Angel in Bed

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The two girls stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, stark naked and laughing as they kissed each other tenderly.

“Mmm, you know I’ll have to pay you back for that now, right?” The slender blonde smiled mischievously as she kissed her partner deeply, their full lips pressing together.

“I was counting on it, darling. Your payback is always wonderful.” The muscular redhead flipped her long soaked hair over her shoulder before leaning in for another kiss, gently brushing their lips together.

Angel grinned, her pale, almost iridescent blonde hair gleaming as she wordlessly pushed her partner backwards, kissing her deeply, tongue slipping between Kat’s lips as they embraced, only stopping when they fell onto the bed, both of them flushed and panting.

“Now, darling… now I get to do what I promised last night. Kiss you all over, and then eat you out until you beg for mercy.” Angel smiled wickedly, nuzzling her lover’s neck as her hands slid up Kat’s slick, naked body, fingertips barely touching her smooth skin.

“Oh… shit.” Kat arched up against Angel, pressing their two bodies together as her entire body quivered with thoughts of what was to come. Namely, herself.

“Mm-hmm. Now just relax, love. Angel’s gonna make it all better.” She chuckled softly, her hands sliding across her lovers muscled torso, teasing the underside of her breasts with her fingertips as she slowly and deliberately slid her tongue along Kat’s neck, wiggling it slightly, in just the way to make her lover squirm.

Kat whimpered, shifting slightly underneath Angel’s relentless tongue, gasping marmaris escort and moaning when she felt delicate fingertips brushing across her nipples, not enough for any sort of fulfillment, just enough to tease them to aching, hard erectness, hard and smooth as pebbles as that talented tongue and lips and mouth moved over her neck, up and down, sucking on her pulse, swirling over the hollow of her throat, nibbling on her earlobe.

Angel laughed softly as she reached her partner’s ear, her voice dropping to a low, husky register as she leaned in very close. “Do you want me, love? Do you want me to break all this wonderful tension that you have? I can feel you quivering… aching for release already. Do you want it?” Her lips curved into an unseen grin as she pressed the palms of her hands against Kat’s hard nipples, rotating them slightly, just enough to illicit another moan from her partners mouth.

“Oh god… yesss…” Kat was nearly incoherent already, the delicate touches and slow teasing driving her mad, her patience never much to begin with as she felt Angel beginning to kiss along her shoulder, licking up the moisture from the shower, as she squirmed involuntarily.

“Hmmm… I did say that I’d kiss you all over before I ate you out, you know… and there’s still a lot of you to cover. Your release is going to have to wait just a little while.” She laughed as she kissed down her partner’s bicep, breathing in her sweet, fresh scent, her fingers sliding lower, brushing back and forth across Kat’s flat, toned stomach, her feather-light touch tickling her partner’s sensitive flesh.

Her marmaris escort bayan lips pressed against the inside of Kat’s wrist, her tongue snaking out to lick across her palm, running over each individual finger, wrapping around it, teasing it for a moment before moving on, finally sucking the thumb into her mouth, biting down gently, causing Kat to gasp in surprised pleasure, before pulling away and kissing her partner deeply, pressing their torsos together as her hands slid lower, cupping her partner’s dripping, hot sex.

Kat responded instinctively, a moan coming from deep in her throat as she bucked against the hand, rubbing her groin against it as her tongue tangled with her partners, sliding around in a slippery embrace inside the hot cavern of their mouths.

Angel pulled away slowly, pulling on Kat’s bottom lip with her teeth before finally letting go, moving her mouth down to her lover’s collarbone, sliding her tongue over the smooth skin as she shifted her hand, pulling her palm away from Kat’s sex, pressing lightly against her hard, sensitive clit, moving back and forth just enough to send shivers through her body.

As Angel kissed along the top of her lover’s breasts, Kat arched her back, pressing her breasts into her lover’s mouth, letting out a ragged moan of desire, flushed and panting with arousal. “Please, please, fuck… oh GOD please…”

Her blonde partner chuckled, encouraged by her darling’s words, brushing her lips over a stiff nipple, sucking it into her mouth, biting down gently and pulling it back and forth, sending lightning-bolts of pleasure down her partner’s escort marmaris spine, straight to her sex, right as she started dragging her finger through Kat’s wet folds, moving it up and down against her sex.

Kat nearly screamed, her body writhing with pleasure under Angel’s slow, deliberate touches and teasing, every nerve of her body tingling with pleasure, so close to the point of release, but unable to reach it as her lover denied her that pleasure building her up higher and higher.

Angel pulled away from Kat’s nipple, running her tongue around it one last time as she watched her lover squirming in passion, gasping for breath as her hands clutched the sheets in a white-knuckled grip. “Baby… since you’ve been SO good so far, I’m going to give you a little reward, okay? There’ll be lots more to come after it, though.”

Suddenly, quickly and in complete contrast with the rest of her slow, deliberate movements, Angel thrust a single finger deep inside Kat’s dripping passage, even as she ground her palm against her partner’s throbbing clit, the dual sensations easily enough to push Kat over the edge in her heightened state of arousal.

Kat let out an unholy scream, every muscle in her body clenching tight, then shaking wildly as she released all the pent-up sexual energy in her body, her orgasmic juices flooding out, soaking Angel’s hand, drawing in huge, ragged breaths as she slowly recovered from her orgasm.

Angel leaned in, kissing her deeply as she ran her soaked fingers along the inside of Kat’s thighs, the slow, gentle touches a promise of what was to come.

“I still have a lot of you to kiss, you know. You’re not done that quickly, lover.”

“Fu… fuck. You’re insanely good.” Kat looked up, wide-eyed as Angel moved down, licking her lips in anticipation of what was to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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