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Hi! My name is Chris. I want to speak to the ladies out there.

A few years ago I dated this incredible woman. In addition to being a wonderful person, she was an amazing lover. We were both very open minded and uninhibited and as a result, we discovered (and courageously explored) astonishing hidden sides in ourselves. Let me say that it ended up blowing the roof off of our sex lives!

We’re both the average people you see in your office. We’re both good looking with average builds and in decent shape. I’ll go on and say to me she is hot blonde bombshell. Sexually speaking, I’m very adventurous and love to encourage my lady to let go, be herself and enjoy herself. I love trying new stuff for the variety and excitement. I wish more people did too. Lots of people seem so sure about they “think” they don’t like, even without trying it. We’ve always agreed that until you’ve tried something, even the wildest of things, you won’t really know what you could be missing. I think it all comes down to fear. Deep down we won’t try something for fear of something. Maybe we’re afraid of liking something “weird.” What would YOU do, in the whole world, if you weren’t afraid.

Oops, sorry for the psycho babble stuff… Anyway…

One on particular night of lovemaking and hot monkey sex (there’s a difference) we were lying there all hot and touchy when my girlfriend starts talking about an article she read. It was about women and their fantasies. After overcoming a little reluctance, she told me about one particular fantasy that she read. She said it made her both sad and hot.

She had read about this woman who fantasized about playing a dominatrix to her husband. She tried discussing this with him but wanted no part of it – he wouldn’t do it even just for her. The article said that she continued enjoying the fantasies alone and found herself using her husband’s selfishness to inspire her fantasies in many ways… in some not so nice istanbul escort ways.

My girlfriend said she felt sad because this woman was trapped and without cheating on her husband, could not explore herself and her fantasies. She smiled at me and said “I guess we’re lucky in that respect.”

I looked at her with a hint of suspicion in my eye and asked her if she was trying to tell me something. She smiled back all coy and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” So I asked her point blank, “Do you have fantasies about tying me up?’ She answered “if I did, would you let me? Would you trust me?”

I got up and walked over to my bedroom closet. I found four old ties, and without saying a word, walked back and handed them to her. Her eyes suddenly became devilish with a sort of Christmas morning smile.

She jumped off the bed all excited and asked if I was serious. I told her that she should know by now that I would try anything once for her. I love when she smiles like that.

She told me to lie on the bed and excitedly began tying each of my wrists and ankles to the bedposts with the ties. She said she had never mentioned or even come close to doing anything like this to anyone thinking it was too weird.

That as it may, I immediately noticed how she quickly got into the role and how proficient she was at tying those knots. Hmmm…

She had taken on this “mean streak” that was much less gentle. She was role-playing and getting into it. I tried doing the same. I had this strange mix of trepidation and excitement as the role of the submissive starting coming over me. This was different from the other kinkies that we explored. I was tied down… and tightly. The crazy part was… I was really enjoying this. I never had any desire or fantasy of being submissive. So much for the tough guy thing.

The next hour or so was a whirl of powerful erotic emotions and sensations. We went places escort bayan we never knew existed. She became more excited than I have ever seen her. She let herself become the role and took complete control of her pleasure… and mine.

At times, she forced her pussy onto my lips as she commanded me to please her. If I did not please her, she would reach back and give my cock light slaps to “punish” me and commanded I do better “or else.” She got one my belts from the closet and that became her whip. Her mock thrashings all over my body was driving her crazy (me too). She made believe she whipping my body for displeasing her. She then changed her mind and said she was whipping me simply because she enjoyed doing it and that this was for her pleasure.

My cock was rock hard and seemed the center of attention as it pointed straight up. She toyed with it in her hand and threatened to whip it if I was not good. She grinned at me saying “you would like that, wouldn’t you?” I was still learning this game but my excitement answered for me. “Yes, Mistress. Especially if it pleases you.”

She released my cock from her hand and then gave my cock two light flicks of the belt. That was it. She could not contain herself any longer. She climbed up, straddling her legs over my hips and positioned her moist, overheated pussy directly over my cock. Her glistening lips were parted and wide open. “You better be good” she said as she stared into my eyes. She lowered herself until the tip of my cock came in heated contact with her wet hole. With one downward push, she buried my cock deep into herself.

Her head flew back, mouth open wide as she began raising and lowering herself onto my cock. Slowly at first but not for long. I began matching her rhythm with deep hard upward lunges. We were now engaged in what I still recall as the most furiously passionate fucking I have ever experienced. The combined physical and mental Pendik escort stimulation’s overloaded us as we both exploded with orgasms unmatched to this day. That was the best fuck of my life!

By the time we stopped, we were completely drained both physically and mentally. We were always exhausted after sex but never like this. We just lay there holding each other knowing we hit upon something. She asked if I was okay as she untied me. We began talking about it and I confided that I was surprised that I really enjoyed being out of control and in her control. I never knew I had that in me.

After that night, we continued exploring both her dominant fantasies and what we discovered to be my submissive side. The adventure has thus far exposed each of us to limits we never knew were there. We experimented with role-playing and sensations of both pleasure and pain. I’ll have to write another letter detailing some of more “intense” experiments. I’ll just say that we discovered a very mean and sadistic streak in her that shows itself every so often. She has since learned of CBT and is teaching me its “pleasures of pain”… and I’m enjoy every tormented minute.

To a closed minded observer, this would be bizarre and beyond comprehension. But as we have discovered, like many others that we have met who share similar interests, the extreme and exotic nature of this type of play, offers deeply satisfying experiences that can’t be experienced any other way. You learn what trust really is when you submit and expose yourself this way. You also learn if you can really take control and be responsible for someone else’s experience.

Sadly, we stopped seeing each other. I thought I would never find another woman even close to being like her. Fortune blessed me. After some brave and bold suggestions, I discovered that other woman whom I dated also had similar fantasies. Maybe its not good fortune. Maybe its being open, understanding and supportive.

My advice to the ladies: don’t hold back and don’t wait. You’re missing out if you do. And if you’re with someone, who you realize that you can’t share your sexuality with, … well time to hit the road.

I always did love to encourage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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