An Unusual Family Ch. 04

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While Jackie was busy overflowing Bobbie’s bathtub with her cum and then her tears, Mary-Jane and Lisa had the downstairs to themselves. As soon as their moms had gone up the stairs, the girls had ran inside to the couch and had a beautiful 69 love session, their heads buried in each others wet pussies. Licking and sucking, each tenderly, then urgently, brought the girl they loved to the peak and then they bungee jumped off the cliff together, landing in that far-away dreamland filled only with fluffy clouds and rainbows and cascading cum-thrills.

When they were cummed out for the moment, the girls went back outside, retrieved all the discarded bikinis from the pool and hung them to dry. Just for a change from being naked, they even went up to MJ’s room and each put on a t-shirt. Once back downstairs, they put some wine to chill, started preparing supper and fixed up the dining room for a nice meal, waiting semi-patiently for their moms to make a reappearance.

At present, Mary-Jane was in the kitchen cooking and Lisa was puttering in the dining room, setting the table, lighting some candles. She set the table for four but only two ended up using it.

Mary-Jane called to her, asking if the dining room was ready. Hearing Lisa call, ‘ready’, she wheeled in, on a small cart, the supper she’d cooked. Complete with 2 small glasses of wine.

“Mary-Jane, honey,” Lisa pointed out, “you’ve only brought two glasses of wine.”

Her girlfriend laughed. “Lisa, dear, look around. Do you see our moms anywhere? Do you really think they’ll be back down? For a while I thought it was possible they might show up, that’s why I cooked so much, but now? I don’t think so. If they have even gotten out of the tub, I bet they are in bed for the night. Lisa, I think our moms are in love with each other.”

As she spoke, Mary-Jane was busy filling the plate in front of Lisa and one for herself. She handed her sweetie her glass of wine. The girls clinked their glasses, took an unfamiliar sip of wine then leaned together and had a kiss.

“Oh yes, MJ,” Lisa gushed into her lips, “I believe, too, our mothers are in love. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Mary-Jane continued her thought. “Lisa, didn’t the state just say two women could get married if they wanted to? Despite the fact they only just met, I think out moms are so in love I wouldn’t even be surprised if those two might be getting married. What do you think?”

Lisa laughed. “My mom can’t marry your mom, silly! She’s already married to my dad!”

It was Mary-Jane’s turn to laugh. “Lisa, girl, haven’t you ever heard of a divorce? Trust me, I’ve seen my mom with lots of different women over the years, but I’ve never seen her act the way she does with your mom. Something is different and I think it is real, true love. My mom doesn’t let anything stand in her way when she decides she wants something. She always gets exactly what she wants. If she decides she wants to marry your mom, believe me, she’ll find a way to make it happen. You’ve always told me that your mom and dad don’t really get along. Would you object if your mom divorced your dad and married my mom?”

“That actually sounds pretty cool.” Lisa said. “If they got married, wouldn’t it be great if we could all live here together? Because I love you Mary-Jane. I really do. If we all lived here together I could be like your sister and your lover and maybe, your wife too!”

Another sip of wine, another kiss. Mary-Jane’s eyes twinkled. “My wife?” she chuckled, “Are you asking me to marry you, Lisa?”

Lisa’s eyes, usually so sparkling, so full of life and fun, suddenly went sad. “You just said the state now says two women can get married if they want. You think our moms might get married. You think that’s cool. But not us? Don’t you want to marry me, MJ? Don’t you love me?”

Mary-Jane’s heart melted. She put down her wine, leaned across the table, took Lisa’s hands in hers and gave her another kiss.

“Of course I love you, Lisa. And of course I’ll marry you, sweetheart! But we’re only 18. Our moms might think we’re a little too young though, don’t you think? They might insist we should get our degrees first, maybe. Tell you what. We’ll talk to our moms about it in the morning, hon. If we can get them out of bed! But for now, wifey-dear-to-be, I’ve been slaving over a hot stove cooking this nice supper, so eat!”

Lisa and Mary-Jane enjoyed their candle-lit, intimate dinner with each other, sipping on wine, but just a little. For a pair of teen-agers, each just 18, just recently high school graduates, they both felt older and sophisticated tonight.

When they had cleaned up their plates, Mary-Jane said to her girlfriend, “Honey, we’ll make sure the left-overs are in the fridge, but let’s leave packing the dishes in the dishwasher ’til morning. I’m full of food, but you know what?” She gave Lisa a mischievous smile, “I’m still feeling this burning hunger, you sexy thing you. I’m ravenous for you. I’m going to give you one humdinger of a pussy-sucking once we’re in our bed. Yes, you heard me. Not my bed. izmit escort Our bed. If we are engaged now, I really have to give your pussy something extra-special to celebrate, don’t I now?”

So the girls cleared the dining room table, took everything to the kitchen on the little cart, got all the left over food stored then came back in the dining room, and went around the room blowing out all the candles that Lisa had lit earlier.

It started out like a romantic stroll, the girls hand and hand, sharing a kiss with each candle they blew out. But, by the time they were down to the last couple of candles, they were hurrying, even skipping the kiss. Because, by the time the last candle was out, they were each shaking with lust and desire for the other, both desperately horny to get in bed and give each other some lovely cums. They ran up the stairs, right past the door to the other bedroom, ripped off their t-shirts, dived in bed and really went to town on one another. They kissed and fucked and sixty-nined ’til finally they fell asleep, happily contented, in each others arms.

But, unlike their mothers, wherever they were, as they drifted off to sleep, the girls had no anxiety about any reality they might have to face in the morning. To their 18-year-old sensibilities nothing could get in the way of their fluffy clouds and rainbows continuing on forever.


The next morning, Jackie Warren, in her usual fashion, anxiously awoke with a start. Leastways, her eyes seemed open and she presumed, at first, hazily and rather optimistically, she was awake. She was enormously warm and comfortable but also worried about something. Something was pecking at her. What?

Oh yeah. She’d been dreaming — sorry, having a nightmare – about Pete, her husband, and it was probably time to wake him up. Sleepily, her eyes only just open a crack, she reached over to give him his customary poke in the back. But she stopped her hand before she touched him, puzzled. Something wasn’t right. There was a lump over there on that side of the bed all right; someone was definitely in the bed beside her. But she didn’t think it was Pete.

Whoever was over there, under the blankets, was covered head to toe and all Jackie could see was a little hair sticking out. But it sure wasn’t Pete’s hair. There was way too much of it and it was blonde. Not black, like the little bit of hair her husband had left. It seemed more like a woman’s hair. What the hell? Why would there be a women in her bed? She didn’t sleep with woman. She was a married woman. What the hell was going on around here?

Sleepily, maybe a little dazedly, Jackie looked round the room. With what her eyes took in, it didn’t seem like her bedroom. She cast her eyes down. This wasn’t her bed. These weren’t her blankets or pillow-cases. She shook her head. Was she awake or not? Was she still in a nightmare? If she was indeed awake, where the heck was she?

Jackie’s eyes became a little wider open and her head began to clear as she became more awake when she saw the figure under the lump of blankets next to her, stirring. As the figure rolled over in the bed, one arm reaching out for (her?), the blankets came away from the head and Jackie felt a surge of relief, then love, as she saw Roberta Montgomery’s lovely face come into view.

Bobbie’s beautiful blue eyes came slowly open and saw Jackie gazing down at her. Her face broke into a glorious smile.

“Well, good morning, my love,” she said. “Did you sleep well?”

Jacqueline Warren’s heart almost beat out of her chest. What an instant change in attitude! A moment ago she’d been unsure of where she was. She had been in that hazy state, partly conscious but still partially asleep. She’d been willing herself to finish waking up. Now, seeing Bobbie, she decided if she was indeed still asleep and dreaming that she never wanted to wake up.

Everything came back to her now in a rush. She remembered coming over here yesterday morning and all the events of the day. How she hadn’t gone home last night. How she’d stayed right here at Bobbie’s house, with her, in her bed. She remembered the beautiful love she and Bobbie had found. The enormous pleasure and cums Bobbie had given her. An unfamiliar, wonderful wave of happiness poured over her. She dove on Bobbie and covered her face in kisses.

Bobbie hugged her tight, for the moment accepting Jackie’s sweet kisses all over her face and neck, enjoying the softness of her lips against her skin. Then she reached up, took her luscious bed-mate’s hair in her hands, pulled her lips close and the two woman shared a long, passionate, loving, good morning kiss. Their tongues tangled and licked each others. What a beautiful way to start the day. Very much different to the way Jackie usually began her mornings.

Yesterday had been a very long day of discovery and sex and the two women had zonked out fairly quickly once their happy heads hit the soft pillows in Bobbie’s cozy bed. There had only been time for one more lovely cum for Jackie.

Once they were out of the tub, cuddled izmit kendi evi olan escort lovingly together in bed, Bobbie had gone down on her once again. She had manually gotten Jackie off in the bathtub, many times, but here, in her soft bed, she could enjoy the fruits of her labors and she savored every last drop of delicious cream that Jackie eagerly gave her.

Jackie had not gone down on Bobbie and she didn’t care. She knew this was all new to her and she wasn’t about to push the woman. She was deriving enormous pleasure from Jackie’s pleasure and she knew everything would come in time. Usually a rather impatient woman when it came to her pleasures, she nevertheless could be a patient woman, sometimes. When she figured something was worth waiting for.

Tired as the women were, it still took lots more more cuddling and loving good-night kisses before the women had finally drifted off to sleep, holding one another tightly.

Twice in the night, Jackie had woken Bobbie with kisses. She didn’t have to say a word. Her hot body, pressed tightly against Bobbie’s, did her talking for her and had demanded more love. Love Roberta was only too happy to supply to the beautiful woman sharing her bed.

“Oh, Bobbie,” Jackie said, “is it true? Am I really here with you or am I dreaming?”

Bobbie laughed. “Well, if you’re dreaming, love, I’m dreaming right along with you. And it’s one hell of a dream we’re both having, isn’t it? But, to answer your question, no, you’re not dreaming. You’re right here, baby. Where you belong. And I am very happy that you are. Come, give me another kiss, babe.”

But, as usual, when Jackie was happy it was short-lived. Right in the middle of a sexy kiss, morning reality washed over Jackie in a rush. Wasn’t this typical, she thought. She was never allowed to be happy for very long.

“Oh, Bobbie,” she said, pulling back her head, during which process she unglued their lips. “I’m in so much trouble. My husband is going to be looking all over for me. He’s gonna kill me!”

Bobbie caressed Jackie’s hair, thinking. She narrowed her eyes.

“I couldn’t help but notice, dear, that you didn’t point out that your husband would be worried about you.” she observed.

“That’s because he won’t be.” Jackie said. “He’ll just be angry that I’m not there to make his breakfast or anything else he might want me to do.”

“Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,” Bobbie sighed. “Whatever on earth are you doing with a guy like that? But, relax, woman. Do you think I will ever let anything bad happen to you, now that I’ve found you?”

“But I have to go home today,” Jackie countered. “I should have gone home last night except you had me all flustered enough to be not thinking straight. And Pete will be sitting there in a rage just waiting for me to walk in the door. It’ll be terrible. Bobbie, I’m afraid.”

“He really will physically assault you?” Bobbie asked, gently.

Ever since they had become intimate yesterday, when holding Jackie in her arms, Bobbie was usually shaking with lust. She was shaking now, but with rage. At just the thought of Jackie being hit by her husband.

“He’s never hit me with a closed fist,” Jackie said, “But he is big with large hands and he’s very strong and he slaps me lots when he’s angry and it’s very painful. I don’t like it!”

“Of course you don’t, dear. But don’t worry, Pete won’t be slapping you today, you can be sure of that. Or ever again, ever. Believe me when I tell you that!”

“How can you say that? You don’t know Pete. Yes he will, Bobbie. I don’t even have to think about it. I know it.”

“Sweetheart,” Bobbie said, “Listen to me. I must have been very tired last night when you were crying in the tub. I couldn’t think properly. Besides being tired, you, dear, had me all conflubbled. But I have must have been subconsciously thinking about it all night. Whenever you let me sleep, that is. Because, this morning, I have the answer and it is really very easy. Let me ask you one simple question. Do you love me, Jackie?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then, you must trust me and listen to me. I love you and you love me. We agree on that, correct? Well, what do people in love do? I’ll tell you, gorgeous. They find a way to be together. You, my dear, are staying right here with me, where you belong. You are never going back to that house, ever again. You are moving in here with me. Forever. How does that sound, my love?”

“Of course, it sounds wonderful,” Jackie said. “But, I know it can’t happen. You probably mean what you say and you make it sound so easy but a smart woman like you must know it’s not. What about Lisa, for example? If she goes home and I don’t, Pete will just make her tell him where I am and he’ll come right over here. You can be sure of that! And I don’t know what he might do. I couldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t hesitate to hit you too!”

“I’d like to see him try that!” Bobbie exploded. “Although it might be worth a slap or two because I’d have him charged with assault, right quick! Give it up, Jackie. You can think up all the arguments you like. It doesn’t matter because I’ve already made up my mind. You don’t stand a chance, woman. I always get what I want. I got you in my bed, didn’t I? I wanted you in my bed and, gee, look, wonder of wonders, here you are!”

“But . . . “

Bobbie put a finger over her lips and cut her off. “Hush, woman. Lisa will move in here too. She loves Mary-Jane. Mary-Jane loves her. I love you and you love me. That is all that matters. That is all we need for starters. I have lots of money. We’ll hire a moving company and send them to your house with a list you and Lisa make up and they’ll get the things you and Lisa want and bring them here. We’ll buy you anything else. Your husband can take a long walk off a very short pier.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Jackie sighed. “I can just see Pete when a moving truck backs in the driveway.”

The women exchanged a kiss. Jackie continued, “You make it all sound so simple, Bobbie. Pete will never stand still for all that. What do you think he’ll do? Nothing? Ha! I know him. I’ve been married to him for 18 years. He’ll go nuts, that’s what he’ll do. And, it’s your turn to trust me this time, you don’t wanna be anywhere around Pete when he loses it. I’ve been there! I know of what I speak.”

“Tough titty, said the kitty,” Bobbie said. “Your husband is going to have nothing to say about all this. And when I’m finished, there’ll be nothing he can do. I’ve got a good lawyer, a lesbian who hates all straight men and husbands in particular. I’ve got other lawyer friends and some friends that are cops. I’ve got some other, less savory, men friends also. Tough, unscrupulous men. Believe me, now, woman. They’ll handle your husband if nothing else works and he doesn’t wanna be reasonable. When they go to your house, the moving men will have some legal document my lawyer will draw up and I’ll make sure a cop goes with them or meets them there. We’ll get a restraining order on Pete until we get you a divorce. You’ll be free of him. And, your husband? We just won’t give him a leg to stand on.”

Bobbie didn’t tell Jackie that ‘the friends’ of which she spoke were mostly husbands of women she had slept with. She felt it was information she didn’t need and could do without. She was even sorry she mentioned handling Pete less-than-legally if legal means didn’t get his attention. But what had been said, had been said. The plain and simple fact was that they had help dealing with Pete if they needed it.

“I don’t know, Bobbie. Staying here with you, of course, sounds wonderful. Everything you’re saying, sounds wonderful. But everything has to be legal. But . . . but . . . “

“I know, love, I know,” Bobbie said, interrupting her, stroking her hair. “You don’t think we can pull it off or that it’ll be that easy. I’m telling you that we can. Didn’t I tell you earlier how I always get what I want? And, Jackie, love, I want you here with me!”

Jackie started to say something else and Bobbie silenced her. This time with a kiss.

“So, it’s done. It’s settled.” she said when she got her tongue back. “Wrap your mind around it, Jackie, dear. Embrace it. This is your home now. This is not my bed, it is our bed. This isn’t even my house any more. It is our house. When you get your divorce, I think I’ll even marry you. I’ve had a lotta women, over the years, I’m not embarrassed to say, but I don’t want that life anymore, Jackie. I only want you. Forever. I love you.”

She pulled Jackie to her, tenderly and tightly, silencing any more of her misgivings with kisses.

And, of course, kisses led to more kisses. And kisses on lips led to kisses on titties, then on bellies and, the next thing Jackie knew, she was stretched out, legs wide. Bobbie was between them and her all-of-a-sudden very wet pussy was having kisses with Bobbie’s busy lips.

Once Bobbie had licked her to a couple nice cums, – she was still amazed at how easily Jackie came, and how powerfully — she stretched out on top of her and their lips kissed, and their nipples kissed and, expertly, Bobbie maneuvered her cunt so it was snuggled next to Jackie’s and their cunts were kissing too.

Sliding her hands underneath, grabbing Jackie’s luscious ass in her hot grip, Bobbie pulled her tighter to her and began to give her new girlfriend the moves. She ground her cunt powerfully into Jackie’s. Then, drawing back, she lay away from her and scissored their legs and now their pussies were really close and locked lusciously together. Bobbie jiggled and ground into Jackie and their pussy-flaps sweetly tangled. Pure honey was running out of both of them, pooling on the sheets. As they both wiggled and writhed, their clits were rubbing together with maddening, tear-your-hair-out, cum-inducing friction.

Bobbie pushed at Jackie. Jackie learned how to push back at Bobbie. The two women jerked and wiggled their asses on the bed causing their cunts to rub, furiously together. Their pussies grew even more heated and finally they both wailed, as virtually simultaneously, they reached the top. Jerking and squirting juice, they lingered there on the peak for a few moments of absolute ecstasy. Then, they relaxed and collapsed onto the bed, shivery, sugary tingles rippling through them both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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