An Encounter With The Master Ch. 1

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It starts with us sitting next to a fire in a room lit only with candles. We are feeding each other strawberries dipped in chocolate and drinking champagne. I notice that you have a drop of chocolate on your cheek and I gently kiss it away. I move my lips towards yours and then stop mere millimeters away. We can feel each other’s hot breath against our lips and the tension is becoming too great to hold back. We slowly close the remaining distance and our lips touch. Electricity erupts between us and we collapse in a passionate kiss that seems to last for eternity.

Slowly I tear my lips from yours and begin to kiss down your neck. My hands begin to deftly unbutton your blouse and soon it is only a memory. I continue to kiss down your body pausing only briefly to retrace my way back to your burning lips. Now my fingers have found the clasp of your bra and it soon joins your blouse on the floor. With painful slowness I kiss my way toward your heaving breasts. I begin to caress the left one ataköy escort with my fingers and take the right one in to my lips. You let out a quick gasp as a bolt of electricity races throughout your body. I gently begin to tease your nipple with my tongue. Flicking it ever so slightly at first and gradually increasing in speed and strength.

I again return to your burning lips with mine. While locked in our passionate kiss I unbutton your pants and remove them. You are left only in your silk panties now. I once again tear myself from your lips and move to your feet. I begin to massage your feet and legs. My warm, strong hands are followed by soft, gentle kisses along your legs, I move slowly towards your thighs. While kissing your thighs I slip a finger under the side of your panties and just graze your outer lips. They are hot to the touch. I glide my lips upward and now run my tongue under the side of your panties. Soft moans of pleasure escape avcılar escort your lips.

Now I move over the center of your mound and start to kiss you through your silk panties. They are already wet with your lust and soon you are begging to have them removed. I wait and tease you a little longer then I slowly slide off your panties and now you are completely naked. I pause a moment to soak in the intense beauty of your physical form. Then I lower my lips to your mound and lightly trace your slit with my tongue making sure to flick your clit with each pass. I gradually increase the pressure with my tongue and after many passes you are soon begging me not to stop.

At this point I slowly slide one finger in to you. This brings a cry of pleasure from you. My tongue is now more focused on your clit while my finger slowly slides in and out. This is too much for you to take and you are over come by your first orgasm of the night.

After avrupa yakası escort slowly bringing you down from you orgasm, I remove my shirt and then replace my finger with my tongue. While softly sliding my tongue in and out I remove the rest of my clothes. My cock has never been as hard before and it is aching to enter you.

I slowly move up over your body until my cock is positioned at your hot, wet entrance. I slowly trace the length of your slit with the head of my cock until you are pleading with me to fill you completely. I let the head of my cock slide in to you and you explode in another orgasm. With out waiting for you to come back down I push forward and slide my entire cock into you. I wait inside you for what seems like an eternity then I gradually pull my cock back until it is almost all the way out. Then I plunge forward. I repeat this until we establish a rhythm that is steadily growing in speed. I can no longer hold back and I feel myself about to cum.

At that moment I feel you begin to shake with your most powerful orgasm of the night. It is too much for me to take and I explode inside you. I quickly take you in my arms and kiss your lips as if it is the last thing I will ever do. That is when I notice the chocolate sitting on the table and . . .

To Be Continued…

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