An Attention-Grabbing Bust Pt. 01

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Madi sighed as she looked into the mirror as she ran a finger around each of her nipples. They were tiny pink specs on what essentially amounted to suggestions of boobs.

She sighed.

Next, Madi turned so that her right side faced the mirror. She briefly took a moment to close her eyes and sigh once more before hesitantly glancing back into the reflection. Starting at her feet, her eyes followed her short legs up to meet her butt, following its curve around up to the small of her back.

“At least I have an alright ass…” she muttered to herself. She turned her hips to get a better view of it. It was small, but it fit nicely on her thin frame, and it looked alright in a pair of jeans like the ones she was currently wearing. Unfortunately, that was about all she had going for her.

Her eyes continued up, going over her stomach and passing right over where her boobs should have been. Nothing noteworthy. Nearly flat as a board. She cupped her chest in shame, hiding it from her own view. How had she made it to 21 years old, and still nothing? Barely even buds? She tugged on her small nipples, as if desperately trying to convince her boobs to grow out from her chest.

Her boyfriend, Ethan, always reassured her that he liked her boobs. That they were “cute”. But Madi knew he couldn’t help but glance down into her roommate Anna’s unending cleavage every time she was around. And Madi could swear Anna would give a little moan or adjust her bra all the time anytime Ethan was around. It frustrated Madi to no end.

But what it really came down to was that Ethan was a boobs guy, and she knew it. When they were first dating, he always tried to feel her up, cupping what little she had and teasing her nipples by tugging and pinching them. But, just like now as she pulled on them herself, they were about as sensitive as the skin on her arm. If anything, having her boobs played with turned her off, and Ethan eventually gave up. But Madi knew, every time he looked at Anna, that all Ethan could think about was holding her big, soft G-cups.

“Fuck Anna, and those ridiculous tits of hers…” swore Madi as she let her arms drop to her sides.

She immediately snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the sound of a key entering her dorm room door. In a mere second, in came bursting a bouncy pair of boobs, followed quickly after by Anna. Madi fumbled to cover her chest as her roommate stumbled in.

Anna ran a few steps in before holding onto the doorhandle with one hand while she leaned over to her desk and grabbed her water bottle with the other. She had long, wavy, dark brown hair and naturally tanned skin, and she wore a tight, low-cut white t-shirt, which hugged her figure tightly. Her dark bra was just barely visible through the shirt, smoothly cupping her impressive bust and displaying an impossible-to-miss window of cleavage for all to see. As she leaned over to her desk, Anna glanced over to find Madi topless, half-turned away, face flushed red, and with an arm across her chest. Anna smiled giddily.

“Oh!! Sorry, Maltepe Escort didn’t mean to interrupt you changing, Madi. Sorry about that! I just left my water bottle is all.”

Anna waited a split-second for a response. When the startled Madi didn’t give one, she exclaimed, “Well, I’m off to class!!” before pulling herself through the doorframe, her boobs seeming to lag behind the rest of her. As quickly as she had barged in, she left. As the door shut, it blew a wave of feminine perfume through the room.

Madi couldn’t bare to look at herself in the mirror anymore. She quickly went over to her closet and threw on a simple shirt, not bothering with a bra. Since she started college, she’d been wearing them less and less. It seemed more socially acceptable these days, plus not like she needed any support.

She looked one more time in the mirror, this time at her face. Her messy red hair was still showing signs of bedhead, and her face looked awfully plain, but in that moment, she couldn’t care less about brushing her hair or putting on makeup. But she couldn’t go out like this, could she? She needed to do something about her appearance…

She glanced around the room before turning around to Anna’s desk and saw her bottle of perfume. “Well, at least I can smell nice,” she thought to herself as she walked over and put some on. With that, she grabbed her backpack and headed out the door.

Madi yawned. She woke up her phone and glanced at her lock screen.

“8:34… Landrum is late yet again…” She rolled her eyes.

“Hey I’m not complaining!” said Alyssa. Alyssa was one of Madi’s closest friends, with a pretty face and a decently endowed figure, which she kept up through club soccer. Also, unlike Madi, she was very much a morning person. She smiled continued in a chipper tone, “The less time I spend in this class, the better. You know I bombed that last test.”

“All the more reason to want the full lecture today!” exclaimed Madi. “If he skips the last few slides again because ‘sorry guys I went too slow,’ ugh…”

Alyssa laughed and smiled. “Hey well maybe you’re right. Even so, though…” Her voice trailed off as she sniffed the air. “Hey, did you get a new perfume or something?” Alyssa asked innocently.

Madi’s stomach fluttered. “Uhh… not exactly. I borrowed from Anna.” She felt a warmth in her chest that she attributed to embarrassment.

“You’re wearing that bimbo’s perfume?” asked Alyssa as her eyebrow raised.

“Don’t call her that!” Madi was surprised to hear Alyssa say that. “She might be popular with the guys, but that doesn’t mean she’s a, well, bimbo.”

“You’ve seen how she feeds off the attention of guys, right?”

“I mean, I guess.” said Madi quietly.

Alyssa looked as if she was about to respond but was interrupted by the sound of a crash bar reverberating throughout the hallway as the door to the lecture hall finally opened.

“Here we go…” Alyssa rolled her eyes as she went to enter the lecture hall. Madi followed, the warm feeling Anadolu Yakası Escort in her chest slowly subsiding. The two walked down the stairs to their row, filed through and took a seat. As Madi reached to grab her laptop out of her bag, she felt a bit uncomfortable and briefly tugged on the front of her shirt without much thought, readjusting things ever so slightly.

She sat back up straight and opened her laptop. She typed in her passcode and sat, waiting for it to log in her in. It had been taking longer and longer these days. Maybe she needed a new laptop after all. Madi sighed and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes and yawning. When she finished, she opened her eyes again and caught the glance of a guy sitting a couple rows down from her. What was his name, Kyle?

Kyle looked up to make eye contact, immediately blushed, and glanced away. Wait–he had looked up? From what?

Madi glanced down and, to her shock, saw her nipples were absolutely rock-hard (at least, as much as they could be at their size). They poked through her shirt subtly, but enough to be visible. “What the hell?? God I should have worn a bra today…” Madi thought to herself.

Madi looked over to Alyssa. She had noticed too. Alyssa elbowed Madi’s arm and smiled. “You got the hots for Kyle or is it just cold in here?”

“Alyssa!!” Madi blushed hard. Alyssa giggled, but quickly drew her attention to the lecture as Dr. Landrum started to speak.

Madi’s face burned in embarrassment, and her stomach fluttered once again. However, as Dr. Landrum began talking, she too started listening and soon was taking notes.

Something seemed off when Madi said goodbye to Alyssa after class, but she wasn’t sure what it was. Something also seemed off as she walked to what she had next, a meeting with her advisor. She had this inexplicable warm feeling in her chest that she couldn’t explain that added to the sense of off-ness. She couldn’t quite place it as she passed dozens of fellow students around campus until she caught a girl staring at her. Except once again, she wasn’t looking her in the eyes.

Madi looked down to see, to her surprise, that her nipples were extremely hard, more so than in the lecture earlier. They jutted quite obviously from her chest and through the thin fabric of her shirt. She immediately changed course for the nearby restroom, where she could get some privacy.

She briskly walked in and shut the door behind her before sitting on the toilet as a chair. She looked down in confusion and surprise at the view of her nipples poking eagerly through her thin shirt. She needed to investigate, so Madi slipped off her t-shirt, but not without feeling a slight pleasurable sensation as the fabric dragged along her nipples. Weird.

Now that her top was off, Madi got a good look at her boobs. They looked normal, except for a pair of engorged, bright pink nipples. The areolas were wider, and so were the nipples themselves. The looked nothing like what they had looked like earlier this morning İstanbul Escort in the mirror. Curious, she reached down and touched the tip of one of them.

Immediately, a pleasurable sensation filled her body unlike she had ever felt before from touching her boobs. She cooed softly as felt the sensation flood through her before slowly dissipating. Madi began lightly tugging on the tips of both of her nipples, feeling waves of pleasure fill her body. Soon, her boobs felt heavy with arousal, and she felt her nethers plumping with blood as well.

Overcome with sensation, a hand started to snake its way from her chest and down her slim torso before reaching between her legs. The toilet seat creaked as she shifted her weight, and she sighed as she readied herself. But just before she began truly pleasuring herself, a quick buzz of her phone snapped her out of it.

Madi pulled her phone out of her bag and read the notification. It was a message from her advisor asking if she was running late. A flash of anxiety flooded her, and she checked the time. 10:05. Sure enough, she was late.

“Fuck!” Madi swore as she quickly sat up from the toilet, hastily throwing her shirt back on. She was briefly taken aback by the strangely pleasurable sensation of her nipples once again dragging across the fabric, similar to the one she felt when taking them off. However, there was no time to waste, so she pushed past it and left her stall, half-running out of the bathroom and down the hall.

She knocked on Dr. Norman’s door before sliding it open. Dr. Norman was an older member of the faculty, with light gray hair and wrinkled, splotchy skin. He was nice enough, but known for being a little old-fashioned, wearing a full business suit when she arrived. However, he smiled warmly and welcomed her in.

Madi apologized profusely to him for being late before sitting herself down in the chair across the desk from her advisor. As she did so, she felt a strange sensation on her chest–and not just from the fabric this time. Dr. Norman’s eyes glanced down to watch as Madi’s bust jostled slightly, unencumbered by a bra, hard nipples prominent still. He gave a disapproving look.

Madi glanced down, embarrassed. But what she found wasn’t just hard nipples this time. She also looked down, amazed, to see that her boobs had grown. No longer was she flat as a board–her boobs were very clearly present now, albeit small, maybe an A. They made themselves known as they subtly pushed out the thin fabric of her shirt. She blushed, hoping her advisor wouldn’t make any comments.

Dr. Norman seemed to take things professionally and began talking to her about her classes for the next semester, only rarely glancing below her neckline. However, Madi felt a warm, pleasurable feeling grow steadily in her chest throughout the meeting. Each time he glanced, it intensified, and she itched for the moment she could find a private place and relieve herself of the sensations.

“Can Dr. Norman tell my boobs are bigger? What the hell is happening to me?” She asked herself desperately in her thoughts. She felt her pulse quicken as her arousal grew, unable to stop the hormones from pumping through her bloodstream.

Little did Madi know that this was only the beginning, and there was much more to come for her attention-grabbing bust.

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