Any Chance We Could Ch. 05

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This began as a NaNoWriMo entry last year and was 51K words long then. It’s now over 100K words and growing. A work still in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in two or three day intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, please comment, and vote.

Monday, October 1.

We awoke still next to each other, lightly kissed and went to our respective showers. After drinking coffee and eating some cereal, Katrina pressed herself against me, kissed me, had her ass caressed, then left for classes.

I called Veronica on her cell as early as I thought appropriate, 7:30am.

“Scott, is something wrong?” she asked.

“No love, just missed you and wanted to hear your voice, sorry.”

“No, I love hearing from you this time of day, it would be better if you’d just roll over and say it in my ear though, wouldn’t it?”

“I think that may be a project for this week, I’ll try to get some ideas, OK?” I asked.

We chatted a bit longer, and I excused myself to check some email before heading into the office.

Veronica called me later that morning and tried to sweet talk me into lunch but I was tied up with an international problem and I was determined to get to Ashley’s game by 3:30, so I begged off to be sure I’d see her then.

I had just arrived, parked and was walking to the field as Veronica drove in, so I followed towards her car and waited for her to walk to me. Power suit: jacket, blouse, skirt, hose and heels, her trademark look looked wonderful on her. Clack, clack as she approached me, we exchanged a brief kiss and I held her hand for a few minutes as we walked to the home side of the field. She had the same bag that she’d been carrying last week on her shoulder. One of the coaches approached her with a chair and two lineup lists. She introduced her to me and I realized that my chair was still in the car so I walked back to get it.

I returned, having left my jacket in the trunk, set it down next to her, and leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You look absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I saw you.”

Then in a normal tone, “Can I borrow your book, please, I promise not to take it.” I asked.

In a low voice Veronica said, “I’m not worried, you won’t leave my side until you know what kind of hose I’m wearing, will you? And by the way, when are we going to look at the results you say you’ve got in that PDA?”

“Well, I had intended to this weekend, but you didn’t give me a free minute,” I said.

“Oh, who didn’t give who a free minute? Between dining, dancing, swimming, and etchings where was there time?” Veronica said.

Ashley saw us and waved as she came off the field from her pre-game warm up. Several friends of Veronica’s, all parents of Ashley’s teammates, dropped by to check the score or say hello to Veronica before and during the game. I was introduced to them all, and noticed a few females casting approving looks in Veronica’s direction. Well good, and at least I wasn’t fighting my usual hard on and could stand when introduced.

The game went into the eighth inning to break a tie and Ashley drove in the winning run. After the post game debriefing by the coach, the girls began spreading out to their rides, or their cars.

“Hi, Scott, I’m glad you came,” and gave me a one armed hug. I happened to see a player and her mom just then looking at us with a questioning look. As if to ask, who is this guy and why is Ashley hugging him?

“Is Katrina coming over for dinner after her practice?” asked Ashley.

“Yes, and after dinner I’m taking the two of you shopping, might as well get that charge card out now, Scott,” said Veronica.

“Can I ride with you Scott?” asked Ashley.

“Veronica? OK with you?”

“Sure, I’ve got to stop at the store for a few things, so you’ll have time to get cleaned up before dinner. Scott, start the grill when you get there would you please?” said Veronica as she leaned over and lightly kissed me.

Ashley and I shifted some things around in my trunk to fit her equipment bag and I put my jacket back on to keep it halfway clean. I opened the door for her and went to the driver’s side to get going.

“It’s nice to see you Scott, is this going to become an everyday sort of thing?”

“Yes, I think it is Ashley. Is that OK with you?”

“Of course, I thought I made that clear this last weekend. I’m glad that you and Mom hooked up, I’m glad I met Katrina, the last four days have been fun, sexy fun” Ashley rode home with her left arm across the back of my seat, occasionally touching my neck with her finger tips.

When we got to Veronica’s Katrina was getting out of her car in the driveway. Katrina and Ashley hugged and exchanged a brief kiss.

“How was your game?” asked Katrina.

“We casino siteleri won in the eighth, I drove in the run!” exclaimed Ashley.

“Ashley, that’s great,” said Katrina as they exchanged another hug and kiss.

“Come on, Katrina, bring your clothes let’s shower and get all the dust off. I’d ask Scott to join us, but Mom told him to get the grill fired up.”

“Yeah, darn, can I take a rain check?” I laughingly replied.

“Anytime Dad. Anytime. Let’s go Ashley, I haven’t been wet with you since, what’s it been…oh, yesterday.”

I followed them in and turned toward the kitchen as they headed upstairs to shower, presumably together, to retrieve a beer and the matches. I dropped my jacket on the back of a chair, grabbed a sheet of newspaper and headed onto the pool deck. I stuffed the paper into the fire chimney, half filled it with charcoal, lit the paper, and settled into one of the chairs, beer in hand. My task for dinner successfully completed.

It was nice to be outside in the early evening, in daylight. I was beginning to really like the way Veronica had changed my life. Until her, my days pretty much ended between nine and ten every night. I had missed a good deal of the last couple of years of Katrina’s life. Not again, no, not again.

I heard Veronica come in the front door and got up to greet her. She was carrying a bag in each arm, so I asked for one ‘accidentally’ pressing her breast with the back of my hand as I took it, and kissed her during the exchange. “Any more in the car?” I asked.

“No, follow me, quickly!” We got into the kitchen she put her bag on the counter, I put mine next to it and she pressed herself into me, one arm around my neck, and the other hand grabbed my ass. Not to be outdone I grabbed her ass with both hands and we kissed deeply and passionately.

“I have missed your touch, handsome, so much. Sitting beside you today was hard, I wanted to keep putting my hand on your arm, or back, or neck, or cock. Well you get the idea.”

“Veronica, I missed you too,” and gathered her back against me to resume kissing her.

“Maybe after we’ve dated awhile, we can be expected to show some restrained affection at ballgames, operas, and the like,” I mused.

“God, I hope so,” she said to my ear as she nibbled a lobe.

Just then Ashley and Katrina came in, hair wet, smelling of soap, both in tank tops and short skirts, bare footed, holding hair brushes. Ashley kissed me, while Katrina kissed Veronica, then they switched and repeated the greeting.

“Great game, great job at the plate, Ashley!” said Veronica. “Come on ladies, give me a hand so we can eat and be on our way. Sexy shopping tonight.”

“Really, what’s the occasion?” I asked.

“You,” they said in unison.

“Jeez, I’m flattered,” a bit of a blush moved from my jaw line towards my cheeks. “Thanks.”

“How’s the fire, handsome?”

“Should be ready. What’m I cooking?” I asked.

“Salmon,” was Veronica’s answer.

“It will take eighteen minutes from the time I start, so tell me when to put it on. I’ll go spread the coals and get my beer.” I put my arms around Veronica, hugged and kissed her again and dropped my hand to her ass. “Pantyhose,” I said, “your skirt’s too tight for thigh highs.”

“Right, you win.”

“Win what?”


“Hmmm, what’s first prize?” I asked and ducked at the same time.

“Get your beer and get back in here, you have a lot of making up to do for that comment!”

“Gladly, be right back.”

Katrina walked out with me and asked, “Do I have a limit on what I can spend tonight? Or what I can buy?”

“You can spend until you’re done, it’s a charge card with a very high limit, sweetheart, buy whatever you want. I trust you and I trust your good sense.”

After helping Veronica, Ashley and Katrina sat on the pool coping, feet in the water, brushing their hair. Then began alternately brushing each other’s. A few minutes later, Veronica called out for me to come get the fish and get started.

Dinner was a delight, beside good food, the company was the best. Katrina talked about her game tomorrow, Ashley went on about her team, chiding Katrina good naturedly about winning when they last played. And Veronica, ah, Veronica, a vision of loveliness to me, I couldn’t get enough of looking at her.

“Scott, why are you staring at me?” she asked.

“Just trying to fill up on you.” I said.

“Well, I hope you never do, handsome, I hope you never do,” she said as she stood then bent over to kiss me.

“Everyone done?” Veronica asked. “Let’s get this mess cleaned up and get out of here, the stores await.”

“You all go, I’ll clean up and then I’ll see you at home Katrina.”

“Thanks, handsome, that forgives you for the first prize remark.”

They left the table and quickly reappeared. Katrina and Ashley had put on low heeled slides, and Veronica had opted for a pair of low heeled pumps. “Bye, Dad,” said Katrina as she kissed me.

Ashley kissed canlı casino me as well, then Veronica put her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me, “Bye, handsome, game tomorrow? And thanks for cleaning up.” Then kissed me and they were gone.

I spent the next half hour or so, washing some pots, loading and starting the dishwasher, made sure the vents were closed on the grill, locked the doors and let myself out. When I got home, I went to the den and began to peruse today’s email traffic. Damn, I thought, there’s that recurring problem in the UK. I guess I’ll need to go over there. No, I’ll send one of the young men I’m mentoring. I’m supposed to be cutting back.

I composed an email to Emerson telling him my plan, he responded with agreement and said he would talk to Ted in the morning.

At 10:30 I closed everything down was just about to turn out the light in the den when I heard Katrina pull into the garage. She bustled in carrying several bags. “Hi, Dad, would you help me get another load from the car?”

We made two more trips from the car to her bedroom before we had it all. There were several garment bags, at least three bags of shoe boxes and four bags from Victoria’s Secret.

“Did they close the charge card?” I asked with a smile.

“No Dad, thanks for letting me shop like this. Mom would have had a hissy fit. I want to show you something I bought, just one thing.”


With that she began looking through one of the VS bags, and pulled out a dark blue bra and laid it on the bed. Then pulled off her top and unfastened the bra she had on.

Topless…immediate erection, those bare beautiful breasts again.

She picked up the bra she had taken from the bag and put it on. It was a shelf bra similar to the one Veronica had worn on Sunday. Katrina’s breasts were fuller than Veronica’s and her nipples were fully in the open at the top of the bra. More erection.

She put her hands on her hips, thrust her chest forward and coyly asked, “I hope you like it? Do you?”

“Oh Katrina, it’s sexy as hell, but that isn’t a surprise to you is it?”

She stepped toward me, put her arms around my neck, ground her stomach against my obvious hard on, and kissed me, parting my lips with her tongue. “Oh, you do, you really do!”

She rubbed my cock with her hand before breaking the kiss and stepped back saying “Nothing subtle about you is there Dad?”

“It appears to be a trait that you have picked up as well,” I said.

“We’ll give you a fashion show later, but for now this is all you get to see,” she said as she leaned forward a bit and pushed her arms against her breasts, exposing the entire areola.

“Goodnight, sweetheart, see you in the morning.” I was lucky to say that without kissing those inviting nipples.

“Goodnight, Dad. Maybe next time you’ll kiss my nipples.”

I left her room and went to my bedroom.

As I walked out of the bathroom, Katrina was standing in my room in the new half bra, panties and heels holding something in her hand. “Sweetheart, if I’d known you’re going to be in here I would have worn something other than these raggedy boxers,” I said.

“That’s OK, Dad. I need your opinion, or maybe it’s just a question,” she said. “Is your interest in my tits and ass just passing or is it becoming habit forming?”

My dick was trying to escape the fly on my boxers as I said, “If you don’t mind, habit forming,” I said.

“Oh, good!” she said. “Now for the opinion.” Katrina turned around showing me her gorgeous ass in bikini-cut full back panties. “This is what I have worn for the last four or five years.” Keeping her back to me, she thumbed the panties to her knees and then onto the floor, stepping out of them in her heels. She then picked up the dark blue item she had been holding and stepped into them. “I want to make sure that if I start wearing this style you’ll caress my ass more often. Will you?” My dick escaped as she stood with her back to me before turning around.

The blue thong style panties matched her new bra and her ass looked as enticing as it had on Saturday in her bikini. I held out my arms and she melted into me as I caressed her almost bare ass. “Answer your question?” I asked.

“Yes, that and your dick sticking out of your boxers,” she said. She then put both hands on the waistband and pulled them down to my knees. “I don’t have any experience, but you sure do look exciting,” she said as she wrapped her hand around my cock. “Take them off and unfasten my bra, I’m sleeping in here again tonight.”

I took them off and held her to me as I removed her bra. “Now what,” I asked.

“We’re just going to cuddle, you can hold my breasts, caress my ass, kiss me, and I’m going to hold your dick.”

“OK, get in bed I’ll be right back,” I turned and went in the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel, turned off the light and climbed in next to her.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“If you’re going to be in my bed for more than a few minutes with your hand on my dick and kaçak casino my hands caressing your body, I’m going to cum for sure. This is to clean up the mess.”

“Ooh,” she said as she wrapped her hand around my dick again and began kissing me. “How can I make you cum with my hand?”

“Since I’m circumcised there are two ways, the first is to gently slide your hand up and down my shaft, don’t squeeze too tightly. The second is to cup your hand and put your fingers just below the head and gently move your finger tips around especially the bottom side and up and down. That’s my preference. I’m more sensitive to touching the head rather than my shaft. If you’ve cupped your hand you’ll do a better job of catching me when I cum,” I said.

I climbed under the covers and then pushed them down to the foot of the bed. Katrina began deeply kissing me and began to play with my dick with her cupped hand. I caressed her ass, the insides of her thighs and sucked and licked her magnificent breasts. As she began moaning I told her, “Soon, now!”

She kept her hand over the end of my dick, and continued kissing me, as I came into her hand. She stopped kissing me and with her lips just apart from mine, said “Cool! It’s warm, sticky, and I made you do that!” She grabbed the towel after looking carefully at the cum on her palm and fingers, then cleaned up both of us. “If you’re not sleeping with Veronica can I sleep with you?” she asked.

“Of course and do you want to do that again?” I hopefully asked.

“Ooh, very often, and much more,” she said as she snuggled her hips and breasts against my side and wrapped her hand around my now flaccid dick.


After making an equal number of trips to their bedrooms with their shopping bounty, Veronica and Ashley were sitting on the couch chatting about the shopping expedition and the Appletons.

“I think he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever met,” said Ashley, “Boy can he ever suck nipples. You can too for that matter Mom, didn’t mean to slight you.”

“No slight taken, sweetheart, and I agree with you, Scott’s a very sexy man. A good lover, very gentle and considerate in bed. I could get very serious about him and I’m glad you two seem to be getting along. If you didn’t like him, I’d have to back off. You and Katrina seem to have started off nicely, I assume you like more than just her body, or she yours.”

“I don’t think that’s all there is to it, I think we have a lot of the same interests and I think we’re forming a real friendship,” said Ashley.

“Turn around, honey lean back against me. You feel so good, Ashley.” She began rubbing her hand over Ashley’s breasts through her blouse.

“Mom, that would feel so much better if we were both topless, don’t you think? Or were you planning on stopping soon?”

“No. I need to come down from the sexual high that started last week, do you mind?”

“Mom, you should know better.” They both began to take off their tops and bras. “You really do have pretty breasts, Mom.”

“Scott thinks so too and I’ve noticed you sticking yours in his face without him pushing you away.”

“I wouldn’t mind sticking my pussy in his face as well,” said Ashley.

“Then go for it, sweetie,” said Veronica.

As Ashley leaned back against Veronica’s side, her back pushed against Veronica’s breast and her hand dropped to her Mom’s lap. “That feels good, much better bare, don’t you agree.”

“Yes, sweetheart I do. Turn toward me and put your hand under my skirt.”

“Sure, what would you like me to do?”

“Just caress my thighs and touch me through these pantyhose. Kiss and suck my nipples, please.”

Veronica then moved her hand under Ashley’s skirt and worked her hand under the side of her panties. “You are wet, young lady, did I do that?”

“None other, but perhaps talking about Katrina and Scott contributed a bit,” she said around Veronica’s nipple.

“God that finger feels good!” Ashley said

“Lean back a bit, Ashley, I want to make you cum.” Veronica started licking and sucking Ashley’s nipples and running her finger in and out of her pussy and putting her thumb on her clit.

“Mom, that’s feels sooo good. Mmmm, right there, right there, Oh God, don’t stop don’t stop” Ashley was bucking her hips and shivering, threw her head back and let out a loud moan and “Yes, dammit, yes!”

Veronica held her against her breasts with one arm around her and the other on Ashley’s pubic mound with her finger still inside her. “Take it out, Mom, it’s too sensitive.” Veronica took her finger out, brought it to her lips and sucked it.

“You always taste so good, does Katrina think so too?”

“She hasn’t tried yet, I hope it won’t be long.”

Ashley moved her hand from under Veronica’s skirt and put in on her breast and began to gently massage it. “That feels nice Ashley, very nice.”

“See if this helps?” and she leaned in and deeply kissed Veronica and began massaging the other breast as well.

“Oh yes, that feels very nice.”

“Can I lick you, Mom?”

“Of course, let’s go to my bedroom and get the rest of these clothes off.” They both stood, gathered their tops and bras a walked up stairs. As they went up the stairs, Ashley put her hand under Veronica’s skirt and caressed her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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