Amy’s GrandPa Ch. 2

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I was having the best fucking dream! My prick felt like it was three feet long and it was in the hottest, tightest, pussy imaginable. No only was it hot and tight, it was educated as well. It squeezed me like a handshake and tickled the head of my prick every time I pushed forward. I was building toward the orgasm of my life.

The I heard the giggle. “You fuck pretty good for somebody sound asleep, GrandPa.”

My prick was still lodged between my granddaughter’s soft thighs, which were slick from her cuntal secretions. She must have been fingerfucking herself for some time. Now she was rubbing her clit along the shaft of the Royal Dick to bring herself off. Her pussy lips were spread on either side of the shaft and she was squeezing and tickling the head of my prick where it extended past her thighs.

“Whoa! What a way to wake up, baby! Ride that pony, but be careful, I think he’s going to spit in your bed pretty soon. Hope you like cold clammy sheets.”

“We’ll see about that, old man. Just hang on tight.” She began thrusting her hips back and forth along my rod, jacking me off with her cunt lips, while tickling the head constantly.

I could feel the hot cum boiling out of my balls. “Hang on, cowgirl! Here it comes!”

Amy made one extra long thrust with her hips and pushed the head inside her lips as she began her backthrust, forcing my dick deep inside her with one long motion. I never knew it was possible to cum again while your balls were still in the process of blasting, but it seemed like they sort of double-clutched. However many gallons of cream they would have shot was at least doubled by the unexpected way Amy chose to consummate our incest.

We hadn’t discussed my actually fucking her or not, but last night there had seemed to be some sort of unspoken cultural barrier that had limited our sexual contact to hands and tongues. Neither of us had acknowledged any fear of the incest taboo, but nevertheless, we had not crossed that bridge until now.

It would have been nice to have had a second to ruminate on the actuality of our new relationship, but I was dispensing the hundred year flood into my granddaughter’s cunt and she was doing her patented sex seizure bit. Man, that child had a sweet pussy. If I thought her thighs made a great cunt, it was because I had never experienced the real one before.

When we slowly spiraled to earth, I told her how much I enjoyed her sweet pussy. “You could fuck the balls off a brass monkey, baby. What a great wakeup treat for an old man.”

“You might have noticed that I seemed to be enjoying myself, also, GrandPa. Your dick is the best! It’s not the biggest, it’s not the longest, but it feels better inside me than any I’ve had.”

“Even Jimmy’s?” “Yeah. Even Jimmy’s. He’s hung like a horse and he reaches places in my pussy that nobody has reached before, but yours just feels better overall. Maybe it’s because I can tell you give a damn about my pleasure, too. Jimmy’s nice but all he really was thinking about was unloading his balls in a tight cunt.

We continued to lie together, with our combined secretions oozing out of her pussy as we talked. Occasionally, her cunt would seem to spasm around my dick, causing it to lurch upward a bit, resulting in a gradual hardening that refilled her greedy hole.

Amy reached between her legs and began tickling my balls very gently as she resumed a slow, gentle hip action on my now fully recovered prick. Can we talk while we fuck, GrandPa?”

“Sure, baby. As long as we can fuck while we talk.”

“Deal!”, she said. “I’ve been thinking about Mom. It’s too bad she never would let you fuck her. You’re a fantastic, gentle, lover who cares about your partner’s desires and pleasures. You could have given her many pleasurable hours as she was growing up. I wonder why she has always been so uptight about sex?”

“I really don’t know, Amy. I have never believed in all that bullshit and tried very hard to prevent her from adopting the party line on sex as she was growing up, but somehow it never seemed to prevent her from adopting those damned Puritan ideas she seems to have picked up somewhere. I know you don’t have to be a Puritan to be opposed to fucking your father, but she seems to have gotten the idea that you shouldn’t fuck at all.”

I kept up a slow, steady, motion with my prick, sliding three or four inches in and out of my granddaughter’s tight pussy at the same steady pace. I wanted to see how long we could keep this background fuck going before it took over the conversation.

“You know, I think she actually quit fucking Dad right after Bitsy was born. I guess that’s probably why he left.”

“I had forgotten about Bitsy. How old is she now? Ten?”

“Wow! You really keep up with your family, don’t you? She’s only a year younger than I and I’m nearly twenty. She has this fluffy blonde hair on her pussy and her tits will drive you crazy. Want to fuck her?”

That did it. My prick lurched at the same time that her cunt spasmed. I guess the idea of me fucking my younger görükle escort granddaughter was exciting to both of us. I picked up the pace.

“Hell, why stop at Bitsy? Don’t you want to fuck Mom, too?”

My answer lay in the speed at which I began slamming the salami into her guts.

“Hell, I’ll help you fuck both of them if you like, and Jimmy, too. It gets me off to think about helping you slam that yard up Mom’s tight cunt. Don’t you want to fuck your baby daughter? Huh? Don’t you want to fuck her tight pussy she’s been saving for you all these years? Fuck me, Daddy. Please stick your big dick in my tiny little pussy and fuck me, Daddy. Does that feel good, Daddy? Do you like my tiny little pussy? Huh? Do you?”

Amy’s words and the images they produced made my prick grow even larger and harder than before, but I’m damned if I know how. If she hadn’t drained my balls so thoroughly an hour before, I would already be drenching her ovaries, but I could tell it wouldn’t be long. Her cunt was twitching and snapping around my shaft as I drove into her.

“Guess I’m not the only one that gets excited by that idea, huh?”

“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my tight pussy. Pinch my nipples you old goat. I’m going to blow your balls off.”

I don’t know if they were blown off, but they sure as hell were blown out. There wasn’t enough cum left over in them to grease a cat’s ass. We were definitely going to have to change the sheets tonight. We were swimming in cum. All of this couldn’t be mine. Amy must be one of those women who actually squirts when they cum. I couldn’t wait to see it sometime.

Eventually, we ran down. What a workout! You would think we would be fucked out by now, but all the sexual activity we had been engaged in since her arrival had seemed to actually boost us to another level of ability. Even after two highly memorable orgasms, my dick only went about halfway down and made small jerks from time to time as I remembered various elements of the past 18 hours.

“Damn! Have we only been together less than one day? It seems like years! Amy, you may be young, but you are one hell of a woman! Forget about going back at the end of the summer. We’re going to go get the rest of your stuff and you can move in here with me, permanently. I think you know me well enough already to know that I will never do anything to limit your possibilities. Whatever you decide, whenever you decide it, you will always be completely free to choose.”

“Oh, GrandPa! That’s exactly what I was hoping you would say! I’ve been looking for someone like you all my life. Someone I could talk with. Someone who cared what I thought and who had absolutely no phony pretenses. The fact that you’ve got a killer dick and know how to use it doesn’t affect my feelings at all.” She smirked as she gave a tug on my dick to get me started toward the bathroom for our dual shower.

Having her around the house was one long extended pleasure trip. There was damn little to do in the way of chores, but what there was we shared without friction. Each one picked up after themselves when it needed doing and both shared the opinion that people should live lightly on the earth, with a minimum of damage to it.

This left us lots of time for lying around the pool and fucking each other silly.

“Why don’t I call Mom and ask her to send Bitsy up for a few weeks? It will give Mom a break and give us a chance for you to fuck Bitsy. Ok?” Amy gave my prick a squeeze when she saw it jump at the idea.

“Call away.”

“Hi Mom. I’m fine. No, he hasn’t been trying to feel me up. No, I don’t have any problems keeping his hands off me.”

I buried two fingers deep inside her pussy, with my thumb in her ass.

“GrandPa is a perfect gentleman. I don’t know why you say those awful things about him.”

I lifted her up and sat her back down on my prick as she kept up a steady tone of voice.

“Listen, why don’t you send Bitsy up for a week or two? It’s kind of boring here.” She gave me a wink to let me know what kind of ‘boring’ she was talking about.

“She would love it here. GrandPa has a great pool and besides, it would give you a little break, too. What do you think? Ok! Call as soon as you know when her plane will get in. Gramps says we can go pick her up any time. Oh! I almost forgot. He said you might want to come up and get her when she goes back. Bye.”

“What was that bit about your mom coming up to get Bitsy?”

“I don’t know. It just popped into my head. I’ve been trying to think of some way we can get her to fuck you and you can’t do it if she isn’t within a foot or so.”

“I tried to fuck that tight cunt for years and years and finally gave up. If you can think of a way to do it, go ahead. Well, it sounds like Bitsy is on her way. What is she like?”

“Oh, you know. Like any other adolescent. All knees and elbows. Kinda gawky and worried about zits all the time. Hey! I just had a great idea! I’ve been trying to think of ways for you to get in Bitsy’s pants and I just karacabey escort remembered a line some guy tried to pull on me. He said cum cures zits. If you swallow enough cum, you won’t have any complexion problems.”

“Your complexion seems very clear.”

“I’ve always tried to swallow plenty of cum ever since he told me that. Maybe he wasn’t lying?”

“I’m sure it’s a scientific fact. If your zits come back, it’s because you weren’t swallowing enough. Right?”

“Right. Now let me swallow some more.”

Never one to shirk my duty when a damsel is in distress, I buckled right down to the task and soon helped her push back the onset of zits by at least two weeks, maybe more.

We picked up Bitsy a couple of days later. She was very excited by her first solo plane trip, but kept flicking glances toward a nice looking businessman who was collecting his baggage and glancing at us somewhat nervously.

On the ride back home, Amy and Bitsy kept up a constant chatter between themselves. I drove and listened. This was Amy’s show. I wanted her to have complete freedom to set things up and get Bitsy very relaxed. If it meant that I couldn’t fuck Amy twenty four hours a day for a little while, it was worth it just for the possibility of fucking her little sister.

From time to time, Bitsy would giggle and whisper something to Amy. I wondered what it was. Amy never forgot to keep my excited, either. Every time she could distract Bitsy’s attention by pointing out something out the window, she would reach over and give my cock a hard squeeze through my pants leg. The smell of precum was strong in the cab of the truck, but Bitsy didn’t seem to notice. Guess she didn’t know that smell and just thought that’s the way us old farts smelled.

I even managed to get my right hand under Amy’s ass and my finger up her snatch as I drove with my left.

Amy bounced up and down on my finger while appearing to be excited by the things she and Bitsy would be able to do together. I held my finger rigid and let her bounce. Now she was continuously squeezing my cock. She kept her body forward in the seat, blocking Bitsy’s view of the tent in my pants. Luckily, we were so finely attuned to each others needs and desires that we were able to time it perfectly. As Bitsy slid out of the cab, Amy and I gave each other just the right amount of extra stimulation for us to cum together.

Bitsy is standing outside, waiting for somebody else to get out of the truck, and we’re both creaming our jeans.

“Aren’t you coming, Amy?”

“I sure am!” She shot me a delirious smile at the double entendre and slowly slid off my finger.

I sat in a pool of cooling cum and pondered my next move. “You girls go on in and get settled. I’ll take care of something here and bring Bitsy’s bag in shortly.” By the time I came in with her bag, the girls were whooping it up in the pool and there was no one around to ask about the slimy mess in my pants. I glanced out to see Amy actually wearing a bathing suit and marveled at how sexy she looked, naked or clothed. Bitsy was still wearing a little girl type of suit, which gave me an idea as I ran up to take a quick shower.

“Would you girls like to run over to town with me this evening? I have some business to take care of and I can drop you off at the mall with my credit card. Would that be ok?”

Much to my surprise, they agreed.

“Oh, Gramps. You are the best!” Amy flung her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Bitsy wasn’t going to be left out of the hug, so she just threw her arms around my waist and buried her head in my chest. She was a sweet kid who hadn’t had a lot of contact with men.

When we reached the mall, Amy asked, “How much can we get, Gramps?”

“Buy everything you need. I think Bitsy has outgrown her old bathing suit. Buy her a couple of nice ones that are a little more grown up, and get whatever you want, too.”

“Aren’t you afraid we will bankrupt you?” Her eyes were bright and Bitsy was looking at me as if I were her hero for wanting to help her have more grownup clothes. I’ll bet her mom had made her bring that frumpy little girl suit just to keep her from looking too sexy for me. Little did she know.

“Don’t worry. That card has a limit of only a few thousand dollars, so you can’t do me any permanent damage.”

“Only a few thousand?” Amy looked at me with new awareness in her eyes. We hadn’t discussed finances before and she might not have realized that I was a great deal better off than her mother was, and was able to buy things for her far beyond what she could manage on her part time pay.

“Have fun, girls.”

“Oh, we will. We promise!” Their eyes shown with delight.

I went by my old watering hole and had a few beers with the gang.

“What you been up to, Wyden? Haven’t seen you in a coon’s age.”

“Oh, just laying around the pool and doing a little writing. I’m babysitting my granddaughters for a few weeks. They’re over at the mall trying to bankrupt me. mudanya escort I’m just killing time until they’re ready.”

“Better hide those books of yours. If they get into them, they’ll be calling the cops on you for sure.”

“Oh, you know me. Always careful. You can’t take any chances these days with kids around. All it takes is an accusation to get your ass in the slammer.”

“Tell that to Bill. His daughter had the hots for him and when he wouldn’t touch her, she claimed rape. The poor bastard is doing twenty years.”

“It’s a tough life. Never know when to touch and when not to. Might as well do whatever the fuck you like and take the consequences. Bet Bill is wishing he had laid some track up his daughter’s ass.”

“If he ever gets out, he says he’ll kill her.”

“Wouldn’t want to be in her shoes–or his!”

“See you guys later. Three beers ought to be enough clothes for any girl. Wouldn’t you say?”

“Yeah. Watch out for the cops.”

“Good idea. Thanks.”

The girls were still trying on clothes and the shop girl was grinning from ear to ear, thinking about the commission she would be getting from this sale. When Amy told her who I was, she became very friendly, indeed. Obviously, she was accustomed to connecting men with money to good times.

“Amy says you are very generous.” she pouted, making it very plain that she liked generous men.

“The girls have been so nice to me, I thought it was only right to give them a little treat.”

“A little treat? I’m going to make my week’s quota off this one sale. I’ll be one very happy girl when this paycheck comes.”

“Why don’t you see what else you might do to help it along a bit more. Would you like a suit for yourself?”

“You mean it?”

“Certainly. Of course I would want to be sure it fit properly.”

“Oh yes. There would be no point in buying a new bikini if it didn’t fit right. With my big boobs, I always have a hard time finding the right combination. While your granddaughters finish, you might want to visit our private waiting room. It’s very private and you would be able to tell if you’re getting your money’s worth. Ok?”

“Sounds like just what I wanted.” I followed her cute little ass with growing excitement. It never occurred to me that they might cater to horny old guys. I would make sure she was well rewarded.

Barbi led me to a room that was extremely well concealed from the female patrons in the store.

“This is our security room. It helps us prevent theft.”

The room was dark because of the huge one way mirror that looked directly into the girl’s dressing room. Amy was helping Bitsy into a new suit. Bitsy was completely naked, confirming Amy’s description of her perky breasts and blonde pussy hair.

“Will this be satisfactory, Sir?”

“Perfectly! You seem to be an excellent student of human nature, Miss?”

“Just call me Barbie. I find that using a name like that lets people just assume I’m nothing more than a big set of tits. It disarms them and allows me to have more power in negotiations. Is there anything I can do for you while we’re in this very private place?”

“Why don’t you just follow your instincts? You seem to be pretty good at it.”

By way of response, she knelt in front of me and wrestled my rapidly hardening prick out of my fly. As I watched my youngest granddaughter get naked again, one hot little salesgirl with big tits swallowed my bone to the root and began humming.

“You are very good at that, but I need you to do one thing for me first.”

“Sure.” She had a string of precum drooling from her lip.

“Go let Amy know I’m in here. Ok?”

“Oh! So that’s the way it is, huh? She’s the older one, right? Ok, I’ll tell her, but I think I better let you fuck me doggy style when I get back, to save my teeth. Old farts who fuck their granddaughters tend to get pretty wild.”

“You got that right.”

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go away.”

I grabbed my schlong and whammed away at it as I watched her bring a couple of the more daring suits into the dressing room for Bitsy and whisper in Amy’s ear.”

“Amy glanced my way with a wicked smile on her lips and blew me a kiss.”

When Barbi returned, she bent over at the mirror rail and spread her pussy lips for me to enter. “Hurry”, she urged. “You’re not the only one that gets off on this.”

I guided my monster into her hot slot and slid it quickly home as Amy began managing Bitsy’s body for my enjoyment. By one device and another, she had Bitsy bending over with her ass pointing in my face, no more than a couple of feet away, and kept tugging and pushing the bathing suit here, there and off and on.

Then Amy had the inspiration of the evening. “You know you’re going to have to start shaving there, don’t you?”


“Your pussy. See, I have to keep mine shaved all the time. I just leave a narrow strip of hair for the guys. They kind of like it better than shaving all the way. They can still see my pussy lips, but the hair is sexy to some of them.” Amy pulled her bottoms off to show Bitsy what she was talking about in great detail.

“Wow! I can’t get used to you treating me like a grownup, Cath. When you left home, you were still treating me like a kid. You never said words like ‘pussy’ to me or told me any of this stuff.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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