An Evening on the Boat

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, names and events are fictional and are from the imagination of the author or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to businesses, organizations, events, people or persons living or dead is completely coincidental. This work contains sexual acts, group sex, adult language, adult situations, adultery, same-sex acts of sex and subjects not intended for underage audiences. All characters are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. If this is not the type of story you wish to read, please browse to another story.


The cool breeze coming off of the river was refreshing as Andrea sat on the deck drinking her glass of wine watching the boats cruise up and down the river. Her thirty-four foot boat was moored to one of the docks not far away. The West End Boat Club was one of, if not her favorite placed to spend time, other than on her boat. She sat back in the deck chair with her legs propped up on an empty chair in front of her, allowing her dress to softly fall between her slightly open legs. The sun was dipping down in front of her as she sipped her wine.

“We thought we would find you out here.” Anita said as she and her husband, David came up behind Andrea. “You invite us down and we find you out here enjoying the scenery.” Anita teased.

“It’s a beautiful view. Grab a drink and join me. Langdon will be here later.” Andrea told the two.

“I’ll get them.” David said as he walked into the Boat club’s bar area.

“How’s it going?” Andrea asked Anita.

“Pretty good. David has his new shift and we can spend more time together now that he’s off on weekends.” Anita replied.

“Well, that’s good.” Andrea said with a frown as she looked up at Anita.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t still get together.” Anita smiled at Andrea, taking her hand and squeezing.

“That’s good to know.” Andrea smiled back.

“How’re things with Langdon?” Anita asked.

“Well, we still haven’t had sex and I’m going through batteries like crazy. I’m pretty sure he’s having an affair anyway.” Andrea said.

“Even since our last visit?” Anita teased.

“Well, that only got my motor going even more. A nice, talented tongue is one thing but a hard, warm…” Andrea was saying as David appeared with five drinks, two shots of Fireball, a shot of Jamison, a Sam Adams Octoberfest and a pint of Guinness. Anita released Andrea’s hand and dropped into a chair next to Andrea.

“A shot of Fireball ladies?” David asked as he sat the drinks on the table next to Andrea. David noticed that the two women had been holding hands and how they quickly let go when he arrived. He smiled, thinking how they thought he didn’t figure something was going on between the two.

“Thanks, honey.” Anita said as she took her shot of Fireball in her hand.

David handed Andrea her shot of Fireball. As Andrea looked up as she took the shot, David winked at her with a devious grin on his face. Andrea looked away for a moment and the held her shot up. Anita held her shot up as David grabbed his Jamison.

“To good friends.” Andrea said.

“To great friends.” David added as they downed the shots.

They sat on the deck talking and drinking until long after the sun had set. Andrea was planning a cruise down the river to Baltimore for the weekend and asked if they wanted to join her. Her husband Langdon wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going. All her friends that had boats had plans so it would be Andrea going solo. Anita and David wholeheartedly agreed to accompany her. It would be the first time they were on her boat while on the water.

“I’ll get us more drinks.” David said as he stood up from the chair he had pulled up beside Anita.

“Does he know?” Andrea asked Anita.

“Know about us? I don’t think so, not that he would object.” Anita laughed. “He would be jealous that he isn’t involved.” Both of the women laughed at that.

“Well, not that it’s something that I wouldn’t enjoy, I don’t think I could do it.” Andrea said as she looked back towards the bar as David gave the order to the new bartender, a shapely young female by the name of Elizabeth, but went by Liz. “Looks like Liz likes what she sees.” Andrea motioned towards the bar.

Anita turned to see David and Liz laughing as she poured more shots before turning back towards the river. Andrea watched as David handed Liz the money for the drinks. When she returned with the change, David gave her a five dollar tip. Liz looked around and then stuffed the cash into her blouse, pulling the already low neckline out to show off the red lacy bra underneath. She shoved the bill into her bra, pulling it out just enough to show off her dark areola. David blushed as he took the drinks and returned to the deck.

“I have to make a potty run.” Anita said as she got up and entered the bar.

“So, get an eyeful?” Andrea asked somewhat cold.

“Eyeful of what?” David asked, oblivious to what had happened.

“Come on, you can’t tell me you didn’t notice that Liz was pulling her bra out and you didn’t Yozgat Escort look.”

“Honestly, I didn’t notice. I did notice she put the tip in her shirt but I was grabbing the drinks and not spill them.” David said as he sat down in Anita’s seat next to Andrea.

“Really? You honestly expect me to believe you didn’t notice?” Andrea asked.

“I didn’t David replied.

“Right.” Andrea scoffed as she leaned over the arm of her chair and grabbed David’s crotch. “I guess you didn’t.” She replied as she withdrew her hand.

“What?” David was caught off guard by her actions.

“Nothing. Not hard at all. Either you really didn’t notice or she’s not pretty enough for you.” Andrea said.

“The bartender?” David asked as he turned to look back at her through the doors. “Oh, she is nice looking.”

“You are something else.” Andrea said.

“What do you mean?” David asked as he turned back towards her.

“A beautiful woman nearly flashes her tits at you and you don’t notice.” Andrea said with a grin.

“I was busy. If I had known.” David defended himself.

“And if she had said look at these.” Andrea said as she pulled the top of her dress down to show off her ample bra covered breasts to David before pulling her dress back up.

“Nice blue bra.” David said with a smile.

“That’s all? Nice bra?” Andrea asked.

“Well, that’s all I saw.” David laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Anita asked as she came through the door behind the two.

“Your husband is oblivious to the world at times.” Andrea told her.

“What’s new. The way the bartender was flashing him, I bet he didn’t even notice.” Anita said.

“He says he didn’t.” Andrea told her.

“See what? Do I need to go back inside and look again?” David asked.

“I’ll get this round.” Anita said even though the shots and drinks David had brought out hadn’t been touched. She walked back into the bar and ordered the same round of drinks.

Andrea and David watched as Anita paid for the drinks and handed Liz her tip. Liz placed the tip in a jar by the register.

“See?” Andrea said. She didn’t stick the tip in her bra that time.

“Ah, ok. I see now.” David said as he turned back to look out over the river.

“And all you saw was my blue bra huh?” Andrea asked.

“Yeah.” David said as he turned to see Andrea’s dress pulled down and her bra pulled up. Her breasts were on full display for David to see. How firm and round they were. He noticed that her nipples were getting harder and more pronounced as he looked and it wasn’t from the chilled air from the river.

“So, what do you think?” Andrea said as she put her breasts back into her bra and pulled her dress up.

“Well, uh…” David stammered.

“What did I miss?” Anita asked as she came out with the drinks.

“You husband has nothing nice to say about my tits.” Andrea replied with a smirk.

“Oh really? Looking at my friend’s tits, were you?” Anita laughed.

“I. uh…I have to go to the bathroom.” David said as he made a hasty retreat.

Andrea and Anita laughed as David nearly flew into the bar. They turned back to look out across the river as Anita sat down next to Andrea. The two downed the shots of Fireball, two for each. David stopped at the bar to look back at the two women, shaking his head. He normal could tease Andrea but seeing her bare breasts had his mind racing and the bulge in his pants was straining against his jeans.

“Can I get you something?” Liz asked.

“Three shots of Jamison and a Guinness.” David said.

“What has you flustered?” Liz asked as she poured the shots and looked around the bar. Few patrons were in at this time and those that were, were in another area of the bar leaving Liz and David alone at the bar.

“I don’t get women sometimes.” David said as he downed all three shots.

“Easy there, you’ll be drunk before you go back outside.” Liz warned.

“Nah, I can handle my liquor.” David replied.

“Well then, have a couple of shots with me.” Liz said as she poured four shots of Jamison.

“Sure.” David said taking the first shot in his hand. “To new friends.” He said.

“To new friends.” Liz said as they downed the first shot.

David grabbed the second shot as Liz grabbed hers. They downed those as well. David handed Liz the money for the drinks and headed to the bathroom. His head was spinning and not from the alcohol. He left the bathroom still with his head spinning.

“You forgot your Guinness and change.” Liz told David, handing him the change as he walked by. She held his hand a little longer than she normally would have any other customer.

“Thank you.” David said as he handed her another five for a tip.

“So, what do you do?” Liz asked as David started to walk away with his Guinness. As David turned back, Liz was tucking the five into her bra. She pulled her bra out as she leaned across the bar at David. Her tits were on full display as David looked down her blouse at her hard nipples.

“I Yozgat Escort Bayan work for a computer firm.” David said as he tried to look away from Liz’s perky tits and hard nipples but they held his attention as Liz smiled.

“I get off in an hour.” Liz said. “If you want I’ll get you off shortly after that.” Liz whispered with a smiled.

“That’s an interesting proposal. I’ll think about it.” David said as Liz rearranged her clothes to cover her tits as several members came in the door.

“See you later?” Liz asked.

“More than likely.” David said, meaning that he would be back for more drinks but Liz took it to mean something else.

David walked out onto the deck to the laughter from Anita and Andrea. They were holding a shot of Fireball and each had a shot of Jamison held up for David to take.

“Get a real eyeful that time?” Anita laughed.

“I would say so.” David said as he took the two shots, downing one in one gulp.

“Hey, wait for us.” Andrea said. All three drank their last shot.

David sat down in a chair across from Anita and Andrea as they talked. Once in a while, Liz would flash him a smile then pull her blouse down so he could see her bra. David drank the Guinness in his hand in one swig before grabbing one of the two sitting on the table. He remained silent as Anita and Andrea talked about the boat.

“I hope I don’t get sick. I always get sick on boats, even when they are tied off at the dock.” Anita said.

David finished his second Guinness and started on his third. The women finished their drinks as David finished his Guinness.

“Another round?” Andrea asked.

“Sure.” Anita said. “But potty time again.”

Anita got up and started for the door. As Andrea got up she fake stumbled to fall onto David’s lap. Smiling as she pushed herself up off his lap, her hand squeezed his bulge.

“Hmm, interesting.” Andrea said as she went into the bar. David had to rearrange his hard-on before the women returned.

“Hey, Liz.” Anita called to the bartender as she stopped at the bar for a brief moment.

“Another round?” Liz asked with a smile.

“Maybe later.” Anita replied. ” I’ve been watching how you’ve been looking at my husband.”

“I’m not coming onto your husband, I promise.” Liz told Anita.

“It’s ok, Liz. I just wanted to tell you, if you want to try and if he’s game, go for it. You might like the ride he gives you.” Anita said as she smiled at Liz before continuing to the bathroom with Andrea.

“Why did you tell her that?” Andrea asked as they entered the bathroom.

“Because we’ve been talking about spicing up our sex life and I wanted to do this.” Anita said as the door closed.

She grabbed Andrea and kissed her, her hand dropping to press hard against Andrea’s pussy through her dress. The two kissed, their tongues teasing each other. Both were wet by the time they left the bathroom. Liz smiled at them as they passed. They returned the smile and the three exchanged a knowing nod. Liz almost licked her lips at the thoughts that ran through her head.

“Let’s go out to the boat.” Andrea suggested as she handed David a shot of Jamison and a Guinness.

“Sounds like a plan.” Anita said as she sat a shot of Jamison next to David and another Guinness. Both women had a shot of Fireball and a Sam Adams.

David downed both shots and a Guinness as the three got up to head to Andrea’s boat. Andrea walked on one side of David as Anita walked on the other. Andrea reached down and squeezed David’s ass as they walked. David reached over and squeezed Andrea’s ass, bring a slight squeal from Andrea. He switched his glass of Guinness to his other hand and squeezed Anita’s ass as well.

David helped the women onto the boat as a gentleman would but they really didn’t need his help. Andrea led the two into the stateroom, showing them all the additions, she had made to the boat. They walked back towards the two cabins.

“A queen size bed.” Andrea announced as she opened the cabin door.

“Room enough for three.” David teased.

“I’ll be right back.” Anita said as she eyed Andrea with a smile and nod before walking back to the dock. David and Andrea followed her until she had stepped onto the dock and headed for the bar.

“Want to go back to the chairs?” David asked, turning to Andrea.

Andrea reached up and kissed David full on the lips. She placed her drink on the counter as she wrapped her arms around his neck. David placed his drink down as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her towards him. Their tongues danced in each other mouths as they kissed.

“I don’t think Anita would approve.” David said.

“She’s already given me permission.” Andrea explained.

“She gave you permission? To do what?” David asked.

“This. I wonder what this feels like?” Andrea said as she reached down and grabbed the bulge in David’s pants.

“Hard.” David breathed as she squeezed, wondering what permission Anita and Andrea had concocted.

“Let’s Escort Yozgat see.” Andrea said as she dropped to her knees. Before David knew it, his pants were unfastened and around his knees with his underwear.

Andrea looked at David’s cock, grinning up at David. Her tongue darted out and licked the head of his cock sending shivers through David. Andrea smiled as she felt the shivers and David’s cock jumped in her hand. She took his head into her mouth, sucking lightly on it.

“No pre-cum?” Andrea asked, taking the head out of her mouth and stroking his cock with her hand.

“I don’t have pre-cum. Sorry.” David said.

“Don’t be sorry. Just means I’ll have to finish what I’ve started to get a good taste.” Andrea said as she took him back into her mouth, sucking his cock.

It didn’t take long before David felt the pressure building. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” David warned Andrea.

With that Andrea started sucking even harder, working his cock with her hand and tongue. David placed his hands lightly on the back of Andrea’s head as she bobbed up and down on his cock, drawing his cum out of his hard throbbing cock.

“I’m going to explode if you don’t stop. You don’t want a mouth full, do you?” David warned a final time.

“Who told you I don’t” Andrea laughed as she took his cock all the way into her mouth. A moment later David moaned and his hips bucked against Andrea’s face. Andrea wrapped her arms around David’s waist and pulled him towards her, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. David’s cock erupted sending huge spurts of cum into Andrea’s hungry mouth and down her throat. She sucked until there was no more cum spurting from his cock. She then licked his cock clean, getting every drop that eased out of his cock head.

“Mmmmm, tasty.” Andrea said as her hand continued to work his cock. “I want to feel it inside me.” She said.

David’s cock was getting hard again. Andrea turned around, leaning across the counter as David lifted her dress up. Her panties were soaked as David pulled them down to her ankles. Andrea stepped out of them and spread her legs apart. David stood up and place the head of his cock against her wet grove. He ran the head of his cock up and down, teasing her clit before plunging his hard cock into her wet pussy. Andrea let out a scream as David’s cock drove deep into her. She pushed back against him as he began to drive in and out of her. She came hard as David’s cock hit her cervix. David reached around and squeezed her tits as he pounded her pussy. She screamed as she came and her pussy squeezed David’s cock. In that instant, David exploded inside Andrea, filling her wet pussy with his cum.

“Mmmm that felt good.” Andrea said as she felt David’s cock softening inside her.

David fastened his pants as Andrea pushed her dress down. She took her drink, kissing David on the lips before leaving the boat. David grabbed his drink and followed her. On the dock, Anita sat waiting for them in their chairs, a devious grin on her face. Every once in awhile she would catch Liz looking her way. She smiled as she wondered if Liz would get laid tonight, by David no less.

“So, did you two have fun?” She asked.

“Yes, we did.” Andrea replied.” I haven’t been this full in a long time. It’s running down my legs.” Andrea laughed. “Want a taste?” Andrea said as she dipped her hand into her dress and came out with cum covered fingers. She offered them to Anita. Anita took Andrea’s fingers into her mouth and sucked.

“Mmmmm, two flavors, nice.” Anita said as she continued to suck on Andrea’s finger bringing a moan from Andrea.

David stood back watching in awe, a smile on his face. David sat back down in his chair as he watched Anita and Andrea get even hotter and more bothered. Andrea took Anita’s hand pulling her up from her chair.

“We will be right back.” Andrea told David, leading Anita back to the boat.

David watched as the two women disappeared into the boat knowing what fun the two would be having. He wondered if they would be mad if he waited awhile before joining them. David sat in the seat and waited, counting down the minutes before he would sneak aboard the boat and surprise them. He waited ten minutes starting to get up from the table.

“Leaving so soon?” Liz asked as she walked up to the table. “Where are Andrea and your wife?”

“Checking out the boat.” David replied as he turned towards the beautiful bartender. He noticed that the top two buttons to her blouse were undone, showing more cleavage.

“Then you’re all alone?” Liz asked.

“For now. I was going to go join them.” David told her.

“Well if you like boats, there’s one over here that you might like.” Liz said taking his hand.

Liz lead him between a row of yachts that were still in storage with the wrap covering them to protect them from the elements. She led him further away from the bar and dock. At the end of the row she turned and planted a passionate kiss on David’s lips. David kissed her back as their tongues teased each other. Liz’s hand eased down to find David’s bulge waiting for her. Smiling, Liz pulled away from David and looked down.

“For me?” Liz asked.

“Depends if you want it bad enough.” David tried to sound confident but didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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