An Impromptu Party

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Derrick woke up at 10.58 a.m., minutes before his alarm was set to ring. Summer had just begun, and he was thankful for moments like these where he got to sleep in instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to head to class. Summer school was set to start soon, but he had at least another week to savor these moments of laziness. He headed down to his apartment complex mailbox to clear his junk mail, when he noticed a SUV parked by the curb, its back laden with boxes and a mattress. Must be the apartment downstairs finally moving in, he thought to himself, wondering what his new neighbor was going to be like. He’d heard people delivering his new neighbor’s fridge the other day, but whoever it was had left by the time he’d roused himself out of bed.

Hearing a voice singing softly from the previously vacant apartment, it seemed he was going to find out soon enough, and he was not ready for the rush of adrenaline through his system as he laid his eyes on the person moving in. Before him stood a blonde beauty, her short hair tied in a ponytail, standing about 5 inches shorter than Derrick’s own 5 feet and 11 inches. Two large, amazingly blue eyes stared back at him, her small mouth quickly curving into a smile that stretched to her noticeable cheek bones. She had a gymnast’s figure, with long thin legs and a slim waist, but she was more endowed in the chest area, with beautiful breasts that bordered between a B and a C cup. She had on a tight pink t-shirt that showed off a toned, flat stomach, and blue cut-offs that ended just past her nice firm ass. She stopped singing along to her iPod, and stretched out a hand. She said, “Hi, I’m Kirsten, I just moved in. Nice to meet you.”

Derrick was about to make his introduction, when he heard another voice coming from the apartment. “Ooh, Kirsten, are we meeting the neighbors?” Derrick’s shock continued as another stunning vixen came out of the apartment. She stood much taller than the other girl, coming out to about an inches shorter than Derrick, with fiery orange hair that reached to the small of her back, cascading down in loose curls. She had sultry green eyes that were more cat-like than her friend’s, as well as a longer face with sharper features. Her own figure contrasted starkly against Kirsten’s as well, having a more traditionally sexy hourglass shape that was more clearly shown off in a white tank top that revealed some of her black D-cup bra underneath, as well as a pair of black denim cut-off overalls that managed to show off her shapely ass and long supple legs that would entrance any man.

Quickly recovering from taking in the sight of these two beauties, Derrick quickly introduced himself, and found out the redhead was named Alicia. He was surprised that the two of them were staying in the complex, given that each apartment had a single bedroom, but he learned that the two of them had been roommates in the dorms in the past year, and had decided to save on rent by sharing a room together. They had borrowed Alicia’s mom’s SUV to move their things, but they didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to move things up the three flights of stairs to their new place. Seeing this as a chance to get to know these beauties a little better, Derrick said, “Why don’t I help you two with your things? I don’t have anything better to do, and three is always better than two, isn’t it?”

The two girls turned to each other with a grin, then leapt at Derrick and hugged him, feeling their soft breasts pressed against him, sending blood rushing to his groin. “Oh thank God there’s a guy to help us out,” Alicia said. “We’ve only started moving the small stuff and already we’re exhausted. You’re a real life saver.” Kirsten nodded in agreement.

With the hugging session over, they quickly went to work, directing Derrick to the larger boxes which contained books and clothes while they handled smaller boxes and other miscellanous items. Derrick found the work tolerable, regularly visiting the gym during the school year and finding this to be a pretty good workout, especially with the sight of the girls’ tight asses sauntering up the staircase in front of him. “Is your girlfriend going to approve of that?” Kirsten said, having finally caught him in his stares. Derrick just said, “Never had one. I just fooled around in high school, and have enjoyed doing more of the same in college.” Derrick thought he noticed a smile grow on Kirsten’s lips, but she turned away too quickly, though she started swaying her hips even more after that, and Derrick couldn’t help but laugh to himself.

Finally, with all the boxes and their mattress finally moved into the apartment, the three of them decided to lie down on the girls’ mattress, still unburdened by sheets or covers. Derrick noticed the girls’ breasts moving up and down with their breathing, Alicia’s bra now clearly visible through her sweat-soaked tank top. He realized he was staring when Alicia had to prod him to offer him a ice-filled cup of Diet Coke, and he grew red with embarassment, but this just seemed to cause the girls to giggle even more than Onwin usual.

With a lull in the conversation, Kirsten perked up and said, “It’s really hot, isn’t it,” fanning herself with her hand in an attempt to cool down. Derrick got up and helped open the windows, which let some air into the room and cooled it down some. Still, after the hard work moving the girls’ worldly possessions up three flights of stairs, the three of them were still melting in the summer’s heat. While he had gotten up, Derrick noticed the two girls huddle together on their mattress, whispering to themselves as girls were wont to do when a boy was in the room.

“You know, a soda barely seems like enough to thank you for all that you’ve done,” Alicia piped up, pulling herself up from the mattress. “I mean, the weather is so hot and we’re sweating our asses off after all that work we did.”

Kirsten continued. “Me and Alicia thought we should throw a party for you, and what better way to cool down than by throwing an underwear party!”

Alicia headed to the corner of the room to connect her iPod to their stereo, and soon Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” flooded the apartment. Kirsten simply sat on the mattress and smiled, teasingly moving her hands between the bottom of her T-shirt and the hem of her cut-offs. In the meanwhile, Derrick simply stood there stunned, a small part of him wondering if this could be some sort of trap, but his mind mostly bursting with excitement at the thought of seeing these two hotties in their underwear. “I’ll take it off when you do,” he said, trying to sound as calm as possible with all the hormones he had raging through his system.

With a gleeful laugh, Kirsten reached her hands to the bottom of her sweat-soaked t-shirt and lifted it above her head in one swift motion, revealing two beautiful breasts covered by a lacy polka-dotted bra, seeming to bounce out once free of the confines of the t-shirt now lying on the floor. Seeing Derrick lick his lips when he saw her half-naked form made Kirsten giggle more, and now she began to jive to the beat of the music, her chest bouncing up and down to her personal groove.

Derrick’s focus was broken by the sound of Alicia unbuckling the straps of her overalls, and Derrick could not help but stare as one strap became undone, leaving the overalls hanging loose on one side, revealing a toned, flat stomach similar to Kirsten’s. He heart started to race when she undid the other strap, letting the overalls slide off her lithe body to reveal a sheer black thong that barely hid the milky white skin of her ass.

“Looks like this party’s really started,” Kirsten said, “and yet somebody still has all their clothes on. I think we need to do something to remedy this.”

Derrick wondered how far this would go, and decided to test his theories. He said, “Why don’t you come over here and fix it, then.”

To Derrick’s utter shock, Kirsten got on all fours and started crawling sultrily toward him, standing up to come up to his shoulders. Moving quickly, she grabbed Derrick’s tank top, lifting it over his head in one smooth motion and letting it fall to the floor. He liked to think he saw both girls smile as his muscled body came into full view, proud of the six-pack he had worked hard to obtain. Kirsten traced a finger around his pecs, and simply let out a whistle.

Alicia sidled over to their corner of the room, and said, “I guess this is where the party’s at, huh. I think it’s only fair that you take off one of her clothes now, since she got to take off one of yours.”

Kirsten nodded happily, taking Derrick’s big hands in her own and bringing them to the hem of her cut-offs. Derrick tried not to tremble as he fumbled with her buckle, and quickly found Alicia’s hands guiding his in stripping her roommate. Seconds later, he was sliding Kirsten’s cut-offs down her smooth legs, letting them pool on the floor around her slender legs, while Alicia playfully grabbed her ass and bounced them for Derrick to see. A matching pair of polka-dotted panties covered a tight, perky ass that was currently filling her roommates hands, and her mirthful laughter made it impossible for Derrick to break out in a smile.

“Her turn now,” Kirsten said with a smile, as she tilted her head to her taller roommate. Moving behind her, she grabbed Alicia’s hands and brought them above her head, motioning for Derrick to take off her roommate’s tank top. Though Alicia’s bra and breasts were already visible through the thin material of the tank top, Derrick quickly lifted it above her head, feeling his hands glide over her smooth skin and graze the soft material of her bra, stopping for a moment to stare into her beautiful green eyes. Alicia did more than just stare back, and with her tank top in Kirsten’s hands, leaned in to kiss Derrick full in the lips.

Derrick was taken aback, never expecting things to move this quickly. Alicia had moved her hands to hold onto Derrick’s body, while Derrick flailed to keep his balance, at the same time enjoying the salty taste of her lips Onwin Giriş against his. After a minute of making out with the buxom redhead, she released the kiss, and without a moment to spare Kirsten moved in and grabbed his head, and Derrick happily leaned down to meet Kirsten’s waiting lips. She was even more vigorous than Alicia, tongue darting out into his mouth as their saliva mixed, their wet lips sliding against one another as their tongues did battle. Another intense minute later, she broke off as well, and Derrick now had a full view of both of the nearly naked roommates, slick with perspiration from the heat and the recent physical contact, standing sexily in lingerie that left little to the imagination.

However, Derrick’s imagination was surprised once more when Alicia pulled her roommate to face her, and plant a deep kiss of her own on Kirsten’s lips. Both girls moaned right then, their hands running over each other’s bodies as they passionately made out, and Derrick found his blood rushing to his groin as he watched the two incredibly hot roommates frenching each other in wild abandon.

In what seemed like moments later, with the excitement compressing the time for Derrick, the girls released their lip-lock, and slowly started approaching Derrick. “Well,” Kirsten began. “We like to share things, and thought that you shouldn’t be the only one who doesn’t get to watch some hot action going on.”

Alicia nodded. “Doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the party, though. I think I’d better distract you before you decide to run off.”

That thought would never have entered Derrick’s mind, but he gladly accepted Alicia’s lips once more, her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she cupped the back of his head. He in turn pulled her closer to him, feeling her large breasts press against his chest, those fleshy mounds heaving with the heat of their passionate french-kissing. In the meanwhile, Kirsten had grabbed the waistband of Derrick’s sweats, and slid them down quickly as Derrick and Alicia continued to make out.

She gasped as she saw the tentpole that had sprouted under Derrick’s boxers, as Derrick had become fully erect from the arousal brought on by two sexy, lingerie-clad girls making out with you and each other. She got on her knees and tentatively touched it as the other two remained in their liplock, sending a quiver through Derrick’s spine and sending even more blood rushing into his groin. From her position on the floor, Kirsten said, “You know, I think it’s getting a little too hot in here. Even in my underwear, the heat is still getting to me, and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last. You think maybe we should…I dunno….make it a nude party instead?

Derrick felt Alicia nod in approval even while their lips were still joined, and found her hands moving to her back as she quickly moved to unclasp her bra, though she found herself struggling to do so while continuing to concentrate on her make-out session. Kirsten quickly came to her aid, eagerly undoing the irritating clasp with her hands and letting the large black bra fall to the ground, before moving to the now naked breast to suckle on it. Wanting more attention, Alicia grabbed Derrick’s hand and placed it on her other breast, moaning softly through her engaged lips as both her soft, tender tits were being graciously pleasured by hand and mouth.

“Alicia does love to have her tits fondled. I make sure to play with them at least once a day,” Kirsten said as she released her mouth from Alicia’s breast, helping to replace it with Derrick’s other hand. “But she’s not the only one that wants some attention.” Quickly, the elfin vixen stripped off her bra and panties, leaving them in the quickly growing pile of clothing that littered the apartment. From the corner of his eye, he could see Kirsten’s amazing naked form: ample breasts framed by her small figure, making her tits seem larger than they were, a skinny waist curving into slender hips that held a cleanly shaved pussy that lead into beautifully sculpted calves. Kirsten met Derrick’s gaze, then gave a wet pout and struck a pose, squeezing her breasts betwen her arms to make them stand out even more, Derrick took the hint moved a hand over to start playing with Kirsten’s tits, and the blonde co-ed simply squealed in delight as she closed her eyes, her own hands moving slowly down to her crotch as she began to rub her pussy.

“Mmm, that’s it Derrick, play with my tits, squish them in your hands,” came Kirsten’s cries, joining in with Alicia’s moans of pleasure as Derrick continued to play with the amazing breasts of the naked co-eds in front of him. Alicia, her hands off of Derrick’s head now as she released her liplock with him slightly, pulled her panties down to her knees, then quickly lead Derrick’s hand to her soaking wet pussy, making him stroke the wet lips of her labia as she stroked her nipple in one hand while stroking the hair from Kirsten’s face with the other. Suddenly, Alicia released her lips and tongue from Derrick’s mouth, the two of them panting Onwin Güncel Giriş from the intensity of their makeout session. She then got onto her knees, her lacy black thong acting as a strap to make her go down awkwardly, and Kirsten then stepped in to take her place, planting her warm, tender lips on Derrick’s own as his hands explored every contour of her body.

“I think someone’s late to the party again,” Alicia said, “and once more, it’s up to the girls to fix things.” With a wicked smile, she grabbed onto Derrick’s torso, grasping the waistband of his boxers in her teeth, sliding them down in one smooth motion. Derrick’s eight inch erection nearly hit her in the face as it escaped the confines of his boxers, and Alicia gasped at the sight of it.

“Look here, Kirsten,” Alicia said, pulling her roommate off of Derrick to join her on the floor. “It’s sooo big. It’s going to fill us up so good.” Kirsten nodded at this, licking her thin lips, and excitement surged through Derrick as he thought about the two co-eds’ pussies wrapped around his shaft.

“Still, we’re going to need to do some prep work, aren’t we?” Kirsten said. Alicia returned the nod, and the two girls wrapped their thumb and forefinger around his wide cock, stroking his shaft slowly, feeling the throb of blood rushing through his cock as Derrick did all he could to calm himself. Fingers became palm, as Alicia wrapped one hand around his shaft and started stroking him slowly, giving Derrick the best hand job he’d ever experienced in his life. In the meanwhile, Kirsten had turned her attention to her roommate, moving her head down to Alicia’s ample chest and started licking it, which sent her into a frenzy as she started to pump Derrick’s cock even faster. The sight of the Kirsten’s blonde head buried in the milky mounds of Alicia’s breasts didn’t help with Derrick’s excitement either, sending the adrenaline surging through him. Soon, Kirsten made her way down to Alicia’s wet pussy, kissing all the way from her chest to her flat stomach to the clean shaven strip that lead to the wet, pink flesh. Lying on the floor, Kirsten stuck her tongue into her roommate’s snatch, making her moan in delight.

This seemed to have some sort of eroticizing effect on Alicia, because she used her hand to bring Derrick’s cock full into her mouth, her wet lips and waiting mouth engulfing half of his length immediately, and quickly bobbed her head up and down his long, thick cock, slurping all over it. Saliva flowed down his cock and balls, while Derrick’s pleasure grew greater and greater with each passing moment. He reached a hand down to cup a breast, which Alicia seemed glad to accept, taking in his shaft even deeper, putting it all the way back in her throat. She gagged, her lungs fighting for air as his thick hunk of meat stuffed up her throat, and as she finally released it she let out a low moan, the effects of Kirsten’s constant pussy licking and the overall atmosphere of the apartment taking its effect.

Alicia grabbed onto Derrick’s arm and said, “I want you in me right now.” She pulled him and Kirsten to their mattress, positioning Kirsten at her face, while motioning to Derrick to sit down by her. Lying down, she spread her beautiful legs apart, giving Derrick full view of her wet, shaven pussy. Taking his cock in hand, he guided his shaft into the waiting hole, feeling her labia wrap itself tightly around his meat as he penetrated her. Slowly at first, he plunged in and out of her pussy as he let her juices lube up his cock, then quickly began ramming his cock inside of her, over and over, generating immense pleasure for both of them.

“That feels so good, ohhhh,” Alicia moaned, but even as Derrick pounded away at her, she got Kirsten into position over her face, facing away from Derrick. With the small blonde’s pussy resting right on her lips, Alicia began to furiously lick and tongue-fuck her roommate’s waiting snatch, causing Kirsten to also moan in delight. She became naughtier, leaning back at a low incline, coming almost parallel with Alicia, where she started playing with her tits right in Derrick’s face. In the meanwhile, Alicia had lifted one leg and wrapped it around Derrick’s neck, giving him better access to her cunt, even as he made a short series of kisses up and down her leg.

Derrick was amazed overall by the roommates’ flexibility, but received the greatest shock of the day when Kirsten grabbed his free hand and stuck it in her mouth, sucking on his first two fingers like a vacuum. His fingers dripping with saliva, she leaned forward once again, sticking her ass up to face Derrick. “Put your fingers in my ass, Derrick,” she said, as she braced herself against a wall of the apartment. Tentatively, he placed his index finger right at the rim of her ass, and was amazed as she pushed her ass backwards onto it, plunging the tip of his finger into her tight butthole. He was afraid the sound she let out was of pain, but the continuous moan that followed was one of the most erotic moans he’d heard. Gaining confidence, he began fingering her ass continuously, first with his index finger, then his middle finger, then both. All the while, he continued to plunge in and out of Alicia as the redhead went to work on her blonde roommate, making the three of them joined in this insane sexual orgy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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