Anniversary of the Sun

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I stood at the window, looking out across the beach and the ocean, watching as the sun approached the horizon. On this small Mediterranean island, no one but my loving husband was around to see my full nudity, unless one counted the birds that occasionally flew past my view of the sunset. There was a lone boat passing slowly by in the distance, its single sail raised high into the sky, but even if anyone on the boat thought to look toward the small abode, I doubted that even binoculars would allow me to be (clearly) seen behind the window in the dim room.

I was physically and mentally exhausted. Our sunrise-to-sunset sexathon was nearing its end, yet despite the rawness I felt between my legs, my body still craved more, still yearned for that one final climax. And, given how his manhood was lengthening against my back as his arms enveloped me with love and security, I knew that my husband felt the same.

Five years together – just us and our cat Molly, currently staying with one of my husband’s colleagues. Molly was a wedding present from my big sister, since Bryan and I both adored cats and would finally be moving into a place which allowed pets. If all went according to plan, there would be a fourth presence in our humble townhouse one year hence.

One hand on the windowsill, I dropped my other hand between my legs, gently stroking myself. Recognizing my action, Bryan moved his hands to my chest, gently caressing and rhythmically squeezing my small breasts. Except in his presence, I had always felt so intensely insecure about my breasts, as they were almost small enough to be ignored even when someone specifically looked at my covered chest. Yet, once again, my husband’s gentle manipulation of my feminine swells made me feel truly feminine, even though my body reminded me every month that I am indeed female.

The bottom curve of the sun nearly touched the horizon; only the faintest hint of sky remained visible between sun and water. I felt nearly as wet as the sea from the actions Bryan and I together inflicted upon my body, and my breathing Escort Bayan Gaziantep and my heart rate both quickened in response.

Throughout the day, we had made love again and again. It was not just sex – it was the intimate communication of two hearts, two souls, joining in the most profound manner humanly possible. I had willingly given myself to him, just as he had willing poured himself into me. Despite the burning incense, I could still smell our unique scents filling the air, and could practically taste it moving across my tongue with each and every breath.

With his hands still firmly grasping my breasts, Bryan stepped backward, forcing me to move with him. However, I knew exactly what he wanted, and was all too happy to oblige him. As I bent over and placed both hands upon the windowsill, I wondered if this would be blissful lovemaking once again, or if my body would be plundered, taken savagely by the primal beast lurking within him, held at bay for the past few weeks.

…the same primal beast which had first attracted my attention when I had (purposely) walked in on him loudly slurping the abundant nectar of my squealing college housemate.

Given our differences in height, I knew that it would be a little awkward – at least initially – for Bryan to get low enough to enter me in a standing position. He did seem to fumble a little as I spread my legs for him and felt him try to find the best position, his hands unfortunately leaving my body for this process. But then, I felt him at my entrance once again, the results of our daylong activity allowing for a very easy entry as he sheathed his fleshy sword inside my all-too-willing body.

As he stood still behind me, my body began to move of its own volition, a slow pistoning motion. I had found physics class to be incredibly boring in high school, and for a brief moment thought that if the physics of sex had been taught in that class, I would have found it much more interesting, especially in the study of friction.

Looking out the window again, I saw the sun was large on the horizon, much of its lower half essentially missing as the orange orb disappeared beyond the watery horizon. But despite my enjoyment of sunrises and sunsets, I ultimately closed my eyes and focused on the movement of a certain portion of anatomy which is usually hidden from the sun. It perhaps should have been called “an elongated sun,” such was the heat it radiated inside me as I slid slowly back and forth upon it.

Bryan finally gathered my lengthy hair and held it in one hand, pulling back gently while his other hand gripped my hip. “You’ve let me see you and smell you and taste you and feel you all day long,” he growled, pulling harder on my hair to create a gentle pain in my scalp. “Now, you will let me finally hear you!”

Those words alone set me to quivering around my husband’s solid shaft. As he pulled harder, a pained gasp escaped my lips. “Only if you’ll fuck me like a savage beast,” I countered, knowing that my words would unleash the predatory nature Bryan still held deep within him.

My words caused him to twitch within me, which caused me to gasp again. “Fine, bitch!!!” he growled again, releasing my hair to roughly grab me at my hips.

I dropped my head, only partially thankful that he no longer was pulling my hair. Instinctively, I braded a hand on the window itself… and just in time, for my husband violently thrust into me, knocking me forward with such force that only my leveraged arm prevented my head from smacking against the glass.

Usually, I am quite quiet during sex. While I have always felt a wonderful thrill at listening to the sounds other women make while in the throes of ecstasy, I have always felt an inhibition against it when my own voice should be the source of those telltale sounds. On rare occasions, particularly when Bryan uses me with the violence of a rapist, my inhibitions are cast aside, and my voice could seemingly be heard atop Mount Everest.

This was one of those rare occasions. My ears were quickly filled with the sound of my own voice spewing both profanities and (primarily) unintelligible gibberish – even Bryan’s primal grunts and the slapping and sloshing sounds of our intense coupling were practically negated by the power of my own voice.

I may as well have been a dirty old rag doll, being tossed around by a playful puppy. Despite the intense pleasure growing deep within me and threatening to consume my entire being, I felt the pain – pain from a day full of nothing but carnal delights, pain from my husband’s fingernails burrowing into my otherwise-unblemished skin, pain from the bracing action of my arm…

With a strangled yell, Bryan held himself deep within me, burying himself to the hilt, as he once again filled my body with his undying love. Together, we gasped loudly, the unmistakable aroma of our activity so thick and pungent in the air that I could taste it.


Two days later, as the plane flew just off the southern coast of Iceland at the end of our vacation, I knew. Unfortunately, however, I did not know just how to tell my own husband the news. Instead, I let my actions speak for me, taking his hand and, underneath the blanket we shared, placing it upon my stomach. When his eyes met mine, he looked at me questioningly more just a moment, then smiled as he realized what I could not tell him in words. Given that there were dozens of other people around us, Bryan simply kissed my cheek as he gently patted my stomach, but that was enough for me to feel his excitement at this news.


“Little Cassandra looks so peaceful sleeping in her crib,” Bryan whispered in my ear. Standing behind me, his arms enveloped me with love and protection on the first anniversary of our beautiful daughter’s conception. “I wonder which of our ‘tries’ on that day was the one which created her.”

I considered that for a moment. “I would not be surprised if it was the last one,” I replied quietly. “That one was the ‘odd one’ in that it was not romantic in the least. If anyone else had been on that island at sunset, they would have had quite an earful!!!”

“Sunset,” he whispered, more to himself than to me. “Is that why you insisted on Soleil as her middle name?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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