And, So It Goes Ch. 02

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And next . . . .

This story follows on from “And then . . . . “, which features the first meeting of a highly sexual couple who live 5000 miles apart. Their respective partners are aware of the attraction, and have encouraged them to meet. This chapter follows on from their first time together in Tucson, Arizona, and the shower afterwards to clean up . . . .

Looking over your shoulder at me you winked, and said,

“I think it’s time to take this out honey ……… do you want to do the honours?”

If ever I’d heard a superfluous question in my life, that was way beyond it! I had dreamt for, oh, years now about doing exactly that; ever since I had seen the first photo of your plugged asshole on the forum where I had first “met” you. I’d had waking and sleeping dreams of taking the plug from your sweet hole and replacing it immediately with my throbbing cock, then filling your ass with my thick spunk.

The vision before me was at least as sexy in real life as it had been in all those photos, now enhanced with the added pleasure of our mingled juices lingering on my tongue; and, too, the beautifully artistic tattoos that had been added since my very first sight of you, stretching across your lower back from hip to hip in an explosion of vibrant red flower and charcoal black curlicues and whorls. My sleeping member twitched noticeably in reaction to the glorious sight before me, and I quickly knelt behind you and stroked your firm buttocks beneath my hands, sliding easily over your soft, smooth skin as I kneaded the fleshy globes.

When I pushed your nether cheeks together, the resulting pressure drew a low moan of pleasure from you, albeit slightly muffled due to the position you had adopted on the bed. Spreading my hands apart to view the bright pink disc filling your ass also revealed the darker pink of your sweet kitty, a light sheen of moisture already visible despite our very recent cleaning and drying from the shower. I ran the tip of a finger up and down the groove of your cunt, the plump labia parting under the gentle force and causing further shudders through your body as my finger eased inside you.

I relented then, withdrawing my finger and sucking your taste from my wet digit while my left hand reached out and took hold of the plug base protruding from the deep cleft of your ass, tugging gently on the slick silicone cone buried inside you. Your tight anus refused to let go of its’ hold on the bulb filling it, and the plug slipped back inside to where it had been seconds before. I pulled again, with the same result, then again but deliberately letting go so the plug was imparting a tiny fucking motion to your darkest hole.

It seemed to me that you were enjoying the sensations my movements had resulted in; at least, you were if the sudden increase in cunt juice evident on your mound and trimmed bush was any sort of guide at all! I was becoming extremely keen to view your most intimate place unimpeded though and, changing the position of my fingers slightly, grasped the base of the plug firmly and slowly withdrew the whole thing from your ass. The widest part of the plug bulb appeared first, roughly an inch and a half across, and I was almost mesmerised as I watched your sphincter slowly iris closed around the taper as it exited your hole.

I lifted the plug to my nose, smelling the odour of you that was at once slightly musky and highly arousing, encouraging me even further towards savouring your taste at its’ source. With a quick lick of the plug (for context, as I told myself!) I tossed it on to the bed and bent my head down to your nether regions; the length of your legs coupled with your position on the bed meaning I didn’t have to bend very far for my mouth and tongue to be able to reach your dark flower. Using my spread hands to once again open your glorious buttocks wide apart, my pursed lips descended until they met the tangy pucker of your anus for the very first time.

Now, some might say oral contact with someone else’s anal area is disgusting or, indeed, some will definitely insist it’s is unhygienic in the extreme and would never, ever contemplate going anywhere even remotely near it with their mouths; many people would never contemplate it at all with any part of themselves.

But, no issues here; I had no hesitation in opening my mouth wide to cover your anal area as much as I could with my mouth, forming a seal over your buttock flesh with my lips while my tongue arrowed straight for the crinkled pucker of your anus, the tip of my oral digit probing the delicate folds of your anal cavity.

The taste and feel of your most intimate orifice blew my mind; a musky yet clean flavour assaulted my taste buds, the tiny folds of flesh opening like the flower petals they resembled as my tongue continued its’ invasion of your hidden core.

“Oohhh, Toooomm!” I heard my name as a long moan from somewhere in front of me, and felt your hips pressing canlı bahis back against my face as you silently pleaded for me to push my tongue further inside you. I did my absolute best to comply; delving into your interior as far as was possible, aided by the recent evacuation of the space by the invading butt plug, my tongue was soon fully extended and filling the sensuously dirty, yet squeaky-clean, orifice in front of me.

I felt your right hand cover mine, the pressure you exerted keeping your round buttocks fully spread for me. I knew without you speaking what you wanted, and slid my own right hand from your ass cheek, down and round your wide thigh until I reached your sopping wet cunt. I turned my hand so my thumb was pointing upwards, allowing that digit to easily enter the slick gash immediately beneath my chin. This then allowed my fingers to easily cup your mons and ‘wiggle’ my thumb inside your love tunnel to coat it with your secretions. I took the opportunity to force the base of my thumb against the protruding button of your clit, making tiny movements against it which resulted in more loud moans from you and a renewed pushing of your hips against my ministrations caused my tongue to slip an extra millimetre inside your now slick anus.

I allowed several minutes of this to pass; exerting a constantly changing pressure on your engorged clitoris as I orally fucked your ass, becoming very aware that my earlier exhausted penis was once again restored to a state of full, thick hardness and of the burgeoning desire I had to fill your ass with that instead of my tongue, despite how much we both appeared to be loving what I was doing to you with it!

Giving one last firm rub on your button I slowly eased my thumb from your reluctant pussy, noting as I did just how wet my palm had become from the juices that had seeped from you over the past minutes. I placed my hand back on your ass, covering your hand momentarily until you moved it away, knowing what I was about to do and keen for me to do it. One last probe of your rear entrance with my tongue and I straightened onto my knees, my rock-hard prick standing proudly before me and arrowing towards your sodden cunt and slightly gaping asshole.

And next . . . .

I saw your hand disappear underneath a pillow and re-emerge holding a small bottle. Holding it towards me you murmured,

“Use this sweetie – it’ll make things a lot easier for both of us!”

Looking at the bottle it took a second or two to realise it was a bottle of SuperLube; I’ve used similar stuff before of course, but, it being American, this particular brand was unfamiliar to me at first glance.

It didn’t matter at this exact moment though, as I wanted to feel the tight slickness of your pussy round my cock again. I pushed down slightly on my rigid member and lined it up with your warm entrance, easing inside you slowly, easily, filling your pussy with my hot flesh. Once I felt my scrotum touching your clit I stopped pushing, stopped moving altogether, all the better to enjoy the feeling of your educated pussy muscles squeeze my shaft. The sight of your plump cunt lips stretched around my cock was exhilarating to me; the eroticism enhanced even further by the vision of your dark knot nestled in the widespread cleft of your buttocks. I quickly twisted the top off the tiny bottle of lube, and one, two, three drops of slippery liquid fell on to the very centre of your asshole.

I lightly touched you there with my thumb, minute circular motions rubbing the oil into your flesh and a shiver of lust rippling through your body with every movement of my digit. A slight rearward thrust of your hips was enough to let me know you wanted more, and I let the tip of my thumb gently ease inside your tight ring, the insertion easier than I expected thanks to the incredibly slippery lube I had just spread around. This first time I allowed my thumb to enter only as far as the first knuckle; even so, I was still able to feel the shaft of my cock through the thin wall between your pussy and ass. One or two small thrusts later and my whole thumb was buried inside your hole, which I stopped moving to concentrate fully on filling your cunt with my hardness.

Somehow, even though we’d already enjoyed a wonderful First Time together, this was even hotter and more arousing to me; and, it seemed from your loud moans and constantly moving hips, for you too. The angle of your torso, plus your widely-spread thighs, allowed your pussy to be at exactly the right height for me to slide effortlessly in and out of you, while at the same time also making it easy for me to start moving my thumb in tiny waving motions, feeling your anal muscles tighten around the digit every time it moved. I was thoroughly enjoying plundering your tight cunt once again, which had led to me forgetting for a moment or two what I had begun to do; this led shortly after to a groaning comment from you,

“I’m loving this bahis siteleri darlin’, I hope you know” you said, “but I really want you to fuck my ass. Really, really want it …..”

Never let it be said that I ignored a lady’s wish, especially one who was essentially demanding I do something most guys would give their eye teeth for. Withdrawing both my reluctant cock and buried thumb from their respective cavities I took the small bottle of SuperLube and dripped some more drops on my twitching penis, with a few extra ones onto the dark rosebud of your anus for good measure. I spread the lube around the head and shaft of my cock, ensuring it was a slippery as it could possibly be and, grasping your full hips in my hands to ease them slightly down towards the mattress, I placed the tip of my re-energised penis at the centre of your beautiful rosebud.

“You go when you’re ready hon,” I spoke gently, but knew you could hear me, “I’m ready any time you like.”

I’ve found over the years (for those who have never tried anal sex, pay heed!) it’s always best to let the woman (or guy, I suppose; no discrimination here!) make the first move. That virtually rules out any injury being done to either party, plus no claims later of ‘You made me do it’ as happened to me once. But I digress.

You wasted no time at all in showing me in no uncertain terms that you were, indeed, more than ready. Reaching back over you hip you pressed your fingers down on my shaft while simultaneously easing back against me, gasping as the thick glans pushed against the resistance of your anal sphincter. I resisted, somehow, the strong urge to thrust forwards, allowing you to pause, move and pause again until the whole head of my cock was inside your anus.

“Oooh, Tom, baby – that feels amazing!” you sighed loudly as your head fell forward onto the covers, pushing back again on my cock which caused another inch of me to disappear between your sweet, spread buttocks.

The sensations around my prick were astoundingly sensuous, even though only about half of me was yet inside you. You were alternately squeezing and relaxing your internal sphincter muscles, which was causing very erotic sensations to my solid length, and I realised during one of your pauses that one arm had slipped underneath your torso to allow at least two fingers to fill your slick pussy; I knew this as I could feel them on the underside of my shaft as you wiggled your fingers deep inside.

You chose this moment to slip forwards again, until only the head of my cock remained inside your no longer unused hole, before sliding back on me to a point where well over five of my seven or so inches of hard penis crammed inside your tight canal. The lube was doing its job wonderfully well, as I could feel no sense of discomfort or roughness and nor did you seem to be either, which pleased me immensely.

Again you pulled forward, again leaving only the tip of my throbbing pole in your ass, again pushing back against me until, this time, I completely filled you up, my balls squashing against the back of the fingers you were still sawing in and out of your hot cunt. In an epitome of multi-tasking, you were also still squeezing and relaxing your anal muscles around my cock, causing the most exquisite sensations to course through my flesh and, as I looked down at your sweet face, I could see your other hand now had hold of your heavy left breast and was squeezing and nipping at the soft flesh, the nipple a deep red thimble protruding from the creamy mound between your fingers.

And next . . . .

You began to move very slightly and slowly back while it may have looked to any onlooker as if I was fucking your ass, in fact it was your ass that was fucking me! For a few minutes that’s all you wanted, to feel the fullness of my penis stretching your asshole wide, and the slight pressure as you slid up and down my length. You still had two fingers deep inside your pussy too, and it felt to me as if you were striving to find your G-spot; I hoped that you would do so, and was already eagerly anticipating a huge gush of luscious female cum when you finally reached the orgasm you so clearly desired – and deserved.

I took it upon myself at this point to add a few more drops of SuperLube to the proceedings to prevent any dryness occurring, as I knew from past experience just how uncomfortable – if not downright painful – that could be for both parties. Leaning down to pick the bottle up from the bed meant my prick pulled almost halfway out, making it easier to apply the lube to a greater portion of shaft than I’d anticipated. It also meant that it slid back in easily too, and a bit quicker than I had expected. This provoked a long, loud moan from you as my pubic bone smacked against your butt cleft, and from me as I watched your ass and back shudder from the impact. This served also to inflame me somewhat, as one of the sexiest sights ever (in my humble opinion at least) bahis şirketleri is the quivers I can induce in the body of the woman I’m with as I give her my all.

I started then to slowly move in a thrusting motion with my hips, my thick member sliding in and out of your tightness with gradually increasing force until within a couple of minutes I was fucking your ass almost as firmly as I had your pussy earlier on. I had remembered you telling me in one of our many emails on the subject that you weren’t a fan of rough or especially vigorous anal sex, but then also remembered you had been referring to the handful of times you’d tried D.P.’s with a relatively inexperienced second male. Even if I was wrong about that aspect, at this point in time you certainly weren’t objecting; if anything, your own hip movements were resulting in quite hard, full penetration by me, the entire length of my cock filling your back passage with every thrust.

All too soon I could feel the slight tightening in my groin that signalled my orgasm was approaching, the slight change in rhythm (and noise from me too I suspect) somehow alerting you to that fact through the sexual stupor that seemed to have enveloped you. I could feel you pick up the tempo of your fingers deep inside your cunt, the feel of fingers and knuckles almost frantic as you strove to wring out the biggest orgasm you could manage. I was really pounding your stretched-out rosebud now, what felt like three fingers in your pussy and your other hand now gripping tightly on to the sheet beneath us, having abandoned your boob and nipple for the time being. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm began, the tightness of your ass meaning I could feel the stream of cum as it rose through the length of my slick shaft.

With a loud groan accompanying one last, deep thrust into your tight hole I erupted, feeling my sperm leaving the end of my cock to coat the insides of your full, round ass, feeling your internal muscles grabbing on to my pulsating shaft even as your own orgasm exploded through your body. I could feel your fingers deep inside your cunt as my hips thrust forward again and again, depositing further globules of hot jism in your lusciously tight ass, the sensation of your fingers against my cock through the thin membrane separating your two heavenly holes sending shock waves of lust into my brain.

I stopped thrusting in to you as your body fell forward onto the bed, as the pressure of your inner muscles on my glans was suddenly almost too painful to bear now I’d finished ejaculating for the second time in as many hours! It made little difference to your continuing rush of orgasms though, as I could feel the shudders against the front of my body where it touched yours as we lay on top of your bed and the continuing spasm of the muscles still clamped around my still semi-hard cock. Eventually though, I could feel the last minor tremor leave your body as you slowly withdrew your fingers from your now-soaking pussy. You reached your hand over you shoulder so your fingers found my mouth, and I ravenously sucked your juice-covered digits deep into my mouth, savouring the sweet flavour of you on my tongue.

Once I had cleansed your fingers of your intoxicating and delicious juices, I released them from their captivity and proceeded to kiss you gently on the back of your ear, along the back of your neck until I reached the top of your spine. My lips and tongue followed the ridge of your backbone downwards, kissing and licking skin salty with the sweat of our recent exertions, bending my torso forwards while pressing my groin tightly against your full buttocks as I tried to keep my now flaccid penis inside you for as long as possible.

And next . . . .

My mouth had now reached a level just below your shoulder blades, and it was now impossible to keep my cock from slipping out of your slick asshole. I let it fall out and away from your flesh as I slipped down to lie half on my right side, watching intently now as your gorgeous dark star slowly began to close up from its recent forced expansion. As it did so, I was very tempted to lean down and lick my cum from your ass as I had done from your sweet pussy not long before; however, although I could see the white cream inside, your sphincter muscles were so well toned that your rear orifice was once again a tight, dark knot of flesh which prevented me from accessing the fluid of mine that was still inside you.

I had regained my composure sufficiently to be able to speak with some level of coherence now.

“Sweetie,” I began, “you seriously have one hell of a tight arse – I haven’t cum as quickly as that for a second time for years!”

“Well, Tom,” you answered, somewhat breathless still, “it’s been a while since anyone fucked me twice so closely together, never mind made me come quite so many times! I think I’m gonna be a bit sore later, but it was worth it!”

“I know what you were thinking just now,” you went on, moving to lie on your side, facing me, head cocked onto your supporting hand, your full breasts squashing one against the other as you did so, “that you want to lick your cum out of me again, don’t you?”

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