reluctantly agreed to provide the cheek swab.


It took about six weeks more for Colonel Gregory to make his selection of an Deputy Base Commander and Adjutant. Both position were extremely important to the smooth running of Fort Connor and needed to be men who were respected by the soldiers they commanded.


The deputy base commander selected was Captain Anthony Caruso and Captain Oliver Anderson was selected as the adjutant for Colonel Gregory. Both were combat veterans with high ratings from the men under their command.


I was enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet when OPS advised I have a secure call from Mama Bear. As much as I love this woman and the mother of us all a call from her usually means more work or a disaster is imminent. As the video conference was put through she was beaming and I knew she was up to something. Would Steven and I be her guests for Thanksgiving at the Penthouse. She had checked my calendar and warned POTUS not to schedule us for anything. She wanted us for Thanksgiving. (Kinda hard to argue with a person after that invitation.) I graciously accept and asked if my aide Captain Manning could also attend as he is without family and I didn”t want him to spend it alone. Mama Bear always in “grandmother mode” chastised me saying I didn”t need to ask, of course he was welcome at her Penthouse.


The next video conference she made was to our new Base Commander and he would soon learn that “resistance is futile” when it comes to Mama Bear so after using every excuse in the book he relented and graciously accepted her invitation. Also, bring your father, he should be with his son at Thanksgiving.


That left calls to her family advising attendance was mandatory she had an announcement she wanted everyone present to hear and hopefully celebrate with her. Talk about the “Who � Who” of the Worthingtons… Police guards stationed at the entrance to the Marriott, Worthington Security everywhere we looked and Mama Bear had reserved all the suites in the adjoining two floors to her Penthouse. The Marriott Manager was super busy getting the right person to the right suite but finally by Wednesday morning we all got settled in. Luke, John, Alex and Logan plus the two new “grandkids” got the honor (?) of staying in the Penthouse guest suite. The rest of us got settled in luxury suites in the adjoining floors. The invitation stated formal attire and a 4pm Thanksgiving day arrival for drinks and social conversation. NO WORKING CONVERSATION ALLOWED! (Mama Bear has spoken!)


I wasn”t surprised when R.A. cornered Steven and I and asked to be introduced to the “STUD” Colonel. (Nothing like ripping off the band-aid!) We introduced R.A. to Colonel Gregory and left our new base commander to experience R.A. and either sink or swim. I was more surprised when our shy introverted Aiden asked to be introduced to Captain Manning. Aiden had been staring at the Captain like a hungry dog outside of a butcher shop. They”d make a great couple and I was always ready to give cupid a nudge. Mama Bear arrived totally sparkling in diamonds and as always charming as she announced dinner would be served. After a mega high caloric celebration of Thanksgiving everyone sat quietly as Mama Bear arose and ask for everyone to be quiet so she could share some good news.


Mama Bear spoke stating she hoped we all knew how much she loved this man beside her. Robert was truly a gift and a man she deeply cherished. Lest Luke, John, Randy and Adam think I don”t keep track of what you do with Worthington Industries and Fort Connor I”m ready to surprise you. I keep pretty up-to-date on what goes on even if I don”t express my disagreement with some of the things you four do every day. I (and my co-conspirators) found some interesting reading recently reviewing the actions of you four and I”m please to say I am doing something I never thought possible. Turning to her husband she held him tight and announced I”m giving you the son you have always wanted. (You could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet.) Leave it to R.A. to break the silence: “Grandma you”re pregnant”? That sure broke the silence.


No R.A. but I am going to introduce Robert to the son he never knew existed. Robert please meet your son and introduced her to the father of Colonel Gregory. Due to a bureaucratic military screw up of the Viet Nam bornova escort war a nurse you were deeply in love with was transferred back to the states just before you were severely injured and through a mixup in ID”s you were pronounced dead. You never knew your love was pregnant with your child. She eventually married Colonel Gregory”s father who adopted her son and made a wonderful life for them. Yes, the DNA I had collected proves with a 99.9% certainty you three are father, son and grandson. The three of them couldn”t control the tears as Mama Bear sat down, her General held her, kissed her and told everyone how much she was loved.


Mama Bear announced it was overdue for everyone of age to retire to the lounge and some strong whiskey to loosen the tongues. The rest of you imps hit the video games. I had to smile as Aiden and Captain Manning found a quiet corner to converse privately and enjoy their 20 year old single malt scotch whiskey. As the evening progressed Steven and I told Noah and Captain manning we were going to our room and get some rest. Have an enjoyable evening and don”t worry about the two of us. Aiden smiled and mouthed: “Thank you”! Hayao and Noah just smiled and excused themselves as they rushed like two young lovers racing to their room for a night of wild and passionate love. As Randy and I walked toward our room I commented the kids had the right idea. Randy and Adam smiled as the door to their suite closed behind them and Steven just held me tight and told me to keep the mood. Mt. Meat was going to be conquered tonight.


It had been so long since I could hold Steven in my arms and think about a passionate night with him. Yeah, there was a stream of clothing from the door of our suite to our bed and I didn”t care what room service or cleaning staff thought… I just knew I want my lover naked and in my arms. Steven was passionate and I was in the mood for plenty of foreplay. My lover always made me hard and horny and tonight was no exception. Steven was driving me wild with his tender moments of touching, kissing, tweak, driving me into a sexual frenzy which wasn”t the norm for Steven. (I sure like this v2.0!) It finally reached the point of me diving between his legs and giving him the experience of a talented tongue on his sensitive ass. It wasn”t long before he was screaming for me to fuck him and I obliged with Mt. Meat buried in his ass with a single thrust. He held me tight as his scream echoed in my ear. I waited till the pain passed and he relaxed. I then drove him wild as I pounded his ass and made certain his prostate got plenty of attention. After his second orgasm, I looked into his eyes and asked him if he was ready to go Mountain Climbing.


It was a wet slushy exit from his ass as I rolled onto my back with Mt. Meat standing proud. I helped Steven to straddle my waist and help to get Mt. Meat aimed at the entrance to his pleasure tunnel. One hard downward thrust and Steven had half of Mt. Meat conquered. I could see the pain on his face and we both knew it would soon turn to pleasure. He rode me better than ever and I managed to give him three more massive injections of prime Army baby batter.


When Steven collapsed on my body I held him tight and told him I was still in love with this wonderful man that shared my life. We have been blessed in so many ways and I would never stop giving thanks for him being in my life. I”m more in love with him today than I ever have been. I held him tight, kissed him and asked him to never leave me.


At 1000 hours the next day Captain Manning wheeled in a steaming hot urn of coffee and a couple of sweet rolls to tide us over till we had breakfast. He smiled at us two lovers in bed and commented he was happy we had such a great night. When we asked how his night went he only smiled and proceeded to pick up all the scattered clothes and uniform parts and hang them properly. I never thought when I rescued him from his homophobic base that he would become such an important member of our family. I hoped he never wanted a transfer, he is more than an aide, he is a friend and another son in our family.


A sheepish R.A. knocked at the door of his father”s suite and looked exhausted as John let him in. Coffee was ordered from Room Service and R.A. asked if John had time to talk with him. John commented, it looks like you had a rough night, did the other guy survive? The comment never fazed R.A. I spend all night with Colonel Gregory and we just talked. He is a fantastic man and I feel so alone now not being with him. Connor joined them as the coffee was delivered and joined the conversation. As John and Connor held each other romantically Luke told his son he had just learned the difference between lust and love. It sounds like you really care about this man. I”d suggest you call his suite and invite him for breakfast with us.


Little did we know Colonel Gregory was having a similar discussion with his father. His father told him that love didn”t have age restrictions and when you find that person who you feel is the “one” then let him know how you feel and hopefully it will blossom into a love that will last a lifetime.


As Colonel Gregory accepted R.A. gracious invitation to breakfast with his Uncles and fathers… the minute the door open they were in a passionate embrace and a tongue battle that left them both filling their boxer with baby batter. The orgasms were obvious and Billy Bob commented that they might want to rinse off in the shower and borrow a couple of robes before they sat down for breakfast.


As they slowly enjoyed breakfast R.A. was embarrassed to admit he was the sexual nymphomaniac of the family and Colonel Gregory commented he had heard all the stories about you. R.A. confirmed they were all true and he was probably guilty of even worse indiscretions. The Colonel simply held him tight and told him what was past was in the past and now it only concerned him what happened in their future. The kiss was instant and the copious amount of sperm they discharged seeped even through the plush robes the Marriott provides. Colonel Gregory suggested we finish breakfast and then go and tell my father how we feel about each other. R.A. thanked his family and they all knew this was the first step on the road to love for R.A.


The fathers were elated at the news and both Colonel Gregory and R.A. knew it would be a rough start seeing how the Colonel would be learning the nuisances of Fort Connor and R.A. had a foundation to learn to run and a set timeline to accomplish that goal. R.A. knew he”d be commuting to Fort Connor because Colonel Gregory wouldn”t have the luxury of being off base as much as they both would enjoy.


Our other lovers turned into sexual animals when they reached their room. Aiden and Captain Manning had a line of clothes from the door of their suite to their bedroom. The sex was intense and wild and our shy Aiden showed an experienced gay captain that he was able to give and take anything our captain wanted to share. God, were they sore when they finally headed for the bathroom at sunrise. Captain Manning hadn”t needed to see doc and get any of his super lube and now he wished he had a supply. Hayao to the rescue as he stuck his head in their bedroom and threw a tube on the bed to save the day for our two new lovers. Aiden and Captain Manning spent most of the day and next night talking and sharing their life history. The frankness of their history only cemented the love they were feeling for each other. Hayao and Noah suggested strongly our two lovers go meet the Generals and Aiden”s fathers to announce their feelings for one another. The thought terrified Captain Manning and only with Aiden holding him tight and smothering him with kisses did he consent. Hayao and Noah strongly suggest they shower first, “You stink of SEX”! Luke and Billy Bob were happy for the two and invited them to dine with them if they didn”t have plans. Captain Manning was now officially part of the extended family of Worthingtons and Fort Connors. As they knocked at the suite of Steven and I the smile on their face and the aurora surrounding them truly said they were in love. Before they could say anything Steven and I said we approve. Luke reserved a large table in the dining room and Steven, Hayao, Noah and I joined the celebration party. Christmas came early for Captain Manning and Aiden this year.


As we were breaking up and returning to our rooms Aiden had the realization perhaps someone should tell Mama Bear. I assured him she knew what was happening before you did. R.A. was walking with Colonel Gregory right behind us and assured Aiden that Mama Bear would never stand in the way of true love. Especially when one might think her fingers planned the whole thing.


Love abounded at the Penthouse, Camp Phoenix and Fort Connor. The threat level was extremely low and shortly POTUS would have Steven and I flying our separate way on multi-nation public relations and encouraging participation in the Fort Connor program. Now came the difficult decision and Steven and I discussed it to some ends. We asked Hayao and Captain Manning to join us. Steven and I explained to Hayao we had to decide who went with each of us on this next multi-nation trip and we don”t want to put you in the situation of choosing one father over the other. That said, turning to Captain Manning we need to know by close of business today which of us you want to accompany and Hayao gets the other. Sorry to put you on the hot seat but it won”t be the last time you are faced to make a difficult decision regarding us. And, Hayao… we both love you and always will!!!


Both Steven and I were elated as the wheels of our plane landed at Fort Connor (and why wasn”t either of us surprised when standing with Colonel Gregory was R.A.), our credentials verified and our “chariot” whisked us away to our quarters. Hayao and Captain Manning saw to all our luggage and gifts getting put in either our office or our quarters. We had no more than settled in for the evening than we got a video conference request from Randy and Adam. Luke and John were available tomorrow and we had reached the point we had to confess our “sins” and let Colonel Gregory know about Connor. I told them to plan on arriving mid-morning the next day and stay as long as they wanted, we now have plenty of guest space.


It had been an easy transition for Colonel Gregory and his senior staff having their predecessors remaining on base as part of my headquarters staff. My staff were political enough bostancı escort to always suggest and never tell them this is how it was done. Yes, Steven does rub off on people, even me.


Hayao and Captain Manning reached an agreement, Captain Manning would take care of our after hour needs and Hayao would cover for him when he and Aiden could get together. It really was a great relationship between the two of them. Although, I still felt guilty when I had to steal Captain Manning away for a trip and Aiden had free time they could have spent together. I made certain to suggest to Luke and John to include Aiden on their trip to Fort Connor to which he just got a super big smile. “Playing Cupid again I see” was his only comment.


As Steven and I were notified Worthington One was on final approach to our runway I sent Captain Manning to deliver my compliments and ask Luke and John to join us in our conference room. Then my young Captain you are OFF DUTY till your guest leaves in a few days. We don”t want to see or hear you, understand. With a big smile and a YES SIR”S our young officer was on his way to the air strip. Hayao just looked at us and smile saying “He”s in love” to which we replied “Hook, line and sinker”!!! (Adam and Randy landed shortly thereafter and Hayao asked them to join us in our conference room.)


As the six of us huddled together and discussed which was the least traumatic way to admit to Colonel Gregory that he has control of the most powerful instrument in the United States Arsenal. Luke suggested first we made certain he knows to keep his hand off his ankle holster. And, as much as it was humorous it could also be a problem we hadn”t considered. Guess we need to find out how our new Colonel copes with the thought of “ghosts”.


Lunch in the mess was fantastic and it was great to be back among our men and hopefully Steven and I could meet the new additions to Fort Connor before we were forced to fly out on another mission for POTUS. After lunch Colonel Gregory joined us in the conference room and we locked it down into secure mode. We then asked Colonel Gregory how he felt about “ghosts”… to which he laughed and said “Casper” was his favorite cartoon. John looked at him seriously saying you have control of the most powerful “ghost” in the world and the most powerful instrument in the United States Arsenal.


Colonel Gregory told us R.A. had been telling him all the horror stories about the Ghost of Fort Connor and I have little beliefs in a super natural ghost. John asked him to please not reach for his gun and to keep his hands on the table. Taking his smart phone John pushed the Connor Icon and almost immediately the apparition passed through the wall of our secure room. Colonel Gregory was in shock.


As he returned to reality John introduced him to Connor, a first generation artificial Intelligence lifeform that was designed to protect Fort Connor. Randy, Adam, Steven and I assured him Connor was the reason with all the incursions and threats we faced we had only one fatality and such a low injury rate. You now join an elite group of the six of us who know about Connor. He isn”t known to the Pentagon or to POTUS.


John went through the operation of Connor and he is as easy or easier than any voice command remote device. The big difference is he can scatter the atoms of any living matter. We have been very judicious in our use of Connor because the Pentagon is far too curious how we have fought off the major incursions we have had with so few injuries sustained. Connor has a primary protection list and if I pulled my ankle holster and threatened you I would be killed and my atoms scattered. The seven people in this room are on that primary list as well as any imp in residence.


The only two problems we have left to resolve: 1) Dogs can detect Connor even when he is in his invisible form and 2) he produces a massive ejaculation of sperm in sleeping men. Not unpleasant side effect and we still don”t know what is causing dogs to be able to sense Connor. R&D is continuously working on upgrades to Connor. If you now look at your Smartphone you have a Connor Icon, use it judiciously.


It is now your turn to ask any questions… I believe Colonel Gregory was in as much shock as if a mortar shell exploded over his head. Finally, he turned to reality and the questions spewed forth for hours. Finally, we admitted we needed a break and we could continue after retreat and our evening meal.


After our evening meal I excused Hayao and Noah and suggested I thought they could find something to keep themselves occupied till sunrise. Don”t make me post a guard at your door! Young love is alive and well at Fort Connor.


As our evening meeting closed Colonel Gregory said he now knew what Harry Truman felt like when he was told of the Manhattan Project. We suggest he go back and read of the incursions we faced and why that much power was required. Connor was never our first choice to respond to any attack. When you look at all the firepower this base has Connor should never have to be used. Whether or not to use him now rests in your hands. Randy and Adam are the only two here who have had to face a mother and explain the death of her son. That is the man Connor was named after and who he resembles. A lasting tribute to his ultimate sacrifice.


Colonel Gregory returned to his quarters and R.A. was waiting for him. R.A.”s first comment was: “You look like shit”! Please pour me a double scotch and sit and cuddle with me. I need to be loved tonight. This was the first night but not the last night the Colonel and R.A. shared physical intimacy and love.


Randy and Adam enjoyed a night of love and passion with the stress of divulging Connor now having passed and was in the capable hands of Colonel Gregory. Luke and John were settled in our guest rooms and Steven was in a romantic cuddle mood which I swear he had been taking lessons from Max and Beauty. I was learning to love this man more every day. Sex and a few orgasms make for a great time but intimacy, passion, cuddling is what separates us from the animals.


Luke and John flew out early the next morning so they could clean off the paperwork that had accumulated on their desk and get back to Camp Phoenix to spoil the two new red headed editions to the Worthington Dynasty. Taylor and Tylor would live up to the reputation of the fathers and grandfather and give Colonel Gregory as much a challenge as the four base commanders that preceded him.

Both Colonel Gregory and R.A. were pretty sore and tender after their night of passion and they could only hold each other tight, kiss passionately and never want this moment to end. R.A. knew he had to take the first plane returning to civilization and the two of them would video conference as much free time as Colonel Gregory had available. R.A. knew all too well the time constraints the Commanding Officer of Fort Connor had to face every day. R.A. cherished every moment he could get with his lover even if it was only by video conference. R.A. was in love, his mind just hadn”t accepted what his body realized.


Aiden slipped out of bed quietly not to awake his slumbering lover, dressed and was picked up and taken to the runway. Luke and John knew the look on Aiden”s face so well and being separated from the man you love is a fact of life for those in the military. Luke held his son and told him what he felt was normal for a man in love. If you still feel this way when you see him next time you need to ask him to be your partner for life before someone steals him away from you. There will always be a job for him with Worthington if he decided to leave the military after our Generals retire.


Colonel Gregory rang the bell on the imps residence and requested admittance. Uri welcomed him and said they were all gathered in our lounge. As they settled in Colonel Gregory formally introduced himself and told them formal transfer of command would be in a couple of weeks but he was in command as of this morning. The Colonel turned to Ari and said he had heard of what a great job you do with the imps and I hope you will continue… It seems as a single man I have a lot I can learn from you. I hope you will continue on at Fort Connor. I know the imps want you to stay and so do I.


(No one knew how important these three children would be in the life and death struggle in the middle-east challenges of Israel. Jacob would become a biblical scholar and would be key in united the individual factions of the Jewish Faith. David would enlist in the Israel Defense Force after graduation from college and rise quickly to the highest of ranks of the I.D.F. David became an effective deterrent in protecting Israel from aggression. And, our little Uri… Uri entered politics in Israel after graduation from college and was quickly recognized for his innate abilities of problem solving and bringing individuals of different cultures to a common ground which would benefit all. With the contributions Jacob, David and Uri made to the Nation of Israel the Jewish people had a long and beneficial peace and nations of the middle-east learned to see Israel as a partner and not as a threat.)


Logan and Alex were spoiling Taylor and Tyler even more than Logan had been by Mama Bear. Both of the men knew they must cherish this time because eventually they would have to accept their responsibilities as a Worthington and contribute to the safety of our soldiers in uniform. Deep down both Logan and Alex knew they had to gradually start preparing their sons to live at Fort Connor and one of the immediate goals was twofold… Expose their sons to Fort Connor and have Doc chip them as soon as the adoption was final. The two new fathers learned the hard way to be cautious when two exuberant red headed devils jump into bed and end up with a knee impacting ones testicles. (A joy every father of a young child experiences as well as a flailing foot in the groin when a child is picked up to be held, cuddled and kissed.) Moments that bond a child and their parents forever.


Captain Manning now faced a decision he didn”t want to make. Which General to choice when they were forced on different missions for POTUS. With the two Generals and Hayao present he reached into his pocket, pulled out a coin and flipped it.


Heads = General Goodman Tails = General Meat.


The coin landed Tails. Captain Manning would go with General Meat and Hayao would buca escort go with General Goodman when they had separate concurrent mission assignments. Lady Luck prevented Hayao from choosing between his two fathers. Captain Manning found a way to solve the problem without offending anyone. Meat was again confirmed what an outstanding man this soldier was and how stupid his men were in ostracizing him.


Fortunately for R.A., The office of Worthington Foundation was located in the Worthington Complex and he had access to their fleet of planes to make whatever trips were necessary for business or pleasure. R.A. continually check to see if anyone was flying out to Fort Connor before he reserved a plane for himself. He didn”t need to reserve a room on base he had half of a king size bed permanently reserved for him.


R.A.”s mind finally accepted what his body had decided months previously. He video chatted with Meat and wanted to know where he got the beautiful dog tag he had made for Steven. He then asked if he could obtain a copy of the dog tags Colonel Gregory wears so I can do the same for him. (Meat was always willing to give Cupid a nudge but this was more of a “kick in the ass”.) Ten days later Luke told R.A. he had a package from Fort Connor addressed to him in his secure mail. R.A. rushed over and thanked his uncle for his help. Now to the jeweler and see how fast he can custom this dog tag.


The jeweler remembered the custom work he did for General Meat and made some suggestions as to what stones and designs R.A. might like to consider. Saying this was in lieu of an engagement ring to the man he was going to marry cost wasn”t a consideration. The dog tag was given a heavy platinum coating. They used the highest quality diamonds for a bezel on each side and an Emerald cut Ruby to cover the chain opening. The back would have pave diamonds inside the diamond bezel with Ruby, Blue and White Sapphires within a circle of Emeralds. Cost was never discussed, the stones were in stock and they could have the piece finished in two weeks.


R.A. sat quietly with his family after dinner at Fort Connor. He rose and said he had something important to tell them. He was going to ask Colonel Gregory to be his partner for life. Everyone was elated for him. He then showed the magnificent piece of jewelry he had custom made for his love. Luke just looked at him and said: “Did you think even with a Worthington Platinum Card the jeweler wouldn”t call and confirm you had the authority to spend six figures on this item”? R.A. hugged his Uncle Luke and told them all how wonderful it was to be part of this loving family.


The plot was set and the conspiracy set in motion. After a wonderful private meal in Colonel Gregory”s quarters R.A. asked him if they could take a walk around the camp on such a beautiful night. As they reached the place most believed was the most beautiful outlook on the island, R.A. got down on one knee, opened the case and asked the Colonel to be his partner in this life and the next. The Colonel asked if the Generals were in residence. I need their permission before I announce to the men that you and I are getting married. Everyone in Fort Connor knew of R.A.”s proposal before the happy couple could make it to the General”s quarters and ask permission to marry. After the mandatory premarital counseling, Colonel Gregory and R.A. were joined in eternal matrimony with their close family and the men of Fort Connor present. One of the first things R.A. did when he took over the helm of the Worthington Foundation was to change the operating hours to four 10 hours days so everyone (himself included) had a three day weekend every week. It might have been self-serving but the foundation staff was elated with their new Foundation President.


Mama Bear insisted the two newlyweds take a two week honeymoon to Hawaii and she was assured Randy and Adam would fill in while they were gone. (Mama Bear was still a force not to recon with!) Colonel Gregory and R.A. thanked her graciously and were driven to the airstrip where a fully fueled jet awaited to take them on the start of their new life.


Randy, Adam, Steven and I retired to our quarters and had pleasant recollections of the moment we commitment ourselves to our partner and the love that only grew stronger over the years. We only hoped R.A. could handle the long distance relationship he would face with his responsibilities for overseeing the Worthington Fortune and helping so many needy children. Colonel Gregory would be the most supportive of partners knowing the how much happiness R.A.”s work brought into the lives of thousands of unwanted children. Yes, they were both dedicated to their careers and their dedication only strengthened the bond of love they both shared.


Our little nymphomaniac never strayed and was truly loyal to only one man in his life… Colonel Gregory. I”m certain he spent many a night with a calloused hand and he might have fun explaining the frequent jet trips to Fort Connor if he ever had an IRS audit but the two lovers were dedicated to each other forever.


Aiden was more conservative than R.A. but just as sneaky when he asked us to help him conspire when he had made the decision to propose to Captain Manning. Aiden invited Captain Manning for a long weekend in Washington and of Course Mama Bear and the General knew what was happening. Steven and I also knew what was happening when Luke called and asked us to make certain Captain Manning wasn”t scheduled for anything on that weekend. Hayao was part of the conspiracy as he borrowed a ring from Captain Manning”s quarters and had maintenance give him the exact diameter so the jeweler could size the ring correctly. Within 20 minutes the deed was done and the base was buzzing another wedding would soon be celebrated.


After a moon light cruise of historical monuments in Washington DC Aiden took Captain Manning back to the penthouse which was romantically set with lite candles and an abundance of fragrant flowers. (Mama Bear outdid herself and then quietly retired to their suite of rooms as our lovers returned from their cruise.) As the door locked shut Aiden held his love tightly, kissed him passionately and dropped to one knee, opened the ring box and asked Captain Bob to be his partner for eternity.


Mama Bear quietly entered the room and said there are a few people who want to talk with you. As the big screen lowered and the video com connected them with Fort Connor they were projected onto the main screen in the mess hall where every off duty soldier was present wanting to know the answer. Captain Bob Manning respectfully asked his commanding officers Generals Goodman and Meat for permission to marry. The roar was deafening. The two lovers thanked everyone who conspired to make this such a wonderful night they would never forget.


Mama Bear asked to see the ring. Simple yet beautiful, a platinum band with three cushion cut diamonds bezel inlaid in the ring. As Aiden would remind him the three stones stood for “Today, Tomorrow and Forever”. Their love would be eternal.


Mama Bear and the General then asked the new couple to join them in a midnight “snack”… (You”d think they were serving lunch for the men at Fort Connor.) The food was delicious and plenty of Champagne to celebrate the evening. The next morning General Meat called Captain Manning and said he had a special assignment for him. You are to stay in Washington for the next 10 days and make love to that man of yours. WITH PLEASURE, SIR!


All too soon their ten days of romance ended with Captain Manning returning to Fort Connor and Aiden returning to Camp Phoenix. Luke was a super proud father and announced Aiden would be appointed as his special Liaison with both Fort Connor and General Meat and General Goodman. He was certain to find plenty of opportunity to visit Fort Connor and the man he loved.


Love abounded at Fort Connor after the celebration of two marriages of men the entire staff of Fort Connor loved and respected. Even Randy and Adam in their “senior years” enjoy the motivation of the romantic atmosphere and found themselves sore and walking gently many a morning. Yes, age doesn”t prevent one from enjoying the fruits of youth with a man whom one is still crazy in love.


POTUS had Doug and Steven flying to different regions of the world to get the offer of Fort Connor out and help the democratic nations friendly to the United States with another tool to protect the families of individuals that made democracy possible in their country.


Yes, Mama Bear”s goal of 69 children in residence at Fort Connor was starting to become a reality. The pilot program she started with her sons Luke and John was only possible through the dedication of Randy and Adam. Meat and Steven continued that program and grew it to what it is today. Mama Bear would be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her efforts, an award she never sought but accepted on behalf of the endangered children of the world.


One of the final acts which made a lasting impression on the Alpha Zulu program was to make the final decision on replacements for Randy and Adam. They had given of themselves far beyond any expectations and they did out of the love of Mama Bear and General Masters. Everyone agreed that Randy and Adam deserved to enjoy their senior years and retirement before it was too late. They would never be alone, they always had a family at Fort Connor.


It was an interesting challenge when everyone congregated at Fort Connors and staff tried to fly a six star flag, a four star flag and a three star flag for the generals present. A challenge the men accepted and conquered by adding three additional flagpoles. When only our six star generals were in residence the remaining two flagpoles flew the Army flag and a flag of the Alpha Zulu program. Symbols in the military are more than just showing off, they are a sign of respect and the men of Fort Connor were here voluntarily and respected the men in the chain of command. This was a labor of love for them and Fort Connor retained the highest base retention rate of any military base of the United States Army unbroken for years.


The last act our conspirators would make as a group was the selection of replacements for Randy and Adam. A decision none of us wanted to make but had accepted the reality. Luke, John, Steven, Colonel Gregory and I would be the one fated with making our recommendation to Mama Bear for her final seal of approval. After reading hundreds of profiles of acceptable candidates we finally decided upon five finalists for personal interviews. This decision could easily make or break the future of Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor.






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