Anne Finally Gives In

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The summer of 1984 was hot in South Carolina, and the temperature inside the packing plant where Keith and Anne had a summer job wasn’t any cooler. Keith was ready to begin his freshman year in college while Anne was to begin her junior year in high school.

Anne had long wavy honey blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was about 5-6, curvy, with ample breasts, and a nice round ass. The summer heat had her wearing shorts at work, which fit her nicely. While Keith was loading trucks he would spend time staring at Anne, noticing how the shorts hugged her ass and the heat caused her shirt to cling to her breasts. Keith wanted to make her his own.

Anne liked staring back at Keith, whom she thought to be classically handsome. Keith was tall, with long light brown hair, and eyes that made her melt.

Anne and Keith quickly formed a friendship and soon began some serious flirting. Anne would send Keith little notes during the day, which always brought a smile to his face. They had gone out with co-workers as a group during the summer, and the flirting had turned more serious. Finally, the week before heading to college, Keith asked Anne for a date, which she eagerly accepted.

The date was fun, as they went to dinner to celebrate Keith’s 18th birthday. They spent a lot of time talking about the summer, and how Keith was headed to college. While it was never spoken they each knew they were committed to each other. The date ended with a nice kiss.

Anne went to bed that night content, that she had gotten the boy to chase her, and now she had landed him. Keith went to bed that night thinking how it had been a wonderful birthday. Keith awoke the next morning with his boxers soaked with his cum from the wet dream he had about Anne.

Keith headed to college, and spoke to Anne several times each week by phone and would visit her every two to three weeks. Keith soon discovered that Anne was a virgin. While Keith was no virgin, he didn’t need all the fingers on one hand to count his sexual partners. Try as he might, their dates never involved more than a few kisses in the car at Anne’s house, and Keith masturbating when he returned home. Keith longed to touch Anne’s large breasts, but every time he made a move, she was there to stop him. Keith bought Anne a sweater for Christmas, which accentuated her breasts.

In February Anne turned 18, and Keith took her to a nice restaurant for dinner. Anne was wearing the sweater Keith had given her from Christmas. Keith couldn’t help but star at her breasts, which brought a smile to Anne’s face. They were headed back to Anne’s house, with Anne sitting beside Keith in his 1966 Mustang. Keith’s arm was around Anne as usual, and as usual, as they drove along, he moved his hand toward her breasts. This time was different though. This time, Anne did not stop his hand. Keith’s hand found her breasts, and gently began to rub over them, his cock immediately springing to attention. Keith continued to rub one breast then the other.

When they parked in Anne’s driveway, Keith gently laid Anne back between the seats and climbed on top. They began kissing more passionately than ever. Keith’s hand quickly worked its way under her sweater and unhooked Anne’s bra. Keith pulled her sweater up, to get his first look at her fabulous breasts. Keith was stunned. He knew her breasts were large, but marveled at how firm they were, and at her pink areolas, with long meaty nipples that became instantly hard with his touch. Keith lowered his head and began to suck on one nipple while massaging her other breast with his other hand. He then switched to sucking on the other nipple.

Anne had never allowed anyone to touch her breasts, so this was wonderful new experience for her. She could feel her pussy begin to get wet, and she began to moan and writhe about, which lead to Keith sucking harder. Keith moved a hand down, and began to unbutton Anne’s jeans.

“Please stop Keith,” Anne moaned. “We’ve been out here longer than usual, and my parents may come out to check. Besides, I’m not ready to go any farther, yet.”

Keith obliged and pulled himself off of Anne. Anne really loved the fact that Keith didn’t push her too hard, and knew it must really frustrate him being at college with a girlfriend in high school and not getting to have sex. Keith walked Anne to the door and gave her a goodnight kiss.

“I’m sorry Keith. I’m sure you must be frustrated with me not making love to you, but I’m still a little afraid to lose my virginity. I could feel how excited you were, and appreciate the fact you didn’t push. I promise that soon I’ll make everything ok for you.”

“Anne you are so beautiful and I love you so much, it is hard to stop. I was so happy to be able to suck your tits, and I hope one day soon we can make love.”

“I hope so too Keith. I love you”

Anne gave Keith another kiss and headed inside. Keith headed home. His dick was throbbing, but he had finally gotten to Anne’s tits.

Anne settled into bed with a big smile on Escort bayan her face. Her hand reached between her thighs, and began to massage her clit, trying to ease the fire that Keith had created in her virgin snatch.

As Keith lay in bed stroking his cock, he closed his eyes and thought of how nice Anne’s nipples felt in his mouth. Finally he exploded, his cum splattering on his stomach. Keith went to sleep dreaming what could be next.

Keith was eagerly looking forward to their next date. This time Anne was wearing a button down shirt. They went to hang out with some friends, did some kissing, and then headed back to Anne’s house. On the way home Keith slipped his had inside Anne’s shirt and under her bra. Keith began pinching and pulling Anne’s hard nipples. Anne leaned in closed to Keith and let out several little moans. Back at Anne’s house the scene from the previous date played itself out. Keith sucking Anne’s tits, but getting stopped before he could get his fingers in her honey pot.

The weather was beginning to warm a little bit, and on their next date Anne wore a low-cut shirt that showed her ample cleavage. Anne knew she was teasing Keith letting him get a glimpse of her breasts, but it also turned her on knowing she was making his dick hard.

On the way to the movie, Keith moved his hand inside Anne’s shirt and began to massage her breasts. They arrived at the theatre and purchased two tickets to see The Breakfast Club, a couple of drinks and a large tub of popcorn. Both Anne and Keith were very excited from the playing on the way to the theater as they settled into their seats, Anne slipped the tub of popcorn between her legs. While engrossed in the movie, Keith would reach his hand between Anne’s legs to get a handful of popcorn, until they had polished off the tub, and Anne put the empty container on the floor.

Keith was resting his hand on Anne’s thigh, and as Jud Nelson was looking up Molly Ringwald’s skirt to get a view of her pink panties, Keith moved his hand up Anne’s thighs until it was resting in her crotch. Surprisingly instead of moving Keith’s hand a way, Anne opened her legs slightly and allowed Keith’s fingers to trace her pussy over her jeans.

The movie ended and they got in Keith’s car to head home. Anne moved in beside Keith, and before the car was out of the parking lot Keith’s hand was groping Anne’s breast. When they got on the road, Keith decided it was time to make his move. Keith removed his hand from Anne’s breasts and moved it between her legs.

Anne spread her legs as Keith began to rub his hand up and down. Keith moved his hand up and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Keith moved his hand under the waist band of her panties, and then felt Anne’s hand cover his. Keith was shocked when instead of removing his hand she followed it down.

Keith’s hand slid down and found a thick patch of hair covering a very wet pussy. Anne wiggled her jeans down and spread her legs wider and snuggled into Keith. She let out a little moan as Keith’s fingers began to rub her clit.

“Mmmm Keith,” Anne moaned. “I’ve never let anyone touch me there before. Your hand is so warm.”

Keith moved his hand down and began to rub Anne’s swollen lips, one finger tracing the wetness between her virgin inner labia. Anne was feeling warm all over and instinctively began to move against Keith’s touch. Keith slipped a finger inside Anne’s wanting pussy, and began to movie it in and out, Anne’s pussy gripping his finger.

Anne was getting sweaty as Keith was fingering her pussy. The feeling of something foreign invading her virgin pussy was overwhelming. Keith’s slipped another finger in and began to move in and out of Anne in rhythm; and Anne was thrusting her hips forward to meet Keith’s intruding fingers.

“Oh sweetie, this feels so good,” Anne sighed. “You are making me tingle all over.”

Keith’s hand was coated in the wetness seeping from Anne’s hot, wet sex.

Keith removed his fingers and brought them up to his mouth, slowly licking Anne’s juices from his fingers. “You are very tasty.” He said with a big smile.

Anne grabbed Keith’s hand and led it back down to her waiting pussy. “I’m glad you like the taste, but I want your fingers back in me,” Anne replied.

Keith slipped his fingers back in Anne’s hot pussy and glanced at her. Anne’s face was red, beads of sweat popping out of her forehead, mouth slightly opened.

“You look beautiful when you are in the throes of passion.”

“Oh Keith. I’ve never felt this good in my life. I know I’m going to cum soon.”

Keith began to move his fingers in and out of Anne’s pussy faster, while Anne began to thrust her hips with more force, each thrust grinder her clit hard into Keith’s palm. Anne could feel the wetness of her pussy trickling down to her ass.

“Mmmm yes. This feels so good Keith, please make me cum. Oh God, please make me cum.”

Anne was breathing harder and faster. Keith’s fingers were plunging in her deeper and faster, Escort while Anne was thrusting harder to meet each stroke.

Anne began to feel a hot tingle burning deep in her pussy. It began to work its way over her entire body. Anne was so hot, she could feel the beads of sweat popping up over her body, and the burning and tingling in her groin became almost unbearable. Anne knew she was about to explode with a furious orgasm.

“Oh yes Keith. I’m cumming. Oh yesssss!” Anne screamed.

Anne’s body flew back and grew tense, her thighs clamped around Keith’s hand. Anne’s pussy clamped down firmly on Keith’s fingers and began sent a torrent of Anne’s cum shooting from her pussy, soaking Keith’s hand. Anne’s pussy continued to spasm around Keith’s fingers as an intense orgasm swept over Anne’s body.

“Oh Keith, I feel so incredibly great,” Anne moaned.

“I can tell,” Keith said. “I’ve never seen an orgasm like that before.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never seen a woman ejaculate when she cums. That was so hot.”

“I’m glad you liked it, but it made a bit of a mess on your seat.”

“That’s a mess I’m happy to have,” Keith said as he licked his fingers clean.

Keith’s cock was throbbing and his balls aching. He guided Anne’s right hand into his crotch and began to rub his cock. Anne was reluctant at first, but began to rub harder. Keith reached down to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

“Pull my dick out,” Keith pleaded.

“Ok.” Anne said nervously as she reached inside Keith’s boxer and freed his throbbing cock.

“This is the first penis I’ve ever touched. I’ve felt your hard cock rubbing against me, and I’ve wondered what it would feel like. I hand no idea it would feel so smooth and hot.”

Anne tentatively began to run her hand along Keith’s hard cock, unsure what she should do. She marveled at how smooth it was. Precum was oozing from his cock, and Anne took a finger and began rubbing it around his velvety head. Anne was mesmerized by Keith’s dick, and how it would twitch every time she ran her finger under his head.

Keith reached down and took Anne’s hand. He wrapped it around his cock and began moving it up and down.

“Now, I want you to make me cum.”

“I’m not sure how to. What if I hurt you?” Anne said nervously.

“Just keep stroking my cock and I’ll cum for you.”

“Ok baby, I want to make you happy.”

Keith removed his hand and let Anne begin working his cock with her fist. After a few tentative strokes, Anne found a rhythm and began to get into it.

“That’s it baby. Jack me off. Make my hard dick cum.”

Anne began to pump away as Keith was moaning. She was fascinated seeing her hand pistoning up and down Keith’s cock.

Keith’s cock began to swell.

“Your dick is getting bigger!” Anne said excitedly.

“That’s because I’m about to cum. Mmmmm.” Keith grunted as his cock began to spasm and released its first stream of cum.

Anne’s eyes widened and her mouth flew open as she watched Keith’s cock continue to jerk in her grasp as it continued to shot stream after stream of his cum. Anne’s hard pumping was causing the cum to coat her hand and fly around the car.

Finally, Keith quit cumming, and Anne began to rub the cum around his cock.

“Thank you Anne,” Keith sighed. “You can stop jacking me off now. After I cum, my dick is extremely sensitive.”

“Did I do ok?” Anne asked excitedly.

“You did wonderful.”

“It was so neat to feel and see you cum. This was so much fun, but we have a big mess.”

“There are some napkins in the dash pocket we can clean up with. The next time you feel may cock getting hard like that, grab a napkin and put it over my head to catch the cum.”

They cleaned up and had straightened themselves up by the time they got to Anne’s house. Anne gave Keith a big kiss and hug. “Thanks for making me cum, and I enjoyed getting you off to.”

“Maybe we can go a little further soon,” Keith said with a smile.

“I’m sure we will, but I’m still a little scared to have a dick inside me. Just let me get used to it a little more and I’ll be ready for you to take me.”

While Keith was hoping the hand jobs would lead to sex, things stayed where they were for a while. Anne tried to give Keith a blow job, but discovered that giving head was not for her, at least not yet any way. Anne did get rather adept at giving fantastic hand jobs that always left Keith satisfied.

Keith never pressured Anne to much, but let her know that he really wanted to have sex with her. Anne always told Keith that they would but she was waiting for it to be special for them. Keith had thought Anne’s prom would be his ticket to sex, but instead Anne was acting in Antigony, so that shot that night being special.

Spring turned into summer, and summer was very busy for Keith. He didn’t get to see Anne as much as he had hoped because of his job. But when he did see Anne the dates always included both of them cumming. They Bayan escort even went on a double date with his friend Dave, and her sister Stacey. While Dave and Stacey were in the front seat, Anne and Keith were busy satisfying each other in the back seat, not caring that Dave and Stacey knew what was happening behind them.

The summer had ended, and it was time for Keith to head back to college. He had been sure he would have been fucking Anne during the summer, but he was still high and dry. While getting hand-jobs was nice, he was ready for some pussy. He could hardly imagine what it would feel like to have Anne’s cum flooding over his cock.

Anne knew Keith was frustrated. Heck she was even getting tired of just having Keith’s hand. Anne decided it was time to quit waiting and end both of their sexual frustrations.

Anne gave Keith an envelope on the night before Keith returned to college.

“This is your birthday present; it will just be a little late. Read this when you get to school, and let me know what you think.”

Keith returned to college and had gotten settled into his room when he opened the envelope. Inside the envelop Keith found a receipt from Victoria’s Secret with the following note attached.

“Dear Keith,

I hope you will consider cumming home next weekend, because it will be a special weekend for us. I’ve been on the pill for three months waiting for the right time to give you my virginity. If you decide to cum home next weekend, you can take me out after the football game, and remove this white lace bra and panty set from my body and take me. I know I’ve made you wait a long time, but I needed to wait until I was ready. I’m more than ready, and hope my virgin pussy can give you as much pleasure as you have given me over the last year.

Love always, Anne”

Keith’s cock sprang to attention at reading then envelope. After a year of waiting, he would finally get to have sex with Anne. Keith rushed to grab the phone and call Anne.

Anne answered the phone and Keith started of by saying, “I read your note, and I’ll definitely be cumming home this weekend.”

“So you liked the letter?”

“Oh yes, I wish it were Friday, my cock is so hard right now.”

“Oh you poor baby, why is it so hard? Is it thinking about how it will feel to be the first cock in my pussy:’

“Anne, I wish you were here right now so I could rip you clothes off and take you now. You have made me so horny, I’m ready to explode.”

“Then go ahead and explode Keith. Why don’t you pull out your hard dick and jack-off.?”

“OK.” Keith replied and his pulled his cock out. “I’m stroking my dick thinking of you.”

“Are you thinking about how good my titties feel in your mouth and how my pussy wraps around your fingers when I cum?”

“Mmm Anne, I want you so bad.”

“Think about how good my pussy is going to feel when you enter me the first time and how much pleasure it is going to give both of us. Think how nice it is going to be to shoot your cum in my fresh pussy.”

“I’m going to cum Anne.” Keith said fisting his cock as fast as he could.

“That’s right cum for me now, then cum in my pussy Friday. Jack that dick for me Keith.”

With that Keith’s cock began spewing his cum.

“I’m so happy I made you feel good tonight, and hope I make you feel as good Friday night.”

“I’m sure you will.”

A little small talk followed and they hung up.

Keith was horny the rest of the week in anticipation of their Friday date. He would read the letter several times a day, and masturbated a number of times after reading the letter. Friday finally came and Keith was headed home as soon as his final class ended.

Keith arrived before the game had started and made his way to the visitor’s stands. Keith made his way to the band and found Anne dressed in her color guard outfit, a long black skirt, white shirt, and black boots. They exchanged a big hug, and “I love yous.” “I’m looking forward to tonight,” whispered Anne.

“Yeah, it should be a good game,” Keith said with a smile. With that Anne gave Keith a little pop on the shoulder.

“Meet me back here after the game, and we can leave as soon as I put my flag on the bus.”

After talking with Anne, Keith headed off to talk to friends and watch the game. As the clock began to wind down, he made his way back to the band section. The color guard led the band out the gates and to the waiting buses. Keith and a few other people brought up the rear of the line. Anne loaded her flag on the bus, and said goodbye to a few friends.

Anne and Keith walked hand-in-hand across the parking lot to his car. Before Keith could unlock the door, Anne leaned against the car and pulled Keith to her. She gave Keith a long kiss and looked into his eyes. “I know I’ve made you wait a long time, and I really appreciate you being so understanding, but I didn’t just want to lose my virginity just anyone. I know I will love you forever, and you are the one I want to give my virginity to.” Another log kiss followed, before they slipped into the car.

In the car Anne moved close to Keith as he settled his arm around her. They drove in mostly silence, REO Speedwagon the only sound in the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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