Amy and the Dentist

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Amy looked at the card in her hand. A dentist’s appointment, that wasn’t going to be good. It didn’t seem to matter how well she brushed her teeth, she always seemed to manage to need to have some sort of work done that required a filling. And that meant a needle. She hated needles of any sort and when they were putting them in her mouth, all she wanted to do was scream, but couldn’t.

With nothing that she could do to avoid it, she hopped into her car and drove to the surgery, thinking to herself that it would at least be a bit bearable if she had a cute dentist, but hers was about 60 years old and had icky grey nose hairs that she got to see every time that she forgot to close her eyes. Just the thought of it made her shudder in her seat.

She rebuked herself when she reached out to the door handle to the surgery and actually trembled. There wasn’t anything to be that scared about she told herself, trying to think positively whilst her mind dangled images of needles before her eyes.

She approached the desk with her usual demure trepidation and met the eyes of the young receptionist. She was always struck by how blue the girls eyes were when she came to the dentist.

“Hi Jennifer, I have an 11:30 appointment to see Dr Larcen?”

“Hi Amy, Dr Larcen is sick today, but we’ve got Dr Bartlett in to cover his appointments today, is that ok with you?” Jennifer asked her.

“Um, sure, as long as he knows what he’s on about I guess,” she answered.

“No problems there and I don’t think you’ll be all that disappointed, anyway,” she said, winking. Amy Smiled, knowing that that meant that he must be pretty good looking. They had chatted on a number of her previous visits and shared an appreciation of a nicely chiselled male physique.

Amy took a seat in the waiting room and picked up a surfing magazine that was lying on the coffee table, flicking through the pictures of young men wearing not a lot as they worked their boards in the waves. She liked the fact that longer hair appeared to be back in style for the guys and started to lose herself in thoughts that involved her running her fingers through a crop of sun-bleached sandy hair as she kissed a well-muscled guy.

“Amy, doctor Bartlett will see you now,” Amy heard, startling her from her day dream, which had at least managed to distract her from the horrible anticipation of what was likely to be done to her mouth. She looked up and was surprised to see a young red-headed girl calling her from the door way to the surgery. She quickly got to her feet and crossed the space to the door, feeling strangely watched as she did so. The girl didn’t even move from the doorway as she held it open for Amy, causing her to squeeze past her. It was almost as if the girl’s hand had brushed her butt as she did so!

“Hi, I’m Anna, Dr Bartlett’s assistant,” the girl said, introducing herself as she lead the way down the corridor to the surgery where Dr Larcen usually worked.

“Hi, what happened to Margret?” Amy asked.

“Oh she is on leave for the week and the temp didn’t show, so I just came along as well.”

“Oh, ok,” Amy answered. She turned her head from the red-headed girl to watch where she walked as she stepped into the room and nearly stopped in shock. Standing by the dental chair, smiling, ready to greet her was a dentist that was the opposite of Dr Larcen in every way imaginable. He was young, he was tall, he had perfect blonde surfer’s hair and a jaw line that could have been chiselled from granite. Amy felt weak at the knees.

“Hi, Amy is it? I’m James, I hope you don’t mind me standing in for Dr Larcen today?” the godlike man said, extending her hand to shaker hers as he introduced himself. Just the mere touch of his hand on hers (which she noticed was nice and soft – must be all the washing he would have to do) was enough to send a quiver through her.

“Hi, Dr, er James, I don’t mind at all.” Amy said quietly trying to compose herself.

“Excellent!” he announced confidently, indicating that she should take a seat in the chair.

She moved to the chair where Anna was waiting for her and sat down, her eyes barely ceasing their admiring traverse of his physique as she settled herself in the chair.

As she sank backwards, her eyes flicked to Anna, noting that she was very pretty, especially in the little white uniform that she was wearing. She found herself admiring the cut of the dress, especially the way it seemed to hug the curve of Anna’s breasts and hips. Man, she could have fun wearing that for a guy or two that she knew, she thought to herself. She started as she realised that it must look like she was checking the girl out, and her eyes flicked quickly to Anna’s face before turning to watch Dr Bartlett. She found Anna looking back down at her, smiling as she worked the controls of the chair.

Amy returned her attention to Dr Bartlett. He moved confidently about the surgery, preparing the tools that he would need to examine her mouth.

“Excuse Bycasino me Amy, could you sit up for a moment please?” Anna asked her, moving closer with a bib. Amy lifted her head forwards and Anna leant down over her to fasten the bib about her neck. Amy was busy checking out the dentist and was surprised when she felt Anna smooth down the bib over her chest, her hand brushing across her left breast. Amy’s nipple reacted to the touch, hardening and Amy squished her legs together. The brush of her breast combined with the thoughts that she was having about Dr Bartlett was enough for her insides to react pleasurably.

Amy assumed that the brush of her breast had been accidental until half way through the examination when Anna, in holding the suction tube in Amy’s mouth, allowed her hand to lower until it was resting easily on Amy’s breast.

Amy was consciously aware of the pressure on her breast and was wishing that Dr Bartlett was the one that had his hand there. She thought that Anna must have simply tired from maintaining the one position for so long and expected the hand to be lifted. It stayed there however until Dr Bartlett asked Amy how long it was since she’d had X-rays.

“About 18 months I think,” she replied, trying desperately to stop her eyes from wandering down over his body as he stood towering over her.

“Well in that case, we might just take some more. There’s a couple of areas that Dr Larcen had marked to watch and I want to see if they have deteriorated at all. Anna, can you please organise Amy for X-rays?”

He left the room to attend to some paperwork and Anna set about organising X-rays for Amy, starting with a lead apron that she draped over Anna’s chest.

“Man, you must love working with a hunk like that all day,” Amy said to her as she began positioning the X-ray machine.

“Well, I certainly do, he’s a great dentist and a nice person to boot,” Anna answered.

“Geez, just getting to look at him all day would almost be payment enough for me!”

“Yeah, well if that’s what turns you on, I guess that it could be,” Anna laughed as she departed the room to initiate the x-ray. Amy pondered Anna’s response. “Man she must like her guys short dark and ugly!” She thought to herself, unable to fault the dreamy vision that she maintained in her mind following his departure.

Anna returned to remove the apron and kept brushing against Amy, her breasts rubbing against her arm as she moved the apron and swung it off of the smaller girl in the examination chair. Amy felt each contact from the firmness of Anna’s contained breasts as they rubbed against her. She was starting to suspect that Anna was doing it all deliberately and thought further about her ‘odd’ answer to Amy’s question. Maybe she meant something different by ” … if that’s what turns you on …”

At that moment though, Dr Bartlett walked back into the room and Amy’s attention was suddenly focussed and undivided. How she wished that he’d rub his crotch against her as he worked. That would make Dental visits more appealing she decided.

“Right, well let’s see what we have here then,” he said, taking the recently produced X-rays and examining them against the lit screens. “Hmm, I think that we’re going to have to book you in to have these wisdom teeth taken out Amy.”

“But isn’t that supposed to be really painful?”

“Sorry, but these need to be done. I would recommend that we do one side of your mouth one week and the other a fortnight later so that you have at least one side to eat on in between treatments.”

“Well, you’re the expert, so I’ll have to go with that I guess.”

“And I’m sorry, but I am going to have to give you a filling today.”

“Oh man, that sucks! I’ve been so good with my teeth,” Amy sneered. Anna busied herself about the surgery, preparing the relevant tools and equipment for the filling. Amy sat nervously in the chair, trying to distract herself from the impending doom of the needle by imaging what Dr Bartlett would look like naked with an erect cock.

“Ok, this will sting a little,” Dr Bartlett said to her as he prepared to inject the anaesthetic into her gums. Amy tensed, her fingers gripping the chair until her knuckles whitened with the effort.

“Whoa, you need to try and relax a little Amy, you’re too tense,” Dr Bartlett told her. “Hold Anna’s hand if you like, you might find that helps.”

“How about I hold your cock and if you hurt me I rip it off,” Amy thought to herself as she took Dr Bartlett’s advice and took the hand that Anna offered her in her own. Anna gave her a reassuring squeeze and Amy shut her eyes and tried to take deep breaths around the suction tube and the syringe. She felt Anna give her hand a reassuring squeeze as she felt that momentary pain of the needle.

It was quite some time after the needle had been removed from her mouth while Dr Bartlett was installing the filling that Amy realised that she hadn’t let go of Anna’s hand. She went Bycasino giriş to remove her hand from the warm grasp of the dental assistant and was surprised when she didn’t appear to be willing to let go.

“God, I think she likes me,” Amy suddenly thought to herself, finally putting all the pieces together, the touches on her breast, the rubbing of Anna’s breast against her. Amy was also surprised that the whole idea didn’t actually repulse her like she thought it might. It didn’t turn her on, but she was at least flattered that this girl thought that she was attractive enough to be of interest to her. Especially now that she felt like half her face must be swollen up like a basketball with drool running off her chin.

With the procedure over, Dr Bartlett asked her if she would like her regular dentist, DR Larcen to remove her wisdom teeth or whether she’d like him to do it. Amy glanced at Anna and noticed that she appeared to be hanging on her answer.

“I think I’ll have you do it if you don’t think it will cause any professional tension or anything?”

“Great. And don’t worry, I’ll talk through it with Dr Larcen, I don’t think he’ll have a problem with it.”

“OK, cool. I’ll see you next time then,” Amy said, stepping out of the chair and feeling her mouth on the numb side as she stood up.

Anna showed her back out to reception telling Amy that she was looking forwards to seeing her again. Amy smiled back at her.

“Well?” Jennifer asked her as she stood at the counter to make an appointment to have Dr Bartlett remove the first of her wisdom teeth.

“What a hottie!” she said, grinning lopsidedly at Jennifer behind the counter. “But between you and me, I think that Anna has the hots for me!”

Jennifer laughed, “I did get the impression this morning that she’d be quite happy to be doing a little more than shaking my hand to introduce herself,” Jennifer “And given the way that she was checking out your arse when she let you through that door, I’d say that she really really would like to get you alone for a little while.”

“Yeah well I think that I’d be more than happy to get Dr Bartlett alone for awhile,” Amy said. Just as she finished saying it, Dr Bartlett appeared from the door behind the reception counter and Amy flushed bright red, wondering whether he had heard what she had just said.

“All booked in Amy?” he asked her.

“Yes, I am,” she said, wondering just how red her face must be.

“Excellent, I look forwards to seeing you next time then,” he replied, giving Amy a wink that sent her blood rising and the colour in her face to an unprecedented shade of red as he left to attend to the next patient.

“I tell you what, I wouldn’t be surprised if he liked you,” Jennifer said, giggling at the state of Amy’s embarrassment.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks,” Amy answered before turning and leaving the surgery.

Amy wondered what to wear. “How bizarre,” she thought to herself, this was the first time in her life that she could remember having trouble deciding what to wear to the dentist. Every other time she’d gone in what she had on without even giving it a second thought.

In the end she decided on a short denim skirt with a pair of white cotton panties and a tight pink top. Under it she wore a white push up bra that accentuated her small breasts. Satisfied, she thought about tying her hair back but decided that it would be too annoying when she was lying on the dentists chair and left it down.

“Well someone is looking nice and hot for a trip to the dentist,” Jennifer said with a grin on her face when Amy approached the reception desk.

“Well there’s no harm looking good when you don’t know what might happen … you know, the whole clean undies and the bus thing …”

“Yeah, or the hottie and the dentist thing,” Jennifer laughed. Amy blushed and took a seat in the waiting room. “Ready Amy,” she heard from the doorway to the surgery as she looked up from her magazine. Anna was looking her up and down as she stood from the chair and moved towards the doorway. Now that Amy was more aware of what was going on, she realised that she was definitely being checked out and that Anna basically had a look of lust in her eyes.

“You look great today,” Anna said to her as she squeezed past her in the doorway. Amy felt her breasts thrust against her arm and was strangely turned on by the fact that although her outfit was targeted at Dr Bartlett, it was at least working on Anna. She followed Anna to the chair and sat down so that she could push all the buttons to recline and level the chair to a position ready for the removal of her wisdom teeth. She found herself watching Anna as she moved about the room, the sway of her hips almost hypnotic. She was left alone in the room for a moment and when Anna returned, she was sure that the zip on her uniform and managed to drop a good two inches lower so that her cleavage was exposed.

Amy found her Bycasino deneme bonusu eyes couldn’t help but keep returning to the sight of Anna’s creamy skin and the start of the curve of her breasts to the point that she glimpsed the seam of a white bra. Amy was surprised to discover that she would really like to see what Amy looked like without the uniform and just her underwear on.

Just then, Dr Bartlett entered the room, drawing Amy’s gaze away from the sexy curves of Anna.

“Hello Amy, how are you today?” she noticed that Dr Bartlett’s eyes moved over her body after he thought that she’d looked away, travelling down over her breasts and pausing at her skirt.

“Fine thanks,” she replied. After he had turned, she glanced at Anna who was also looking at her crotch. Amy looked down and realised that in sitting in the chair she had slid downwards slightly, the hem of her skirt riding up to the point that with her laid out as she was that her panties might well be exposed from their angle. She was about to wiggle her skirt back down but decided that maybe she’d just leave it like that and see what happened.

Dr Bartlett took some time to tell Amy that following his leave, Dr Larcen had decided to retire and that Dr Bartlett was in the process of taking over the practice. He’d brought Anna along as well as they had a great working relationship and he didn’t think it fair to have to send her packing because he was taking on the new practice. Margaret he told her had decided to move on and try and find something different to do and so it had all worked out well.

The dentist and nurse set about preparing Amy’s mouth for the extraction of her wisdom teeth. Amy just sat there getting more and more nervous the longer the preparations went on. Finally the two of them returned to the chair and began the process. The first thing that Amy saw was the needle and she immediately tensed up. Anna offered her hand again and Amy took it willingly as Dr Bartlett inserted the needle into her gum. She looked in his eyes, seeking reassurance but all that she found there at that time was concentration on the task at hand, which was in its own way reassuring.

It seemed like an eternity of tension and pain before he was done, but finally he sat back and relaxed and smiled down at Amy, letting her know that that part of the process was over. Amy looked over at Anna as the dentist moved away from the chair and remembered that she was still holding her hand. Anna smiled at her and Amy glanced down and realised that Anna was holding her hand tightly in her lap, pushing against her.

“Right Amy, I’ll have to leave you for a bit now whilst the anaesthetic takes effect, so I’ll leave you in Anna’s care whilst I attend to another patient. If you need me at all, just send Anna to come and get me, but you should be fine on your own.

Anna sat alongside Amy, still holding her hand and smiling at her reassuringly as Dr Bartlett left the room.

“How are you feeling?” Anna asked her.

“Numb,” Amy mumbled as her mouth slowly deadened on one side.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I think you’re really really hot Amy.”

“Um, thanks,” Amy said, blushing.

“If I get too personal or something let me know, but I have to ask you … have you ever kissed another girl?” Amy was a bit shocked by just how forwards that Anna was being, but the line of questions was taking her mind off her mouth and she wasn’t offended, though she did find herself blushing again.

“No, I haven’t, its not something that I’ve thought about before.”

“Oh that’s a shame. Its such a wonderful thing, do you think you would try it if given the chance?”

Amy felt Anna’s hand on her thigh below the hem line of her skirt, gently caressing her, moving back and forth across her skin.

“Well, I’m not sure, I probably won’t know unless it actually happens,” Amy answered, still pondering the fact that Anna obviously had done exactly that and was now moving her hand up her leg towards her panties. “Should I stop her, or do I let this happen?” she wondered to herself. There was nothing offensive about the touch itself, just a pleasant feeling of intimacy. Anna was watching her eyes intently as her fingers began caressing the exposed patch of Amy’s panties just above the top of her slit, her other hand still held tight within her own.

Amy tensed as she felt the contact through the fabric of her panties, closing her eyes and focussing on the sensation rather than who was creating it. That enabled her to relax and she found herself allowing her legs to part slightly. She felt a finger run down over her pussy and shuddered. There was something exquisitely taboo about it in her mind that was starting to drive her wild, her insides churning in response.

“Right then, how’s that mouth now Amy?” she heard Dr Bartlett ask as he entered through the doorway to the surgery. She sensed Anna jump and she herself clamped her legs together and pulled her hand free. She watched Dr Bartlett walk towards her, seeking some sign as to whether he’d seen anything or not. She saw no sign and thought that he hadn’t until he stood closer and she realised that he had an erection in his pants. That blew her mind and turned her on no end.

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