An Alaska Adventure

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The clouds had been laying on the Mountains like knit Afghans all week. The bright Summer Sun and blue skies were only challenged by the occasional jet crossing from somewhere to somewhere else. Were it not for the jets contrails James might have thought himself alone in the World.

Today that changed when a small Beaver Turbo came over the ridge of the Mountains to the East, it’s engine slicing into the silence and solitude of Jame’s Valley like a knife. The chill was still on the Morning and James had just finished his breakfast of fresh caught Dolly Varden and Blueberries.

James watched the intruder as it flew down the Mountainside, dropping altitude and slowly circling the Valley. The plane dropped from view and James knew that they had decided on the West Meadow for a landing. There were ample lakes but this Beaver did not have floats so it was limited to a few clearings and sand bars in the Valley.

The West meadow was high, firm and free of trees and shrubs until it sloped down to the East and Vegetation of higher order than Tundra could stake a hold. James walked up to the shelf overlooking the Meadow and saw the small plane sitting several hundred yards below and four people still unloading supplies.

James kept himself hidden in the rocks not due to his nakedness but because he wanted to know who these visitors were before encountering them, or more likely, avoiding them entirely. He was happy to see them unloading camping, surveying and communications equipment instead of guns, booze and hunting gear. It made him relax the grip on his 30.30 and settle down with his binoculars to watch them for a while.

Alison Merchant had gotten the grant the same week she had graduated from the University of Alaska. She sent letters to all her friends and Family and the schools she had sent letters to letting them know that she would be out of touch for 3 to 6 Months starting in May. She hired her roommate Jessica from UA and her brother Eddie to help with the biological research involving “effects on subarctic biospheres of global warming as it relates to the Southern Alaska Interior bio region” or as Eddie called it the “Away Mission”.

Basically she was to observe and record the animals and plants and weather in several locations and that involved setting up small weather stations at those locations and returning to collect the data. Jessica was also an Earth Sciences major doing post grad work and Eddie was hired as a research assistant. It was the first real job he’d had other than planting trees in Washington State the Summer before. Alison had gotten him into that one too.

At 19 he’d lived a life of decadence and had relied on Mom and Dad to support his life of motorcycles and video games. His occasional trips to places like Hawaii, Costa Rica and Holland had his Mother hoping that he would meet some nice girl, but his Father knew that the trips were mostly about meeting not so nice boys far from Mothers view. Alison suspected for the last few years that her Brother was gay and at first hoped she was wrong, but came to accept it as she saw who he really was.

The Beaver held enough cargo to permit Alison to transport 2 complete stations on each flight, and Jame’s Valley had been the third location. Alison loaded her backpack and hefted it on her small frame, she keyed her location into her GPS and headed out across the Meadow, right towards Jame’s highland hideout. He moved back and away from her line of travel with the grace and ease of motion the comes from living several years alone in the wild.

The other two headed out in other directions and he watched long enough to be sure they were not going toward his camp. He kept the tall brunette in site while she spent several hours climbing as high as she could up the Mountain Side. About every 1000 feet in elevation she would place a small data relay that sent temperature, wind speed and barometric readings back to a base station in the Valley.

James inspected the first one she placed about 2 minutes after she had anchored it into the course tundra matting the hillside. By the time she placed the last relay she was above even the tundra and the open rocks made her rely on the epoxy she carried to secure the relay against the winds.

It was mid afternoon before she got back to the Meadow and about an hour later her friends had returned from placing their relays. Alison and Eddie spent the next hour checking and calibrating the readings from the “Bots” as Eddie called the relays and Jessica and the middle aged bush pilot went down to the small lake at the far edge of the Meadow.

James made his way around the Meadow to where he could watch all four of the visitors. He was close enough to the pilot and the blond that he could hear them talking.

“That was the densest goddamn brush I ever saw down there!” Jessica complained. “I need to wash some of the crap out of my hair.”

With that she started pulling off her clothes, boots, socks, shirt, pants…

“If you don’t want to Gümüşhane Escort see you better look away now, cause I’m gettin’ nekkid!”

The bush pilot just smiled and continued watching her strip. She pulled off her bra and dropped her panties and did a little cantered hip pose for the pilot before she ran into the cold water.

He watched her splash and play in the lake for several minutes and then sat down and started removing his boots. In just a few minutes he was naked except for his baseball cap that looked like it had seen more Alaska winters than he had and he walked slowly down to the waters edge. The girl had been watching him strip and now beckoned him into the water like a siren,

“Come on flyboy, let’s see if this cold water makes that thing shrink any.”

He reached down and stroked the hard cock pointing out from the thick patch of pubic hair and laughed

“There’s only one way to make this thing shrink, and you have it!”

He ran several feet out in the lake and dove, coming up under the squealing girl and tossing her naked body clear out of the water, giving James a nice view between her spread legs for just an instant. James reached down and stroked the erection between his legs while he watched the two play in the water. After several minutes of horseplay they settled down and embraced, sharing a long kiss and exploring each others bodies below the water.

James moved closer, closer than he really felt comfortable with, but close enough to have a clear view when they came out of the water. He could not see the two by the plane from here but wasn’t worried about them either. He watched as Jessica and the flyboy walked out of the water holding hands and fell into the short grass around the lake. Jessie stroked the pilots cock while he kissed and kneaded her firm tits. From where he was James could see her stiff nipples and when the pilot pushed her back and spread her legs he had a clear view of her open pussy. He watched while the pilot positioned himself between her legs and inserted his hard cock into her cunt. He took the binoculars and focused in on the two as they fucked, it was almost as if he was laying between their legs where he could reach out and touch them.

After several minutes the pilot arched his back and clawed at the grass then quickly fell beside the girl. Her legs were still spread wide and James watched as the cum ran out of her pussy and into the grass. He stroked himself a little faster and sprayed his own cum load beside him on the ground. He almost cried out from the intensity of the ejaculation and lay on his back looking at the sky for a couple minutes after the spasms stopped.

Jessica and the pilot dressed slowly and walked back to the plane. After about a 1/2 hour they all got in and the sound of the Beaver again split the stillness of the Valley. The small plane roared as the pilot gained airspeed and hopped into the sky just as it got to the edge of the lake. As it rose into the air Jessica looked out the side window and saw a tall, long haired man standing naked by the edge of the lake, he waved at her and rubbed his long, flaccid cock as the plane circled, gaining altitude, and finally hopped over the ridge.

Jessica didn’t say anything to her companions about the man, but from where he was standing she was certain that he had just watched her and the pilot fucking. The thought scared her at first, then she realized that if he had meant them harm he could have killed them all. Her thoughts then turned to him watching them and she imagined him jacking off while he hid in the small bushes. She wondered if he had stripped while watching them or if he had been swimming when they arrived. She couldn’t imagine that anyone would live naked all the time out in the wilderness.

James hadn’t meant to be seen until the last moment, he saw that the girl he’d watched fucking was looking out the window on his side of the plane and stepped out just as the pilot passed him. He thought that it would give them both something to think about until they returned. He waited until they had disappeared over the ridge and walked into the clearing where they had left the main equipment.

He started getting hard again as he walked and thought about the girl he’d just exposed himself to. He was stroking his engorged 8 inch cock while he walked right up to the equipment and knelt down in front of the video camera. He knew that he was in the shot and wondered if he should disable the recording, but decided that it would add to the adventure when the others saw it, He winked, stood up so his cock was in full frame and gave it a few long, slow strokes until he spewed another load. The massive jet of cum almost reached the camera and James fell to his knees totally spent from the orgasm. He smiled at the camera, walked back to the lake and gathered up his rifle and binoculars well out of sight of the camera.

Jessica asked the pilot if he knew of anyone living out in these parts. “I’ve heard stories Gümüşhane Escort Bayan about hermits, dope growers, prospectors, hell, you could hide a city out here and never notice it, a man alone could get lost so deep you’d need the CIA satellites to find him.”

She thought about the tall woodsman during the rest of the flight, and when they reached the next site she walked out about 1/2 mile with her backpack full of relays and stopped to strip off her clothes. She took the backpack, her shoes and the GPS and spent the rest of the hike thinking about the tall, incredibly hung woodsman. She had thought at first he was wearing some kind of loose Tarzan loin cloth, but when he grasped his cock she realized that the huge thing between his legs was a part of him. She stopped after she placed the last probe and masturbated, looking out over the darkening hills and wondering if there were other recluses watching her in this remote place.

They were all back at the plane before darkness fell, late in the evening but still light enough to see the natural runway of gravel along the wide stream. By midnight they were back in Wasilla.

Jessica awoke early and went down to the Motel spa, she found the jacuzzi, like the rest of the spa, empty, so she stripped to her swimsuit and slid into the hot water. She was laying back dreaming about returning to the Valley of the Giant when she felt someone sliding into the tub. “Hi Kiddo, I thought I’d find you down here.” Alison looked at her roomie and smiled “What was the dream about, the pilot or me?” “What?” “Oh, come on, I could tell by the stiff nipples and smile that you were dreaming about someone servicing that overworked pussy yours.”

“How’d you know about the pilot?”

“Shit, you two leave for an hour and come back wet and smiling, it was kind of obvious.”

“Well, I needed a bath and he was there, so it just kinda happened.”

“Yea, I know how those things can just happen, now let me check to make sure that he didn’t damage the goods.”

Alison slid her hand down Jessica’s belly and into her bikini bottom. “Ahhhh” Jessica opened her legs and slid down in the tub as Alison worked her fingers into her pussy. In less than two minutes she was cumming hard as her friend rubbed her clit in just the right manner to send her over the edge every time.

“Oh FUCK, that was nice, you always know just what I need.”

“And you know what I need, so lets get back to the room and do it.”

Alison kissed her friend on the mouth and slipped out of the water and grabbed her towel.

“Meet you there in 10 minutes sweetie, be ready when I get there.” Jessica called.

Jessica went to her room and pulled off her bikini. She opened a small suitcase and too out a leather mask, small riding crop, ball gag, leather studded belt and harness that had a huge dildo attached and a pair of ankle and wrist cuffs. She put the cuffs on each corner of the bed and secured her feet, gagged herself with the ballgag then she pulled on the mask, secured her left hand and slapped her right hand into the remaining cuff, snapping it closed on her last free appendage.

As soon as she had restrained herself she started getting wet, the helplessness so contrasted her normal life of being totally in charge. She knew that anyone could walk in and find her like this and the black leather hood had a small hole for each nostril that allowed only shadows of light and dark to reach her eyes. She could hear the electronic clock ticking, the sounds from the other rooms in the Motel, the sounds of cars on the street and her own heart beating. The restraints and mask heightened all her senses, but most of all it made her pussy burn with desire and juice up until it flowed.

Jennifer dried herself off slowly, trying to think of something special for her kinky friend. She pulled on her shorts and started back towards the room. As she was entering the hallway a man was coming out of his room, he looked like a salesman, or perhaps some low level executive for some big company. She walked up to him and stopped 3 feet from him as he was locking the door.


He stammered as his eyes tried to pull away from her firm tits and nipples.

“Hi, you look like a man that likes a little adventure, you interested?”

“I’m plenty interested, what you have in mind little lady?”

“It’s like this, my girlfriend likes it kinky, and I like to surprise her, so if you want some good pussy you just have to follow me and you can fuck her in any hole you want for the next hour, still interested?”

“Oh, shit, I thought you meant you, I don’t want some fat and ugly Bitch, why don’t you and me get busy instead?”

He started unlocking his door.

“She’s hotter than me, but you won’t see her face, and you can fuck me after you do her if you can still get it up. Only thing is you can’t talk to her, or make any noise other than grunt and groan and you have to wear a rubber while your fucking her ass or pussy.”

“Shit, Escort Gümüşhane let’s do it”

He followed her down the hall to Alison’s room.

Alison heard the door open and squirmed in her bonds, she heard a male voice start to exclaim

“Oh MY G..”

but he was cut off in mid sentence by a

“SHHH” from Jessi.

She heard him kick off his shoes as his zipper and belt opened, she heard the change and keys in his pockets as his pants fell, she heard him grunt as he pulled off his shirt and she heard him walk across the floor to the bed she was bound to.

He got on the bed and slid a hand up the inside of her leg, he pushed a thumb into her pussy and immediately on seeing how wet she was he let Jenny slide a condom on his shaft with her delicate fingers and then he got between her legs and started fucking her. He slid easily into her and fucked her hard and as deep as he could with his stubby 5 inch cock.

Alison tried to remain as quiet as she could, and the sounds she did make were muffled by the thick leather, She tried to picture the owner of the cock that was pumping into her, she imagined a dozen different types and tried to buck her hips like she was resisting the rapist, but not hard enough to actually dislodge the wonderful cock giving her such pleasure. She was just starting to fuck him back hard when he groaned and filled the condom with a spoonful of jizz.

Jenny immediately rolled him to the side and it was only then he noticed that she had stripped bare and was now wearing a strap on dildo of immense proportions. He watched as the small girl guided her huge tool into the woman’s soaking slit and fucked her hard and deep until she was racked by tremors and fell limp on the bed gasping behind her mask.

Jessi pulled the dildo out slowly and motioned at the Man to get dressed. He started to say something and she shushed him again. He dressed, took one last look at the naked woman on the bed and the naked nymph with the slime soaked dildo strapped to her body and took out one of his business cards and a $100.00 bill and handed them to Jessi, she put them on the dresser and opened the door for the Man. As she closed the door she picked up the card and bill, dropped the card in the trash can and slid the bill in her shorts pocket.

She went back to the bed and slowly removed the cuffs and mask and gag from her friend. They curled up together and slept until Eddie came knocking at the door. Jessi opened the door wrapped in a towel and said “Hi, got the plane loaded?” “Yep, all stuffed and gassed and ready to roll, Steve wanted to let you know he’d be there at 9, so you better get your ass moving.”

Jessi dropped her towel and snickered as Eddie tried to looked interested, she knew that he was gay, any other man would have had wood the instant the door opened and he saw her in the small towel barely covering her pussy. “You don’t need to pretend with me, I’ve known for years and Ali has figured it out by now too.”

“What do you mean?” Alison was in the bed smoking a cigarette following the exchange intently.

“I know your gay, Ali knows your gay, and you know your gay, so why not drop the BS and stop trying to force an erection.”

Eddie started to protest, looked at his Sister, and saw that she was not being judgmental, but instead had a loving and accepting look that caused her little Brother to break out in tears. Both women ran to him, both still stark naked, and hugged him while he came to accept be “out”, at least to his Sister and her best friend.

“If I were hetero this would be a real dream, sandwiched between two naked women.” Eddie said as he started to compose himself.

“Well, if you want to find two guys to sandwich with while your here don’t worry about it, your secrets safe with us.”

“Thanks, Sis, I’ve wanted to just tell you for years, but..”

“Don’t worry, I know how hard it can be, I’ve got a few “secrets” of my own.”

“Yea? Like what?”

“Like this.” Jessi had picked up the strapon dildo from the far side of the bed and was modeling it seductively.

“Holy shit, you mean you two…you and Ali…your a …”

Yes, we do, yes were are, and were both bisexuals.”

“Wow, Mom would have a fucking cardiac! a queer Son and a Lez daughter!”

“yea, that would a bit of a shocker to her.”

“It looks like I finally found something your interested in”

Jessi stroked the dildo and smiled as she nodded at the erection tenting Eddies pants.

“Uh, well, it’s just…”

Eddie was trying to force the image of the dildo in his ass out of his mind so he could talk again but it wasn’t working.

“We still have almost an hour, want to try it out?”

“What? I…I…but..”

Alison dropped to her knees and opened her little brothers pants while Jessi strapped the harness on.

Eddie just stood in the middle of the room staring at the huge cock and trying to think of something to say besides “fuck me!”

Ali pulled his shoes and socks off and then slowly pulled his jockey shorts down, laughing when his 6″ cock popped out and almost slapped her face. She licked the tip and cupped his balls and he just stood with his legs spread and moaned. Jessi moved behind him and slid a hand up his ass crack.

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