Another time being the landlord

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My tenant house had 4 apartments so some times it could be challenging to keep them filled. I had one apartment rented to a young woman who would swap sex for partial payment which worked out well for both of us. Some times the word would get out, especially nearing the end of the month and this is what the story is about.

Janet was the woman’s name she was 38 short blonde hair , chunky bit it didn’t stop her from laying out in the back yard sunbathing topless . Since the back yard was fenced off no one could see her big saggy tits hanging out in the open, so I didn’t care. She was a friendly woman and we would chat from time to time on different issues. She was married with three school aged children so she had plenty of free time.

This one particular day I was working in the cellar so I was passing by her quite often. She never bothered to cover up ,she apparently was proud of her big tits. As I was passing by one time she stopped me and asked if I wanted a drink. I told her in a couple of minutes going back down into the cellar. A few moments later Janet appeared down in the cellar with a soda for me,still topless. After wandering around looking at different things she spoke out saying how cold it is in here,Cold it was because her nipples were a half inch hard. I said it sure is and pointed at her nipples she chuckled pinching them ,a dead give away she said. She then left

Again I had to pass her but this time she moved her chair facing the cellar door and was laying flat.Her big breasts flatten out hanging to the side, and a camel toe present in her bikini.She was wearing sun glasses so I couldn’t see her eyes to know if they were open or closed.The third time I walked past she had pulled her bikini up inside her ,exposing her pussy lips, I knew then it was for me to see.

I finally had to say some thing and told her that she might as well take the bottoms off .She smiled okay and slipped them down revealing her shaved pussy and out protruding lips.She then said when your done I have some thing that you could fix giving me a devilish smile.

I sat down on a chair facing her so what is the problem you are having I said.I have several she said first the Casey up stairs said you have a nice cock.I see the out lines in your jeans will you show me she asked.Watching her lay almost nude for the last few hours I was hard and seeing her big tits I was horny.

Sure I said standing up undoing my pants, now I am not huge only 8″ but rather thick. She smiled when I pulled it out ,she was right she said slipping her finger izmit escort down on her pussy.

So is there another problem I said standing there with my cock straight out,Yes there is she said. Well my husband has a little cock and I cant even feel him in side of me any more. That is a problem I said but I cant fix his little dick.No sadly she said come closer reaching her hand out. I moved up to her as she grabbed my cock pulling me even closer ,It is so thick she said as she squeezed it.

So is there another problem I asked, she thought a minute yes she said I am hungry.Well I can fix that I said moving so she was now able to put in her mouth. I slid my hand down slipping a finger into her hot pussy, I see a problem here I said.Taking her mouth off my cock whats that she said, your a little tight for me I said working my finger in and out .Keep doing that she said I will loosen up,putting my cock back in her mouth. I was looking down at her big tits,then my watch caught my eye. I think we have a bigger problem I said, rather disgusted she pulled me out of her mouth . whats that she said , It is two thirty the kids will be home any time and chuckled.

She dropped my cock oh shit she said jumping up and reaching for her clothes. Damn she said as she stood there getting dressed,I hand my cock back in my pants. Almost had that problem fixed I said we will have to work on that tomorrow . Yes she said you might want to start earlier,say nine am,Just come into the apartment she said we can fix things there.

So the rest of the day I had quite the hard on thinking about her big floppy tits and shaved juicy pussy. Finally the next day came I knocked on their door and she said come in.looking around I didn’t see her, I am in here Janet said referring to the bed room,Since it is my place I knew where it was.Here to fix the problem I said walking into the room,did you bring your tool she said and laughed.

Janet was lying there naked on the bed with her legs spread,holding a big rubber cock in her hand. I have been getting my self loosened up for you she said in a sexy sorta voice. I dropped my pants and climbed up between her legs .I better check I said spreading her pussy lips with my fingers .You have done a good job I said as I slid my two fingers into her with ease, got it all lubed up too.

She was licking the tip of her toy and smiling at me does it taste good I said.Taste it your self she said rubbing the tip against her clit. She laughed when I went to lick the toy, bopping he on the head ,lick my pussy she said. I held her lips yahya kaptan escort open sticking my whole mouth on her pussy pulling the juices out with my tongue. Janet laid the toy down and with both hands held my head pushing her hips up off the bed.

She had to have been playing with her self for a while because she seemed pretty worked up. The way she was moaning ,holding my head tight against her it didn’t take long and she had an orgasm. She released my head coming down from her high ,I slid my fingers back inside her,very tasty I said looking up at her.

I moved my self around where she could be in contact with my hard on.She grabbed my hips pulling me up on top of her straddling her face. Her warm mouth felt good as she sucked and licked while holding my balls in her hand.

I was rubbing her juices up and around her bald pussy,seeing her skin glisten ,then I eyed her toy.I thought she was going to suck my nuts through my shaft when I slid that 10 inch toy almost all the way inside her .

She started sucking me all the way inside her throat again lifting her hips off the bed. I fucked her fast with her toy occasionally I would pull it out and rub it on her bare mound . I would lick at the juices left on her mound then down to her clit inserting the toy again.

Finally she rolled me off her , god damn she said sitting up, then impaled her mouth back on my cock. She started stroking and sucking for all she was worth. I couldn’t hold any longer and started cumming , she was swallowing and stroking until I finally finished.

Very nice she said sitting up on the bed still rubbing my cock, she held my limp cock in her hand and said. My husband’s cock is this big hard she said. then bent down and kissed it.

Just then her phone rang she picked it up and started talking still holding onto my cock.As she talked I reached up and was fondling her big breasts.I would pinch a nipple and she would squeeze my cock and give me a look.I did it again , she would do it again,I finally knew who she was talking to, it was her husband. I was teasing her quietly and having fun when I picked up her toy again.She gave me a look as if to say dont you dare, I smiled and tapped her clit with it causing her to stammer in the phone.

What she said into the phone oh honey I am playing with my toy just wishing you were here.She then moved a little letting it slip in side her ,Oh she said your cock would feel much better . Come home and fuck me she said over to the phone, well when she said,tomorrow gebze escort she moaned as I pushed it in farther. Okay she said then tomorrow I am going to fuck your brains out . I love you she said turning off the phone, You son of a bitch she said .

With both hands she pushed me over climbing up on me her weight pinning me to the bed.I should take this toy and shove it right you ass she said putting it behind her and laughed.I was worried when I felt her hand go to my cock but relieved when she stuffed it into her pussy.She was grinding her self around on me , she grabbed my chin trying to get me in trouble she said.

She was pretty heavy sitting on me but I couldn’t do any thing I was along for the ride. And ride me she did with hips sliding up and down her big sagging tits slapping against my chest.I had my hands on her thighs when she started kissing me passionately.

I couldn’t hold off much longer when I seen the clock,damn I thought it’s only eleven. Man she sure can fuck I was thinking when I said I am cumming. She sat up grinding hard on me when she felt me cumming she stopped all movement.Her pussy was squeezing my cock , waiting for it to stop pulsating, I was surprised when she didn’t climb off. She just took a deep breath and started rotating her hips again .She was determined to keep it in her and get it hard again, eventually it did.

That’s it sweetie she said when she felt it growing keep it cumming and smiled you feel so good in me.I reached up playing with her hard nipples as she wiggled around with my cock deep in side her. Her pussy was making slushy sounds pushing our cum out of her as she wiggled. She had an orgasm and collapsed down on me moaning in my ear I was getting crushed.

I need you off me I said giving her a push and slid out from under her, she laid there on her stomach when I climbed out. I looked at her pussy gaped and dripping I just couldn’t resist stabbing at it with my cock. Finally I started fucking away in her watching her just lay there taking it. When I finally started cumming I pulled out and and pushed it against her ass spewing the last few shots in her butt hole.

All fixed I said sitting back watching cum drip from her ass and down her slit.I pulled her lips apart dipping my fingers in the pussy pulling more cum out of her. I got off the bed and slapped her on her ass,only took four hours to fix that problem I said. She rolled on her side all red faced and smiled I don’t know she said ,its leaking then chuckled. I bent down to kiss her when she pulled me in and kissed me deep,your awe some she said then letting me go.

I will stop back in a couple of days I said or call me when the old man is out of town again, I got dressed leaving her lay exhausted .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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