An Unlikely Encounter

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First and for most thanks for taking the time to read my story. It’s my very first submission. Hopefully it’s a little satisfying, I’m open to any suggestions. Second please note that all characters are 18 yrs and older.

The day started like any other, scorching, filled with the usual butterflies before work. Not that I was nervous or anything, was just thinking about my commute as it can be long and tiresome most days in the summer.

I was waiting on the train when a little motion caught my eye, I glance over and was taken aback by this beauty in a short summer dress. At first she looked oblivious to my glances, pulling out her phone tapping here and there. As my train approached however, I saw a hint of a smirk reflected at me as the doors open for us to step in. Or suppose I imagined that, I shrugged it off and gestured for her to enter first then I followed.

As we head out through the next few stops the commuters shifted from seat to seat. As luck would have it the seat directly in front of me became available, I calmly gestured to her to take it but she refused with a sweet smile. I couldn’t help but smile back as I instead took the seat. I found it a little strange in a thrilling way that she replaced my position directly in front of me. So close proximity had me a little mesmerize. So every now and again I stole glances at her gorgeous legs.

My imagination started to run wild picturing her treasures so evilly covered by that dress. Somehow I knew she was toying with me with her little smirks and fidgets, ever so often she would grab the hem of her dress and tug it in my direction. At this point I was losing some composure, my hard on was digging into the bag on my lap every time I sighed with by discomfort.

She refused to let up, and began to gyrate to whatever she was listening to on her iPod. At first it was such a gentle motion but then it change drastically when she grazed my knee.

My eyes immediately darted to hers to see her expression, but there was none. Maybe it was an accident I told myself but then it happened again. I couldn’t look at her this time, just shifted my leg out of her way while smiling politely. Perhaps I did it to test the waters, see if my mind was playing tricks, after all she would have to make a lot more effort now.

A few minutes pass this time before I felt a small touch on the inside of my right thigh. I froze only focusing on the touch. I wanted more, I needed more.

At that very moment the train came to a stop and a crowd of people entered. Seemed it had delay judging by how packed the car became.

The teasing stopped I was in turmoil at the lost of her touch but was relieved that my erection was subsiding.

Out the corner of my eye I noticed an older lady staggering in between the crowd, at this point I offered my seat which she gladly accepted. Upon standing up I repositioned myself at the door that separated the Eskişehir Escort train cars, I didn’t realize at first but I actually allowed myself the perfect advantage point to her sweet little ass. She was directly in front of me now. Opportunity, I thought for our little game to continue.

Sadly I was disappointed when she didn’t respond to my subtle advance at ‘accidently’ bumping into her. If anything she completely ignored it. I dropped it and continued to admire instead. This continued for a few stops, suddenly the train halted and the lights begin to flicker then shot off completely. As I readjusted my eyes to this new found darkness I could see slight glows illuminating from people’s phones all across the car, mind you it wasn’t enough light to see anything but it did at least cast some shadows. As people began shifting due to the lack of light and movement the conductor broadcast a message over his system, it was the same dreary long message of some issue that occurred on the track and we would be delayed. I shrugged it off as I got quite accustomed to it.

I regret the lack of light as it didn’t give me a view of the cute little number anymore. I sighed and was about to shift my weight on my other leg when something startled the hell out of me. It was a hand a soft small hand slowly reaching back and bracing on my upper thigh. I knew it was her, after all she was the only one in front of me. I froze as she started back her little game again. She eased her left hand higher up my thigh and started making little circles with her fingertip. Then she reached back with her other and copied the same movement. I was awestricken, and boy was I getting aroused. I wanted to touch her myself but as I reached for one of her hands she grabbed it and put it back on my side, “hmmm” I let out a little sound to mimic my displeasure in her actions. My head was pulsing and my thoughts kept flashing of her tight little body. And what she was doing.

And then I felt it the oh so sweet curve of her ass as it slowly pressed into my waist. She began to stir those hips and press harder into me, I was screaming in my head at this point. I decided to push my luck, there was no way in hell this little cock tease was going to get away with this. I extended my left hand and slowly slid it to her flat tummy and pulled her closer, she resisted a little at first but gave in and leaned her whole body into mine. My breath quicken as I took in the smell of her, I nuzzled by nose to the edge of her neck and slowly trailed my lips across her cascading hair towards her shoulder. Her movement became a little more aggressive she was now sliding her butt right over my hard on letting it be crush in the middle of those two wonderful globes. A sigh escaped her lips as my lips got to her shoulder, she ever so lightly tilted her head to the side of my ear and in the tiny of whispers she said “more”. At that moment I became Eskişehir Escort Bayan a little self conscious of our surroundings, I began to ask myself how hasn’t anybody noticed us, but it became apparent we were oblivious to the crowd as everyone was either in a conversation or chatting about being stuck and the resolution to it.

I refocused myself to her by sliding my other hand to her upper right thigh and slowly caressing it through her dress. I wanted to feel her to taste her right then and there but it would be too risky, so continued my present efforts. Her hands were no longer on my thighs they were sizing up my erection by slowly tugging it back and forth. She was so hot, I felt the need to return the favor. My right hand continued his course towards the hem of her dress slowly tugging it up to get access to her sweet little pussy. She doubled her efforts as I approached, and squeezed so hard when I slip a finger through the waist band of her panties and glide across her protruding lips. Oh my god.. She was so wet.

My face left her shoulder almost immediately and my mouth searched for her lips, the kiss was hard, uncontrollable. We couldn’t get enough of it, when she pulled back for a breath I grabbed her bottom lip and brought her back in for more. As our passion intensified I took the opportunity to slide a finger pass her soft folds to her inner treasure. Slowly teasing her clit with my index finger. Now I wanted more, I wanted to taste her so bad. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her and brought it up to my lips and gradually licked her juice from it. I edged closer to her ear and whispered ” delicious”. She shuddered for a brief moment and resumed her activity of working my cock. We were out of control and needed release.

I replaced my hands on her pussy but this time I held her straight and very slowly grabbed hold of her panties and slid them down her legs, as the bunch up by her feet she instinctively stepped out of them. With one quick motion I bent over and retrieved it and pushed it in my pocket. A smirk came on my face as I remember her slow tease of a show she gave me in the beginning, very carefully as not to startle her I caressed her left calf and ever so slowly glide my hand straight up her leg, as I neared mid thigh I darted my face in-between and began to lick up all the way to her warm wet tight pussy. As I neared my destination I plunged two fingers right back, she gasp quite loudly at the sudden intrusion. She began to search back for my cock and was delighted to feel the sudden contact of hard yet soft skin. I slip it out as I recovered her panties earlier. She was ever so eager, she grabbed hold of me so hard it hurt and pulled me closer sliding it between her legs trapping it there, I instinctively held on to her waist as I knew what was coming. As she rose up on toes I felt my cock slide between her soft outer lips, so slick and wet I Escort Eskişehir was literally holding my breath and with two long strokes she slammed down on me bury my cock into that perfect little hole. My left hand grabbed her left tit and squeeze it gently while my right held tightly to her waist as she adjusted to my size. She was so wet I slid right in and holy shit she was hot. Her pussy was on fire, I almost came right then but I knew better things would come or so to speak, a smiled played on my lips as I thought about it.

I felt a sudden urge to kiss her again, even in our state of lust I tilted her head back and snaked my tongue into her mouth in which she returned.

We started slow at first gradually allowing me to slip out and slip back in, slowly fucking as not to draw attention. Oh god I was enjoying this sexy girl, she began to pick up the pace and get rough slamming into me when she came back down.

A noise came across the radio system just then freezing us in our tracks, the conductor announced that the train will be moving shortly but due to a malfunction the lights would not be restored until we reached the other stop. At this time the people in the car cheered a little . At first my hopes were crushed as I slowly started to withdraw my cock from her sopping hole, suddenly she slammed back as train made a jerk forward. She turned ever so slightly without losing hold and whispered in that sexy voice “We can make it baby”, I went wild doubling my efforts as we picked up our pace into a hard speedy fuck. Thankfully the noise of train drowned out almost all of our raw grunts and gasps. She was slamming back and I was equally meeting by slamming forward. I searched for anything I could hold onto to not fall over, my left hand released her tit and grabbed at her soft hair that was scattered down her back, I slowly pulled it back as the passion rose. This only drove her equally as mad. I couldn’t hold it anymore, i croaked in her ear “I’m Cuming” she renewed her efforts and said something I couldn’t understand but was too far gone by now. I exploded into her and kept going. She stopped and shuddered violently twitching uncontrollably and then slowly resumed a slow effort of milking my cock.

I was in shock, I never came that hard in my life, let alone experience such an intense session of fucking. I felt my cock slowly slip out as my erection began to die down. I grabbed it and slip it back into my pants. I needed to hold her, I outstretched my arms and brought her in for a hug, I trailed kisses from the back of her neck to her cheek and finally resting on her lips for a deep kiss. We stayed like that for a bit then I proceeded to straighten out her dress and help her as best I could to recover.

There was one more announcement that stated we will be approaching a stop shortly. As we were decent we readied ourselves to depart. I kissed her cheek one more time and ask her name and phone number she ask for my phone to put it in. As she handed it back to me we pulled up to the stop. Her sly little smile return to her face as she exit first and disappeared in the crowd. As I exited I slip my phone into my pocket and with a smirk on my face I realized I had a little souvenir of that great encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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