Anchors Away!! Pt. 10

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“So, what did you think about our little “swingers party” last night?” I ask Bob as we are lying in bed at 7am; trying to convince ourselves, it is time to get up.

“It was okay” she said halfheartedly “don’t get me wrong, I like everyone in the group, and they seem like really nice people and all.”

“But” … I say.

“But they…” Then she hesitated, as if searching for just the right words.

“But what?”

“They have already got their own relationships well established and already know everyone’s likes and dislikes, in the group…and I don’t know how you felt about it, but I kind of felt like an outsider, even though we were the ones that were hosting their party! If you know what I mean…”

“Yeah, that was the same vibe I was getting. Like they were going to let us be in their little club…but ONLY if we agree to follow their rules and do everything the way that they have “always done it.”

“Exactly!” Bob replied “I mean I like group sex; it is always fun. But I also like a little spontaneity. The idea that “Well, it’s Tuesday night…let’s get naked with the gang… and do the same things we always do.” Just doesn’t appeal to me all that much.”

“Know what I mean; Do we even need these other four people; for us to enjoy ourselves?

“NO” She replied with emphasis “There is a whole fuck ton of things that we haven’t even tried yet for ourselves. Do we really need coaches on the sidelines telling us what to do, what not to do, who we can do it with, and so on?”

“Girl, when you are right, you are right! You and I like to live in the moment too much, to ever enjoy being constrained by a bunch of “clubhouse rules.”

“Tell you what” I say “From the way they were talking yesterday, I believe the whole group plans to stay here in Fort Meyers for at least the next week… Sure, it is a nice place, and I am sure there is a ton of things to see and do…but I would prefer to go ahead and make our way over to the Atlantic side of the state. Then plot our course north from there. I really want to be on the Great Lakes by early to mid-Summer and be ready to head back south by no later than the last of August, first of September.

“Let’s do that then” Bob agrees “We can just tell them that we have other places we want to visit on the trek north…So we are heading on out, and maybe we will see them along the way… then try to make sure that we don’t!” she says with a grin.

Bob and I meet up with the rest of the group for lunch, around noon. We tell them about our plans to go on ahead. Although they try to talk us into staying…they quickly see that we are determined to press on, and so they offer us as much advice as they can.

They told us to be sure to make a stop at Clewiston, at the Roland Martin Marina. Told us that we should refuel and restock the ship’s supplies there. Told us about the 5 locks we will have to go through, before we get to the Atlantic side of the state….and warned us that Lake Okeechobee is a very shallow lake and an extremely large lake, and if the water is choppy, go VERY slow so as not to bounce the ship’s hull on the sandy bottom of the lake.

Mathew told us to take the Rim route around the southern edge of the lake…rather than try to shoot straight across. Said the Rim route only takes about an hour longer… but the route is more protected from wind and so you have calmer waters to travel through. Once we make it to Stuart Florida…just take the St Lucie inlet to the Atlantic ICW and we should do just fine, on our own from there.

Bob and I prepare to leave at first light in the morning. We go ahead and fill our main fuel tanks… and decide to leave the Gerry cans until we make our fuel and supply stop at Clewiston.

We fill the fresh-water tank, drain the black-water tank, and take a quick inventory of supplies; so that we will have a shopping list instead of just grabbing things at random.

Along about 6pm we make our way over to the little ice cream shop for burgers, fries, and milk shakes. Figure we might as well get ourselves a treat now, as it may be a while before we get the chance to do so again.

As usual, we overeat and have to practically waddle back to the ship. Since we will be getting up very early tomorrow morning, we decide to go to bed early, as well.

Don’t know why we thought retiring early was going to gain us any more sleep than usual. Once we were both cuddled up together naked…those primitive carnal urges began to surface and the next thing we know…we are as horny as a couple of goats!

Bob and I are kissing and groping each other like a couple of teenagers, in the back seat of a car.

Bob suddenly stops everything and says, “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, I do” I replied…

“Enough to let me take complete control?”

“I guess so, you have never given me any reason NOT to trust you … so yes, whatever you want to do, I will go along with!”

“GREAT!” she says “Remember that position that we both liked the other night…where I had my legs up Escort Sarıyer on your shoulders? “


“Well, I want to try something similar. I read about in on the internet one time. It is called the “Amazon Position” … it’s kind of a variation of the cowgirl position.”

“Okay…and just how do we go about accomplishing this?” I ask

“You lie on your back and then you put YOUR legs up over my shoulders…then I put your cock inside of me…and then you are at my mercy…I can fuck you just as hard and fast or as slow and easy as I want…and all you can do is lie there and enjoy being ridden!”

“Sounds a little intimidating,” I laugh “but I’m willing to give it a try.”

I lay back on the bed and Bob moves into position. I place my legs up on to her shoulders and she presses my thighs back against my chest until she can easily manipulate my hard cock however, she wants. She impales herself on it and takes it just as deep as we did the last time. Only difference is that I am now powerless to do much of anything…since she has me wadded up into a ball…with my legs pressed tightly against my chest…while she rides my cock as if it were attached to her…and she was fucking me!

I cannot hold out for long in this position, my cock is bent at such an angle that when I do start to cum…the sensations are intensified by the fact that the seminal tube is constricted and the cum has to force its way out… which is both painful and pleasurable at the same time! It is like a dam getting ready to break… the pressure just builds and builds until something gives way…and it all comes rushing out at once!

While I am fairly certain that Bob had at least three orgasms to my one. It zapped all of the strength out of both of us. We collapsed on the bed beside each other…and that is exactly where we were still laying when the alarm went off!

We head out toward Lake Okeechobee. Bob and I are both amazed at how flat the terrain is in the area. We are both accustomed to the Midwest where everything is either uphill, or down. Around here there is very little to block your view for what appears to be miles. The Waterway is fairly narrow, ranging from 80 to 100 feet in width. Which may sound like a lot of room to maneuver… until you meet a larger vessel head on. There IS room to pass each other… but the margin for error is rather slim.

We arrive at the Roland Martin Resort and Marina. This place is HUGE! It is essentially a community all on its own! Now we understand why the others had insisted that we stop here….it has absolutely anything and everything we might need or desire.

Considering how far we have traveled, I decide that it might be a wise move on my part, to have the ship’s engines serviced while we are here. There is a huge dealership that offers sales and services for several different brands. So, we stop there and inquire about getting our boat serviced.

Just having the old ship there, created quite a stir. Customers and employees of the dealership alike had to stop and look it over and ask all kinds of questions.

Of course, more than one salesperson tried to talk me into trading it in for a new one. But I turned each of them down immediately! Told them that I restored the ship myself… and that we have traveled all the way here, from northwest Missouri without any issues. “So, you are just wasting your breath and my time…trying to sell me a different boat.”

The dealership required at least one of us to stay on board the ship while the mechanic serviced the engines. Figured that was to keep someone from claiming that things had been stolen or messed with on their ship and threaten to sue if not compensated for their loss. Which sounds like something that one of my own family members might try to do…if they happened to think about it!

We were assigned to a service slip and told that our mechanic would be with us shortly. A young man, in a service department uniform arrived a few minutes later. Introduced himself as Maxwell, “But everyone just calls me Max”

Seemed to be a very friendly and personable young man in his late 20’s to early 30’s. We chit chatted while he worked on the engines…told me what a pleasure it was to work on such well cared for engines. Said that so many people just use and abuse their ships engines. Don’t service them or even check the oil until they have a major malfunction. Then they come in here all up in your face IRATE….and try to blame the dealership for selling them a piece of junk! “Ask them, when was the last time you had the oil changed and the powertrain serviced? 9 times out of 10, they will just stand there with a blank look on their face and say “What do you mean oil changed and power train serviced… I’ve had this boat for 3 years and never had to do anything other than put fuel in it. We took it clear to Maine and back twice…never had any trouble with it until now”

He finished up his tasks…asked if I wanted to have the ship lifted out of the water, Silivri escort bayan so that he can check the propellors and make sure that everything looks okay underneath. I tell him sure, I do have 4 spare props on board, but it might be a good idea to check the ones that are on the boat right now, for wear or damage.

” Yeah, Max laughed …. it’ll be a whole lot easier to have me change them out here…than for you to try to do it somewhere out there on the lake…while fighting off alligators.”

Max attaches the hoisting mechanism to the ship and hits the lever to slowly raise the ship straight up out of the water. When he has it high enough, he swings a work platform in behind the ship and crawls down the ladder to take a look. He quickly returns and says “Good thing we looked, the edges of both props are worn down paper thin and you will be losing a blade or two very soon. If you hadn’t stopped here, you would not have made it to Stuart without breaking down.”

I retrieve two new props for him, and he makes quick work of installing them. When he has the job completed and is satisfied that everything else is in good repair under the ship. He lowers it back down into the water and stows the lifting hoist and equipment.

I thank him profusely for advising me to check the props because otherwise I would have just had the oil changed and been on my way. Oblivious to the fact that we were on borrowed time with the props.

I go inside and settle up with the cashier and when I come back out Max is putting away his tools and is chatting with Bob.

I offer him a tip for such good service, but he said he couldn’t accept it… because it was against shop rules. Told me I could just buy him a beer sometime if I see him somewhere after work.

“What time do you get off work?” Bob inquires.

“In about 30 minutes….and I am ready! It has been a long day”

“Any good places to eat and get a drink around here” I ask.

“Tiki Bar, just over there” Max says as he points over to the right.

“Got any plans for after work?” I ask, “I will be more than happy to buy you that beer, and a meal too, if you will let me!”

“I would have to go home and get cleaned up” he replied “They don’t appreciate us showing up over there in uniform smelling of grease and oil, gasoline and diesel fuel”

“We are in no hurry; you go home and get cleaned up and we will meet you there! If you have a wife or a girlfriend, bring her along too!”

“It’s just me, wife left me a couple of years ago and have been on my own, ever since.”

Bob never said a word, but I could certainly detect that the gears were turning at full speed inside that cute little brunette head of hers.

“What do you think… meet at the Tiki Bar around 7?”

“Yep! No problem…see you both over there!”

Bob and I maneuver the ship out of the service slip and head over to the area where the overnight boat slips are…and are lucky to find that they have an empty one available close to the Tiki Bar and Grill.

Bob is in taking a shower, while I am searching through my clothes for something comfortable to wear, nothing too fancy but not something that looks too “vagabond-ish” if that is even a real word. Something “appropriate” for a fishing resort crowd.

When Bob Is finished in the shower… she comes out with a towel wrapped around her head, but bare ass naked otherwise…I give her butt a playful pinch as I take my turn in the shower.

By the time I come out, Bob has dried her hair, put on a nice top and form fitting shorts with white deck shoes. An outfit that says “Sexy” without going overboard.

I quickly get shaved and dressed and am ready to head out…

“Day-um! Ain’t, you looking like a handsome D.I.L.F. this evening!” Bob teases…

“D.I.L.F.?” I ask

“Dad I’d Like to Fuck” she replied with a laugh “You’ve never heard that before?”

“No…that is not exactly something that normally comes up in any of my conversations… with anyone!”

“Good thing we are running close on time, otherwise I might be tempted to peel you out of them clothes and help you work up an appetite before dinner!”

We head over to the Tiki Bar and Grill and make it there precisely at 7pm. Just as we get ready to go inside… here comes Max… we almost didn’t recognize him without the uniform and the cap he had been wearing earlier.

Although the place is packed …we are quickly seated and soon have cold frosty mugs of beer in hand. They taste so good and go down so easy that all three of us quickly drain the mugs and are waiting for another round.

“Are you hungry?” I ask “Cause We are starved! We haven’t had anything to eat since last night about this time! Left early this morning without breakfast and didn’t stop for lunch…so we probably need to get some food into us, before we soak up too many beers!”

“I didn’t fare much better than you today,” Max said, “I grabbed a couple of slices of cold pizza out of the fridge for breakfast Topkapı escort this morning, and that has been it, except for a couple of Cokes while at work.”

“Looks like the special of the day is “Surf N Turf” a 16 oz Ribeye with an assortment of fresh locally caught fish, baked potato and a house salad” I point out “Sounds like pretty good starter course to me!”

We place our food order and order a third round of beer.

While we are waiting for our food. We chit chat about the Marina and all that it has to offer, etc. Max asks us where we are from and what where we are traveling to…

When we mention that we are from northern Missouri, his face lights up in a big smile!

“You are NOT going to believe this!” Max says excitedly “I grew up on a farm about halfway between St Joseph Mo and Cameron Mo! So, I know that part of the country VERY well!”

“Small world Isn’t it?” I reply

“Yep, my dad was a minister of a small country church, and we lived about a half mile away from it…”

“MY dad is a preacher too!” Bob interjects “wow!”

“I got married when I was 19, to my high school sweetheart. Moved to St Joe for a while so that I could attend mechanic’s school. Then got hired by a motorcycle dealership in Springfield Mo…so we moved down there. Had two kids born while living there. Thought everything was going great, had a nice home, nice family. Loved my job. Then came home one night, found the house empty except for most of my clothes and a few odds and ends of furniture…and a note from my wife saying that she was taking the kids and leaving! Didn’t say where, didn’t say why… just up and left!

I’ve looked everywhere for them but cannot find a trace! I’ve begged and pleaded with her parents and friends to tell me where they are. But either they have no clue either or they are all REALLY good liars!

Back when we were in High school, she used to talk about wanting to move to West Palm Beach Florida, where her grandparents lived. Which is how I ended up down here… but either they never came this way…or she has hooked up with someone else and changed her name or something. Because I can find nothing but dead ends down here. Somebody might see someone that matches their descriptions, but when I go to check it out…it is never them!

“Wow! Man, I am SO sorry!” I say

“I’m seriously thinking about packing up and going back to Missouri. My parents have begged me to come back … and they are both getting older, and I know they could use my help to keep the farm going. But at the same time, I kinda feel like, if I pull up stakes and go home…then that is the same as just giving up; and I don’t want those two kids to think that their daddy gave up on them!”

“But you haven’t given up on them Max” I say “You have moved heaven and earth trying to find them. But for whatever reason, your wife has done everything she can, to prevent you from doing just that! So, if you pack up and go back to Missouri…that is NOT giving up. It is simply moving on with your life, until you have something more concrete to go on! I’m sure that your parents are worried sick about you….and would do anything in their power to help you out… IF you come up with a solid lead as to where they are…and why she took off like she did!”

Our platters of food arrive, and we all dive in deep! Steaks were cooked to perfection… the seafood consisted of scallops, shrimp, crab cakes and a grouper filet! By the time we finished all of that we were stuffed.

As we sat there letting our food settle, we started to talk again, but a band started playing and conversation was almost impossible. Great music which, normally we would have been delighted to sit there and listen to. But we had more to discuss, and this was NOT the place to try to do it.

So, I paid the bill, and suggested that we go onboard our ship and continue our discussions.

Max and I grab some deck chairs as Bob went below deck to gather some beer and Ice from the galley. We all crack open a fresh beer and resume our earlier discussion.

“Do you have any set plans, about when you might move back to Missouri? Do you have a lot of stuff to move? Are both a couple of questions I asked

“Not really got any set plans” Max replied “Other than my truck, the only things that I have that are actually mine is my clothes, my tools and a few odds and ends of household stuff. The house I rent; is fully furnished…so If I were to leave the household stuff here, I doubt that anyone would mind…just be more for the next renter to have available to use.

“So, if I were to make you an offer, for your mechanic services….and bring you along on this journey around the loop, with us. Would that be something that you might consider. I haven’t even discussed anything about this with my partner in crime here… pointing my beer at Bob…and she will have to put her seal of approval on it. But it just hit me, that this might be an opportunity for you to get back to where you want to go…and for us to have someone on board that can help save our butts…if we do find ourselves in a pickle!”

“Seriously!” I say “If you had not taken the initiative to suggest that we check those props today… we could have been in some real trouble! You saved our bacon today and I can’t thank you enough for that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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