An Amazing Discovery Ch. 06

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Welcome to the sixth Chapter of this story, thank you for taking the time to read my work. I would strongly recommend you read the first five Chapters before reading this Chapter. For those that have been with this story from the start, you may be pleased to know that an edited version of Chapter 1 is now up – and hopefully a lot easier to follow.


Clare lay there for a few seconds she looked amazing, as beautiful as ever but somehow with a look of total relaxation on her face. Even her body seemed to be blooming, radiating positive vibes.

Clare leaned up on her elbows and asked me to take her picture; she wanted to capture her feelings after our first fuck. I complied, taking several shots, including some of her oozing pussy. She then took the camera from me and took some of me including my rapidly recovering prick, still covered in our combined juices.

Once she was happy with the photo’s Clare put the camera down and gently sucked my prick back into her mouth, gave it a couple of sucks then suddenly let go.

“There you go lover boy, all nice and clean again,” Clare said as she recovered her clothes and got dressed.

It took me a few minutes to recover; I was no longer a virgin! Not only that, it was my sister who took my virginity.

Clare had gone back out to the truck for warm, being naked in that workshop was not the best way to retain body heat.

I slowly got myself dressed, rescuing my clothes from various parts of the workshop floor. Once dressed I went to the office to check the fax and answer machines, one of the messages was from Frank Keel at the Realtors. “Hi Dave, this is Frank Keel calling about the sale of the garage, I have someone who’s real interested in the property please call me when you get this message. ”

I felt a whole heap of emotions building up within me, I had no idea what brought it on but I started to cry like a baby, no matter how hard I tried to stop, I just could not. Clare had become bored in the truck waiting for me to come out so she came in to get me.

“Dave, where are you? What is taking so long, come on I want to go home. Dave?” Clare was looking around the workshop for me; she heard me crying and immediately came to the office. I could hear her walking up the metal stairs to the mezzanine level that the office was on, but I still could not stop crying.

Clare walked into the office, a concerned look on her face. “Dave, baby what’s wrong? Please tell me, it breaks my heart to see you like this, you used to be so happy.”

I looked up into Clare’s eyes, those gorgeous hazel coloured eyes; I could see she was starting to cry as well.

“Hell Clare I really don’t know what is going on! I lose my father, sell his business in the blink of an eye, and now I’m fucking my sister. What kind of man does that make me?” Clare put her arms around me and gave me a hug, god how I loved this girl, how could I be doing this to her?

“Dave, it’s been very hard for everyone, but me and Mom have been real lucky,” Clare said.

“Lucky? Lucky, how the hell do you figure that?” I was suddenly very angry; I pushed Clare away and stormed out of the office, out of the garage.

Clare ran after me and shouted “Because you self centred prick, we have YOU! You held it together whilst me and Mom fell apart.”

I stopped dead in my tracks; Clare was crying her eyes out, leaning against the guardrail for the stairs. I could see her body shaking as the emotion flowed from her.

I ran back inside the building and up the stairs to Clare, I grabbed Clare by the shoulders and pulled her to me.

“Oh Clare, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout at you,” I said as Clare cried into my shoulder, I could feel her tears soaking my shirt, every tear pulling me to pieces. How could I be treating her like this?

I pulled away from Clare, she looked up into my eyes and I said “Clare, That’s it finished! No more looking back; we only look forward now, I can’t carry on like this.”

Clare smiled and said, “That’s better, that’s the Dave I love.”

The next morning I woke quite early, but I felt fantastic, not like I had been recently. The only thing I could put it down to was the love of my remaining family and especially Clare.

I got showered and dressed and went down to the kitchen. Nobody else was up yet, so I set about getting breakfast ready. After about ten minutes, my mother came down; she looked surprised to see me up so early.

“What’s the occasion?” She said sarcastically. “Nothing, I woke early so I came down.” I replied.

We sat down and ate breakfast. I told Mom what had happened last night at the garage, obviously leaving out the fact that I made love to my sister. Even though I left that out, my Mother sensed that something was different and she would not let it go.

“Mom, give me a break will ya, I’m trying to eat breakfast here!” I grumped. “Well excuse me for showing an interest in my Son.” Mom replied.

We sat in silence for a few minutes and then I turned to her and said “I’m sorry Mom, I’m not different I gorukle escort bayan just decided to look forward from now on, not back into the past.”

Mom replied “I’m glad to hear it son, I really miss your Father but life has to go on, we will always be a family.” her face brightened and she continued, “I spoke with your Aunt Jane last night whilst you and Clare were out, I said that we would head over on Friday. You OK with that? After all you’ll be doing the most of the driving.”

“Yeah Mom, I’m really looking forward to seeing Aunt Jane, and I don’t mind admitting I can’t wait to see the back of this place for a while, it’ll be nice to get some sun and spend some time in the sea.”

Mom looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, “Pity your sister hasn’t caught the same bug.”

“Eh?” I grunted. “You know, the early riser bug, be a darling and take her a mug of coffee, maybe it’ll wake her up.” She replied,

“OK, you never know!” I said, getting a mug for Clare; making sure not to put more than a few grains of sugar in the mug. It makes me laugh, she only has literally a couple of grains of sugar in her drinks, but she knows instantly if you don’t put any in.

When I got to Clare’s room, I just barged right in not thinking anything of it. As I looked up, I saw a startled and totally naked Clare standing in front of me.

“Dave! What the fuck, GET OUT.” Clare screamed at me.

I stood there dumfounded for a second. I couldn’t take in the scene; here I was standing in front of a totally naked Clare, just as we had been the night before when I made love to her.

Clare repeated her demand and I went back downstairs, I still had the mug of coffee in my hand when I returned to the kitchen.

“What’s all the shouting about?” My Mother enquired. I immediately blushed; I could not look my Mother in the eye.

“Oh, nothing much, I just walked in on Clare naked and she wasn’t too happy.” I said.

“Nothing much.” my Mother repeated, “I wouldn’t call walking in on a naked 21 year old nothing much.”


“Mom what?” She asked.

“She’s my sister for god’s sake,” I shouted.

“Oh and that stops her being a total bade does it?” My Mother asked

I needed to get away from this conversation and quick! What had gotten into my Mother, where is she going with this I wondered? Then it dawned on me, Clare was right, she does know. I was going to have to be careful how I answered the coming questions, very careful indeed.

“I guess not but she is my sister, that makes a difference.” I replied.

I continued, “I’m a guy, guys like to see naked women, it’s natural.”

Just then, Clare came down and sat at the table. At last, I thought Clare will help me out of this situation.

“Err I’m sorry I barged in on you Clare, I didn’t think you were up, I would have knocked otherwise.” I said with my best apologetic expression.

What happened next really shocked me to the core.

Clare turned to me a gave me a look that could kill” Dave, just because you fucked me last night, that doesn’t mean you can just walk right in without knocking!”

Oh my god, my world was caving in; I could hardly believe what Clare had just said, or rather, that she said it right in front of our Mother.

I just stuttered “Err… wha…I” I thought my Mother was going to explode; her face had gone fire red, I could see she was trying to control her anger.

“Clare Philips! What do you mean; fucked you last night?” Clare again looked me in the eyes, this time it was different, there was hatred there, but so was the glint. Now I really was confused, what is she doing?

“Oh Chill Mom! I don’t mean literally, I heard him last night, you know how thin that wall is between our rooms, and he was having one of those dreams. I heard him calling my name, he was dreaming of sex with me!” Clare continued” God you don’t think that I… that we would… ewww that’s gross he’s my brother!”

My Mom turned to me and said,” Well whilst I think you could maybe think of someone else, it’s totally natural to have these sorts of dreams.”

I was so embarrassed; it felt like my whole body was blushing, my dick had never been so small, even when I was a kid!

Then my Mother turned her attention on Clare “Shame on you Clare for embarrassing your brother like that. Is it any wonder he dreams of you the way you walk around here? You must realise young lady that you are s stunning beauty, your brothers only human after all!” she continued ” And don’t tell me you don’t have those sort of dreams, hell I’m sure Dave will have heard you at some stage.”

“Mom” Clare shrieked.

My Mother continued, “Now you two kiss and make up, we have stuff to do.”

Clare turned to me and smiled “I’m sorry Dave, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” and with that she kissed me full on the lips, don’t get me wrong we weren’t French kissing, but it was a little more than a brother and sister should share.

“That’s Ok Sis, I’m sorry I barged in on you this morning.” I hugged nilüfer escort bayan Clare to me; I could feel her nipples pushing through her shirt. I pulled away and said with a grin” I think I’ll go turn the heating up”

I looked over to my Mother, she had a strange look on her face, almost as if she wasn’t with us, like she was reliving a memory.

“I’m going to the city, Frank Keel called the garage and left a message, apparently he has someone interested in the garage,” I said to no one in particular.

“Oh good, can I get a lift with you.” Clare asked as if the past half hour had not happened. “Sure, but I’m going in fifteen ready or not,” I replied.

“OK, I’ll just go and get ready, I won’t be a minute.” Clare said,

“Where Have I heard that before,” I quipped.

Clare just turned and pull her tongue out at me. When she left the room, my Mother came over to me and said “Dave, I want you to know I’m not angry with you, those sort of dreams are normal. Don’t worry about Clare, I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm this morning, she’ll be fine.”

Within about ten minutes Clare came down, ready to go. We set off for the city; the drive takes about forty minutes or so, plenty of time to talk. After a few minutes, I asked Clare what she needed from the city. Her response surprised me, that is for sure.

“I need to go to the clinic,” She continued, “I need a morning after pill, and I think I should go on the pill, don’t you?”

“Clare, I’m sorry, I never even thought about birth control last night, how stupid could I be?” Clare smiled and said “Don’t worry about it, we’ll be fine I just need the pill, last night fell on my most fertile period”

“I could always get condoms if you prefer.” I offered, Clare squeezed my thigh and said, “No Dave, I don’t want anything between us when we make love.” I was glad that she said that, after last night I don’t think I could get used to having to use a condom. A few more minutes passed and then it hit me like a thunderbolt “You’re most fertile period.” I repeated, “That means you could already be pregnant.”

Clare looked at me and grinned “I spose, technically I could be yes!”

I realised that my dick was as hard as an iron girder, the mere thought of impregnating Clare, creating another life, another Clare or me! Before that moment I realised that I had never really thought of having kids, the subject never came up and I realised I had no idea whether Clare wanted children.

“Have you thought about it?” I asked. “What?” Clare answered. “Having Children, have you ever thought about having children?” I replied.

“Yes, I want children, at least two.” Clare said. We both sat deep in thought for the rest of the journey; I dropped Clare off at the clinic and arranged to collect her a little later.

When I got to Frank Keel’s office, he was in the reception area and took me straight into his office. I sat in one of the big leather chairs that he had in the corner, Frank sat opposite.

“So Frank, you’ve found someone to buy the garage that was quick work.” I said,

“Sort of” Frank replied. “What do you mean sort of?” I asked,

“Well, I have found someone who want’s to buy the plot. But they have no interest in the garage; they want the land to re-develop into shops and apartments.” Said Frank.

I hadn’t expected that, I thought someone would buy the garage and continue to work my Father had started, maybe even expand the business. However, I suppose it makes sense, the location was certainly more residential than industrial.

“Well Frank, I had not expected that, what kind of offer have they made? Is it worth taking any notice of or de we need to find someone else,” I asked. Frank Said, “Well Dave, I think you’ll be very surprised by the offer, I certainly was. The offer has come in from Copper Reese Inc, the people who own the rest of the block. They must want it very bad, as you know I valued the garage business at $1.25M and the additional land at another $750K.

There offer based on the fact that they will demolish the existing garage and re-develop is $3M”

I was dumbstruck, when Frank had told me the valuation on my last visit I had been amazed, I though he must be wrong, so had not told my Mom or Clare what sort of money we were talking about.

But I surprised myself when I replied to Frank “Reject the offer Frank, tell them it’s not near enough, and if they don’t want to run the garage they will have to arrange removal and storage of all equipment in the garage for a period not less than twelve months.”

Frank looked shocked, he said “$3M is a lot of money Dave, based on my valuation approx $1M above market value. If you reject the offer they might walk away.”

“I know Frank, but do it, Oh and tell them they need to respond before close of business today.” I said.

Frank agreed and immediately called his secretary into the office to dictate the letter he would send by courier to Copper Reese Inc. Frank said that he would call me at home later bursa otele gelen escort bayan to tell me the outcome.

I left the office and headed back to the clinic to collect Clare, we went and got some lunch and then headed over to the Mall, Clare typical woman wanted to do more shopping.

Apparently she needed some things for our trip to Aunt Jane’s, which when I thought about it was a good idea; I needed some things as well. We walked around the stores, slowly getting the usual holiday stuff. We had quite a few bags with us already and I thought we were heading back to the truck.

Clare had different ideas though, “In here” She said, dragging me into yet another clothes shop, but wait a minute what’s this? Oh no! She had dragged me into a lingerie store. I was embarrassed to be surrounded by all the sexy knickers and bras especially with my sister.

“What’s with you” She smirked, “Oh not much, I’m just not used to being a lingerie store surrounded by all this sexy stuff.” I replied.

“Ooh Brother’s got a hard-on,” Clare teased.

“Shut up! I have not,” I snapped.

“OK take it easy, I just need a couple of bikinis and I want your opinion ok?” Clare responded.

“OK I guess, just don’t take all day will you” I replied.

I need not have bothered, I was alone, Clare had already gone off looking at the various bikinis. I was trying to look inconspicuous.

Clare was back within moments, “Here hold these, come with me”

With that, Clare dragged me to the back of the shop where the changing rooms were, as we passed the assistant I swore I saw Clare wink at her, a slight smile on the assistants face. Oh hell, I knew I recognised the assistant, it was Stacy, Clare’s best friend.

Clare went to the furthest curtain and pulled it back “Come on, in here” she said

“Its ok I’ll wait outside, you can show me when you’re ready,” I said.

“Like Hell, get in here, I can’t come out here half naked, someone might see me” Clare responded.

Not one to try and fathom the female mind I did as I was told, Clare sat me down on the stool in the corner and proceeded to take her jacket off which she handed to me. What happened next will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Clare grasped her t-shirt at the hem and pulled it over her head in one smooth action, revealing the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her firm breast’s bounced free and her nipples became a little pert. She quickly surpassed herself though; as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, she revealed the fact that she wasn’t wearing knickers either!

“Clare what the…” I whispered Clare looked me in the eye and just put her finger to her mouth to say “Shush” she then very provocatively sucked her finger into her mouth with a grin.

Clare tried on the first bikini, I white 2 piece with tie straps, it was a beautiful site watching Clare put it on, almost as nice as watching her take it off again, she back into sexy striptease mode again, slowly running her hands all over her body as she released first one strap then another,

Just as she had taken the first Bikini off and was again naked, the curtain opened and in strode Stacy. Oh, here we go I thought to myself.

“Well Clare, What do we have here? Why would a sister be naked In front of her brother?” Stacy asked.

“I was going to wait outside, she’s only trying new Bikini’s,” I stammered. “Clare, does your brother like fishing?” Stacy asked Clare. “Not as far as I know?” Why Clare responded.

“Oh I don’t know, he just seam’s to have packed his rod in his pants” Stacy said looking at my groin. Of course, I was hard, my sister was naked in front of me, what was I supposed to do close my eyes?

No sooner had Stacy said that she had turned to Clare and kissed her fully on the lips, to my surprise Clare was responding, in fact you could have been forgiven for thinking that they had forgotten I was there at all. Stacy’s hand was all over Clare’s body, running up and down her back, slowly and lightly.

Clare was fondling Stacy’s breast through her shirt, I could tell that Stacy wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her tits were quite a bit smaller than Clare’s, but oh my those nipples, as Clare fondled Stacy they grew even larger than Clare’s. I have to suck on those little titties I thought to myself.

Stacy had moved her hand to Clare’s pussy; she was playing with Clare’s clit, much to Clare’s delight. I suddenly realised that all the time we had been messing around; I don’t think Clare had had an orgasm.

Clare must have sensed my thoughts, suddenly she stopped fondling Stacy and said, “Stace, we are terrible teases; I think we should take care of Dave. Don’t you?”

The two of them shared something between them, although I did not hear as they whispered to each other, which as they finished turned into a slow loving kiss.

Stacy broke the kiss, and came over to me and kissed me, a deep, hard passionate kiss. I had never been kissed like that before, not even by my girlfriend. Clare smiled “She’s a good kisser isn’t she?”

“Oh yeah, the best.” I replied.

“Oh I like compliments, they come with bonuses,” Stacy said, as she proceeded to run her hand down my chest, she hesitated over my right nipple just long enough for it to harden under her touch. Her hand continued down to my groin, she ran her hand over the length of my hard cock.

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