Amy the Showgirl

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Showgirl — Amy

This was his day, he would soon see her in the flesh for the first time ever – she always looked amazing on the phone – she had such an amazing body and she rode her toy like an expert, she was his one and only special and personal porn star.

His heart raced as he walked to the front door, it was unlocked as she said it would be. He let himself in and paused for a while; he wanted to see her so much but felt nervous — it was now or never – he decided. He crept up the stairs quietly, as he reached the top he heard murmurs coming from her bedroom. He paused and listened. She sounded even better in real life — this was going to be a memorable day for him.

Slowly, he pushed open the door and there she was, lying on the bed – he gazed at her amazing large tits — her nipples were hard, firm buds — they glistened in the light. His eyes lit up as he admired her shapely body. Her tits were amazing — lovely large breasts and hard firm nipples. Staring at her, his excitement mounted, arousing an involuntary fluttering in his groin. She was a good girl — wearing the blindfold and nothing else as he had told her.

Slowly, bursa yabancı escort she raised both hands and cupped both breasts firmly at once. Clasping both nipples firmly at the same time between her thumb and finger. She squeezed the nipples hard and groaned a little, as she touched herself. She explored her own nipples – nipping them, pulling them, then rubbing her thumb over them. Over and over again. He could smell her pussy juice she was wet and ready to be fucked.

He moved his hand up and down his hard shaft. She groaned louder.

“Hello, master. Are you ready to watch me?”

She slithered around as her body jerked – enjoying the orgasm as she came – those nipples were so sensitive. She moved her hand down her body, over her silky smooth stomach, nice and slowly, as if she was doing it for the first time. Her fingers moved slowly towards her pussy; she rubbed her clit.

Her groans slightly louder — captivated his and her pleasure. He could hear her hunger for sexual satisfaction. She intensified his desire to touch her — touch those tits and feel those nipples. To touch them. To feel them. Between his fingers, in his hands. To touch them. To feel bursa sınırsız escort them – on his tongue and in his mouth. His groin twitched, as he stepped forward, her breathing became deeper and more urgent.

“Is that you master?” she called out in between she gasps and moans.

He felt himself harden as he replied, “It is I – Your master!”

She groaned out loud, “Watch me, Master!”

He stood mesmerised to the spot, at the foot of the bed. Knowing he was there would make her cum with urgency and passion to please him.

Rubbing her clit, with her fingers using circular motions — with every movement she groaned a little more — her body squirmed as she moved her fingers around and around.

She could hear him now…hear his moans and pleasure. It made her horny and keen to please him.

She slid one, then two, then three fingers deep into herself. As her fingers moved in and out, she used the other hand to rub her tits and play with her nipples.

Her passion and drive to please him, was overwhelming and yet so natural.

“Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm.” She slipped her fingers up to her mouth and without hesitation, tasted herself. One finger, görükle escort two fingers, all three. She sucked them and licked them, savouring her own taste. Arching her body. Her tits jiggled. Her pulse was racing – the smell, the smell – how he longed to taste her.

Satisfied with her feast of pussy juice, she rubbed her ample bosom. She felt her nipples, thrust her hips forward.

She slid her fingers back into herself with urgency, fingers sliding in and out — so nicely.

He moved a little closer, his eyes wide with excitement; he needed her to cum first, to orgasm in front of him, while he wanked himself. He was very hard and close – very close.

“Ahhhhh….fucking hell,” she moaned out loudly. “Fuck me,” she pleaded.

Her hips moved faster, she squirmed in joy and pleasure. Her moans intensified — higher in pitch. Harsh to the ear but a welcome to his pulsating cock.

“Arrrgggghhhhhh!” They both climaxed simultaneously. He lent over her and emptied himself; dripping his cum over her, she could feel his cum dripping onto her pale skin. Her wet fingers slid easily across her body, through his cum – she felt cum drip on to her hand.

Groaning aloud, she licked her lips, as she lifted her hands to her mouth, greeting the cum covered fingers with an eager tongue.

She sucked and licked every little bit – savouring the taste.

He was delighted with her, it was so much better than watching her on his phone. Hearing her and watching her in real life, had made it a memorable day for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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