An Arranged Abduction Pt. 01

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Chapter One

Kate Turnbull had become a very frustrated lady. At 49, she considered she should be in the prime of her life … married (her second) to a very successful businessman with two wonderful teenage kids. Most people who knew her would say that she had it all, living in a large luxury two-level beachside home in the leafy suburb of Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches, the pick of the places to live in this major cosmopolitan city, the largest in Australia. The locals refer to this strip of beachside suburbs as ‘God’s Country.’

She and her husband Roger had lived in Avalon for the past ten years, basically since Roger’s business had really taken off in the I.T. boom. They hadn’t had their place valued recently, but similar houses in the area had topped two million dollars so the couple were what many would call, well off. She and her family wanted for nothing.

Yes, Kate should really have it all, and while she would admit her lifestyle — a good close circle of friends, playing tennis and golf weekly, involvement in her kids’ school activities — was one that many would envy, she regretted love and romance had disappeared. Roger had not told her that he loved her for years and their sex life was mostly non-existent. Except for Roger making half-hearted attempts in bed at night about once a fortnight, and then ‘seemingly just to get his rocks off,’ she thought. On the rare occasions when it did happen, this mostly one-sided episode of sex might occur after a dinner party, where they had both consumed some alcohol and he would wait for her to come to bed and then “jump her bones,” an expression she recalled from her teenage years interacting with boys.

But basically, that’s what he did. With very little foreplay, he would climb on top of her missionary style, get his cock in as soon as he could and bang away until she felt him cum, usually just as her own body was beginning to gently throb a little down there. Yes, Kate found herself these days to be a very frustrated woman and having to deal with the life-changing menopause that was playing havoc with her body. As if she needed any other obstacles to overcome, her 50th birthday was looming large in a few months … she did have some fears about hitting the BIG 5-0.

Not that Kate didn’t look good for 49. Roger had the money and she had the time for her to look after herself and she did that on a rigorous schedule, 3 days a week at the Gym. Her body was good, she was managing to maintain the curves and keep most of the cellulite at bay. Her breasts were reasonably good, C-cup size and when she examined her naked self in the mirror she noted they only sagged slightly in spite of having breast-fed her two teenagers.

She really worked on her arse and managed to keep the size of it commensurate with the size of her bust. Kate was a very attractive woman still, a truly natural blonde and she kept her hair length to just above her shoulders so that it would be manageable without making too many visits to the hairdresser. Yes, here was a woman that friends and neighbours might say had it all, but inside she was lonely, wishing that her husband would still show the love that brought them together 16 years ago. Roger had been quite a romantic back then and he courted her at a time when she was vulnerable, recovering from a failed first marriage.

But Roger had changed with the incredible success of his business and Kate even suspected that he was fucking his PA, a gorgeous young woman of less than 30. Yes, Kate considered that was hard to compete with.

She usually kept the frustration of her personal life to herself, not even daring to mention it to her closest friends. But strangely, without any forethought, one day over lunch and drinks after a round of golf with her closest friend Fiona, Kate found herself opening up. Suddenly, without reasoning why she would unburden to her closest friend, she let it all pour out, laying out the frustrations of her personal life.

Fiona looked aghast, “Kate, you are one of the last that I would have suspected was unhappy. Whenever Tim and I get together with you and Roger, you both seem so complete, so content.”

“Is that right Fi, I never realised that we were such great actors. No, our marriage is all a façade. Roger is so wrapped up in his business, he cares little for anything that happens at home. He is at work 6 days a week and would be on Sundays too if I didn’t put my foot down and demand that he give some time to the kids and me. He does nothing around the house, that’s why we have a gardener come in to mow the lawns and a woman one day a week to clean the house. And sex-wise, I haven’t cum in years and I really miss that delicious feeling.” Kate had become quite emotional in relating her problems to her friend.

“That is so incredible,” said Fiona, barely able to close her mouth from the shock of it all.

Kate continued, “Seriously, as for sex, the best I get is an occasional suadiye escort ‘wham bam, thank you mam.’ Not very satisfying, I can tell you, and here I am nearly 50, shouldn’t I still be in my prime? But Roger is barely interested in sex and certainly not in making sure that I get pleasure from it.”

“What is the possibility of there being an affair?”

“Oh, don’t get me started on that. He employed a new PA about 18 months ago and that about coincides with when our sex-life dried up. Fi, I’m positive that he’s getting his kicks there. She’s gorgeous looking, not even 30 yet. She probably thinks he’ll dump me for her one day but I’m determined to hang in there. I’ve been with him the entire ride to the top. I didn’t help him get to where he is, only to be cast aside. I’m in for the long haul, no way do I intend to change my lifestyle.”

“Oh, I didn’t realise, you never said.”

“No, well it can be an embarrassment to admit that you can no longer hold your husband’s attention and that you’re losing out to some flibbertigibbet half your age.”

“But we are such close friends Kate.”

“Yes, we are, but I never wanted to admit, even to you that I can’t hold a husband for a second time. Not helped of course by this damn menopause.”

“Oh Kate, that’s all ahead of me. I’m 46 now so I guess it’s going to strike me soon.”

“I can give you lots of pointers when it does honey.”

“Umm, interesting about Roger! But Kate, when I mentioned an affair, I actually meant for you, maybe it’s time to find someone who can press all your buttons, bring you the pleasure you’re missing.”

“Oh shit, you’re kidding me! As unhappy as I am with my life in bed Fi, I can’t see me getting involved with another man. Oh goodness me no, that can get very messy, and besides too many risks, I need to be the one to hold the high moral ground. I don’t want to sink to Roger’s level, that could give him a chance to dump me for the PA.”

The conversation paused, for a moment, Kate actually appeared to consider her friend’s suggestion despite sounding so determined to cast it aside. Then, “No, really, I couldn’t, where would I meet someone anyway. I think all of the men I know are husbands of my friends, I can’t just sidle up to one of them and suggest that we start getting it off together.”

“No you can’t, and especially not with my Tim.” Fiona stressed indignantly.

“Ha ha, don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare come between you two, you have a perfect marriage.”

“See there you go, jumping to the same conclusion that I did about you. Not every marriage is that perfect, Kate. Tim and I are ok these days, but we’ve had our problems over the years.” There was a long pause while Fiona appeared to contemplating whether to reveal something very personal to her best friend.

Kate knew Fiona so well and was observant enough to see that her best friend appeared to be wrestling with whether to reveal what was in her head at that moment. “Hey Fi, what is it, I can see you’ve got something you’d like to tell and you’re trying to decide whether you should.”

“No I’m not!”

“You sure are, I can see it, what is it girl?”

Pressed to reveal, Fiona caved in, “Kate, I would never have mentioned this, even to you, but in view of what you have told me about your sex life, I feel as your closest friend I need to let you in on a secret. I will put something to you and I know that you will freak out when I first tell you because it sounds so weird, but please hear me out.”

Kate leaned forward, “My God, what is this going to be?”

Fiona looked around them to ensure nobody else was within listening range, then she began very softly, “My marriage hit a rocky patch three years ago and a good friend of mine at the time suggested a service that I should use, a very secretive venture run by a couple of young guys. She told me that these guys could help me … and it did — very much — but in a roundabout way.”

“Wow, what is it?” Kate was nearly leaping out of her chair, a fascinated look on her face. Fiona hadn’t seen her friend this animated for quite a while.

“Wait for this, your initial reaction is going to be that I’m mad to even suggest it, and I know that it will sound right off the planet. But the outcome is that your husband could see you in a different light if you were to go into this. He may appreciate what he has more, and what he could almost have lost.”

“Oh God Fiona, tell me please, I am so curious now.”

“There is a small business, a very secretive one, naturally not listed in the phone directory, and that cannot advertise. It’s run by a couple of opportunist guys and referral is strictly by recommendation only. A woman can book their services to abduct her…”

“Abduct her … what, are you crazy? Do you mean as in kidnapping?”

“Shush, not so loud,” Fiona looked around furtively, hoping Kate’s quite loud reaction taksim escort hadn’t been picked up by any of the neighbouring diners, “I told you to wait and hear me out, Kate.”

“This better be good, because you haven’t got me yet.”

“Just wait and listen … a woman can book their services and pre-arrange for her to be abducted by one of these guys, who will take her to a lovely hotel room … nothing seedy, it’s a four or five-star hotel. And these two guys will take turns to make love to her almost non-stop for the next two days…”

“What, two days straight, without a break?”

“Well, you do get a bit of sleep and there is the basic necessity of recovery time for the guys. But basically yes, two days of mind-blowing sex from two very attentive guys. One is a really young dude, early twenties or something, a real stud who just seems to keep going and going like the Eveready battery. And by contrast, the other is this lovely older man … he’d be, I don’t know, in his late thirties I guess, but really mature and smooth and so romantic and loving in the way he has sex with you. Oh, the memory of it is making me wet just thinking about it.”

“What, you mean now, here at the table?”

“Yes Kate, it’s a wonder you can’t smell the smell of sex that I am putting out from between my thighs. Oh God, it was such a mind-blowing experience, I can tell you.”

“And how does the woman explain this time away to her husband?”

“That’s the point, she doesn’t have to, unlike if she had an affair when she would be always needing to come up with excuses. You will recall that I used the word abduction, that’s how it appears to the husband. Within an hour of the woman being taken away by these men, one of them contacts the husband and tells him that he has taken his wife and if he wants her back, a ransom will need to be paid.”

“Oh Fiona, this just gets weirder and weirder, I think you’re losing me.”

“No, wait for it. Unlike the type of kidnapping of someone from a wealthy family that you might read about in the papers, these guys don’t go after big bucks. When I was involved, they only asked for $50,000, accompanied by the usual ‘don’t tell the police if you want to see her alive again’ line. But because it’s only $50,000, a rich businessman — like our husbands are – looks on the amount as petty cash. Kate, Tim and Roger and others like them are busy men, so they avoid the hassle of losing a couple of days at their business with police interviews and the like by simply paying up. But the bonus for the wife is that after enjoying two days of great sex with these guys, they actually give her $20,000 of the cash to keep for herself. They obviously realised early on that many of these rich husbands don’t give their wives enough money to buy things for themselves. And, I think another thing is that they figure that if the wife gets cash as well as unbelievable sex from her two days away, she is less likely to suffer pangs of conscience and tell the husband what really happened. You see, receiving some cash implicates her in the crime, so to speak.”

“That story is incredible, are you trying to tell me that you did it … and that Tim paid the ransom?”

“I am, and what’s more, our marriage seemed so much better afterwards. Tim became much more attentive to me, I think he was scared how easy it had been for someone to abduct me, and that equally the abductors could have targeted our kids instead. Of course, what he doesn’t know was that I was always going to be the target because it was a chance for me to have great sex outside the marriage and not have to sneak around to cover it up.”

“Are you the only one who you know has done this?”

“Oh God no, I know it sounds incredible, but I know of three other women that have done the same thing, and one of them is someone you know very well.”

“You’re kidding, who? Tell me Fiona, who else has pulled this off?”

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you Kate, this whole thing works on total secrecy. Most of the women helped have found it has had a profound effect on the way their husbands treat them. But if it ever got out just who had used the service, then the gossip could expose it and the police might become involved.”

“Fiona, I am absolutely stunned.”

“Well, you might be, but more important, are you interested? Would you like me to get Tony to call you with the details?”

“What, just like that?”

“There’s no time like the present Kate. I can have Tony call you this afternoon, you could be enjoying his pleasures by the weekend if you want, that is if he’s available. He may have a job on at the moment.”

“You mean he may be kidnapping some other rich woman this weekend?”

“Oh Kate, they don’t like to use the word kidnapping, it sounds more serious if they ever get caught.”

“I don’t know Fiona, it all just seems so weird, so incredible … it’s like it’s not real, tuzla escort let alone being very illegal. Those guys could do time for a long while.”

“If they ever got caught … but I’m telling you none of the women are going to put them in, and most of the husbands view it as a trivial nuisance, except that when their wife is abducted and away from the family for two days, they realise how important she is in the family environment. Believe me, for $50,000, Roger will just cough up the dough. You’ll have a couple of magic days with two very good lovers, they’re quite handsome too, then you can cruise back home with 20 grand cash to stuff in a shoebox and buy some stuff for yourself, courtesy of your husband, even though he won’t know. Kate, the reason this works is that there are enough rich women around who are willing to give it a go and these guys aren’t greedy. They are happy to make $30,000 tax-free on each one and let’s assume that they probably do about … oh, I don’t know, let’s say one a fortnight, conservatively 20 jobs a year … that’s a cool $600,000 in easy money and they get all the sex they want as well. Much cooler than robbing a bank.”

Kate sat there at the table opposite her close friend, her mouth wide, incredulous at what Fiona had suggested to her. Was she game to try something like this? Fiona issued an ultimatum, “So what do you want me to do, will I get Tony to call you this afternoon?”

“No, no, not yet … I’ve got more questions. I’ve just thought, despite the ruse of an abduction, this would really just be like going to a male prostitute and I would never ever contemplate doing that.”

“Oh my God Kate, don’t be such a prude, don’t think of him as that, just think of these guys as a pair of handsome very sexually active men who will make you feel exceptionally good for a couple of days, and hopefully put the spark back in your marriage. You did say you haven’t cum lately, didn’t you?”

In a daze, Kate heard herself answering, “Yes … I mean, no I haven’t cum, not for months … oh it could be years, yes probably is by now. Oh my God Fiona, yes, get him to call me, but before 3.30, I don’t want the kids around to hear me talking to him.”

“Great, I’ll set it up now.”

Kate’s mind was whirling as she drove home, her head spinning about the prospect of doing something so dangerous, so illicit, so blatantly criminal. An hour after she got home, the phone rang. Kate jumped at the sound of its shrill ring, realising that this would be the mystery man Tony on the line.

The nerves suddenly kicked in, her hand hovered over the handset as it continued to ring, could she do this? Tentatively, Kate picked it up and uttered a trembling nervous “Hello!”

This wonderfully deep male voice spoke, he sounded like a TV newsreader or a radio announcer or a wedding MC, “You must be Kate, I’m Tony, Fiona suggested that I should call you, it sounds like you need a little help.”

Kate had a hard time getting her mouth to form the words, she was so nervous, “Err, yes I think I do, but I’m a bit apprehensive. I can’t believe half the stuff that Fiona told me about over lunch. Oh my goodness, it sounds dishonest and illegal and I guess you could be in a lot of trouble if you got caught.”

“Honey, that’s my risk to take. Fiona tells me that you are a woman who is very unhappy, not with her surroundings, but with the lack of attention and love from your husband. My partner and I specialise in providing this special service to sexually neglected wives in your area. Our aim is to see that you have two very warm loving days in the arms of either or both of us. We will be there totally for you, no distractions, just fulfilling your every need. You can live out your every fantasy with us, no matter what it is. At the same time, we will relieve your husband of what is only a small amount of money to him, and when the two days are over, we will also rebate a portion of that back to you to indulge yourself with. Most of these guys have the wealth, but they don’t give their wives enough cash to spend on themselves.

“Fiona said that you will ask for 50 thousand?”

“Actually, that was the amount when we helped her out three years ago, but with inflation and all, these days we ask for $60,000 and you get $25,000 of that back for yourself.”

“It sounds so weird.”

“It is different, I will give you that. I’d bet that my partner and I would have been the first with this business plan. We invented the concept.”

“If you are so successful at it and you have done this for so many other women, I am amazed that I have never read anything about it.”

“Honey, the success of this little venture revolves around nobody hearing about it, unless you are introduced to us as a trusted person who needs our services. We have never and will never convene a press conference. Because we don’t ask for a huge ransom, the victims keep it to themselves. It’s virtually petty cash for these rich businessmen. You would be surprised though that the husband often becomes much more attentive when he gets his wife back, although not knowing your Roger myself, I obviously can’t guarantee that.”

Kate was stunned that Tony knew Roger’s name, “How do you know my husband’s name?” she asked anxiously.

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