Anya Ch. 10

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Anya looked down at me and her little sister. Jenny was still impaled on my cock, whilst kissing my chest. It was obvious that Anya had just done some major shopping. She threw the load of bags on the couch and got on to her knees. Anya lightly kissed Jenny’s back, who smiled and moaned.

“Should I leave you two alone?” Anya asked politely.

I knew from her face, and tone that she had no intention of leaving us alone. In fact it was probably safe to say that she was quite jealous.

“I have been fucking your little sister all morning, and it’s been about an hour of slow fucking since I last came. So yes. I do want you to leave!” I laughed.

“Just suck his balls sis will you?” Jenny added cheekily.

“I’ve got a better idea.” Anya whispered mischievously.

Anya pulled Jenny on her back, my cock just nearly pulled out but I was still deeply inside Anya’s little sister. In the present position me and Jenny were in the missionary position, but that changed when I lifted Jenny’s legs over my shoulders. I started to ram her hard, and she slammed right back on my thrusts. Anya in the mean while had stripped, and was positioning her pussy over Jenny’s face.

With one of my hands I reached up and started to grope Anya’s tit; I rubbed my way up to her nipple and started to rub it with my thumb until it grew rock Ankara escort solid. I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked, and nibbled on it. Anya started to squeal with this, and I knew in a few moments she would erupt on Jenny’s pretty little face.

I started to slow down my pumping on Jenny, and just savoured the feeling of being in her tight pussy. I was delighted when Anya lowered her head down to lick at Jenny’s clit. I pulled my cock out and stuck it in Anya’s mouth; she was surprised but recovered well. Anya sucked my cock head hard, and tickled the underside with her tongue.

I repeatedly swapped my position from Anya’s mouth, to Jenny’s cunt. Anya continued to lick all of her sister’s juices off me, just as I dived back in to Jenny to retrieve some more of the juice that Anya liked so much.

I reached under Anya and pinched her nipples hard making her have an enormous orgasm, and consequently creaming all over Jenny’s face. Anya moved her pussy from her sister’s mouth, and turned around to lick her juices from Jenny’s face.

As she did this I withdrew my rock hard cock from Jenny’s steamy pussy, and shoved it up her waiting ass. I started to slam her as hard and fast, much like I fucked her pussy just minutes before. Anya swung her leg over, and whilst she was now kissing her little sister, her pussy Ankara escort bayan was rubbing down hard on Jenny’s cunt.

The sight of Jenny’s ass impaled on my cock, with three other holes above it that were all mine was just heaven. I very nearly came right there. I had to stop thrusting in to Jenny’s tight little ass to stop myself erupting too soon. This load was meant for the sisters to share. I wasn’t aware that whilst I was resting my cock all the way up Jenny’s ass; I wasn’t coming, but Jenny sure was. I could feel her boiling juices squirt over my pubes, and trickle down to my cock.

I pulled out of Jenny’s ass, and dragged my cock over all four holes on offer to me. I spread the never ending supply of pussy juice over the sister’s tight little butt holes. I slammed my cock in to Anya’s pussy, and pulled my girl friend up. I sat her on my cock; with me on the couch. Her boobs were just the right height for my mouth. I rubbed Anya’s smooth, long legs that were on either side of me. Damn she was beautiful. Anya bent down to kiss me; as she lifted her pussy a little, and then slowly skewered herself once again on to my cock.

“Oh yeah baby. That’s it, fuck me like that,” I moaned

We continued this love fuck for quite some time. I could feel my balls being saturated by her pussy juice, which was flowing freely Escort Ankara over my testicles. Anya changed her movements so she was gyrating her hips in circles whilst she was still stuffed full of cock.

“Oh fuck Anya you are a fuck goddess!” I shouted “Jenny! Lick my balls! What are you doing?!?” I demanded.

I looked round Anya, to see Jenny on the opposite sofa fingering herself with desperation. At my order she quickly scrambled on to her knees, and crawled between Anya, and me. I soon felt my balls get engulfed by Jenny’s hot, wet mouth. Anya started to rock, which felt great on my cock. She wrapped her arms around my head, and offered her boobs to my mouth.

“Oh yeah, rock on my cock,” I knew I was about to come.

With the feeling of Jenny sucking my balls, and Anya’s hot, tight honey pot wrapped around my cock; it wouldn’t by too long until I was blowing my load. I picked Anya of my cock, and placed her next to Jenny. Anya got the message and started to deepthroat me. Jenny continued to suck on my balls. I could feel my come rising to my cock. I let out a moan, and let rip my orgasm. I pulled out of Anya’s throat, and shot my load all over her face.

My first blast covered her nose, and was followed by a shot that I aimed at her cheek. I continued to come on Anya until she was covered. I then aimed my cock at Jenny’s pretty face, and blasted her with my remaining load.

The last thing I saw before I drifted off to sleep was Jenny and Anya in a passionate kiss sharing my come between them.

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