Amy’s Art

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“Thanks for all the help you guys,” Amy said as the last of her friends got in their cars and drove off down the long gravel driveway, leaving her alone for the first time in her new surroundings. It had been a long day of carrying boxes and moving furniture, her new house feeling ever-so-slightly like home now that her things were in it. After walking around to survey the situation she sat on the front steps and soaked in the quiet. Birds chirped in the ancient, overgrown apple orchard that was now her front yard, and the view from her porch of Grambo Lake down in the valley thrilled her just as it had when the real estate agent first drove her up to see the place.

The property had most recently been a ‘gentleman’s farm,’ owned by a wealthy businessman. He had let the old apple orchard go back to nature, but he kept horses, a cow and a few pigs in a beautiful old wooden barn. A modern metal ‘pole barn’ housed his equipment and a small antique car collection. Apart from the beautiful view and lovely feel of the old house, it was that pole barn that had sold Amy on the place. A big empty space where she could be creative was just what she needed at that point in her life.

Amy was bored. She had spent her whole life working, and now, after winning a ridiculous amount of money in the state lottery and telling her asshole boss to fuck off, she was bored. She had spent the last six months living the easy life, and needed new challenges. Twenty years ago, when she was in high school, cinematography was her main interest. She had plans to go to college and get a job in the movie industry making documentaries, but that all went wrong when she met the wrong boy and got into drugs and drinking. Her senior year went to hell when she got pregnant, had an abortion, and dropped out of school. She earned her high school diploma at night school, but the dream of college slipped away from her, and twenty years of working mediocre jobs became her life. At thirty-seven years old, with her financial security assured, she was finally able to try and resurrect her old passions — photography, painting and filmmaking. The old farm high above the valley was the perfect place to do it.


A year later the old farmhouse was freshly painted, the trees were trimmed, flowers were growing in the gardens, and the last of the workmen were gone. Amy had hired a builder to finish the inside of the big metal pole barn. They had insulated it, sheet-rocked the walls and high ceiling, put down a huge wood floor and installed a heating system. It was transformed into a proper ‘studio,’ and she wasted no time setting it up, with one area for painting and the rest of the big space used for photography, with big LED lights, backdrops, and movable walls to set up various types of rooms. She loved her studio and spent most of her time there, often looking out the big window she had installed to take advantage of the view of the lake down in the valley.

“You look at the lake more than you look at me.”

Amy looked at the young naked man reclining on a bed and smiled.

“I know you by heart,” she said, and she dabbed some more paint on her canvas.

The young man smiled and a little blood rushed to his penis, swelling it slightly. Her smile always did that to him. He had modeled for Amy three times before, and always left wishing he had the courage to walk up to her with a big erection in his hand and kiss her, but it never happened. They were both always professional.

“So Josh,” Amy asked as she studied the leg she was painting, “I don’t think I’ve ever asked you — what do you do for fun?”

“Same as most college guys I guess. Watch porn,” he said with a mischievous smile.

“Ah, yes, it does seem to be popular these days,” she said. “Are the girls into it too?”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “They like the softer stuff though.”

“Softer?” Amy asked.

“Yeah. More romantic. More like real life I guess, but with bigger cocks,” he laughed.

“And what do guys like,” she asked as she dabbed some more paint.

“Uh, I dunno, I guess more than one girl, big groups, more fantasy kinda stuff I guess,” he said.

The frank discussion had transformed Josh’s penis into a cock, and he held his pose nervously as Amy’s eyes darted over him as she continued to paint. It wasn’t fully erect and sticking out, but it had doubled in size and it jumped slightly with each beat of his heart. Amy had to hide behind the big canvas to keep him from seeing her heaving chest.

When the painting was finished and both of their bodies had relaxed, Amy thanked Josh and he got dressed. She had a small private dressing area for models to use, but he never used it and she always enjoyed watching him dress and undress. On this day he pulled tight briefs over his muscular ass as Amy pretended to put away supplies.

After Josh drove out the long driveway Amy went in the house, turned on her old computer and searched for porn. She hadn’t done it much in the past, but she felt compelled and had no trouble Bycasino finding it. Lot’s of it. Looking at it all with an artist’s eye she was disappointed, but the raw power of it overcame the bad production values and she found herself masturbating, right there in the living room in the middle of the day. Just as an orgasm swept through her the phone rang. She answered it too soon, still breathless as she came down from the head-rush. It was her old friend Jenny.

“Oh hi Jenny, how are ya,” Amy said.

“Did I get you at a bad time?” Jenny asked.

“No, no, I was just…”

“You got a man there?” Jenny laughed.

“No, no, I uh… you ever watch porn?”

“Of course I do sweetheart, doesn’t everybody?” Jenny said, laughing even harder.

“I don’t know, do they?”

“It’s like a gazzillion dollar business Amy,” Jenny said. “Sounds like you found some good stuff. Send me a link.”

“Did you ever notice how badly it’s made?” Amy asked.

“No Amy, only you would do that,” Jenny laughed.

“I can’t believe I’m the only one,” Amy said.

“Well there’s an easy solution to that kiddo,” Jenny said. “Make somethin’ better. You got a studio right there at your house.”

The phone call went silent as Jenny waited for an answer. A smile grew on her face as she realized her friend was actually thinking about it.

“Holy shit! You’re wondering if you could do it aren’t ya!” Jenny said, laughing again. “You know I wasn’t serious. I should know better than to suggest things to a girl who can afford to do anything she wants.”

The phone call went on to more mundane topics, but a seed was planted in Amy’s brain. She called Josh the next day to see if he would do another posing session, and he eagerly accepted — Amy paid well and he was a mostly broke college student, but he also enjoyed her company. He showed up that evening and she set up a pose, with artificial lights this time, Josh sitting in a tall-back upholstered chair with an open satin robe, deeply shadowed, like something out of a film noir movie.

“So you’re a senior in the drama department, right Josh?” Amy asked as she started to paint the fresh canvas.

“Yup, just two semesters to go.”

“You guys must be getting pretty good these days. Do you all work together with the filmmaking students?”

“Some of us do, yeah,” he said. “I just finished up a summer project with a guy who’s making a student film. Sort of a drug-house romance kinda thing.”

“Wow, that sounds interesting. You’re probably used to doing nudity from posing for me.”

“Yeah, it did make it easier,” he said. “How’d you know there was nude scenes in it?”

“A romance movie these days… they all seem to have beautiful naked people in them,” Amy said. “You and your class mates, you all must be ready for that kind of thing when you go off to get jobs I guess.”

“Yeah. It was kinda fun really. The girl that did it with me was really into it. It almost wasn’t like acting. It’s hard to describe,” he said.

“So, was it like real sex?”

“It wasn’t supposed to be,” Josh said, “We were just supposed to simulate it, but…the girl kinda got into it and…my friend running the camera just let us go. He said he’d edit out the stuff he couldn’t show.”

“Wow! That sounds hot! So it was fun?” Amy asked as she painted.

“Super fun,” Josh said with a sly grin. “Too much probably.”

Josh’s penis had blossomed into a cock again, and Amy quickly sketched it in with her paintbrush, wanting to capture it’s nearly fully swelled size in the painting. She needn’t of hurried, as the conversation kept Josh’s blood flowing in that direction.

“So is the girl a drama student too?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, she’s from out West,” Josh said.

“Do you think she’d consider posing here with you? Kind of a sexy pose? I’ll pay her too of course.”

“Well she’s broke all the time, and she’s not shy, so…” he laughed.

“Good, why don’t you ask her and give me a call,” Amy said. “I think it’ll be fun for you guys.”

Amy finished up her film noir painting and gave Josh her regular generous hourly rate plus a nice tip after he wiggled his cute butt into silk boxer shorts and jeans.


“Amy, this is my friend Brittany,” Josh said as the two of them walked up Amy’s old farmhouse steps.

“So nice to meet you Brittany,” Amy said.

“My friends call me Britt. I love where you live, it reminds me of home.”

“Where’s that?” Amy asked.

“Napa valley,” Britt said.

“I love California. Let me show you around the studio, and we’ll talk about what we can do,” Amy said.

She led the way down a gravel path to the big pole barn tucked into the side of the old apple orchard. It was early autumn and the smell of apples filled the air. Amy showed Josh and Britt the whole studio, more than Josh had seen before. Amy had been acquiring some high quality movie making gear — three Blackmagic Production cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories, Bycasino giriş a big computer editing station. Josh and Britt were astonished at it all.

“What are you gonna do with all this?” Josh asked.

“Just getting set up for some art projects,” Amy said. “So far I’ve just been playing, but I’d like to get more serious with it all. I just ordered a crane and dolly system. Movements are key, don’t you think?”

“So like experimental film kinda stuff?” Britt said.

“Exactly,” Amy said. “All about the human body. I want to turn the smut world on its head and make the human body truly beautiful. Josh told me about the love making scene you and he did for your friend’s student film. What if we took that up a notch, filmed it even more beautifully and expressively, and made a whole short film that revolved around that. The experimental art world’s version of female porn.”

“Wow, you’re ambitious!” Britt said. “I love the idea, and I can’t wait to see the result, but if you’re asking us to do it I don’t think I’m ready to be a porn star just yet,” she laughed.

“I don’t blame you dear, and porn was a poorly chosen word,” Amy said. “A sexy art film, that’s truly artistic. That’s more what I’m going for.”

“I’m intrigued, that’s for sure,” Britt said.

“Good,” Amy said. “How about you Josh?”

“I thought we were just gonna pose for a painting, but this sounds way more fun,” he said.

“Okay, well, why don’t we get our feet wet and try some things. We’ll just improvise today,” Amy said. “That’ll give me a chance to get used to the new gear, and you guys can see if you’re comfortable with me and if you want to continue. Oh, and for the movie work I’m doubling your fee, so one hundred dollars per hour per person. Sound good?”

“Sign me up!” Josh said with a smile, and Britt was thrilled too.

Amy had set up her cameras beforehand assuming they would agree. She showed Britt the changing area, and the row of brand new terry-cloth robes hanging on the wall.

“Wow, expecting a crowd?” Britt said with a little laugh.

“I’m hoping you two will have fun and you’ll bring some of your classmates along when we get things rolling here,” Amy said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Britt stripped and walked out in her robe to the big bed set up in the middle of a pure white backdrop. Josh had stripped out in the open as usual, over by a chair in the corner, and walked into the big space naked.

“Jeez Josh, ready much?” Britt laughed.

Amy had come up with an idea to shoot them through semi-transparent coverings at first, to make them feel less exposed and hopefully ease them into doing more explicit work.

“Why don’t you guys climb under that sheet and I’ll adjust some lights,” Amy said.

Amy had found a super thin spandex material that was transparent enough to see through and breath through. Josh slid his body under the stretchy sheet onto the pure white bed.

“Wow! That looks hot!” Britt said, admiring the way her friends trim, muscular body looked with the diaphanous fabric draped over him. “Super sexy. Holy shit!”

“That does look good,” Amy said. “The camera’s gonna love you guys. Can I take your robe honey?”

Britt slipped out of it and Amy was very pleased with young Britt’s body. Curvy and well sculpted, with lovely peaks and valleys to catch the light. She was a beautiful young woman, her blonde hair and pale skin the perfect foil to Josh’s dark hair and darker complexion. Now, if she could coax them into a real live lovemaking session she would have some raw material to work on at her editing station to see if the idea of a truly sexy art film was within her grasp.

The lights were set, a boom mic was lowered above them, and the cameras were rolling.

“Act if you want, react if you want, be totally real and natural if you want. Don’t be afraid to make noise — the more the better and then we’ll edit it down, and don’t be afraid to get dirty. It’s all good. I’ll edit out the hard core, but the other angles will be useful. Lets start with a kiss and let it flow from there,” Amy said. “All right, here we go.”

Britt and Josh kissed, and it was easy to see they were attracted to each other. Amy circled slowly and silently in bare feet with a camera on a steadycam rig strapped to her body, and two other cameras were on tripods. The lighting was low and moody, with deep shadows both on top of and below the semi-transparent sheet.

Amy made a mental note to order another camera to mount above the bed for an overhead view, and she continued her slow movements with the steadycam. Britt had moved on top of Josh, and she had relaxed enough to start moaning audibly as Josh’s hands moved slowly across her back and down onto her ass. The light played across and through the transparent white sheet covering them, turning his movements into abstract shadows and tantalizing glimpses of flesh.

Britt moved her body down Josh’s, pulling the sheet over her head as she moved, until her Bycasino deneme bonusu head was over his cock and she was completely covered. The light shone through, and the thin, stretchy sheet moved up and down with her head as she sucked Josh’s cock.

Amy slowly circled, in close, focusing on the sheet for a while with a blurred, shadowy figure giving head as Josh moaned. She slowly shifted focus onto Britt, mysteriously visible through the shadowy sheet. Her slurping was audible, her eyes caught the light, and the camera drifted away.

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!” Amy said. “I love it so far. You guys know what sixty-nine is right? Can you do that and cover yourselves up completely?”

Britt reluctantly stopped her blow-job and Josh took some deep breaths. Amy pulled back the sheet and Britt repositioned herself over Josh. Her ass looked spectacular hovering over Josh’s face when Amy swept the sheet over them.

“All right, here we go,” she said.

The moment Josh’s mouth hit Britt’s pussy her head shot up bringing the thin fabric with it, and a kaleidoscope of shadows danced beneath it. She gasped and exhaled an “Oh, fuck yeah!” through her clenched teeth as she felt it, and Josh moaned as he tasted her. Her head bobbed on Josh’s cock as Amy circled silently. She could tell when things had built to near climax, and she withdrew enough to be clear of the other cameras, so she’d have three angles on the action at the big moment.

She didn’t have to wait long—Josh and Britt were red hot and burning. Britt came first, with a writhing body that threw shadows every which way, her fleshy parts either visible or mysterious depending on her movements, and Josh came while she was still lost in the ether, her mouth sucking down every drop of Josh’s gush, the two of them moaning and grunting in near harmony.

Amy let them go silent, their bodies motionless except for heavy breathing. Amy didn’t say a word so the microphone could pick it up.

“Holy shit guys!” Amy finally said. “That was unbelievably beautiful! You’re not gonna believe it when you see it. I mean stunning! I can’t wait to do more — when I get the crane and the track it’s gonna be off the charts!”

“That was fuckin’ wild” Britt said, still trying to gather her wits.

“You’re tellin’ me!” Josh said.

“Here you go sweetheart,” Amy said, holding Britt’s robe out for her.

Britt poked her head out from under the sheet and looked back at herself and Josh through the transparent white fabric.

“Wow, that’s gonna be so fuckin’ hot. You gonna edit it all yourself?” she asked as she slipped out of the bed and into her robe.

“Yeah, I’ll probably work on it all night,” Amy said. “Like I said, this is just a test tonight. I sure liked how it looked though. It’ll be fun to try and weave something together on the editing station. I hope you guys had fun and want to come back and try some more things. So, let’s see, two-hundred dollars each for tonight, and I’ll call you Josh when the rest of the equipment arrives.”

There was a cabinet and a work table next to the chair with Josh’s clothes. Amy made sure she was there working on her steadycam rig before Josh walked over. His cock was still swollen and glistening, and it was a redder color than she was used to seeing. In fact all his muscles seemed to have more blood in them, and his beautiful young body was a vision of masculinity. It took her breath away.


Amy worked late into the night and all through the next day on the editing. She was thrilled with the results. For a first effort it was amazing to her how beautiful and erotic the footage was, and working on it gave her dozens of new ideas to try. She was unconcerned about commercial viability — this was a personal creative project for her — but she couldn’t believe other folks wouldn’t find the results compelling.

New equipment was arriving daily, and three days after the first shoot she called Josh. He was available, but Britt had been called home due to a death in the family so she asked him to come alone to test out some new ideas. He drove out that evening.

“I had a local seamstress make some tubes out of that stretchy material,” Amy said. “I’ve got one that should fit one person, one big enough for two I think, and another bigger one. Some new lights came too — a light box you can stand on, and some handheld units. They all change colors, so we can try lots of things.”

Josh took off his clothes and Amy helped him pull the tube of thin fabric over his body. It was closed on the top, and looked a little like a full body version of a criminal with a stocking pulled over his face. Not quite as tight, and much stretchier, but a similar kind of mysterious transparency.

“Can you breathe all right in there?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Josh said. “How does it look?”

“Awesome,” Amy said.

Josh pulled the fabric up a little so he could walk, and Amy guided him to a pure black seamless background with a light box on the floor. As Josh stood on the box Amy made the light a deep red.

“What do you want me to do in here,” Josh asked.

“I’d like you to masturbate,” Amy said. “Not yet, let me get the cameras rolling, and then I’d like you to get yourself hard and masturbate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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