An Interview at Jack’s Cabaret

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(Author’s note: I had a sudden inspiration for this little story one afternoon while watching some TV. It pretty much wrote itself in one sitting. It’s really just a short “stroke” piece, but I hope you’ll appreciate the story for what it is.)

* * * *

I guess a job’s a job, Candace thought.

She stood before the doors of Jack’s Cabaret on a chilly Tuesday morning. The place was not yet open for business, but the phone call from the previous day told her to arrive at nine for an initial interview. Thankfully, she had learned the bus route system quickly and arrived a good fifteen minutes early.

Early is on time, on time is late, and late is not acceptable, her military father always told her. Whatever his failings as a parent, Candace had to admit he raised her to be a very punctual young lady.

Whatever it takes, Candace told herself. You’ve been in town a week and you’ve got less than a hundred bucks left. So do whatever it takes to land a job . . . even if you gotta give a friggin’ handjob or something. The last thing you wanna do is go back home after what a big deal you made about not being too naïve for the city.

Straightening her skirt and adjusting her glasses, the slender brunette stepped to the door. It came open silently, revealing a broad foyer with a receptionist’s booth. The walls were black and covered with various black and white stills of scantily-clad young women. A red curtain at the rear hung open, showing a hallway.


Candace’s voice fluttered through the silence. She frowned when there was no response.

Stepping gingerly to the curtain, she peered down the hall. Left would lead her to the restrooms; to the right, the hall opened into a cavernous room dominated by a long oval stage and an equally long bar. The stage was easily as high as Candace’s chest and sported a pair of polished brass poles. Padded booths lined the walls, and tables with soft, cushy chairs lay scattered around the floor. Along distant walls were other, smaller stages, each with their own glossy poles.

So this is what a strip club looks like, Candace thought. It’s a lot bigger than it looks from outside.

She made her way cautiously toward the bar, looking around for signs of life. Bright stage lighting reflected in the polished bar top, and glinted off the hundreds of bottles of alcohol stacked on glass shelves behind.

“. . . hello-oh . . . .”

A man suddenly appeared from beneath the level of the bar. “Can I help you?”

Candace jumped back with a gasp, then covered her mouth and heart. She glared at the muscular, good-looking guy who now smiled upon her. “You scared the shit outta me!”

The man grinned with a small chuckle. His eyes roamed over the comely brunette. Her skirt and sweater weren’t very flattering, but the legs were nice, and she had a very pretty face, he decided. “Sorry. I was just doing some work back here. Didn’t hear you come in.”

Calming herself, Candace regained her composure. “I’m, uh, here to see Jack,” she said. “For an interview.”

The man’s smile changed slightly, becoming sly. “Well, you’re talking to the right guy,” he said, then extended a hand across the bar. “I’m Jack.”

Candace smiled professionally and shook the man’s hand. “Candace,” she replied.

“‘Candace,'” Jack repeated. “Is that your stage name?”

The brunette’s eyes widened. “Stage name?”

“Yeah, most girls use a stage name,” Jack informed. He narrowed his eyes. “You, uh, you’re a dancer, right?”

The girl reared back as if struck. “What? No! No, I’m here for the waitressing job! You called me back last night after I called about the Craigslist ad.”

Jack smacked his forehead. “That’s right. Candace. Okay, yeah, I remember. Sorry. Last night was kind’a hectic.” His eyes roamed over the young woman once more. “But, uh, you might want to seriously consider being a dancer. Not that I can see much, but you’ve got some killer legs and that naughty librarian look is pretty hot.”

Candace’s face colored a deep shade of rouge. She touched the rim of her glasses self-consciously, suddenly unable to meet Jack’s eyes. She had always considered herself rather mousy in appearance. Not even her former boyfriend referred to her as being “hot.”

“I, uh, never really thought about it,” she said awkwardly.

“Well, let me come around and get a look at you,” said Jack as he moved to the end of the bar. He flipped up the panel at the end and stepped out, approaching Candace with an assessing gaze. Candace fidgeted, as if she had been slapped on a slide and placed under a microscope.

Jack stopped several feet away, crossing his arms and cupping his chin. “Hmm,” he muttered. “Hike up the skirt a little.”

Candace stared. “Seriously?”

The man chuckled. “Even if you just want to serve drinks, you’re gonna be wearing a miniskirt. We’re pretty minimalist here.”

Candace considered the man’s words. Okay, that makes Zonguldak Escort sense, she decided. This is a strip club, after all. With only some hesitation, she reached for the fabric of her skirt and inched it up. Her eyes studied Jack’s face, reading his reactions.

The man cocked his head, watching as the girl’s thighs were revealed. Nice and lean, he thought. No blemishes. He gestured. “Turn around.”

Candace complied, turning her back to him.

“Hike it up a little more.”

The girl blushed again. I’m already showing pretty much everything, she thought. Still, she complied, until she felt the hem of the skirt against her panty-covered cheeks.

Jack smirked. “Granny panties, huh?” he remarked. “You’re gonna have to invest in some thongs. Still, looks like you’ve got a pretty nice ass.”

Candace dropped the skirt and turned back around. “Thanks,” she said with a hint of annoyance.

“Of course, the real deal is what you’ve got on top.”

Candace reflexively placed her hands over her breasts. “You mean, my boobs?”

He chuckled again. “Yeah, your boobs. Your tits.”

She swallowed thickly and looked down at her chest. “They’re not very big,” she bemoaned. “I mean, don’t strip . . . er, dancers usually have big ones?”

Jack shook his head. “Not always. There’s one girl here who’s an A-cup, and she’s pretty popular. It’s all about knowing how to work with what you’ve got.”

Self-consciousness returned. Candace looked away from Jack’s eyes. “Well, I’m not sure I could . . . I mean, I really just came for the waitressing job.”

Jack shrugged. “You have experience?”

Candace met his eyes nervously. “Well, yeah . . . kind’a. I worked at Dairy Queen for a year. I know all about customer service.”

Jack’s brow furrowed. “Dairy Queen,” he said.

The girl nodded.

He sighed. “There’s a lot more to serving drinks than being friendly,” he said. “You gotta be able to balance a tray while wearing heels, make change, and since guys get drunk, you gotta be able to laugh them off when they start playing grab-ass. I don’t think you had to put up with that at Dairy Queen.”

Candace’s heart sank. She picked at her nails. “I’m a fast learner,” she said sheepishly.

“I’m sure you are, but we usually hire girls with at least a couple years experience in this kind of environment.”

She gave the man a pleading look. Desperation was beginning to kick in. “Look, I really need a job,” she said. “I’ll pretty much do anything.”

Jack arched a brow. That’s what I wanted to hear, he thought. “Well, that brings us back to you being a dancer. Don’t need much experience for that. Plus, the money’s a lot better.”

Candace gave an uncertain look. “Like, how much better?”

Jack rolled his shoulders. “Some of the girls make three or four bills a night, even more.”

The girl looked stunned. “Three or four . . . hundred?”

“Yep,” Jack confirmed. “Hell, even the daytime girls usually break a Benjamin.”

Candace thought a moment. Her reticence over the idea of dancing practically nude before strange men was suddenly mitigated by the allure of a good income. Three or four hundred bucks a night, she thought. That’s more than I ever made in a whole week at DQ . . . .

Jack noticed the change in demeanor upon the girl’s face. “Tell you what,” he said, fishing out his phone. “I don’t want to, uh, turn on the sound system just yet, but if you want to try a little audition, I can play something on this.”

Candace’s nervousness returned. “Audition,” she said warily.

Jack nodded. “But you know what that means, right?”

The girl forced down the thick lump in her throat. “It, uh, means, uh . . . I gotta get, um . . . naked, right?”

Jack spread his hands. “Hey, if you can’t strip down in front of me, how are you gonna do it with a room full of guys staring at you?”

Good point, she thought. She briefly considered her options. Okay, you can walk out and keep your dignity, but you’re not gonna have any money. Or, you could swallow your pride and land a job that’s gonna pay more than you’ve ever seen.

“Not to be rude,” Jack said. “But I haven’t got all day.”

Candace drew in a deep breath and straightened her back. She made her decision. “Okay, so, uh, how do we do this?”

Jack smiled. Good girl. “First, get rid of the sweater,” he said. “The most you’ll be wearing is a bikini top or something like that.”

Candace nodded and crossed her arms, gripping the bottom of the sweater. She pulled it over her head, revealing the slightly transparent white blouse beneath. The outline of her bra was visible through the fabric. Carefully folding the garment, Candace set the sweater on a bar stool. She hesitantly reached for the buttons on her blouse. “This, too?”

Jack smiled as an idea occurred to him. “Actually, leave that on. For now.” He took a couple steps toward the elevated stage and patted Zonguldak Escort Bayan it. “Come up here.”

Candace looked around, trying to find a way to ascend the stage gracefully. She spied a set of narrow steps toward the end and headed to it. Conscious of Jack’s eyes upon her, she took the steps onto the glossy black tile. Her eyes drifted to the polished golden pole, wondering what she was supposed to do with it.

“What kind of music do you like?” Jack called from the other end of the stage.

The brunette shrugged. “Uh . . . Maroon 5,” she said. “Stuff like that.”

Jack tapped on the screen of his phone. Whiny boy music, he thought derisively. “Don’t have any of that, but . . . try this.”

The plucking notes of a bass guitar emanated from Jack’s phone, which he set on the end of the stage. A rhythmic drum beat followed, then the singer’s scratchy voice.

“Who’s that?” Candace asked with a small smile.

“The White Stripes,” Jack said as he started dancing in place. “Just go with it. Think sexy. Start with unbuttoning your blouse.”

“Okay,” Candace whispered. The jitters were threatening to take over her body, but she fought against them. She swayed back and forth, focusing on the music as it spilled out toward her. With every other beat, she popped one of the buttons on her blouse, starting at the top.

Jack’s nodding smile encouraged her, and she stepped closer, keeping to the rhythm of the song. Think sexy, she told herself. Think like you want to be naked in front of this guy.

She let the blouse flutter open, revealing the firm smoothness of her torso. She did not have much of a tan, she knew. She hoped it would not matter.

Judging from the interest glimmering in Jack’s eyes, it didn’t. Emboldened, she let the garment fall to the stage, and left it behind as she danced even closer to the man. As the music rose in energy, she suddenly squatted down before Jack and fanned her legs open. She had seen something like that in a movie once.

“Nice,” Jack commented. “You’re getting into it. Now, lose the skirt.”

Candace fought down the anxiety once more and straightened. She decided to be a little playful, and looked down at Jack as she undid the snaps of the skirt. At least he’s a good-looking guy, she thought.

Jack’s eyes followed her movements avidly. “Yeah, that’s it,” he said. “Tease me, baby. Make me want you. Make me think you want me.”

Candace nibbled her lip, moving to the music. She let the skirt slide down her legs and stepped out of it. With only her bra and panties on, she was beginning to get turned on. It certainly did not hurt, they way Jack’s eyes drank in her body. She never thought she was anything more than an average skinny girl, but Jack’s attention was making her feel like some kind of sex goddess.

Damn, this girl’s cute, Jack thought. Nice legs, tight little bubble butt . . . hmm, play this right, man, and you could get some action.

The music rose with a pounding of drums, inspiring Candace further. She turned away from Jack and rolled her hips the way she had seen Miley Cyruss do. Jack laughed and clapped.

“Yo go, girl!” he cried.

His words spurred her on, and she turned back, reaching for the clasp of her bra. This is what he really wants to see, Candace thought. With the naughtiest look she could muster, she released the bra and let it fall to the floor.

Jack stared, smile growing. “Nice,” he muttered.

Encouraged, the girl cupped her breasts. They were firm and round, capped with dark pink nipples already swelling with arousal. She pinched them lightly, all the while staring into Jack’s eyes. Her libido was beginning to take over, eliciting a warmth that started in the pit of her stomach and traveled down.

Jack lifted a hand and crooked a finger in a beckoning gesture. Dutifully, Candace sidled closer, realizing that the elevated stage placed her crotch at the same level as Jack’s face.

His eyes drifted across the girl’s panty-covered crotch. Through the thin layer of white cotton, the shadow of her dark-haired pubic mound was enticingly visible. “Now you really wanna work it,” Jack told her, eyes roaming back up to her face. “Touch me. Rub against me.”

“Really?” the girl asked.

“That’s how you sell it,” Jack informed. “Turn me on. Make me want you. Make me feel like . . .” He spoke slowly and deliberately as he continued, capturing her eyes with his. ” . . . like you might actually want to fuck me.”

Candace said nothing. Truth was, her arousal had already reached the point where the thought of sex with the man before her had become a real consideration. His words, rakishly crass but with a primal sexiness, all but tipped the balance.

She stepped to the edge of the stage, pushing her hips out toward his face. Settling one hand to the back of Jack’s head for balance, she rolled her hips back and forth, nearly brushing the man’s nose against Escort Zonguldak her cloth-covered pussy. She found herself enjoying the tease, especially given Jack’s avid attention.

Then slowly, seductively, Candace lowered herself before him, letting her flat belly slide lightly down his nose. She spread her legs wide as she descended, feeling the cotton press against her increasingly damp sex. Her breasts rubbed against the man’s forehead. Nipples dragged down Jack’s face. Her hands caressed his face, his shoulders as she came level with him.

“Like that?” she whispered.

Jack stared back, unable to disguise his own arousal. “Yeah, like that. That’s, um, pretty good.”

Candace grinned, then laughed softly as she pulled back. She settled her hands to the stage and with her legs still splayed wide, lifted her pelvis until her pussy was mere inches from Jack’s face. “How about this?” she asked.

Jack stared. The cameltoe formed by the girl’s underwear was inviting, delicious, made especially so by the small dark spot of moisture that revealed the girl’s roused state. He could sense the fresh, enticing scent of her through the panties.

“Even better,” Jack whispered, lifting his hands to place them on Candace’s thighs. He looked up to her face, seeing the blush in her cheeks, the heaviness of lust in her eyes. Bingo, he thought. But he resisted the urge to take her. She needed a little more coaxing, he knew.

He leaned in slightly and tested the waters with a gentle nip of his lips against the inside of her right thigh. Candace didn’t back off. She stared, biting her lip. The contact of his lips sent a shiver through her. Aching need began to blossom in her groin.

Emboldened, Jack kissed her thigh again, this time closer to her pussy. He sucked tenderly at the tendon standing out against the girl’s skin, keeping his eyes on hers. Then again he kissed, moving closer, closer, closer . . . .

A heavy, heated sigh escaped Candace’s lips as Jack’s mouth pressed firmly against her panty-covered sex. She pushed against his mouth, shuddering at the feel of his tongue digging through the fabric. She lowered her hips to the stage, laying back in wanton desire as the man came with her, ardently sucking the flavor of her pussy through the cotton.

No resistance came from Candace as Jack curled his fingers beneath the waistband of the panties and tugged. Indeed, she planted her feet on his shoulders and raised her hips just enough to let the man slide the underthings along her thighs. She straightened her legs in the air to let him pull the panties past her heels. Now fully nude save for her footwear, Candace eagerly opened herself to him.

Gorgeous, Jack thought, gazing upon Candace’s succulent young cunt. A trimmed growth of light brown hair adorned her pubic mound and framed the fiercely pink lips of her pussy. Her clitoris, engorged, stood out like a pearl in need of polishing. The man couldn’t resist fastening his mouth to her pussy once more, this time with nothing in the way.

A hoarse cry of passion spilled from Candace as her lover devoured her. In her limited sexual experience, she had never enjoyed anything so delicious. The sucking, the licking, the probing of the man’s tongue brought new and novel sensations which she never wanted to end.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned over and over, clutching the back of Jack’s head, grinding against his hungry mouth. Lean thighs kicked in the air above the man’s head. Candace arched her back, writhing on the stage, feeling all too soon the beginnings of an explosive climax. And when it hit, Candace shrieked with her release, slapping hands to the stage. The deliciousness of Jack’s tongue probing deep inside her tunnel heightened her orgasm even further.

She panted for seconds afterward, only numbly aware of her surroundings. She felt movement on the stage, heard the fall of heavy boots. When she opened her eyes to look up, she found Jack standing over her, unbuckling his belt.

Randiness gave the girl a grin, and she eagerly rolled onto her knees before the man. She knew what he wanted, and what she wanted to do. With no pretenses of shyness now, Candace jerked apart the man’s jeans and tugged them down to mid-thigh. Without underwear in the way, his erect cock popped out, the head shiny and wet.

The girl giggled and swooned like the schoolgirl she only recently had been and wrapped her hands around the man’s shaft. She licked the head, tasting the sticky sweet fluid emerging from the tip, then slid her lips around the crown. She loved the way his cock filled her mouth.

Jack sighed in bliss, threading his fingers through the brunette’s lush hair. The erotic sight of this girl slowly sucking him into her mouth made his cock twitch. She was a little awkward, he noticed, evidence of her youth, but the girl’s enthusiasm made up for it. After taking half his stiff length, she slid her mouth back and swallowed before going back for more.

He cradled Candace’s head, pumping his hips forward each time she dove in. The sensations of her tongue massaging his cock were maddening. She would gag slightly now and then, but it did not stop her from trying to work Jack to the same frenzied explosion of bliss he had given her.

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