Anal Alice Act 03

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the THIRD part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

This is not as dirty as my popular series, Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut. There will be less to zero scatological content. But that does not mean it will not be obscene!

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and semi-nonconsensual/reluctance themes.

All characters involved are 18 or older.!

Again, I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans, and especially comments, ratings and emails. Hopefully one day, with your help, I may get one of my stories rated high enough to be ‘Hot’. Very close but no cigar!

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


Later on that day Mike arrived back. He offered to make them both lunch. Alice was tempted to turn his offer down and do it herself, because she knew how much of a mess he made, no matter how simple the meal. He always seemed to use three plates or pans when one would do. Still, it’d be rude not to let him do something nice for them both, and so she watched as he kicked up a storm in the kitchen.

They ate on the couch, and it seemed like things had finally gone back to normal once more. She was pleased Mike had settled down. He’d probably forgotten all about it. By the time they’d finished their plates, Mike’s excessive playfulness from earlier had just about slipped out of her mind. She gathered all the soiled kitchenware and filled a new bowl with washing up, ready for Round 2. She had barely started when Mike spoke up.

‘How’d you enjoy last night?’ he said.

Alice stiffened. ‘Nothing happened last night.’

‘I never said it did.’ Mike grinned.

‘And it can’t happen again.’

‘I thought you said nothing happened?’

Alice frowned. ‘Please. It was a one-time thing, you had your fun and . . . now you don’t need to do it again.’

‘I think you had your fun too . . .’ Mike said, reaching forward and squeezing her tits.


‘Sure, a one- time thing, of course sis. Don’t you worry.’ He pulled her top down, releasing her large naked breasts, and pinched the nipples.

‘Mike, stop! I’m washing up!’

He let go and took a step back, without readjusting her top. Alice signed, knowing it was no use asking him to, and she was unable to put her boobs back, as right now her hands were covered in soapy water.

Just then she felt a sharp smack on her ass. She yelped and turned her head around just in time to see Mike landing another one on her bottom.

‘Stop it Mike!’

‘I love watching that fat butt jiggle,’ he said, slapping her ass again. He kept his hand there this time, squeezing it playfully. ‘Is this better for you?’ he said.

‘Well, I suppose it’s less painful . . .’ she started.

Her brother started groping her ass properly now, rubbing his fingers into the crack. She tried to ignore him and just do the washing up. At least he wasn’t slapping it. It was almost relaxing, in a way.

She was unconsciously sticking her butt out further, to meet Mike’s hand and fingers, when he leant in close to her, thrust his hand down the top of her booty shorts and put his fingers directly onto her thong-covered crack, and started pushing his fingers forward and rubbing.

Alice cried out, then stamped her foot in exasperation. ‘Mike, I told you . . . That’s too far.’ She started to go a little red as Mike showed no sign of stopping.

‘It’s so warm and sexy,’ Mike grunted. ‘Don’t mind me.’ He was fiercely rubbing his fingers deep into the crack of her ass, pushing her thong into her Hatay Escort asshole, and then slipping his fingers around either side of it and rubbing her bare butthole.

‘Take it out!’ Alice managed eventually, just as the tip of his finger entered her ass.

To her surprise but relief, Mike did so. But then right away he brought the same finger from the same hand up and pushed it into her mouth before she had time to react.

She twisted her head and, without any other part of her free, thrust her butt out against him, making him back off a step, grinning. His finger was sucked out from between her lips, leaving her a strange, sweaty, very warm taste in her mouth.

‘You are a pain sometimes,’ Alice said, frowning at him, but thankful she’d managed to get one up on him and stop him playing with her ass — even with both her hands in the sink!

‘Hey!’ Mike said, sounding hurt. ‘That’s not very nice.’

Alice felt guilty instantly. ‘I’m sorry Mike. I didn’t mean it. I know you’re only playing.’ She smiled at him and he smiled back, and she returned to the washing up. What had come over her lately? She had to stop all this meanness; that wasn’t the Alice her brothers knew and loved. They adored her sweetness and innocence and even her naivety, as she heard them call it one time in an affectionate way. It was one thing getting a bit worked up by them, sometimes getting embarrassed and uncomfortable and squirming from their silly games and playful antics. It’s not as though her brothers didn’t make her laugh and feel good about herself too. So it was totally another thing if she was going to be mean and unfair to them in return.

This train of thought was cut short when in an instant Mike slipped his hand down her booty shorts again and pushed his middle finger into her asshole. It must have been still wet from her mouth, because it sunk quickly in up to the knuckle.

Alice yelped loudly. ‘Mike, what are you doing!’ She wished again that she hadn’t started this washing up. She couldn’t do much when she was nearly up to her elbows in it. She tried to shake her butt and push him back again with it, but it only succeeded in driving his finger further into her.

‘Mike, take it out!’

‘Alright, alright,’ Mike laughed. He slowly withdrew his finger, and just when Alice was about to relax, when only the tip remained inside, her drew close again and plunged his finger back into her. He pushed her into the sink, jerking his finger in her backdoor.

‘I’m trying to . . . I’m trying to . . .’ Alice tried to get the words out. ‘I’m trying to wash up and I can’t do it with your finger in my bum!’

‘Of course you can,’ Mike said. ‘Don’t mind me.’ He wiggled his finger inside her and started a steady motion, slipping in and out of her quickly. With his right hand she saw him take out his cock, already hard.

‘You said you wouldn’t!’ Alice said.

‘Did I?’ Mike said. ‘Don’t worry sis, I’m not gonna fuck you. I’m just playing like normal.’

Alice settled slightly when she knew he wouldn’t try that again. At least his finger was a lot smaller than his thick penis inside her. After another attempted shake-off that only seemed to encourage him, she tried to put it out of her mind and got back to her washing up. After she kept on washing the same plate over and over she quickly realised it was very difficult to ignore her brother. His large cock was right beside her, and Mike was rubbing it against her thigh as he stroked it. His finger stayed pumping her butt.

‘Are you nearly done?’ she said.

‘Tell you what,’ Mike said. ‘You put your hand down for me to fuck and I’ll finish in no time at all. Then I’ll let you finish the washing up.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Take your right hand out the sink and let it hang down against the cupboards, with the palm facing me. I’ll do the rest.’

‘But it’s Hatay Escort Bayan all wet and soapy.’

‘All the better,’ Mike said. ‘No need to dry it. Come on, or do you not want me to leave you alone? Maybe you want something more . . .’

‘Okay, okay,’ Alice said, giving up. Anything to make him stop annoying her and take his finger out her ass. She took her hand out the sink and dropped it to the cupboards, dripping soapy water onto the floor. She still didn’t quite understand what Mike wanted to do. How could you fuck a hand?

‘Cup it a little bit,’ Mike said, and she did so.

Alice felt a very warm pressure nudging against the palm of her hand, and glanced down to see the glistening head of Mike’s cock pushing into her wet hand. ‘What are you doing?’ she said, a bit confused.

‘It’s okay sis,’ Mike said. ‘You just concentrate on washing up. Yeah, that’s good. Fuck.’ He’d reached with his right hand and held it against the back of hers, keeping it cupped and steady. He was pumping the palm of her hand with his dick and sometimes using his right hand to push her hand backwards, onto his cock.

It’s alright for him, Alice thought. He should try doing washing up one handed! She did her best though. Not that she could resist glancing down from time to time (and sometimes staring) as Mike fucked her hand. His big dick thrusting into her small hand was a slightly comical sight, she thought, and she smiled despite herself and repressed a giggle. She didn’t quite see what Mike was getting out of it, but the sooner he stopped pumping his finger into her anus (which he was doing with some abandon, now) the better.

Just when she thought she was actually getting the hang of one-handed washing up, she found the finger unceremoniously whipped from her ass, and she shoved down to her knees. Mike’s hand was now clasped around hers, and had forced it into a grip around the width of his shaft. He was using her hand to jack himself off.

The sudden shock of being pushed to the floor and the sight of Mike’s hung penis pointed at her face and her own hand tugging on it had left her momentarily without words. As soon as she was about to protest, however, Mike’s penis twitched, and a jet of white fluid hit her in the face.

Alice was stunned, as the spurts kept on coming. They landed warm and sticky wet on her nose, her cheeks, her forehead and her chin. She had never seen a facial before — she had never even properly seen a male orgasm. Her only experience of them were of Mike finishing in her bottom last night and this morning, and Dan cumming on her booty shorts, which he’d quickly wiped leaving only stains.

She was too taken aback to move out of the way, and part of her (she realised later) actually slightly enjoyed the experience. It was funny and silly in a way, and the warm wetness laid in thick creamy spurts across her face actually felt kinda nice.

Mike squeezed out the final few drops on her chin as she looked up at him. ‘God sis,’ he said, ‘you look gorgeous. You suit this look so fucking good.’

‘I can’t do,’ Alice said, frowning. ‘You’re just making fun. I must look so silly.’

‘I’m not. You look so sexy. It really suits you having cum on your face, honest. Only way you’d look any better is if you had even more cum.’

‘Mayyyybe,’ Alice said, smiling at him but unconvinced.

‘Maybe Dan could add some too.’

‘Mm . . .’

‘I’m just messing. Anyway, I’m off for a bit. Seeya.’

‘Bye bye,’ Alice said. She stood up, dried her hands, and adjusted her tits back in her top. She was about to continue the washing up when she decided to go have a look at herself, and she headed into the bathroom.

She stuck out her tongue at herself. It just looked silly. She tried to imagine that she was Mike looking at it, and tried to see it as he did. She almost convinced herself she actually Escort Hatay looked really good like that, and she pouted at her reflection and blew a kiss. Maybe it did suit her having cum on her face. Still, it’s not like she’d let it happen again, so it didn’t really matter.

There was a noise that must have been the front door of the trailer opening, and Alice left the bathroom to see if Mike had come back.

‘Oh, hey mom,’ Alice said, surprised. ‘What did you get to eat?’

Her mom stared at her, dumping the bag of food on the kitchen side. ‘What’s that all over your face?’

She couldn’t believe it! She’d totally forgotten to wipe Mike’s cum off her face! Stupid!

‘It’s, um, just moisturiser . . .’ Alice said, feeling herself go red.

‘I’m not dumb,’ her mom replied. She turned away and started taking the food out the bag. ‘Have you been teasing guys again? I’d say three, judging by the size of that load. Well, at least they didn’t cum inside you.’

‘But mom . . .’ Alice started.

‘Don’t “but mom” me. I just don’t understand why you’d want to keep it on your face. I suppose you think it makes you look cool and sexy. That’s just your generation all over.’

Mike thinks it looks sexy, Alice wanted to say, but she wisely shut up. She went into the bathroom and cleaned it off, and returned to help her mom put the food in the cupboards.

‘I saw your brother before,’ her mom said.


‘Dan. He was on his way to Big Jim’s to hang out. He said Mike would be coming as well, and they’d both be back late.’

Alice nodded. Big Jim was a muscular black guy, a bit older than Dan and with his own trailer. Her brothers often hung out there and drank and played cards. Sometimes her mom went to see him, too. In fact, he often had a lot of female visitors. Alice had never quite understood why everyone called him Big Jim, as he wasn’t that tall, and he definitely wasn’t fat. She’d never got a straight answer, though.

‘Did Dan say anything about sleeping here tonight?’ Alice said, praying it wasn’t the case.

‘Yeah, he’ll be sleeping with you guys tonight. He wants some space from his girlfriend.’

Alice’s shoulders sunk. ‘Why can’t he sleep at Big Jim’s?’

‘That’d be rude,’ her mom said. ‘We have plenty of space here, and we’re his family.’

‘There isn’t any space! There wasn’t even enough space last night with me and Mike.’

‘Of course there is. You don’t have to spread out. It won’t be for long. A night or two, maybe three. At most a week.’

‘A week! I can’t do that!’

‘Stop thinking only of yourself Alice,’ her mom said, in a stern tone. ‘Your brother needs his family there for him. And Mike hasn’t complained.’

‘What about the couch? Or you and dad’s bed?’

‘The couch is way too uncomfortable and small to sleep on, you know that. And we’ve got nothing to stop the daylight blinding you in the morning. As for our bed, don’t be silly. Kids shouldn’t sleep with their parents at that age, that’s just odd.’

Alice frowned. ‘Maybe I’ll sleep on the couch.’

‘You know you’ll never get to sleep on that thing.’

Alice sighed. She was right. She’d tried once, when they first moved in, and it was impossible. There were bits that poked her in the back and chest, and that was if she even stayed on; it was very easy to roll off and hit the floor with a painful smack. Three times that had happened. She still had bruises. She’d vowed after that first night never again.

‘Okay, mom,’ Alice said at last, trying to smile. ‘I’ll share with Mike and Dan.’ She tried to look on the bright side. It might be a really hot night with the three of them so close, but at least there was a chance of going to sleep. All around it was still a better option than the couch or the hard floor (with no spare blankets or pillows). And with Mike and Dan either side of her, sandwiching her, as she supposed the arrangement would go, she would be in zero danger of falling off the bed!

‘Thank you,’ her mom said. ‘It won’t be so bad. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it once you get used to it.’

‘Mm. Maybe,’ Alice said, smiling at her mom.

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