An Unnofficial History Ch. 03

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Thanks again to all who have read the other two. This one is a bit different- it was definitely a hard one to write (if only because it was such a tricky situation) but I hope it came out ok. This is the last appearance that Sarah is going to make for a while at least, I moved to the city not long after this occurred. I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to write about next, but if anyone has a particular topic they might like to read about, chances are that I’ve got a story about it, so feel free to leave a comment or send me a message- I’ve found this whole thing to be quite therapeutic.

Bu anyway, the story. Something that I’ve never really told anyone, but after reading half the stuff that gets put up here, I’m happy enough to let it loose.


The week that followed our afternoon fun was particularly uneventful- work kept us both fairly busy which made I hard to find time for each other, let alone time alone. When the weekend arrived we were both looking forward to having an evening with friends and a night with each other, however it was not to be. When Sarah called me on Friday afternoon I assumed it was to get me to pick her up, but instead it was quite the opposite.

“How would you like to come over to here for dinner…?” Her voice had a distinct quiver of unconfidence.

“Is your mother out?”

Silence for a while.

“She says that I spend too much time with you so she wants me here for dinner.”

“… And me?”

“Well, I said that I had plans with you and wouldn’t cancel them unless you came here too.”

“No thanks.”

She exhaled angrily. “Please? Please. I’ll die of boredom. If I don’t do it then she’ll just bitch and bitch until I die. Or she dies. She’s just jealous I think.”

The whole thing put me in a foul mood. Having plans spoiled is ok, but having them spoiled by Sarah’s crazy mother Deborah was a different thing entirely. Deb had seldom been kind to me in the year I had known her, something that I had always seen as a result of being very protective of her daughter mixed with general man-hate. To look at, she was a completely unremarkable middle aged woman; to talk to, she was a somewhat reclusive woman who liked wine and hated everything she didn’t like. The fact that we didn’t get along was to me at least, simply unfortunate, however I couldn’t stand the tension she often created in my relationship with Sarah.

Dinner was lamb chops in front of the television, Sarah and I sitting in the two seater with Deb in her recliner, legs tucked away under a blanket making the middle aged mother seem like a ninety year old grandmother.. We ate. We finished eating. We sat in silence. We watched primetime TV. After an appropriate waiting period, I made the suggestion that we leave- I had foolishly assumed that having satisfied my part of the bargain, I would be able to take my sexy prize and go home. Foolish.

Deborah went off. “You are just going to leave me?” She drilled holes in Sarah with her eyes. “You are NOT going to leave me. You are spending at least ONE night under this roof. You are my daughter!”

Etcetera etcetera. It shouldn’t be any surprise what the end result was at any rate. Sarah begrudgingly accepted to stay when Deb begrudgingly accepted to let me stay as well.

We went to bed early- as early as possible really. It was either bed or watching some documentary about meerkats. As we settled into bed, we could hear the muffled voice of David Attenborough through the wall and see the soft glow of the television sneak under the door- Sarah’s room joined directly on to the lounge room, her bed against the dividing wall.

Deb had, in my imagination at least, resolved to stay up as late as possible in an attempt to deter any ‘inappropriate behavior’ on the part of her twenty year old daughter. Unfortunately for her daughter and I, it was working- the last thing I wanted to do was unleash a weeks worth of sexual frustration with her 15 feet away watching the circle of life unfold on the African savannah. Better she was on the African savannah herself, I thought- see how her humourless face and bitchy attitude dealt with a pack of hyenas.

We lay in the dark, waiting. Our hands strayed, accompanied by kisses and whispers until eventually we had given up waiting. She crawled down the bed until she found my hard cock, begging for attention. At first she watched it closely as she stroked it- as if to gauge how it felt in her hands, but soon my shaft was slowly sliding between her lips. She sucked me slowly for a while, with no rush or urgency, her mouth lulling me into a sensual relaxation that seemed to last forever.

Eventually though, she changed her tack. Gaining speed, she went from her slow and deliberate to hungry cocksucking. My cock was much too big for her to take it all, but the length she could manage was more than enough to make me groan from her work. She looked up at me with impish eyes, knowing full well that I was attempting to be as quiet as possible; amsterdam shemale she tried her hardest to make me moan. She sucked hard and as deep as she could, and whatever didn’t fit in her mouth she squeezed in her elegant hands. I couldn’t let it go unanswered. Reaching down, I got hold of her leg and swung her around- her mouth still worked my cock but now her clean shaven cunt was within reach. She quickly caught on and threw her leg over me, her pussy waiting to be pleasured, her clit swollen as if to demand attention.

But it wasn’t to last long. As soon as I started to lap at her engorged clit, she bucked and moaned like an animal. Forgetting the mission of secrecy and quiet, I latched my arms around her hips and held her fast and I sucked and licked at her pussy, with her cries only getting louder as I pleasured her more and more.

But her mother, not 15 feet away! I remembered and immediately held off, but she would have none of it. She pushed herself onto me, grinding and fucking my mouth until I licked her again. She moaned quietly, then loudly, then it got even worse.

“Fuck yeah…. Kiss me there, kiss my clit….”

I tried to voice my concern but didn’t get far- between groans she gave her retort.

“If she isn’t drunk and asleep, then she’s asking for it…. Now give me a finger, get me ready for this massive thing”

I slid my index finger into her cunt- between her excitement and my moth it was well and truly drenched. Another moan, this time muffled by my cock as it slid slowly between her lips again. For a moment, that is how we stayed; her gorgeous ass right in front of me, tight wet pussy around my finger, her stomach and breasts pressed against my body and her pretty mouth slowly working my cock.

She broke the silence. “give me two…”

I slid my forefinger in to join the other…. But….

Silence? I whispered to Sarah. “she’s gone to bed?”

“Maybe we scared her off. Fuck my pussy and give me that tongue back.”

Of course, I complied.

“yeah, god that feels good. You lick me so well. I hope I suck you as well as you lick me…”

It was the most vocal Sarah had ever been during sex, and at the time I was enjoying it too much to ask myself why. I knew she enjoyed me talking to her immensely, and for the first time I got to experience it myself.

“You like me sucking your thick cock?”

“I do, I loved it since the first day you did it.”

“Do you love it when I swallow your cum?” She started to push back hard, forcing my fingers deep inside her.

“I love flooding your mouth with cum and having you suck it down.”

“FUCK I need your cock. I want it.”

I waited for her to change positions, bring her head back up the bed and lay with me- instead she didn’t move.

“I want to try something new…”

She kept her legs either side of me and simply moved herself down until her pussy was over my cock. Sitting up, she reached down and guided my hard cock to her dripping sex and pushed herself down until it sank inside her. It was too much for me, finally experiencing her tight pussy, trying out a previously untried position and getting to watch her pussy and ass from a fantastic viewpoint all combining to make me snarl.

“You like it? It feels good for me…” She started to grind back and forth. “Feels very good for meeeee….. You like the view too?”

“Uh huh” There was still too much pleasure to be had for me to be of any use.

“What can you see? Can you see your big cock sliding into me? Can you see my ass?”

I didn’t say anything, I just roughly grabbed her perfectly shaped ass and pushed and pulled her as she continued to grind into me. It sent her even further, her hands grabbing at my thighs to keep her upright while she fucked me even harder, her moans becoming louder with every thrust.

We fucked like this for god knows how long, she came at least once, maybe twice and kept going. I watched her ass as she moved and felt the cum build up inside me.

“You like my ass, don’t you. I want you to touch me again.” She reached back, grabbed one of my hands and pulled it until I brought it to her mouth. Then, after sucking it in her mouth slowly and sensuously, she let it go and leaned forward. Before I could give it to her though, she reconsidered.

“No, wait….”

I was disappointed, but tried not to let it show.

“Watch me fuck my ass with it while I take your massive cock. I know you like to watch.”

I watched that beautiful long finger delve into her tight hole, then once again, I felt it inside her as it gave that unmistakable pressure on my cock. I expected her to start slow, but I was wrong- she immediately fucked both me and herself with gusto.

“You know, I masturbated like this…. Every day… I love it… I love fucking my ass. I love the feeling…… you HEAR that? I love to… Fuck my… Asss…. And I love. This .Cock… FUCK ME…..”

In the back of my mind, what she was saying was a little rotterdam shemale strange. Of course I could hear her, but I was too engulfed in pleasure to care.

“That’s it, that’s IT!” She bucked and screamed and squealed, her tight cunt squeezed and twitched and her hand that rested on my thigh dug its nails into my skin. Then in one movement, she slid her finger out of her ass, my cock out of my pussy and rested her head on the bed, completely spent.

I gave her some time to recover, but as I lay in the dark, I noticed something.

The faint glow of a TV screen creeping under the door.

Sarah had noticed it too, because when I went to whisper it to her, I could see her eyes fixed on it. Did this mean she had fallen asleep on the couch? I HOPED it meant she had fallen asleep on the couch. In the quiet, I heard breath from the next room- She must be asleep, breathing heavy, much to my relief. I opened my mouth to speak to Sarah regarding what she planned to do about my now close to bursting cock, but was cut off by

“THE BITCH!” She whispered the words but they still carried all the emotion of if they were screamed at full volume. I was confused. Very confused. Sarah jumped up, got a sarong from her dresser and left the room, wrapping the sarong around her lithe, sweaty body as she opened the door. I resigned myself to confusion and did what any normal man would do in that situation, I slowly and lazily masturbated.

I heard the kitchen tap run and assumed it was Sarah getting a drink or washing her hands, then heard the sound come back on the television.

“Oh mum, I thought you mustn’t have liked the sound?”


“Because, well you had it turned off, so you mustn’t have liked what you heard…. On the TV I mean.”

Deb was indignant. “You don’t need sound to watch TV. I just like watching it sometimes, this show is interesting…”

“Well I heard some strange noises and wondered what was going on.”

Deb’s voice cracked and quavered. Like many bombastic people I’ve met before and since, she couldn’t lie to save her life. “It was the TV…. I was asleep…”

“Which was it?”

“YOU heard noises??? I heard much worse. Missy!”

“You did! And you fingered yourself to it, you sick bitch!”

Silence again. I had stopped mid stroke, wondering what the fuck was going on and how I would get out alive.

“I did not….” Deb’s voice was quiet. “You disgusting little girl. Shame on you for thinking such disgusting thoughts! And the things you said in there! No mother should ever have to-“

“Oh shut up, you did. You masturbated to me getting fucked. You sat out here and waited, then you gave yourself a treat. Didn’t you!”

“I wanted to watch the TV.”

“With no sound.”

“I wanted to make sure you two didn’t get up to any disgusting things in there!”

“And then we did. And you banged on the wall and told us to stop.” Sarah paused for a while, then spoke again; this time her voice was softer. “Did you finish? Did we give you enough material? We mustn’t have… “

I heard cloth hit carpet, then saw Sarah standing at the doorway minus her sarong.

“Come here”


She leant down, wrapped her fingers around my cock and slowly lead me off the bed.

“Come on, this way. I’m going to finish you off. Don’t you want me to make you cum?” She had an almost painful grip and was still leading me towards the door.

“Here is fine, here. Here will do…”

“Here will not do…” she spoke like a cat purrs. “Here is no good at all.” She was still reeling me in, coaxing me into a very bizarre position- naked and smelling of sex in front of her mother. I could see the lounges now, one more step and I would be at the threshold of the room. I half expected and half hoped that Deborah would scream or cry or just plain leave, but nothing happened. I took the step, completely lost and confused and found myself basked in the glow of late night TV and watched with an extra set of wide eyes.

“Hmmm….” Sarah said as she sank to her knees. “He’s gone a little soft. I want you to be impressed by it- I’ll give it a little suck.”

I didn’t know where to look, so I stared at the ceiling as she licked up and down my shaft. It was a bizarre place to be, very uncomfortable but completely accepting of what was happening. I really felt that I could do nothing about it.

“There you go, nice and hard now. Don’t get too excited though, I know you like to cum in my mouth but I want something different. She needs to see it, and if I swallow it all then she’ll miss out.” Sarah led me to the middle of the room, between the TV and the couch and sat down on one of the ottomans that made up the generic furniture store lounge suite that Deborah had recently bought. The way she was seated was so casual- elbows resting on knees, leaning lazily forward, despite the fact she was an arm’s length away from her mother. Her pale, perfect skin glowed in the dim light and despite her somewhat blog shemale ridiculous position she was extremely arousing. Her eyes drew me over to her, and I eventually stood directly in front of Sarah, the two of us facing each other in front on Deborah, still sitting under her blanket in silence.

Sarah began to stroke my cock in front of her face, just as she had done at the start of the night. “I love it, it pleases me so well… It was hard to take at first, but now it makes me cum over and over again. Have you had one this big?” Deborah may have nodded or shook her head and I wouldn’t have known. I was still looking at the ceiling.

“But you’ve got to look after it,” she continued. “It made me come a lot tonight but it hasn’t cum yet….” She sucked it a little between sentences. “So I’ve got to make it cum. You going to watch? You sort yourself out too, it’s only fair. What do you want to see? Do you want to watch me suck him; have him spray all over my body? No, you want to watch me too, don’t you… you want to see your daughter get fucked.”

She moved the ottoman forward a little, then knelt down in front of me and rested her elbows on it, presenting her pussy to me. She had positioned herself so that our hips would meet right in front of her mother’s gaze, giving Deborah an uninhibited view of the proceedings. For the first time I gathered the strength to look at Deb and saw her eyes taking in Sarah’s body, then My cock, then Sarah again. I could see the slight movement underneath her blanket and assumed that she had well and truly given in.

Sarah reached back between her legs and beckoned for my cock. “You ARE a sick bitch, already working yourself up over our bodies. I haven’t even stuck his nice big cock in yet…. It should be nice and easy, I’m still all relaxed and dripping from before.”

And it was. I sank into her easily, filling that glorious cunt up once more and forgetting all doubts and reservations to the point that I allowed a moan to escape my lips- a moan that was joined by two others.

“That’s it, we are all relaxed now…. Give me that big cock, fuck me. Show this sick bitch how you fuck me.”

Grabbing her hips, I started to pound her. My hips slapped against her ass as she took every inch that I had, forcing grunts and moans out of her with every stroke. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Deborah respond as well, any attempts on her part to hide her efforts abandoned. She had two hands working furiously under her blanket, her eyes going on a steady patrol from her daughter’s head to my toes.

“Better than listening through the wall, isn’t it…” Sarah’s voice came through strained and broken between strokes, until looking her mother in the eyes she slowed it down to a steady, languid pace. “I used to think you were jealous of him for spending time with me, but now I know you are jealous of both of us. Of me for getting him, and him for getting me…. You wish you had that cock, don’t you. You wish you had it to enjoy, and you wish you had it to own, so you could have this sweet little pussy…”

It was crazy. Even in my sex crazed state I knew she was saying…. Bad… things… I freaked out a little on the inside, but Deborah’s reaction was very much external.

“Fuuuu…. Ohhhh…” she moaned, the first major sound she had made since I had entered the room. She worked herself so hard the sound of her fingers fucking her cunt was audible, the unmistakable squelch of a wet hole being filled coinciding with her now obvious hand movements. Sarah responded in kind by resuming her now trademarked move of fucking back onto my cock with hungry necessity.

“Watch me. Watch your daughter get filled and fucked. You sick bitch. You want to fuck this big cock and you want to fuck me too. Fuck your daughter. You like my body, you sick bitch? Watch my breasts, watch my little tits bounce when he fucks me. I know you got implants, you didn’t like your breasts, but he doesn’t mind them. Do you baby?”

It was so wrong. She was so wrong, but it was sexy as hell. My conscience had been well and truly silenced the moment I heard Deborah fucking herself as hard as she now was.

“I love your breasts…”

“You do. At first I was scared you wouldn’t, but now I know you love them. You know what we did the other week, mother? I squashed my little tits together and rubbed them all over that beast of a cock…” Deborah was really moaning loud now. “… and when he started oozing from excitement, I rubbed it all over my chest. You watch those little tits bounce you disgusting bitch.”

I’d never met this girl before, but I loved fucking her. This went way beyond the surprise I had felt any of the other times our sex had gone somewhere I didn’t expect. I was well and truly close now, lucky that I had held on this long. Luckily, I could feel her cunt constrict me and I knew she wasn’t far off herself.

“Watch those little fuuuuuck…. Fuuucking… tits… Fuck yeah… You are close, aren’t you baby, I can feel your cock throb in me. I want you to flood me, but only after Mummy says it’s ok… It’s her house after all, she’s the one in charge of us, aren’t you you sick perverted bi bitch. You tell us when you are ready for him to fill me up. Fucking…. Tell… Fuck…”

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