And Baby Makes 3 Ch. 02

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This is a story about adult situations and adult sexuality. Please go elsewhere if you are underage in the community you dwell. This is a fantasy and the names have been changed to protect the horny and guilty. Enjoy!

Holy shit! I was having this great dream. Sammie, my youngest sis-in-law was riding my cock like a banshee. Screaming and wailing, she drove herself up and down on my dick, making herself cum again and again. All the while, her beautiful breasts were leaking milk all over us. Jesus, my cock was rock hard. My balls felt over full and ready to explode. I came in my dream, filling my gorgeous sis-in-laws pussy with my healthy sperm. Then, I opened my eyes.

“Hi there sleepy head!” Sammie cheerfully greeted me. “Long time no fuck! By the way, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been using your cock for the past fifteen minutes or so to get myself off. By the feel of my pussy, I think you got off too.” She winked at me before rolling off of me.

“I was having this wonderful dream about you and me. Guess it wasn’t a dream afterall” I turned to her and gave her a big kiss on the lips. “How’s my hot lover?”

“Full,” she replied. “See?” she asked, as she scooped some of the come out of her pussy with a finger. She lifted the finger to her lips and sucked my come off of it. “Want some?” She grinned as she brought another finger load up to my lips.

“Not right now. What time is it?” She put her come covered finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“A little after midnight. Sandy will be joining us soon.”

“What? I thought she was sleeping downstairs.”

“I’m not gonna kick my sister out of her bed just because I’m sleeping with her husband!”

My shocked look made her laugh. “Don’t be an idiot. She said she wanted to watch, so, I told her to come on up. I’m not into that girl-girl stuff, well, at least I don’t think I am.” She said with a wink.

I rolled out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Grab me a towel would you o’ brother-in-law of mine?”

“Sure thing, would you like a wet washcloth too?”

“That would be nice, but make sure it’s warm! I know all about you and your propensity for cold water!”

“Guilty as charged, my lady.”

I closed the bathroom door and headed for the toilet. Yes, I’m a guy, I locked the door. I like my privacy, even if I’m only peeing. I finished my business and got a towel and a warm, wet washcloth for Sammie. Just as I was about to reach for the handle on the door, there was a knock.

“Hey, get your ass out here and fuck my sister. You have a baby to make, mister!” I love my wife, but sometimes, her jokes are corny.

“Yes Mistress Sandra, I’ll be right out.” I said in my best falsetto voice. I walked out of the bathroom and found the two of them on the bed talking.

“Man, talk about pressure” I mockingly whined. “You ladies are gonna make me impotent with all your pressure.”

My wife laughed, “Yeah, right. You’re going to want to fuck till the day you die AND you’ll have the rock hard cock to prove it! Impotent my ass!”

“Your ass is impotent? I’ll have to work on that!” My jokes are just as bad.

I leaned over and kissed my wife. “How’d I do?”

Sandy smiled and patted my ass. “Sammie says you did fine. Filled her right up to the brim!” Sandy shocked Samantha by running a finger across her slit and then licking it clean. “Yep, that’s you alright!” Samantha looked at Sandy and Sandy smiled at her. “Damn, he tastes good!” She ran another finger across Sammie’s pussy. This time Sammie just closed her eyes.

“I better let the two of you get back to work. Don’t mind me, I’ll be sitting over here masturbating, watching you fuck.” Sandy walked over to the rocking chair we have in our bedroom and sat down. She started to play with her titties. I turned my attention back to Samantha.

“Ready for more Sammie?”

She nodded Escort Bayan Gaziantep her head and lay back on the bed. My come was still oozing out of her hole. I leaned down and kissed her pussy lips, tasting my come. I moved over her head and offered my cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth like a baby bird and sucked my cock in. Her warm tongue was running over the head of my dick, and I felt myself begin to rise. Maybe I’m not so old after all, I thought to myself. A couple of minutes later and I was ready for action.

I got between Sammie’s legs and lifted them up. Her pussy opened up like a flower. I could see droplets of my cum in her pussy hair. She wasn’t as hairy as Kathy but not as clean shaven as either Leslie or my wife. I pushed the head of my dick into her pussy. I watched her face as I pushed some more of my cock into her. She smiled and I groaned as my balls hit her ass. I could feel my sperm running out of her pussy and onto the bed. My balls were soaked with my come.

“That feel good?” Sammie asked with a grin.

“You know it,” I grunted it response. “Damn you’re full up girl. I didn’t think I had that much sperm left in me.”

I picked up the pace a bit and her pussy made squishy, sucking sounds as I pumped her a bit faster. I looked over at Sandy and she was busy working her fingers in and out of her cunt. I smiled at her but she was focused on where my cock and Sammie’s pussy met. I saw her lick her lips and then come. Her legs closed together and I watched her rub herself off. I looked down at Sammie and she was intently watching Sandy too.

“You want to watch her for a bit?” I asked.

Samantha hesitated for a moment before whispering, “Yes.”

I pulled out of Samantha’s soaked pussy and turned her to the side. She was now facing Sandy. I got behind Sammie and lifted her leg. I pushed my cock back into her pussy. Sammie’s eyes never left Sandy. I started to pump my beautiful, hot sister-in-law while we both watched my wife bring herself to another orgasm. I reached around and grabbed a tit and Sammie came too. This was too much. Here I was fucking my sister in law while my wife was five feet away frigging herself to another orgasm. I had an idea.

“Honey, oh honey!” Sandy lifted her head to meet my gaze. “Why don’t you get yourself a toy and have even more fun?”

My wife’s eyes lit up and she was out of the chair in a second. I continued to slowly pump Samantha’s pussy. She softly moaned from time to time as little orgasms overcame her. How could Tommy not want this every fucking night of his pitiful life? Jesus! His wife was fucking hot! What a loser!

Sandy quickly returned from the closet and sat back down in the chair. She had brought out my favorite dildo, the big, black one. 8″ long and very thick, Sandy loved to use this one while we fantasized about her working days. We’d fantasize that it was after work and her and the mailroom stud got in on in the conference room. They were soon joined by other staff and Sandy was the office gangbang girl after that.

Samantha and I watched as Sandy licked up and down the shaft of the dildo. I felt Samantha shudder a bit. In high school, she had wanted to date a black guy, but, her parents talked her out of it. I wonder if she was imagining it was “his” cock my wife was working on. Who knows? Maybe she wanted to suck on it too? She rocked her hips as she came again.

By this time, Sandy was starting to push that monster black cock into her pussy. It didn’t take too long until those black rubber balls hit her ass. Sandy had her head back and her legs were thrashing about. Her facial expressions showed she was deep in orgasm. She kept pumping that cock in and out of her pussy. I repositioned Sammie so that she was on her hands and knees, facing Sandy. I grabbed her hips and began to pound her pussy doggy style.

Sammie never took her eyes off of that big, black cock. Even as she came hard, her attention was focused on Sandy’s cunt and the black cock spreading Sandy’s lips. I rode her for all I was worth. When I slapped her ass, she went wild. I reached down and grabbed a tit with each hand. I palmed each of her tits and felt that sweet, warm Mother’s milk leaking out. I started a milking motion and Sammie lost it.

“Fucker! Fuck me with that big black cock. Make me cum. Milk me you mother fucker!”

I grabbed her nipples roughly and pulled down. I felt the milk spray over my fingers and onto the bed. She was leaking like crazy now. Her pussy contracted around my cock like a hand. Her foul mouth pushed me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum in your sweet pussy my slut!” I whispered that in her ear and she fell down onto the bed, trapping my hands under her. Her legs flailed wildly as I pumped my cum into her pussy.

“Oh God, yes. Fill me with your cum. I’m such a dirty slut. Fuck me brother. Fuck your sister into motherhood.”

I unleashed a second load into her pussy after hearing that. I looked up at my wife and she was sitting on that mother fucking black cock. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. She was mumbling and crying and shaking all at the same time. When she lowered her head, all I could see were the whites of her eyes. She soon collapsed in the chair.

My beloved sister-in-law was out too. I could hear her steady, labored breathing, so I moved off of her. She didn’t move. I massaged her back, ass and legs but she wasn’t moving. My cum was leaking out of her cunt and matting her pussy hair. I pushed a finger into her pussy and spread the cum over her asshole. I lubricated her asshole and started to finger fuck her ass. She pushed back against my finger and groaned. I continued to finger her asshole, stretching it, making it ready for that black cock that was filling my wife’s pussy.

I worked a second finger into her ass. She groaned louder this time. I scooped some more of my cum from her pussy and got her asshole nice and lubed. I looked over and noticed my wife had regained her senses. She was watching me finger her sister’s ass. I motioned for her to bring the dildo over to me. She had this devilish smile on her face.

Sandy positioned herself at the head of the bed. She motioned for me to turn Sammie around so that her face was close to Sandy’s pussy. I told Sammie she had to move and she turned right into Sandy’s cunt. She mumbled something softly, but I didn’t catch it. Sandy looked down at her sister and smiled.

“Sammie honey, would you like to taste this nice hard, black cock? Hmm, would you sweety. It’s right here in front of you.”

Samantha raised her head and moaned. My wife took that dildo and pushed it back into her pussy. She then removed it and held it out for Sammie to suck. Sammie just opened her mouth and took it in. Her asshole clenched around my fingers. I heard a grunt and watched as Sandy started to face fuck her sister with that black cock.

Sammie tried to open her mouth wider. I heard her suck in air whenever Sandy withdrew the dildo. Her asshole was now clenching my fingers in a nice steady rhytym. I replaced my two fingers, in her ass, with my thumb and then pushed my other fingers into Sammie’s cunt. The effect was immediate. Sammie let out a whoop and dove right down to the balls on the dildo. Her pussy was spasming wildly around my fingers and her asshole trapped my thumb. I looked up at my wife and she was pushing the dildo faster and deeper into Samantha’s mouth.

“Fuck her again.” My wife commanded.

I withdrew my thumb and fingers and spread Sammie’s legs from behind. Her pussy and asshole were contracting wildly. It was quite fun to watch. I rubbed my cock against her slit and pushed forward. I sank balls deep on the first push. Sammie continued to thrash about the bed. I motioned for Sandy to take the dildo out of Sammie’s mouth and to give it to me.

When Sandy took the dildo out of Sammie’s mouth, Sammie cried out, “No, I want to suck it. Please! It feels so good in my mouth.”

Sandy handed me the dildo, looked down at her sister and snarled, “You want something to suck? Suck my clit you filthy, little whore!”

Grabbing Sammie’s hair, Sandy pulled her face to her pussy. Sammie didn’t put up much of a fight and just starting licking and sucking at Sandy’s pussy for all she was worth. Sandy pressed her sister’s face against her cunt and moaned. She wasn’t going to last too much longer at this rate. I had to work fast.

I pulled my cock out of Samantha’s pussy. I replaced it with the black dildo. Sammie squirmed as the extra large cock made it’s way into her well worn cunt. Sandy continued to hold Sammie’s head against her slit. I worked that black dildo in and out of Sammie’s cunt until it was well lubricated. I pulled it out of Sammie. She moaned in frustration, until I pushed my cock back into her.

I looked up at my wife and she nodded her head yes. Using my left hand, I spread Sammie’s asscheeks. I think she knew what was coming because she tried to squirm away from me. Between my cock in her pussy, my weight on her legs and my lovely wife’s hands in her hair, poor Sammie wasn’t going anywhere. I took that nice, thick, black dildo and started to push it into Sammie’s sexy ass.

She tensed up right away, but I was persistent. First, the head popped past the anal muscle ring. I let her asshole adjust to the thickness. I continued to pump her pussy. Sandy let go of Sammie’s hair and let her adjust her pace accordingly. Sammie would whimper every now and then, but she was really busy sucking her sister’s clit. My wife lifted her legs and allowed Sammie room to play. I watched enthralled as Sammie now worked my wife’s asshole with her tongue.

I pushed the dildo in some more and Sammie groaned. Sammie replaced her tongue with a finger up Sandy’s ass. Sammie began to lick and suck on Sandy’s clit. Sandy’s eyes rolled back into her head again and she came. Sammie just kept sucking on Sandy’s clit. Sandy let out a low moan and dropped her legs. She lovingly caressed Sammie’s hair. I looked down and noticed that the dildo was buried in Sammie’s ass.

As I stroked my cock in and out of Sammie’s pussy, I started to stroke her ass with the dildo. She was uncomfortable at first, but, after a few minutes, she was actually pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts. I looked at my wife and gave her a smile. I mouthed to her, “One more switch. Sit on her face when I flip her” Sandy nodded her head that she understood and we went for the switch.

I pulled out of Sammie’s pussy, much to her dismay. Sandy also pulled her face from her cunt and we quickly rolled Sammie onto her back. The dildo was now pressed firmly into her ass and prevented from coming out by the bed. I moved between Sammie’s legs and pushed my cock back into her. She came immediately. Sandy then spread her legs over Sammie’s head and sat down. There was a muffled moan and then Sandy began to hump her sister’s face.

I maneuvered myself so that I could suck on Sandy’s tits while still fucking Sammie. My wife was moaning and grinding her hips around her sister’s face. I started to pump Sammie’s pussy faster and faster. I wasn’t able to hold out any longer and pumped another load of my cum into her cunt. I felt Sammie stiffen below me, signaling her orgasm. My wife rolled off of Samantha’s face and collasped on the bed. I leaned down and sucked some more milk from my sister-in-law’s titties. I too rolled off of Samantha. I removed the dildo from her ass and cleaned it off in the bathroom. I then used it to stuff her cunt to prevent my sperm from escaping their destiny.

I looked over at Sandy and Samantha. They looked so cute sleeping together on the bed. I lay down on the floor and feel asleep quickly. I secretly hoped my seed wouldn’t take, so we could do this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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