Ann Pt. 03

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In order to follow the thread of this story I would recommend that you read the first 2 parts.


I awoke early the next morning, shortly after sunrise; I have always been an early riser. I looked over at Ann, sleeping peacefully on the bed next to me. Her blonde hair spread across the pillow, the sheet only covering her to the waist. I could feel myself harden at the sight of her breasts and the beautiful pink nipples at the tips; memories of our evening vivid in my mind. I walked down the passage to the bathroom and had my morning pee. washing my hands and face and felt a bit more awake. I headed back down the passage in search of the kitchen and my first cup of coffee for the morning.

As I walked through the lounge I could see that Rob and Sue had clearly started their seduction in the lounge and progressed to his room. Their clothes were strewn carelessly across the furniture and floor. I continued to the kitchen, filled the kettle and turned it on. To kill some time, I wandered back into the lounge and started to tidy up, throwing all the items of clothing onto the armchair in the corner. I could see Sue’s clothes piled together and as I picked up the pile of clothing her cream coloured bra fell to the floor. I looked at the tag “34C” it read, somewhat bigger than Ann’s “A” cup. I realised that I had been a little slow on the uptake and started to rummage through the clothes until I found her panties. They were the same cream colour as her bra. Simple cotton fabric with a wide gusset, they were a little bigger than Ann’s. I flipped them over in my hands to inspect the gusset more carefully and was happy to see that they were still a wet and heavily coated with her juices. Rob’s attentions had certainly got her aroused. I inspected them a little closer and saw that a few of her hairs were stuck in the juice. I raised her panties to my nose and inhaled her most personal scent. She smelt so good; a hint of pee, but mostly the fantastic scent of her pussy. I was once again rock hard. Before I could continue I heard the kettle boiling in the kitchen. Taking her panties with me I walked back to the kitchen and made my morning coffee. I was in two minds whether to pull on a pair of shorts but decided against it. The cabin was so remote, the only possibility of being seen, would be from passing boats and my fellow house mates were unlikely to surface soon.

I opened the door out onto the balcony and sat down, put my coffee cup on the armrest and went back to inspecting her panties. I raised them to my nose and breathed in her scent once again. I took my cock in hand and started to slowly stroke myself, while sniffing and licking at the gusset of her panties. These had been snuggled up to her pussy less than 8 hours earlier and the thought of sniffing her pussy was very erotic to me. The fact that she didn’t know, made it even more so. It didn’t take too many strokes until I was shooting my cum into the air, splashing down onto the unvarnished wooden deck at my feet. I milked each drop out, letting it drip at my feet. As I softened I dropped the panties on the chair next to me and sipped my coffee. I watched as the last drops of cum oozed from the tip of my cock onto the deck below.

Time passed faster than I expected and my peaceful state was soon disturbed by the sound of a toilet flushing. I stood quickly and tucked the panties under the cushion of the deckchair and picked up a towel over the railing. I picked up a towel that had been left over the railing and mopped up the cum at my feet, as best I could. Most of it having soaked into the wood, leaving a wet stain on the deck. I walked back inside in time to see Ann walking into the kitchen. She had wrapped a towel around herself; it was barely covering her.

“Good morning beautiful” I said. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug. The wet tip of my stiffening cock brushing her inner thigh.

“Morning, any chance of a cup of coffee. I don’t function well without my morning coffee.”

I switched the kettle back on and she soon had her coffee in her hand.

“Let’s sit on the balcony,” I suggested.

“Hadn’t you better put some clothes on, Sue might get a fright when she sees you naked?”

“I think after what Sue saw last night she will be beyond any shocks from me.” I laughed.

“What makes you say that?”

“I heard them going at it when we went to sleep last night. Rob is well known for being extraordinarily large, so she has seen it all!”

“Either way it may be best to pull on a pair of shorts.” she countered.

I sighed and made my way back to the bedroom, pulling on a light pair of sleeping shorts.

When I returned to the deck, Ann was sitting in the chair I had been sitting on earlier. What happened her she asked, pointing at the wet spot on the deck.

“Just some coffee,” I answered hoping that she believed me. We were too early in our relationship to admit that I had jerked off using her friend’s panties!

We Antep Escort Bayan sat in silence for a while, enjoying the solitude of the early morning and the beautiful view overlooking the river. The only sounds we could hear was the chirping of the birds at the river below. Inevitably this peaceful time was disturbed by sounds of Rob and Sue moving inside the cabin. I stood up and went to greet them both. Sue was standing in the kitchen preparing coffee for them both. She was wearing one of robs tee shirts and it barely covered her bum. Her full breasts filled the front of the shirt and her hard nipples were clearly visible.

“Good morning lovebirds.” I said cheerily. I saw Sue blush at my comment. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, not too bad once you guys stopped making so much noise.” Answered Rob.

“You guys didn’t do a bad job yourselves” I retorted. Sue blushed even more.

I made another cup for Ann and me and headed out to join the others on the deck. Rob was sitting on the rail and doing his best to see under Ann’s towel. I gave Ann her coffee and sat on the rail beside Rob. I could see that he had a good view under the tiny towel and it did little to hide her pussy. This was equally true for Sue who was trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to keep the tee shirt covering her lap. As we chatted and the girls became a little more relaxed we soon had a better view of their pretty pussies. I could feel myself hardening and looked over to Rob. His monster cock was on the move and he was trying his best to push it to one side with his forearm, to make it less obvious. My own arousal saved him further embarrassment and I stepped off the rail and took Ann by the arm.

“Let’s take first turn at the shower?” I asked. Taking my hand, she stood and we headed back inside to the bathroom.

Ann dropped her towel as soon as I closed the bathroom door. She turned and knelt in front of me, pulling my shorts down my legs, freeing my cock, which by now was standing proudly up. She took me in her hand and guided me into her mouth, giving me a sloppy suck.

“I would rather be inside you,” I murmured. I was longing to enjoy her hot pussy once again.

“No complaint from me!” she said, standing to face me. I took her in my arms and we kissed deeply. I could taste my cock on her lips.

I stepped back and sat down on the toilet. As she stood in front of me her pussy was now at head height, inches from my face, and I could see her moisture coating her blonde pussy hairs, matting them untidily. Her lips still swollen and pink. I pulled her gently closer to me until her legs were straddling mine. She lowered her body down until her pussy lips slipped over the tip of my cock, her warmth engulfing me as she pushed down, until I was buried all the way inside her. She clung to my neck as we rocked gently, gaining a steady rhythm. My mouth found one of her nipples and sucked and nibbled at her beautiful nubs. I could feel her movements quicken, grinding herself against my pubic bone, her moans becoming louder and more urgent. I could feel my own climax approaching and speeded up my strokes. I felt her body stiffen and thrust myself deep into her. Her pussy clenching my cock and with a jerk I shot my cum deep into her. We didn’t move for a while. We just kissed each other lovingly, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. We eventually broke our embrace and with shaky legs she slowly stood up, allowing my cock to slip from her, it was followed by a flow of our juices; down my cock and onto my thighs. I cleaned up with some toilet paper and stood up. She turned the shower on.

“Let’s get cleaned up.” She said stepping into the shower.

Once we had showered we dried off and headed through to our room. I found a pair of board shorts and forgoing underwear pulled them on while Ann rummaged through her bag until she found her bikini. As she was putting it on I was very surprised at how small it was. No complaint, just unusual for those days. I wondered whether Sue would be as brave?

By the time we returned to the deck, Rob and Sue were gone and we could hear the shower running.

“What did you mean about Rob being extraordinarily large?” she asked curiously.

“Well, he is significantly bigger than any of the guys we were at school with.”

“How do you know?”

“Well we all change together after swimming so we have a pretty good idea”

“How much bigger?”

“Well compared to me nearly double the size, both in length and thickness!”

“My gosh, I can’t really imagine that, you are not small yourself!”

I laughed. She was not the first person I had come across who couldn’t imagine his cock being so big. I guess seeing is believing.

Our conversation was cut short with the return of Rob and Sue from their shower. Sue had changed into a one-piece costume and while I was disappointed she had not worn a bikini, I was glad to see that the pale blue fabric hugged her beautiful curves and the tight nylon left little to the imagination.

“Let’s get the canoes and go for a paddle?” Rob suggested.

We all headed for the shed to fetch the canoes. With a bit of an effort we finally got them down to the river. They were both 2-man Indian style canoes with double paddles. I pushed our canoe onto the river and with Ann sitting in front and stepped in behind her and we paddled out onto the river. The river had a very slow flow so the current had little effect on us. We paddled up against the bank, enjoying the beautiful scenery. The birds were nesting in the reeds and we were able to get quite close to see them hard at work. Ann, being an animal lover was in raptures. We heard Rob and Sue coming up behind us. Scenery and nature are not Rob’s thing and the amount of noise he was making quickly chased the birds away.

“Let’s paddle around the corner to the tributary. If we paddle a short way up there is a beautiful waterfall and pool where we can swim.” Rob said.

Without hesitating we fell in behind them and paddled around the corner. As we rounded the corner I could not see the tributary but Rob just kept paddling. As he approached the bank I saw his canoe slip between the reeds and disappear through them. I followed and as our canoe slipped through the reeds I saw that the tributary widened. I could hear the waterfall not far off. We kept paddling until the waterfall came into view. Rob eased over to the side of the river and landed the canoe. I slid in next to him and we scrambled out of the canoes. We pulled them up the bank and walked up to where the rock pool started. It must have been about 40 meters from the bank to where the water was falling. It was not particularly high, but the water level meant that the volume of water was considerable. We waded into the pool and started to swim across. When we reached the waterfall, I saw Rob duck dive and kick down into the pool. Within a few seconds, I saw his head surface on the other side.

“Come on guys, dive under. There is a rock shelf here where we can sit.”

We all followed suit and surfaced in front of the shelf where Rob was now sitting. I looked up and could see he was staring at Ann who was just behind me. I turned and saw that the force of the water had washed her bikini top off and her breasts were completely exposed. She was so busy clearing the water from her face, she hadn’t noticed. I wasn’t going to say anything!

“Ann, your top.” shouted Sue over the noise of the falling water.

Ann’s lifted her hands up quickly and she realised her top was gone. She was having a hard time covering herself and staying afloat. I swam back to her and took her in my arms.

“I can’t find my top.” she said, scanning the water.

I helped her look but it was nowhere to be seen.

She couldn’t stay in the water indefinitely so I pulled her over to the shelf and she clambered up. Her breasts swinging free and she climbed. Rob’s eyes were glued to her breasts. Ann was really upset at this point and was sitting huddled on the rock, her arms now covering her breasts.

“Don’t stress Ann” said Sue. “it’s only the four of us here.

“Easy for you to say Sue, you have your top on!”

Sue hesitated for a few seconds, grinned, and in one movement slipped the top of her costume down, freeing her ample breasts. I looked on in awe. She had the most beautiful milky white breasts with the most beautiful tiny pink nipples; now hard from the cold water.

“Why don’t we all just strip off?” said Rob in a joking tone.

“Fine with me.” I said. I looked over to Ann and she just shrugged. I slipped my shorts down my legs and sat back onto the ledge. On hindsight, probably not the best timing with the cold water shrinking me and Rob’s horse cock next to me!

Rob and sue followed and we were soon all completely naked; except for Ann, still wearing her bikini bottom. I turned to tease her but noticed that her eyes were riveted on Rob’s cock.

“Hey, your turn.” I shouted to Ann. This jolted her back and without any objection slipped her bikini bottoms down her legs. The effect of the cold water on my cock was less that the view of the naked girls in front of me and I could feel myself start to harden. Rather than make a fool of myself in front of the other I dove back into the cool water of the pool. The other followed me in and we swam around behind the curtain of water. Ann swam over to me and wrapped herself around me. Her breasts pressed against my chest, this soon had me hardening until I could feel my cock nestled against the warmth of her pussy. She wiggled her hips until I could feel myself slipping easily into her. The contrast of cold water and her hot pussy was indescribable. I found a foothold against the rock ledge and rested my back against the wall. she wrapped her legs around my waist I started to ease myself into her. She held me tight and her body rocked back and forth, meeting each stroke. She was biting her lip to avoid moaning too loudly. I looked over to where Rob was standing and realised that she needn’t worry. Sue was hugging Rob tightly, and from the look on her face he was deep inside of her. This was too much for me and I quickly started to twitch inside of her. As my hot cum squirted into her pussy, she groaned and her orgasm shook her body. All attempts to remain silent forgotten and her pleasure obvious. As we clung onto each other lovingly I looked over to Sue and Rob. She had her head thrown back and was riding him for all she was worth until with a loud moan, Rob’s body stiffened and jerked.

As our pleasure subsided we slowly started to move again. My cock slipping from her lips and once again coming into contact with the cold water. I looked over to where the others were and saw that they had already separated and were clambering up the ledge. I looked up and watched Sue climbing up, her ass exposed and her legs open. I could see Rob’s cum dribbling from her pussy and down her legs. Her pussy looked so damn good and I just stared longingly at her.

We lay on the ledge for a while talking over the noise of the falling water. By now we had lost all modesty about the fact that we were naked. Rob was lying back and his huge cock was lying down over his leg.

Ann couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen!”

“It’s beautiful!” said Sue softly.

I did feel a little self-conscious!

“I think it’s time for lunch.” Said Rob. Trying his best to end the conversation about his cock. He picked up his shorts and dove back into the water. We all followed and were soon swimming effortlessly back to the canoes. As we pulled ourselves up the bank we saw that Ann’s top had been pushed by the water and was lying floating between the rocks. We all stood on the bank and dressed, before pulling the canoes back into the water and started the paddle home.

We got back to the cabin and made sandwiches for lunch. Ann carried the tray of lunch to the balcony. Rob fished a few ice-cold beers from the cooler and we sat in the warm sun eating our lunch. Once we had finished we cleared the plates and took them back to the kitchen.

“Should we lie here and tan?” asked Sue?

“Why not?” I said.

“Why don’t you work on an all-over tan?” asked Rob hopefully.

Without saying a word Sue just smiled and slipped her straps off her shoulders and dropping her costume to her feet, exposing her beautiful breasts and her fine blonde bush. Ann giggled self-consciously and untied the strings of her bikini, and tossed it into a heap with Sue’s bikini. Rob and I followed suit and we were soon all naked on the deck. The girls spread their towels onto the deck and lay on their stomachs to tan, while Rob and I sat on the rail, sipping our beers. We had the best view!

“What’s that under the chair?” asked Sue curiously as she looked up.

“Probably an old cleaning cloth.” Said Ann, lifting the cushion from the deck chair.

As Sue’s panties fell onto the deck I knew I was busted!

“It looks like my panties; the ones I was wearing last night.” She said in surprise. “I wondered where they were when I looked for them this morning.

Ann looked over to me, my blush rising in my cheeks. “I think someone has some explaining to do!” she said looking over at me.

“Sorry, I found them on the couch this morning and couldn’t resist.” There was no point in lying.

“What were you doing with them?” Sue asked looking puzzled.

“Probably sniffing them!” Rob said laughing.

“That’s gross!” replied Sue. My embarrassment just getting worse.

I looked over to Ann to see whether she was pissed with me but was very happy to see that she was still smiling.

“It’s not a big deal,” said Rob. “We do it all the time. We often share our sister’s panties. All guys do!”

Ann finally broke her silence. “I think it’s kind of hot; knowing that the guys love the smell of our pussies so much that they sniff our panties.”

Sue was quiet at this stage. Her mind processing this revelation. She turned over onto her back, leaning against the deckchair. I could see her pussy was puffy and swollen and her juices had matted her pussy hair. “I will need some time to think about that.” She said.

The mood soon lightened and the conversation quickly returned to normal. Ann’s acceptance of my fetish and knowing that I had enjoyed her best friend’s panties had me fully aroused and my cock was once again hard. I stood up and held out my hand for Ann. She took my hand and pulled herself up and we headed to our room with my cock swinging in front of me.

“How were they?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Sue’s panties, how did they smell?”

“They were good, she has such a juicy pussy.” I answered, a little embarrassed.

We lay down on the bed and kissed. My hands cupping her small breasts and my fingers caressing her hard nipples. I was so horny that I lined my cock up, ready to slip straight into her.

“Can you kiss my pussy rather? I am a little sensitive from the water.”

I laughed, “can you imagine how Sue feels after having taken all of Rob?”

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