Andy’s Changes Ch. 2

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I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and better than I have in the past few weeks. Swinging my legs out of bed I sat up. I was thinking clearer, so it seemed. It must be the pills the doctor gave me. I stood up and walked to the washroom. I ran a hot shower and stepped in. The water felt so good as I let the water fall over me. I was actually feeling good about myself. I was in love. Rinsing off, I stood back in front of the mirror brushing my teeth. I smiled slightly as my tits jiggled back and forth. They seemed to be a little fuller. After brushing my hair out, I applied just a small amount of make-up and sprayed just a light amount of perfume over my body. Opening the cabinet, I took out my pills. I laughed as I took a birth control pill from its container. I swallowed back the pills and put my robe on and walked back to my bedroom.

Opening my closet I took out a short soft summer dress. I laid it on the bed and went to my dresser and took out my bra and panties. I pulled my panties up my legs and wiggle my butt in them. My cock had shrunk to that of eight year olds. I slipped my bra on, it felt so good to have my tits supported but the bra seemed to be a little tight. I pushed them in the cups and adjusted them just so. I walked over to my bed and picked up my dress and lifted it up over my head and let it fall over me. I pinched the sides of the dress and pulled it down and smoothed it out. I looked in the mirror and turned this way and that. I wanted to look nice for Glen today. I pulled my hair back and placed a big hair clip holding it. I walked out of the bedroom quietly and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I loved this house as I looked out the window over the sink. I felt so relaxed and safe here. It was really home. The whistle of the kettle woke me from a daydream. I shook my head a little and made myself a coffee and sat down in the living room. I was glad the place was furnished when I bought it. I looked around the room and wanted to change this and that. I wanted to put my own little touches to the place.

“Nancy!” Glen shouted from his room.

“Yes Glen?” I looked towards his room.

“Come here for a second will you?”

I slowly got up. I didn’t really want to go there. I knew Mia was there and I had mixed feelings about that. I wasn’t sure if I should be mad or what. I blushed thinking how I came as she fucked me. Why did I get off that way? It was so long since I even had a hard on and here she fucks me and I came without even touching myself.

I knocked lightly on the door.

“Come in Nancy.” Glen said.

I opened the door and peered in first. I didn’t see Mia.Glen was lying in bed with his hands behind his head. The covers were pulled up to his waist.

“Where’s Mia.”I looked at Glen in wonderment.

“She left last night after she fucked your little ass.” Glen smiled as he said that. I blushed as I walked further in the room.

“But I thought she was going to be staying here and I was to start calling her Miss Mia and all of that..”

Glen started to laugh loud.” You’re such a scatter brain. We were just pulling your leg. What an idiot you are…”

I looked towards the ground as I felt like such a fool to be taken in like that.

“Look up Nancy, I hate when you hold your head down. I always want you to look at me. Do you understand?”

I slowly looked up at him. I nodded yes to him.

“Nancy, I need your help.” Glen said as he pulled the covers off of him. His cock waved in the air. It looked so majestic swaying there.

I have one of these morning hard ons, you remember them don’t you Nancy? Suck me off will you? Do that for me Nancy.

Glen kept twitching his cock.I looked at him then his cock again. I don’t even know why he asked me. I had to do as he said to keep him looking after me.

I walked to the side of his bed and placed my fingers around his cock.He twitched it a couple of more times. It felt so strong and hard in my little hand.

“Take that dress off. I don’t want you to get it all wrinkled.”

I pulled my dress off and layed it over the chair.

“My ..My..Havn’t we gotten beautiful. Look at those tits and that ass,, your really sexy looking Nancy.”

Glen was smiling as his eyes traveled up and down my body. I felt a little strange having him looking at me. I know I was blushing.

“Well come on!, times a wasting, suck my cock.I know you want to anyways.”

Pulling off my bra, I walked to the end of the bed and slid onto the bed. I moved his legs apart and laid between them with my face inches away from his cock.He was watching me as I lifted his cock against his stomach and kissed his full balls.

“That’s my girl, learn to cherish what they hold for you Nancy. You know you want what I can give you.”

My fingers played with the tip of his cock as I licked and swirled my tongue along his balls. I pulled them with my lips softly. His hand slid down to my head and he played with my hair. My tongue travel up his shaft, licking up one side then the other, till I got to the head bayburt escort of his cock. I opened my mouth slightly and covered just the head of his cock with my lips and sucked on it softly. He moaned as my tongue flicked around the rim before I took him into my mouth. His hand tighten in my hair as I slid his hard cock deep in my mouth till my nose nestle against his hair. I felt pressure on my head as he held me there. I softly slid my hands up along his thighs, then up to his chest. His other hand came down and grabbed the clip in my hair. He started to lift my head up and down his cock. It felt like my hair was being pulled out.

“ARRRGGGGGG!!..Your mouth is so hot Nancy.” Glen said as he jammed his cock in and out of my mouth.

His legs locked around my back holding me into him. My hands were caressing his chest as he held me down deep on his cock.He ground his hips tight against my mouth. His cock twitched a couple of times, he clenched my hair and shot his cum deep down my throat. Glens head fell back against his pillow as I swallowed his cum.He moved my head up and down his cock a few more times. I flattened my tongue against his shaft and pressed it causing some more cum in my mouth.

“What a cocksucker you turned out to be Nancy. You really know how to get all the cum out don’t you?”

My eyes looked into his as I popped his cock out of my mouth. I brought my hands down and slid them up and down his wet cock.Playing with it gently.

“Well I got to get going Nancy.” Glen said as he took his legs off of my back and pushed me away.

“Where are you going Glen?”

“I have some things I have to do for you. I have to see when your next photo shoot is.”

“Shouldn’t I go too Glen? Maybe I should know what I’ll be doing next.”

“I want you to stay here and clean and get some things done around here. The place is a mess. I’ll see Bob and find out for you.”

“Yes, ok Glen. I guess so.”

I watched as Glen walked to the washroom to take a shower. I got up from his bed feeling a little used and put my bra back on. I picked up my dress and pulled it over my head. Looking around his room, I started to pick up his clothes he had laying around. Why did I have to do this? I really wanted to go with Glen to see what Bob had to say. I was getting a little mad as I moved around the house picking up little things here and there. I really wanted to go.

Glen came walking out of his room.

“Ok Nancy, I’ll be back later.”

I didn’t even look at him or say anything. I just kept busy moving things in the cupboard of the kitchen.

“I said I’ll be back later Nancy!”

“Fine.” I was so mad at him.

“What’s your problem?”

“Nothing, go out and have a good time. Tell Bob I said hi.”

I heard Glen walking up behind me. He grabbed my arm and swung me around.

“Don’t you dare give me attitude you little bitch.”Glen squeezed my arm.

“If I want you to stay here and clean then that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Right Nancy!!??

He was scaring me. I don’t even know why I acted like I did.

“Yes Glen. I’m sorry, please let go of my arm.” I tried to pull my arm free.

“Never mind this sorry shit all the time. I think its time you learn to behave properly. I’m getting sick of this with you all the time.”

Glen roughly pulled me to the kitchen table and bent me over it. He kept squeezing my arm hard as he lifted my dress over my ass. He had me pushed so far over the table that my feet barly touched the ground.

“You really need this Nancy. You’re going to have to learn not to question or whine every time I tell you what to do.”

With that he swung his hand high in the air and came down slapping my ass. I yelp. I started to thrash under him. I kept kicking my feet up but he just squeezed and held me tighter against the table.

“Hold still” Glen yelled as he came down with another smack.

He started to get into a regular rhythm as he spanked my ass..I cried evertime his hand hit me.

“Do you promise to behave Nancy?”

“Yes Glen, I promise.” I sobbed.

He pulled me up to my feet. I instantly rubbed my ass.It was so sore.

“Ok, I got to get going. Now get this placed cleaned up by time I get home.”

Tears were still running down my cheek as he walked to the door. I pulled my dress back down and followed him. He opened the door.

“I’m sorry Glen. I really am. I don’t know why I acted that way.”

I felt I had to say something. I didn’t want him to go out angry. It was all my fault.

He just turned and looked at me and walked away. I felt so hurt. I slowly shut the door and sat down and had a good cry. I dabbed my eyes with a tissue and got up. I had lots to do. I finished gathering up his clothes and mine and took them to the laundry room. Loading up his clothes first I started the machine. I pulled out the vacume cleaner and did all the rooms. I never realized how much work there was too do. After a few hours I finally finished everything. I was proud of myself. The place bayburt escort bayan looked really good. I wanted to move the furniture around but the couch was just too heavy for me to move. I’ll have to ask Glen to move a few things for me.

I heard the car pull up in the drive. I was so happy that Glen was home. I went to the door and opened it for him. Glen came walking up the drive with another guy with him. He was a tall handsome guy with huge muscles.

“Hi Nancy, this is Eddy. He’s coming over to watch the game tonight. I told him you would fix us some dinner.”

“Hi Nancy nice to meet you.” Eddy smiled at me and gave me a wink.

He held his hand out and I shook it. They walked past me and sat right down on front of the TV.

“Get us a couple of beers will you Nancy?”

“Yes Glen.” I smiled as I walked past them.

I wished Glen would have called earlier. I need to change. I must look terrible after cleaning all day. I grabbed two beers and walked out to them. They were talking about the football game. I sat the beers down on the coffee table and walked to the bathroom. The guys didn’t even notice I put the beers down. I took off my clothes and hopped in the shower. I could hear Eddy and Glen laughing and playfully arguing about the game. I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around me and snuck down the hall to my bedroom. I closed the door and sat down to do my make-up. I don’t know why, but I felt wanted to be nice looking since Glen brought home his friend. I wanted Glen to be proud of me tonight.

I opened my closet. I still didn’t have much to choose from. Bob had given Glen some clothes for me. He said I could buy them on consignment. Whatever that meant. I pulled out a red skirt. It looked so nice as I held it against me. I laid it down on the bed and pulled out a black blouse. It had a nice scoop neckline to it and very sheer. I put on some black pantyhose; I felt I didn’t need panties with them on. I had a black lace underwire bra that I put on. It held my tits up and together. I sat down and blow dried my hair. I fluffed it up. I liked how my hair looked, as I comb it back behind my ears letting it fall softly on my shoulders. I put my make-up on and curled my eyelashes. I got up and dressed and looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. Glen would be so proud of me in front of his friend.

“You guys want another beer?” I asked as I strolled in the room.

The guys kept talking as I bent over and picked up the empty bottles.

“Yea, we’ll take a couple more.” Glen said not even looking at me.” And when is dinner?”

I banged the bottles together a little to get their attention. They both looked up at me while I was still bent over.

Eddy’s eyes almost fell out of his head as he looked at my tits spilling out of my top. Glen just smiled at me as I smiled back at him. I stood back up.

“I’ll be right back with your beers and I’ll get you guys something to eat.” I walked out to the kitchen making sure I moved my hips just a little more. I knew they were looking at my ass.I felt so sexy as I reached for a couple of beers out of the refrigerator.

I walked back out to them holding the beers in each hand.

“You guys have to open your own bottles. I can’t twist the caps off.”

I handed Eddy his beer and he quickly twisted the cap off. Glen did the same.

“Why don’t you get a beer for yourself and join us.” Eddy said as he patted the couch cushion next to him.

“I will in a bit Eddy. I’m just going to make you guys something to eat. I know Glen is hungry and you must be too.”

I walked back out to the kitchen and made up a bunch of sandwiches. I put some chips and pretzels in a bowl. I carried the tray out to the guys and sat it down in front of them. They both reached out and started to eat. I sort of stood there watching the guys. I wanted to be asked to stay with them again. I didn’t want to intrude on them.

“So you going to sit down or stand there all night Nancy?” Glen said as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

I sat down across from them in a chair and crossed my legs.

“You not going to eat Nancy?” Eddy asked looking at my legs then at my eyes.

“No thanks Eddy. I’m not really hungry.”

Glen spoke up.” She’s been on a diet of some sort Eddy. She still needs to lose a little more weight but she’s coming along.”

I couldn’t believe Glen just said that about me in front of Eddy. I didn’t think I was fat. I thought I looked good. I nonchalantly dropped my hand to my side as I listen to them talk and eat. I ran my hand along my sides to see if I was fat. That was really bothering me. I felt a little soft roll, but that’s because of the way I was sitting I told myself.

“How about a couple more beers Nancy” Glen said as he grabbed a handful of pretzels.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“Grab yourself one as well.” Eddy called out.

I got three bottles of beer and walked out to them. Eddy sort of scooted over so that there was room next to him and escort bayburt Glen. I handed them their beers and sat down between them. I was holding my beer in my hand.

“You need me to open that for you Nancy.” Eddy asked reaching over and taking it out of my hands. He twisted the cap off and handed it back to me.” So what do you think about the game tonight Nancy? Who’s going to win?

I tried to think…I use to know so much about football. Glen and I never missed a game on t.v.We knew all the stats of all the players….I was pulling up blank.

“Come on Nancy, tell us who you think is going to win.” Glen was edging me on to answer.

I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t even know who was playing. And the funny thing about it. I didn’t even care. I wasn’t even interested in the game.

“I’ll leave it to you guys to decide who wins or looses. I’ll just sit here and listen.” I was hoping that would stop them from asking me about the game.

Eddy reached around and gave me a playful hug on my shoulder.”That’s my kind of girl. Never taking sides.”

I looked at Eddy and smiled.

We had about thirty minutes before the game when Eddy pulled out a little baggy from his pants. It had a white powder in it.

“You guys care for a little pick me up before the game?” Eddy asked as he put some out on the coffee table.

“I’ll take some.” Glen quickly said.

“None for me Eddy. Thanks anyways.”I was nervous. I didn’t and never have taken drugs. I really didn’t want that stuff in my house.

“Come on Nancy, it won’t hurt you. I promise.” Eddy said as he divided little lines of the powder on the table.

“Go ahead Nancy.” Glen said as he nudges me.

Eddy handed me a rolled up twenty dollar bill. I hesitantly took it from him.

“What am I suppose to do with this?” I held it up in my fingers looking at Eddy.

“Just put it to your nose and suck up the line.” Eddy almost laughed at me. Acting as if everybody knew how to do it.

I bent over and put the bill to my nose. I sniffed up the powder into my nose. I could feel it burn. I was coughing as I pinched my nose with my fingers. I was embarrassed as I was trying to stop from sneezing and making a fool out of myself.

“That’s it Nancy. That wasn’t so hard was it?”

I handed Glen the twenty dollar roll as I sat back against the couch. I kept sniffling as Glen did his line and handed the bill to Eddy. They didn’t have any trouble doing it.

I was waiting for something to happen. I didn’t really know what to expect. I kept looking at Glen and Eddy.

“What’s the matter Nancy?” Eddy asked

“What’s suppose to happen?” I asked him innocently.

“You’re not feeling anything Nancy? maybe you should have a little more. Sometimes the first one doesn’t really work on first timers.” Eddy said as if he was an expert.

I looked at Glen and he just shrugged his shoulders.

“I guess so Eddy, if you think its ok…I’m a little worried though.”

“Don’t worry Nancy, I’ll just give you a little more”

Eddy leaned forward and poured a little more out of his baggy.

I looked at Glen and he just shrugged his shoulders and went back to watching TV. I watched as Eddy took a razor blade and chopped the powder. I didn’t want to do this. I don’t do drugs and this was scaring me to death.

“There you go Nancy” Eddy said as he smiled at me and handed me the rolled up twenty.

As I leaned forward Eddy placed his hand on my back as if to guide me to the table. I sniffed up the line and sat up and I daintily held my finger under my nose so I wouldn’t sneeze.

Eddy was patting and rubbed me lightly on my back.

“That’s a girl, I knew you could do it. Just takes a little practice.

I looked up at him and smiled.” Thanks Eddy.” I smiled as Eddy put his arm around my shoulder as I sat back in the couch.

My hair felt like it was standing on end. I kept looking up at Glen and Eddy. They were both staring at the game .I found the game so boring as I crossed my legs and twirled my hair. I felt so alive and I couldn’t handle sitting there anymore. My skin tingled as I felt Eddy’s fingers touching my shoulder. My nipples were getting hard.

I lean forward and stood up fast. I had to do something.

“Where are you going Nancy?” Eddy said.

“I have to do something; I can’t handle sitting any longer.” I picked up the bottles sitting on the coffee table.

“Well if you want to do something, why not make yourself useful and grab us a couple more beers “Glen said straight forward.

“Sure Glen.” I said as I walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. I bent over and looked to the bottom shelf. There was only one beer left as I pulled it out. I stood up and shut the door.

I stood there for a second as I realized how high I was. I never felt this way before. I felt so alive my skin was tingly all over…I was so happy.

I walked out to the living room and held the beer up high in the air wiggling it.

“Last beer!!..Who wants it?”…I was smiling as the guys both turned and looked up at me.

“Don’t tell me that Nancy “Glen said as he got up and was walking up to me.

“Why in the hell didn’t you say something earlier you stupid bimbo, you must of knew we were getting low. Jesus Nancy, you can be a real airhead sometimes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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