An Old Friend

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~Tbh I think I’m just letting out my fantasies about people in real life out here, some of this is real, some of this becomes fantasy… enjoy~

Back in high school, before I was out or even really realised that I was gay, I had a friend called… let’s call him Jack. Neither of us were particularly great looking so we never had girlfriends and usually just hung out alone.

When I came out I got a new group of friends to be honest, and he moved into a new group too. We’d still talk, just not as much, and I kind of developed a far off crush or interest in him. In the compulsory P.E classes we’d still hang out, and in the changing rooms we’d pack our stuff together and change. Once or twice I noticed him look at my body, but most of the time I was looking at his anyway. I thought it was maybe normal for guys to check each other out in the locker room. Whatever.

Then as we finished high school and moved onto the next stage, we went separate ways completely. A lot of my friend group saw his pictures on social media, and we’d talk about how attractive he’d gotten, he’d grown his thick ginger hair out a bit more and grown a beard and looked after himself a bit more and honestly, he was hot. I’d managed to get control of my appearance a bit more too, I mean everyone kind of learns more about how to make themselves look more attractive after high school. I just started taking care of myself more.

There was a day, probably the only day I really saw him, where I was walking to college and he pulled up next to me on his bike and pounced on me to hug me. You could feel the new muscle he’d gained in the hug. We just made small talk, quite close together in the street, kind of just happy to be around each other again. It was enough to reinvigorate the feelings I’d had.

Then, cut to last year. I was in my first year of university in a different city, and he had an apprenticeship working somewhere, I don’t really remember the details. I was back in town for a night out with my friends, and we decided to go to the rock bar. It wasn’t totally my place but they planned enough nostalgic rock sounds from my early teenage ’emo’ phase to keep me happy.

I wasn’t even really expecting to see him, and when I did see him I expected a quick hello and for us to go off on our separate ways. But he was so excited, and so was I really. We were both drunk, him especially so and me well on my way to being wasted, so he moved his whole friend group over so he could sit next to me. We spoke and laughed and sat close enough that our thighs were touching for a lot of the night, he bought me a drink, maybe more, I don’t remember. But either way we were both wasted. We were both giggling way too hard at anything that happened, his hand was on my shoulder and at one point my hand ended up on his thigh as I laughed, but when the laughter stopped I didn’t take it away. He barely noticed. I was dragged back to reality as my heart was thumping in my chest with the adrenaline.

We both got up to pee, after the amount we drank it was no surprise. We were the only ones in the bathroom, the club was getting close to shutting time, so it was practically empty. After an embarrassing game of see who could pee the highest at the urinal that left us giggling, we zipped up, and I stumbled backwards in my drunken state. He managed to catch me, wrapping an arm around my waist, but in the mess of ultrabet yeni giriş limbs we ended up crashing back against the bathroom door.

He stopped in front of me for a moment, my body pinned to the door under his, one of my hands pinned against the door by his while the other was around his neck. Our breathing was heavy, and we were staring into each other’s eyes, and then his lips were on mine. And there was a look of confusion on his face as his body moved, ground, against mine. Our dicks hardening in our jeans and rubbing together, my hand pulled his head against mine as we kissed almost frantically. His kisses moved to my neck, his hands reaching under my shirt and sliding up my abs and his mouth kissing and biting his way down my body to the bulge in my jeans. Someone tried to push the door open but our combined weight held it closed and on the outside we heard someone mutter about the lock.

It only spurned us on, his kisses and bites came faster and harder, my hands were in his hair. We were both shaking, in adrenaline, or anticipation, whatever. Years of friendship had culminated into this moment, this moment of Jack unfastening my jeans, pulling them down to below my ass and kissing around the waistband of my tight boxers.

He stopped with his hand on the outline of my cock, I groaned.

“I’ve never done this before,” he whispered, a look of fear and confusion and excitement on his face.

“Just do what feels good,”

He nodded, dazed, and released my hard cock from my underwear. He gripped it, the look in his eye changed from fear to lust, and he licked the head gently, smoothly, drawing a soft moan from my mouth. He moved his head and licked from the bottom of the shaft all the way up, making me quiver, before he slowly started taking me into his mouth. I tried to stop my hips from thrusting but I was so horny, so turned on, that I had to – at least gently. He didn’t complain, every so often he’d make a slurp or a gag, but that just pushed him to take more of my cock. His tongue rolled around it, one hand wrapped around my cock and the other squeezing my firm ass. I moaned louder, hoping the music was loud enough to cover the noise, as his nose finally reached the small spattering of brown hair, and he gagged. Pulling away and breathing for a moment.

“Wow,” I whispered, my breath heavy too.

“Was that good?” He asked, his hand still on my cock, gently jerking it.

I nodded, my brain too focussed on not just shooting all over him right there.

“We’re closing up now!” Came a yell from outside, and that pulled us back to reality. He stood up and wiped his mouth, I locked my hard on away in my jeans, and the two of us fled. Looking for our friends. He did squeeze my ass on the way out though.

“Shit,” I whispered after a few moments of blurry searching, the place was empty and so was outside. My phone was dead. “Shit.”

“What’s up?” Jack asked, “Have they ditched you?”

“Yeah I think so, I was meant to be staying at theirs tonight, I don’t have a place to crash.”

“Stay at mine,” He said, his voice sounded innocent but my mind raced.

We hailed a cab from nearby, and sat in the back, against the driver, facing backwards. It wasn’t really planned, but a few minutes later when his lips met my neck and my hand started unbuttoning his jeans, it was the only place the cab driver couldn’t ultrabet giriş see what we were doing. He had music on in the front anyway, and was too busy swearing at pedestrians.

His teeth bit into my neck as my hand wrapped around his huge cock. I couldn’t bend over and suck it right there, no matter how much I wanted to, so we settled for our hands around each other’s cocks and his lips on my neck. It was such a rush, his cock was warm and throbbing in my hand, at least 7/8 inches long, and thick. His balls hung below, a nice size, fun to play with. And when his cock leapt as I touched them, I presumed he liked it. I massaged them until the cab pulled up outside his block of flats, we both tossed some money to the driver and barely tucked our cocks away as we stepped out and ran inside, we didn’t even fasten our jeans, they probably wouldn’t be on for long.

We made out more in the elevator, I glanced at the camera once before his lips met my neck again and pushed me against the wall. I nibbled his ear and slid my hands down the back of his jeans, to squeeze his ass. He groaned into my neck. We carried on kissing out of the elevator, my hands running along his body, massaging his muscles and rubbing against his hairy chest. He grabbed the keys and managed to unlock the door with me nibbling on his neck in drunken lust, and before the door was even shut I was on my knees in front of him, pants around his ankles and mouth on his cock. I barely heard the lock click over the sounds of me sucking his rod.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered breathlessly.

“Yeah, my girlfriend will be gone all weekend, this place is all hours.”

I stood up for a moment in confusion, “Girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” he said as he lifted his t-shirt off and I saw his naked body in full, a tight, toned, decently hairy body.

My eyes practically bulged, and then he slowly unbuttoned my shirt, his lips on mine, and any complaints about the girlfriend went out of the window. Instead of pushing the shirt off he glanced at my toned, not so hairy body and grinned – a good sign – before pushing off my jeans too. His hands slid around my waist and pulled my covered crotch against his hard cock, our warm bodies rubbing together. He led me, slowly, to the sofa and pushed me onto it before climbing on himself. Kissing up my legs, I tensed as he reached my inner thighs and crotch area. I lifted my hips up to his face, an invitation, and his fingers ripped my boxers off eagerly, pushing me back down and grabbing my dick roughly. I moaned, and then again as he took my dick back in his mouth. His warm tongue caressing every inch of it as I hornily thrust into his mouth, he still gagged quite a lot, and had to stop to catch his breath. But he was good for a first-timer. It was hot.

His tongue went lower, moving from my cock to my balls and making me quiver. He pushed my legs back and I pushed myself up, sliding a cushion underneath the small of my back – propping my ass up. I was used to this, I knew what was coming. His tongue licked and traced, slowly, from my balls and down my taint. He hesitated, a little worried, but the moan that came out of my mouth as his tongue slid over my asshole spurred him out. He ate my ass out eagerly, if a little sloppily. His tongue darted in and out of my hole, his hand wrapped around my leaking cock, his fingers slipping through ultrabet güvenilirmi the precum. He looked me in the eyes as he licked it from his fingers, his eyes lighting up. Words can’t describe how much that turned me on. Eventually his tongue became a wet finger, and one became two. I was moaning and panting, my ass moving onto it, my eyes closed.

And then it stopped, and I looked around. He was gone. He rushed back in a moment later, a bottom of lube in his hand. He hopped over the back of the couch and shuffled himself into a position where he was sat, legs open, leaning back.

I got on my knees between his legs and grabbed his dick, slapping it against my tongue roughly as I looked him in the eyes.

“Make it wet, slut,” He whispered, the look between us was electric as I went to town on his dick, slurping and sucking, my lips and tongue worshipping his snake as he moaned, occasionally pulling out to slap me with it.

I stood and kneeled on the sofa, his cock rubbing slightly between my wet crack and my cock not far from his face. He couldn’t resist licking the pre-cum leaking from my cock as his fingers lubed up his dick and my asshole. Once we were both wet enough, I slid back and raised my ass, taking his cock in my hand and rubbing it against my hole, once, twice, three times, and then I slowly sat back on it, lowering myself gently and gasping as he thrust up gently at first to meet me. I put my hands on his muscular chest to steady myself at first, my cock leaking onto his stomach as the two of us developed a rhythm. Me pushing myself down, sliding down his down slowly at first, then at a quickening pace, to meet with his pounding thrusts.

Eventually the room was filled with the sounds of his hips slapping against my ass, our pants and groans and moans.

He grunted and picked me up, carrying me backwards until my back hit cold glass. The door that led out onto his balcony. Anyone looking up could see us but neither of us cared. His hands held my thighs as he kissed me and bit my lips roughly. I scratched down his back, hard, as my teeth bit into his lip.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years, Sam” He growled into my ear, as he pounded his rod into me.

I didn’t reply, I was too busy in heaven.

“Harder,” I whispered. He dropped my legs, and turned me around so I faced the glass door. My palms pressed against the cold glass, my heavy breaths fogging up the windows. I didn’t care who could see. After he slid his cock back into me his hands gripped mine tightly, and his lips kissed the back of my neck.

“Oh, I’ll go harder,” he growled, horny. It turned me on.

His thrusts pounded into me harder and faster, my hips moving back to meet him as my dick slapped around, leaking pre-cum everywhere.

“oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he whispered, taking hold of my dick and jerking it quickly, I was already close so it didn’t take much.

“Do it,” I moaned back, panting.

He grunted and bit my neck as his thrusts became frantic, his cock and my cock started pulsing in unison and we screamed each other’s names as his hot load shot into my asshole and mine shot against the glass. He kissed my neck and stayed inside me for a moment, panting as the two of us caught our breath.

He bent down behind me and licked some of his cum that was dripping out of my hole. I licked his finger clean and them kissed him, hungrily.

We went to sleep, our naked, warm bodies pressed together, and in the morning I woke up with my hard cock pressed against his plump ass, and I knew what I wanted to do that morning.


~hi if people like this I’ll deffo have a part 2 enjoy~

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