Anal Bet: My Ass For A Car

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I should have known it was going to happen sooner or later. I had been attending the local college for three years and made quite the reputation for myself. My name is Jenny and I am the college slut. I am not a skinny girl; as a matter of fact most would probably consider me fat. I am 5’6 and weigh 230lbs. That is 230lbs of sex machine though. I found out in high school that I just loved being fucked and guys told me I was really good at it so I took my talents to the extreme. Sex was my first drug, my second was food. I could out eat anyone in an eating competition and actually have quite the collection of trophies from local fair eat offs.

I hooked most of the guys in with my gigantic tits. My bra size was an exuberant 44ff. I heard one guy say once that when I walked my tits showed up ten minutes before the rest of my body. I didn’t care whatever worked for the guys worked for me. There was nothing better to me than getting up on all fours and getting reamed hard and the best was having a guy slam his hard thick cock deep inside my ass. I truly loved the feeling of my asshole being stretched and abused by a skilled cocksman.

Well the other day I was getting my shit hole fucked for the umpteenth time by the captain of the football team, after he shot his hot seed deep in my rectum we had a beer and chatted for a bit. He asked me what the most number of guys in one night have shot their load in my tight hole. I told him I had never done group sex but I thought I could almanbahis şikayet probably take on the whole football team if given the chance.

Bill called bullshit on me. He said I could never take an entire team up my shitter in one night. He was almost daring me to try. I asked him how much it meant to him and to put his money where his mouth was. He was so confident I would fail he bet me the pink slip to his 1972 corvette. I said if he could get the whole team of 32 guys to actually go through with it then his hot sports car was as good as mine.

Bill called me and informed me he had a private team meeting with all the guys and they were totally into it. I said I would be calling my insurance agent to add his car to my policy. I can’t believe he still thought I would chicken out, what a fool. We scheduled the event for the next Friday and I waited with baited breath for the day to finally arrive. I did some shopping during the week, I had to make sure I had plenty of lube and I also went to the liquor store and bought some vodka coolers to ease my nerves.

It was a regular party as all the guys finally showed up at my place, the music was blaring the booze was flowing and it was all for me. I went to the stereo and turned it down and made an announcement, “Okay guys we all know why you are here, let’s get this show on the road.” With that I took my clothes off and got on my hands and knees in the middle of the living room. Some guys were eager and stripped almanbahis canlı casino right away; some were a little more nervous and took their time getting undressed. As previously discussed Bill had all the guys jerk themselves to stiffness and then lined them up in a row from smallest cock to biggest cock.

Jack had the smallest one; it couldn’t have been more than five inches in length. He lube himself up and slid it in to my ass. I could barely feel the small shaft but he loved it. All the guys were cheering him on, telling him to fuck that slut’s ass. I drove my hips back on him and joined in the urging. He was done before the five minute mark. For such a small cock though I do have to tell you he must have shot a gallon of spew in my ass.

So the guys kept taking turns shooting their loads up my ass, the puddle of cum that was underneath me from the leakage was obscene. As the cocks became bigger and bigger I started to get more and more into the scene and when it was Jim’s turn I was howling like a total tramp. Jim seemed to like the dirty words that were coming out of my mouth so I continued. “Yes Jimbo fuck my fat ass. Can you feel all the cum that has already been shot up there? Yes all those hard thick cocks up my dirty shit hole. Feel me squeezing your hard pole with my ass? Oh yes baby, you are gonna make me cum! Yes I’m cumming!” With that Jim sent his deposit in to the cum bank that was my ass.

I was doing great with the bet. It had been almanbahis casino three hours and 31 guys done. You want to talk about a lot of cum; I could have opened a donor clinic and supplied it for a month with the amount that entered me. I could almost feel myself driving that corvette when the last guy Zeke walked in front of me. He was so arrogant; he wanted me to know he was Jim’s secret weapon. When I saw the size of his tool I almost fainted. It was at least 11 inches in length and as thick as baseball bat. Jim started to smile when he saw the fear in my eyes, but I wasn’t going to let him win the bet. I had come so far already there was no way I was going to bail when I only had one more to go.

Zeke put extra lube on his shaft even though I had so much in me already. I felt as he placed the bulbous head at my stretched entry. I had been fucked so many times it was going to take me a month before I could go to the bathroom right. I felt every fibre of his penis as he went slowly with his plunge. Inch after agonizing inch buried in to me. He was passed halfway when my orgasm hit me, a huge fountain sprayed out my cunt and on to the floor. As I was cumming I noticed Zeke was over three quarters of the way in. He then pulled back and increased his momentum. Soon he was fucking my rectum for all he was worth. I think the fact he had never had anal sex before because of his size and because of all the fucking he had witnessed earlier he just couldn’t hold off any longer.

“Oh yes I am cumming in your ass!” he screamed as he let his jet spray deeper than any cum had ever gone before. His cum sent me into one final orgasm. As I lay on the floor worn out from the gangbang I looked at the table and noticed a pink slip and a ring of keys.

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