Amanda , Jill Ch. 2

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Big Tits

It had been 2 weeks since Jill and I had spent the night together and had been very very careful at the office to not let on that anything like that had happened. Office gossip can be brutal and very damaging to a career, so we kept on as before. The next weekend I had gone out with a guy, but nothing happened…just wasn’t in the mood, but we both had a good time. Then this Friday, when I got back from running some errands at lunch time, I opened the drawer to my desk and saw a pink piece of paper. I discretely opened it and saw “If you aren’t busy tonite, would you like to come by? About 7:30 or so?” I looked up and saw Jill across the way and just smiled at her and gave a very slight nod of my head.

At 7:30 I knocked on the door of her apartment. Thinking ahead, I had put an extra pair of panties and a toothbrush and some extra makeup in my large purse. I hoped I would need them! I smoothed my plaid skirt and knew my dark blue sweater went well with it. I had not worn a bra tonite, as my breasts are still quite firm. She opened the door dressed in her fluffy white robe again, and as I stepped in she kissed me softly. We went into her living room and I sat on the couch. She poured some wine, a Reisling, and we chatted about work. I was a bit concerned about some layoffs.

She was an Admin. Asst. to one of the Managers and she assured me that those were strictly on the basis of performance, and since I was doing more than my share, I had nothing to worry about. That was reassuring. We continued chatting about work…our coworkers and the latest gossip. She asked about my date the previous weekend. I told her that I had gone out with Mark on Saturday nite. He is a really nice guy and fun to be with. We went to dinner at a small French cafe and then to a movie. I told her he really wanted to get into my panties, but I just didn’t feel like it that night. I smiled, took a sip of the wine and said, “Now there is someone else that I REALLY want to get into my panties.”

“Anyone I know?” she asked, smiling.

I just took another sip of wine and smiled at her. We both put down our wine glasses and she came over and sat beside me on the couch. Our lips met softly and then firmer. She pulled back a bit and licked my lips all around with her sweet tongue, then kissed me again. My mouth opened to accept her tongue and our tongues played with each other and then she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her hand went to my waist and then under my sweater. As she encountered my bare breast instead of a bra, she made an “MmmmMMmm” sound. She caressed my bare breast. I reached inside of her robe and found one of her large bare breasts and returned the caress.

She pulled back and said, “Let’s get rid of this pretty sweater…”

As Ataşehir Escort I had my arms up in the air taking off the sweater, she reached over and caressed both of my breasts. I stopped and stayed like that for a second…it felt heavenly and she lightly kissed each nipple. She stood up and removed her robe and I again marveled at her fabulous body. She sat back down and kissed me again, then started to kiss down my neck and down to the swell of my right breast. I put my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed it. She kissed one nipple softly and then licked my breast with her sweet pink tongue.

She moved back up to my lips and started to kiss down my neck on the left side. She kissed down to my breast and then kissed that nipple and licked that breast softly all over. She sucked softly on my nipple, pulling it into her mouth. Her other hand was softly massaging my right breast. My mind was swimming as I reached down and softly held both of her large breasts. They were warm and felt nice and firm and I could feel that her nipples were aroused and large and firm. She made a pleased “mmmmmm” sound as I massaged her breasts. She pulled back and helped me to my feet and started to unzip my skirt.

My knees felt weak again…just as before. She let my skirt fall and I pulled my panties down…they were already wet. We embraced and I loved the feel of her body against mine…so nice and warm. My hands went to her lovely ass and hugged her to me. We kissed long and warmly. Then she led me by the hand to her bedroom.

We both lay on the bed facing each other and she smiled at me, pinched one nipple playfully and said, “I’m really glad you accepted me. I didn’t know if you would at first and I took a big chance. You know how I feel about you…you are just so wonderful and I love to make you feel wonderful.”

I told her “I can’t believe this is happening to me. Of course I’ve thought at times about this…who hasn’t…but I never thought I would make love with a beautiful tender woman who is also a friend.”

We embraced and kissed and I could feel our nipples touch and press together. She rolled on her back and pulled me on top of her. She told me to get on my hands and knees over her. I did and she positioned me so my breasts were hanging down in her face. She took one nipple in her mouth and started to suck softly and then harder. Her hands were squeezing my breasts as she sucked first one and then the other. Then suddenly she moved her leg up and started rubbing her leg on my pussy. I spread my legs more. I was so wet that her leg was wet immediately and the rubbing was easier. It felt so good. I pushed down on her leg and wiggled my hips, grinding my pussy into her leg. She was biting my nipples Ataşehir Escort Bayan now, and pulling on them with her teeth.

She stopped and said, “Now you lay down baby.”

I lay down on my back as she got up. She moved me down so my hips were on the edge of the bed and she knelt between my legs and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, first one side and then the other, softly kissing and then licking them. My legs were wide open and my love box was tingling and open and waiting for her. I didn’t know how long I could hold off my orgasm, but I wanted to wait for her tongue that I knew was coming. She kept teasing me just kissing and licking around my pussy and now my hips were starting to move, wanting her so much.

She giggled and blew some air on my pussy, then finally gave it a long hard kiss and ran her tongue up and down the slit. What a wonderful sensation. I felt her tongue enter me and I moved my hips against her so hard, wanting to take her all into me. She started to tongue-fuck me as she sucked at the same time. Then she moved that sweet tongue up and started to play with my swollen clit. That was it. I couldn’t take any more. I had a huge orgasm, my hips bouncing as I said, “OH GOD HONEY! OH, OH OH.” It seemed to go on and on as she sucked me harder and held my hips to her.

When I collapsed, I expected her to come up beside me, but she didn’t. I looked down and she was getting something out of the bedside stand. I got up on my elbows and saw she had a banana. It was yellow/green and was huge…at least 10 inches long and at least 3 inches in diameter.

I asked. “What are you doing?”

She just smiled and said, “You’ll see. Just relax and we both will really enjoy this, babydoll.”

She peeled the banana. I could tell it was ripe but very firm, with just a slight curve to it. She put one end in her mouth like she was sucking a cock, moving it in and out a bit and then told me to lay back and then I realized what she was going to do. “Oh my God” I thought, but it was also very exciting. She touched the end of the banana to my still hot and wet love box. She slowly started to push it in me, as she held my pussy lips open with one hand. I felt this huge thing going in me…it was stretching me open and it felt so good. I was breathing fast again and felt my juices starting to flow. She kept it going in and out, slowly and steadily, pushing it further in with each stroke. Suddenly I didn’t know how much more I could take as she was moving it up and down slightly as she slid it in and out. Then she stopped with the banana way up in me and asked with a smile, “How does that feel?”

I managed to gasp, “Oh my God it is wonderful. Don’t stop.”

She Escort Ataşehir said, “The best is yet to come…” and bent down. I felt her lips against me and then I knew…she was taking small bites of the banana as she pulled it out of my hole with her teeth. My juices were flowing so nicely and mixing with the banana as she ate it. I could hold off no longer and had another massive orgasm, my hips bucking against her as she held them and continued to eat the now very wet banana. She smiled and said, “MMmmm…it tastes even better now.” I was breathing so fast as she finished eating all the banana and used her tongue in me to get all of the juices. I was so hot and it felt like it was still in me. She got up then and lay on top of me, our breasts together, and she was so warm as she kissed me and I could feel her tongue go in to my mouth. I sucked on it and could taste the banana and my juices there as we hugged and pressed our bodies together.

I told her, “Honey, I want you. Please sit on my mouth so I can suck you.”

She said, “Oh yes……wonderful.” and she got up and kneeled over my face and slowly lowered her hips to my waiting open mouth. My tongue went into her wet love lips and explored inside her as I moved my hands up to massage her big breasts, pinching the nipples, as her hips started to move on my face. She was moaning now making soft mewing sounds and as I looked up I could tell her eyes were closed and she was in ecstasy, and all of a sudden I felt some love juice flood my tongue and mouth. I sucked as hard as I could….swallowing it all. I wanted more….I hugged her hips holding her to me. She kept moving and as I looked up she was massaging her own breasts and she was panting heavily. My tongue was going in and out of her love box and caressing her little love button as she let out long “Oooohhhhh” moans.

I knew she was close again so I kept up faster and faster and then stroked her tummy with one hand and that started the flood of wonderful warm juice into my waiting mouth. She pressed her hips down on me as she had a huge orgasm, wiggling around so I could get up in her as much as possible and taste it all. We fell over on the bed and I still hugged those beautiful hips to me…holding her so tight…Oh God I wanted more of her…all of her. I continued to suck as she screamed and her hips kept moving and her legs were now over my shoulders and crossed over my head.

Then I felt her body shudder more and I knew she was cumming again as I kept my tongue moving in her, getting all her juices as they flowed. With a final gasp, she collapsed on her back on the bed and her legs released their hold on my head. I lay with my head on her tummy until our breathing slowed and returned to normal. I loved the feel of my face on her tender skin. I crawled up to her and lay beside her, brought her sweet face over to mine and kissed her tenderly.

We lay like that face to face softly kissing. We both knew without speaking that I would spend the night there and that there would be other nights like this wonderful one.

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