Animal Café Ch. 11

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“Clara… Wake up!”


“Yes… You have to wake up! I want to cuddle with you!”

In front of me was Vix, the cute rubbery red fox. How did this happen? I went to see her at her house because she was sick… but she was only wearing a cute animal pajama when I joined her on the bed. How come she was wearing her pet costume now? Was I asleep for that long?

“Vix? Why… Why are you wearing your suit?”

“You… you don’t like me as a fox, Clara?”

“I do… but… And how come you can talk? You are not supposed to talk!”

“Does it really matter? Don’t you want to cuddle with me? I thought you would like it.”


How was she talking? I knew first hand that her costume was not allowing her to. I was so confused. Her room was still dark, making it difficult for me to see her properly. But I could feel her; her warmth, her weight, her little cushy paws rubbing my belly. I just wanted to take her in my arms.

I pulled her to me and gave her a good squeeze as she always liked, and in return, she nuzzled my cheek and giggled.

“You are so nice, Clara! You are my best friend.”

“I… I am?”

“Yes… I want to stay with you forever. I’ll be your pet, and you can play with me as much as you want.”

“V… Vix? That’s a… nice thing to say.”

“Yes, I would love that a lot. And sometimes, I’ll be extra nice too.”

“… Extra nice?”

“Yes… To make you feel very good. Would you like me to show you how nice I can be? We are alone in the bedroom. Nobody will see us?”

Extra nice? To make me feel good? What was she talking about? Vix had always been so shy and reserved. Cuddling was the only thing she ever did, so I wasn’t too sure what she was referring to. I tried to look at her face to understand her better, but her rubber cheek was pressing on mine, preventing me from doing so.

Then I felt something strange… On my ear. Something warm and wet. It sent a big wave of pleasure through my whole body.

“V… Vix? What… what was that?”

“Did you like it? Did it feel good?”

“Yes… but…”

“I always wanted to lick your ear, every time my muzzle was near it. It feels so good to be able to do that finally.”

“But… How?… You are wearing… your costume?”

“No, I’m not… I’m a real rubber fox… Please stop thinking… Let me lick you some more. You told me you liked it.”

“… yes.”

The warm little tongue kept exploring my ear; it was tickling so much but felt so good at the same time. Vix then did the same thing on my neck and under my chin… It was so pleasant; her warm saliva cooled down by her shallow breath.

“Close your eyes, Clara.”

I had no willpower anymore. Vix took control of my body and soul; I couldn’t resist her. Closing my eyes didn’t seem to make any difference at all, though… I may have shut them already while she was exploring my neck.

Her little tongue kept traveling on my face and then reached my lips. Gently, Vix pressed her rubber muzzle on my mouth and slid her tongue inside to meet mine. The sexual ambiance was undeniable; Vix had decided that she would make me feel good that way.

For many long minutes, I let her kiss me as much as she wanted. I was too paralyzed to participate fully, too occupied sensing all those unique feelings.

“Kissing feels great, uh?”

“Vix… This… This is incredible.”

“I know, right… I want to make you feel even better now. Would you like that?”

“Mmm… Yes…”

“You are so nice, Clara. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Vix began to crawl down, sliding her tongue on my chest… Did I undress when I joined her in bed earlier? My mind was so foggy. Her tongue was definitely licking my bare chest. I brought my hands to her cute ears and then…


Her little teeth playfully bit one of my nipples, then her licking immediately soothed the tingling, making me moan softly. Her cushy paw massaged my other boob at the same time.

I never thought Vix, the most adorable pet ever, could turn into this sexual creature. But she didn’t stop there. She continued her little trip down my body… She hesitantly reached my belly… my hips… and then my crotch.

“Aaah! Viiix…”

“I love you so much, Clara… I really want to make you feel good down there… Can… Can I?”

“… Y… Yes!”

A new kind of licking began, sending incredible sensations throughout my small surrendered corpse. I moaned more and more, accepting everything the little fox girl was giving me. Her soft tongue was the best thing in the world and touched me in a way I had never been touched before.

“Vvvviiiiix! Aaah! Aaah!”

“Hehe! Wake up, Clara!”



“… T… Trixie?”

“Yes! What were you dreaming about? It sounded super fun!”


A cute blonde girl was staring at me with her big blue eyes.

“… What… Where…”

Looking around, I quickly realized that there was no rubber fox in my arms, just the small human Vix, buried in her animal pajama, deeply asleep on my bilecik escort shoulder. Trixie, lying on the other side of me, was grinning in a way that betrayed the fact that she might have had something to do with my kinky dream.

The bunny girl was resting on her side next to me, with a hand resting on my lower belly. I’m sure my face was violet of embarrassment by now, knowing that I probably made some entertaining noise while unconscious.

“Trixie? Did… Did you… touch me?”

“I’m touching you now… Did I wake you up? I’m sorry. I took my shower and came back to see you guys were doing, and you were both asleep.”

“But… Did you… kiss me?”

“Mmm… I’m not telling you that, Clara. Next time, if you want to know, don’t fall asleep… hehe.”


That was evil. Trixie was hiding things from me. I knew her, she was the most adventurous pet of the bunch, and I was certain that an opportunity such as this would have been very appealing to her. However, I didn’t know if she had done anything or if she was just teasing me, so I refrained saying anything else; anyway, it would have been even more mortifying to discuss what I had dreamed about.

“Clara, today is our date, right? So we have to do something fun! Meet me downstairs when you are ready. I’ll make you a sandwich, and then we can decide what to do. Vix can sleep all day when she is not a playing pet. She never does too much when not at work. Don’t wait for her to wake up. You might have to move her aside.”

“Mmm, okay. But… It’s not a date.”

“Aww! Don’t break my heart! To me, it is!”


I went down the large staircase, needing to make an extra step here and there because my legs were too short, then I headed to the kitchen area where Trixie fixed us a lunch for us… or trying to. She seemed a bit frustrated that she didn’t cut the sandwiches in two perfect halves.

“Aaah! Stupid knife! You destroyed Clara’s special sandwich!”


“Oh! You are here! Hehe. Here, I made you a sandwich… Sorry… I’m not a very good cook. Apricot was the best at cooking, but she is not living here anymore.”

Apricot? I didn’t know who Apricot was. Using my fingers, I counted the number of pets I knew; Trixie, Vix, Asha, Accalia, Misti, Oreo, Meeka… Oh… I knew who was missing…

“Apricot? The doggy?”

“Yes… Didn’t you notice? She hasn’t been around in a while.”

“Why… did she leave?

“Oh, I think it was just not for her… She was sweet and all, but she never felt that it was her calling. So instead of torturing herself unnecessarily, she moved on. I think she went back to her hometown.”

I grabbed my plate, and we went to sit in the living room. This apartment was still unreal, and still very super extra-large. The couch faced the window wall that was probably 20 feet high. We had a good view of all the other city buildings.

“Trixie… Where are we?”

“Uh? Our home? The pethouse, hehe.”

“I know… but… you know…”

“I know, Clara… I know. But it’s not my place to explain. I’m not going to lie to you, I know the whole story, but I can’t tell it to you myself. You can discuss this with Lucy later if you want, but I’m not sure if she will want to. Most of the pets have no clue either. Lucy is just asking us to respect the place and not break anything if we decide to live here. But for now, I would just like to enjoy my time with you. We have not done anything non-café related in a long time. I kind of miss it.”

“Because you are… always a pet.”

“I know… I love it a bit too much. I do all the shifts I can. It’s helping Lucy too because I’m a crowd favorite. If Vix weren’t around, I would be the number one pet! It’s because of my long rabbit ears, you know!”

Yes, it was something I noticed. At the café, Vix was always the first one to be selected by the clients. Some of the pets were not even trying to compete with her anymore. There was something so cute and adorable about that fox girl. The way she naturally moved and approached people was just making them melt.

Trixie and I chewed on our sandwich and started brainstorming about our plans for the rest of the day. I think she really wanted to go out and not stay indoors; perhaps it was her innocent way to prevent Vix from stealing part of my attention.

I was not very outgoing, so I wasn’t sure what I could propose in terms of activities. Relying on Trixie’s suggestions was pretty much the only thing I could do.

“Oh! I know! Why don’t we go to a spa for a massage?”

“… I… I don’t have… any money.”

This proposition swiftly brought me back to the real world. Here I was, sitting in the luxurious living room of one of the most expensive apartments in the city, and I had nothing in my pockets. My tedious job was just enough to buy a bus pass, pay my rent, and get enough food to fill up my tiny stomach. I had no extra to save or spend. The ingredients for Vix’s cookies were not something I often bought as I had to choose between that and a used book. It was rather pathetic. Based bilecik escort bayan on where Trixie lived, I thought she wouldn’t have that kind of money problem… but… that wasn’t the case.

“Oh… Good point… let me go check if I have any money left.”


Trixie got off the couch and went to a small dresser in the corner of the room. She took a small box out of one of the drawers, opened the lid, and rattled the content with her finger. It sounded like there were only a few coins at the bottom of it.

“Ah, bummer! Forget the spa… I’m as broke as you. Stupid money.”

“Heeey, guys…”

“Vix! What are you doing out of your bed? You are sick. Go back to your room.”

The fox girl slowly stepped down the giant stairs, the size of it making her look even smaller. Like earlier, her pajama hoodie covered her upper face, only leaving her mouth and chin exposed. Her hands stuffed inside the kangaroo pocket and her wobbly legs betrayed her unwellness.

“Nah! I am a bit better… What are you guys doing?”

“Not much… Just trying to figure out where to go, but we are broke…”

“Where did you want to go?”

“The spa… for a massage. But… Hey! No! Don’t do it again, okay!”

“Do what?”

“Paying for me again.”

“I do what I want. I’ll give you some money.”

“No! Vix! You always do that. Aaanh! Why am I such a useless rabbit! Why do we need money in the first place! It’s dumb!”

“Make me a sandwich in exchange, Trix. I want the same as Clara’s. It looks good.”


Seeing those two arguing like this was kind of amusing. Their back and forth chat was too high paced for me to place a word, so I just watched them and smiled. Vix apparently was the generous type since she seemed to have helped Trixie more than once in the past. Trixie, on the other hand, didn’t appear to be a financial genius.

“Don’t you want to have a good date with Clara? You were so looking forward to it.”

“Vix! You… Aaaah! Fine! I’ll make you Clara’s special sandwich!”

Vix dragged her feet nonchalantly to the same dresser where Trixie got her box from and opened a different drawer. Just now, I noticed that there was a label with a name on each one. I guess it was where all the petgirls kept their valuables, including their pocket money. They must trust each other a lot since nothing was locked.

The sick girl pulled her box out and placed it on top of the dresser next to Trixie’s. Her small hand grabbed a pile of paper money and transferred it to her friend’s box without even counting.

“There… It should be plenty to have a good date. But… You sleep with me tonight, Trix… and Clara too if she sleeps here. Okay?”

“… I love you so much, Vix!”


Trixie pulled her friend into a tight hug, which caused Vix’s hoodie to fall back! She was facing the wrong way which prevented me from seeing her scars, but I could finally see her short brown tousled hair, which humanized her a little bit. But in a hurry, she pulled her hoodie back over her head to hide her face again.

“You’ll see, foxy! Clara’s sandwich is the best EVER!”

On her way to the kitchen, Trixie pulled on one of the ears attached to Vix’s hoodie, but this time she held it in place by grabbing the front of it. They really liked teasing each other.


“They said we have to soak in here for a bit before our massage.”

“I… I like it. It’s warm.”

“Yes, and in the middle of the day like this, there is nobody else around. Too bad that they forced us to wear those bikinis.”


Indeed, when we got to the spa, we were so not used to that kind of activity that we didn’t bring anything to cover ourselves. In our head, getting a massage didn’t involve a warm pool; good thing they had some cheap ones for sale, probably for people who didn’t want to take the risk of staining their own with oil, salt, mud, or whatever other strange things they were using here.

Trixie didn’t think swimsuits were necessary, of course, and she kept chasing me around the pool. She was overexcited since we got here, almost uncontrollable.



After cornering me, she wrapped her legs and arms around me and pressed her forehead against mine.

“Told you it was going to be a good date…”

“It’s… not…”

“Not a date… I know, I know. So… Do you like women?”

“… Women?”

“Yes, women. Like you and me. Us, delicate creatures.”

“I… I don’t know!”

“Do you like guys then?”

“… I am not sure… I live… alone.”

“Why are you so nervous all the time? I’m not going to eat you. Your speech is so much better when you are calm. Am I that scary?”

Was she scary? No, she was not scary, but she definitely made me nervous. Did she understand that when I was not at the café, I wasn’t talking to anybody at home? I was not socializing at work either. The café was the only safe place where I had an opportunity to mingle, and I could only do it because the pets were not threatening, and I didn’t escort bilecik have to compete to place a word.

Earlier at the pethouse, when Vix and Trixie talked to each other, there was no hope for me to insert myself in their discussion; they were going way too fast for me even to hope to keep up. How did Trixie expect me to do well when she wrapped herself around me, with her nose less than an inch from mine?

“Trixie… Stop!”

“… Stop? What did I do?”

“You… you are too close. You make me nervous and… it’s hard for me.”

“Oh… Sorry…”

Trixie got off me, moved to my side, lowering her head. We both sank a little bit until our lower jaw was submerged. I guess we both had something to be ashamed of; Trixie was too forward, and I wasn’t enough.

“You are not like that when I’m a latex rabbit, Clara. You always let me get even closer.”

“… I know… It’s different. It’s easier when you are a pet.”

“Is it because I talk too much?”

“I don’t know… maybe… but I’m… messed up.”

“Nooo… Clara! You are not messed up! You are just…”

“… messed up.”

I knew this little hesitation from my friend wasn’t voluntary, and I felt guilty for capitalizing on it just to prove her wrong. What was I trying to achieve with this kind of negativism? It didn’t feel right. Was it that I had it so hard all my life that I didn’t want to change anymore? Was self-loathing a better strategy to attract people and get hugs? I doubted that it was the case, yet, I was doing it anyway.

“Clara, you remind me so much of Vix. Always avoiding fun as if it would bring you suffering. And you probably get along better with her because of that. Within a few minutes at our place, you were already cuddling with her in the bedroom and you seemed fine with it.”


“Sorry, I’m a bit jealous, I suppose. I just wanted to have fun with you.”

“Teach me.”

“Uh? What?”

“Teach me… how to be… more like you.”


“I want to be like you!”

“But… Why? You just said I talked too much… that I was too intense.”

“I don’t like myself… so I want to be like you… because I prefer you more than me.”


Now I’ve done it. It was the first time Trixie couldn’t find an answer to something stupid I said. She just stared at me with a shocked expression, stuck between disbelief and pity.

“Alright, girls. It’s time for your massage. Come with us. You’re going to love this!”

The massage ladies came to pick us up for our backrub. Silently, we got out of the water and used the towels they handed over to us to dry ourselves. Trixie looked so sad and wouldn’t even look at me anymore.

They led us to our tables, and we got what we paid for. The treatment was neither a pleasant nor a relaxing experience, and now, I felt even more guilty because we totally wasted Vix’s money. The small fox girl wanted Trixie and I to have fun, but I ruined everything with my clumsy words and negative attitude.

After our massage, we went back to the locker room to dress back up, and that was when the silence became unbearable. Trixie tightened her fist and came to me, looking at the floor. She looked angry now.

“How could you say such a thing, Clara!?”


“Yes, you have problems! We all do! Yes, your communication disorder has no easy fix. But it’s the same for all our issues! It’s always hard. Guess why I’m a pet, Clara, and why I take as many shifts as I can at Pets & Cakes!? It’s not just because I want to sell cakes and get cuddles. I’m running away from my problems too!”


“But you know what? I’m getting better… I have friends now. You are my friend. But when I’m around you and hear that you don’t want to be yourself, it’s mean! It’s just mean. Don’t do it anymore, okay? If you want to be more like me, that’s fine. But when you say that you don’t want to be yourself, it’s like telling me that what I love is crap, which makes me feel worthless like I felt in the past. Didn’t you learn anything when you saw Vix trying to hide her face scars from you? Did it not hurt a lot to be unable to love her the way you wanted?”

Trixie was now crying and pressed her forehead on my chest, trying to get close without daring to look in my eyes, fearing that I would reject her affection again.

She was right… I had not realized it at all, but I did the worst thing I could have done to her because I lacked the guts to change and get better. I had no right to do this. As she said, it was mean.

“Trixie… I’m…”

“You’re sorry?… Right. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You can play with the rabbit pet if you want, but don’t play with the human. I’m too fragile. I need my friends to let me love them. I don’t like being rejected. It hurts!”

“I… I love the pets… All of them. I need them. They help me… Lucy helps me too. But… I thought… If I were more like you… it would make things easier outside the café.”

“Yeah… But discarding who you are won’t do you any good. We love you the way you are… If you become like me, you won’t be the same person anymore. What would be the point of becoming somebody else? Let us love you, as you are, then take it with you… That is the only way… take the love we give you and carry it with you. That will make you happy, and then it will make me happy. Do you understand?

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