Anything But Normal

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We are now in the eighth month of this pandemic and life is anything but normal. Although living on the Central Coast of California with beautiful beaches and perfect year-round weather makes life a little more bearable. I’ve been retired in this part of the planet for five years now, and am able to enjoy camping, biking, and relaxing on the beach, all with social distancing in mind.

I am getting ready to enjoy one hobby that can be done indoors, masturbating to some of my favorite porn videos. I have my Fleshlight and lube sitting on the side table next to my recliner. I’m ready to spark up my iPad and stream some big boob videos to my 70-inch flat screen.

I’m playing the bachelor this week as my favorite gal pal, Catherine, is down south visiting her daughter. I miss her firm Double-D’s pressed up against me. She asked me to check on her house up in San Luis Obispo from time to time. I’ll have to make time for her next-door neighbor, Samantha as well. Samantha is the lovely lady who hosted last year’s Halloween party. She also accompanied Catherine on an epic journey in search of all the nude beaches along the Pacific coast. She has become a dear friend and enthusiastic sex partner for both Catherine and me. Her breasts are nice and round; a full C-Cup with coral colored puffy nipples. They are so soft and suckable. Just thinking of these two lovely ladies has my cock throbbing and I haven’t even turned on the TV.

As I mill about the kitchen preparing a snack for my afternoon recreation, I hear someone knocking on the front door. I contemplate whether or not to answer it. At least I’m not in mid-stroke with a Fleshlight sliding up and down my hard cock. I would surely ignore whoever it is trying to interrupt my favorite indoor pastime.

The doorbell chimes, I guess my anticipated orgasm will have to wait. A quick view through the peephole makes my heart flutter. I open the door and standing on the front porch is my lady friend, Karen. She lives about three hours north in Santa Clara. I spent ten days quarantined with Karen and her sister early on, following the stay-at-home directive. These two sexual dynamos nearly wore me out with their pleasurable desires. Not that I’m complaining.

“Karen, it’s so wonderful to see you. But what are you doing way down here? Why didn’t you call?”

Before I can get a verbal response, we move together with a hug and passionate kiss. Karen grabs me tight as if she is holding on for dear life. Her full breasts press into me. Our lips part and tongues parry back and forth. After several moments we need to catch our breath. I grab Karen’s hand and lead her into my living room.

“Surprise. I hope I’m not intruding. I just had to get out of my house.”

“Of course not, you’re not intruding at all. In fact, I’m so excited to see you. But what do you mean, you had to get out of your house? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong unless you consider sheer loneliness and being extremely horny being wrong. I woke up this morning and decided a nice drive around town might help with these Covid-19 blues. I hopped on Highway 101 and cranked up my CD player. I was singing along with The Beatles and enjoying the scenery, so I continued to drive. Before I knew it, I was south of Salinas.”

“Wow, that must have been a long CD.”

“Oh Rob, you are so funny. Give this horny lady another kiss.”

Karen wraps her arms around me and presses her body tight against me. Our lips meld together and once again our tongues parry back and forth. I can feel her big boobs press against my chest and surmise she in not wearing a bra under her thin summer dress.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have been in some kind of trance. By the time I got to Soledad, I was halfway to your house. I could either turn around and head home or continue to Pismo Beach. Either way, I was going to be on the road for three hours. The drive energized me, so I chose the latter.”

“I have so many questions. You’re lonely? Isn’t your sister, Tessa, still living with you?”

“No, she moved back to her apartment in San Francisco a few weeks ago. She was able to go back to work.”

“So, you’re all alone in that big house and stuck inside, I get it.”

“Well, it’s not that big, and yes I was feeling stuck. I need the warmth of human contact, someone to talk to, someone to listen to me, someone to make love with me.”

Karen’s frankness catches me off guard. I can feel her pain. I want to hold her tight, take her to my bedroom and strip her naked, and make sweet, passionate love to her. She takes a deep breath and smiles wide. It’s as if a hundred pounds has been lifted off her shoulders.

“So, her I am.”

“So, you just got into your car and drove three hours. Did you pack an overnight bag? Have you eaten? You must be tired.”

“Nope, no overnight bag. When I started out, I had no idea I’d be sitting here in your living room. I had a few snacks along the way, but yes, I am hungry. I’m not tired at all, in fact, I feel re-energized. It’s so good to see you. I’ve canlı bahis been thinking about your last visit with me and Tessa. I remember every moment of those ten days together. Every time I think about our love making, I get so wet and out comes my vibrator. Well, a nine-inch piece of buzzing silicon can’t replace the real thing, as much as I try. And I try a lot.”

“First things, first. Let’s get you some food and then we’ll see what comes next. By the way, that dress looks stunning?”

“Thank you. It’s one of my favorites. I love the floral print and the sheer fabric. I just threw it on when I got up this morning. No bra, no panties, just the dress.”

My cock has been stirring since I first looked through the peep hole, but now it’s starting to throb. I imagine plowing right into Karen’s pussy and unleashing a massive amount of cum. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. There’s nothing to conceal those exceptionally large and very round boobs with dark-pink nipples, only a thin piece of material. I can almost taste her sweet cunt juices on my tongue.

“Hey Rob?”

Karen’s voice jolts me from my daydream. I open my eyes to see her sparkling blues looking directly at me.

“I love this living room; you’ve really got an eye for detail. Why don’t you give me a guided tour before you feed me?”

Excellent idea. I need to control my urge. I sit still for a moment, willing my hard cock to soften. I take a deep breath, stand, and take Karen’s hand. We move through the hallway to the back of the house. I guide her to the master bedroom and bath. Karen again remarks on my taste in decorating.

“You’re home has such a feeling of warmth and comfort.”

We move down the hallway to the second bedroom, the one I turned into my massage room. The table I bought several years ago takes up center stage. Colorful curtains keep the bright daylight to a minimum. I have custom built cabinets for my massage oils, candles, and other things.

“Wow, this is quite the look. When you mentioned you had a massage table, I didn’t expect to see such a professional looking setup. Look at the cabinets, and the candles. And are those speakers hanging from the ceiling?”

“Yeah, I guess I like to set the mood when I’m giving a massage. Soothing music and lighting seem to create the perfect environment.”

Karen moves about the room, testing the firmness of my massage table and peeking into drawers. I don’t mind her inquisitiveness, as I have my sights on giving her a massage later on and hopefully, she’ll enjoy a happy ending. One drawer contains some of my oils and lotions. She opens a few and inhales the fragrance.

“Mmm, I love the smell of spice in this one. And, you know, cherry flavored lotion is a favorite of mine.”

“Yes, I do. Remember that night at Big Sur when that cherry flavored lube kept us going all night long?”

“Who can forget multiple orgasms.”

Karen winks at me and opens another drawer containing a few adult toys. She looks inside and then shoots me an evil smile. She discovers a few vibrators, dildos, and my cock rings. She silently closes the drawer and moves on, finding towels and the sheer white linen pants I wear while I administer pleasure to my ladies. The pants usually don’t stay on too long.

“I must say Rob, you are quite the professional masseuse. I’m sure your clients receive the ultimate attention. I assume the majority are ladies. I would love to feel your experienced hands all over my body.”

“I think we can arrange a session for you. Professional masseuse is not exactly accurate, I’m more of a hobbyist. I do have a credential though, and I have to admit all of my so-called clients are lady friends.”

“I see. And what is the dress code for your services? Do you have robes or cover-ups? Perhaps a towel or two. A massage can be quite intimate.”

“Well, by the time they climb onto the table, they are completely nude. I do have towels for covering their vulnerable parts, but that usually doesn’t last very long.

Karen grabs my hand and pulls me close. Our lips touch for a momentary kiss and then she whispers, “My vulnerable parts are yours for the taking.”

I persuade Karen to stay for a few days rather than drive home. I show her the guest bath where I have a few toiletries for her: toothbrush and paste, deodorant, and shampoo. I let her know we can pickup anything she needs at the local grocery store or CVS pharmacy. There are plenty of department stores in case she wants a new bra and panties, although there isn’t much point as we will probably spend most of the time naked.

We walk to the kitchen where I was preparing a few snacks before Karen arrived. We mange to find enough food in the refrigerator for a lite lunch as we catch up on the past several months.

“You know Rob, if I’m going to stay for a few days, let’s spend the afternoon at the beach. I would love you to show me that place you are always talking about. Is it Buccaneer’s Cave or something like that?”

“You mean Pirate’s Cove? You’re so cute. Yes, I will bahis siteleri take you to our local nude beach. Since you’re not wearing anything under your sundress, I believe you will fit right in. Let’s finish lunch and we’ll head on over, it’s not far.”

Knowing I get to see Karen naked on the sand again, I rush through the remainder of my sandwich and gather everything needed for an afternoon at the ocean. While I clean up and look for my backpack, I tell Karen to relax and rejuvenate from her long drive. It doesn’t take long for me to grab the blanket, some water, and snacks for our afternoon tryst. I find Karen sitting in my recliner handling my Fleshlight. She unscrews the top and presses the silicon top and pushes her fingers into the imitation pussy.

“Ahem, are you ready for our beach adventure?”

Karen looks up at me and smiles. She purposely thrusts her fingers in and out of my Fleshlight.

“Looks like I may have interrupted you after all. Did you have plans on using this fun little gadget before I rang your doorbell? I’m sorry if I ruined your plans. Maybe we should stay home and put this to good use.”

I feel my face heat up as I turn several shades of red. I stammer something about having just found it in a drawer and was going to put it away in the bedroom.

“So, how does this work? Do I put it over your cock and move it up and down? Do I twist it? Or do I twist and move up and down at the same time? What’s your pleasure?”

I gently remove my Fleshlight from her grip and hide it behind my back.

“How about we talk later, and I just might demonstrate it for you. Remember, the beach awaits.”

I use my free hand to pull Karen up from the chair. She leans in to kiss my cheek and moves one hand down to my semi-erect cock. She gives it a squeeze and raises her eyebrows. I hand her my backpack with the water and snacks and take my sex toy back to my bedroom before returning to the den.

“Okay my dear, let’s head out. You wanted to see the famous Buccaneer’s Cave, didn’t you?”

I grab the blanket and take Karen’s hand. We head out to my truck; I open the passenger door and assist Karen. It’s a short drive to Avila Beach. Once we arrive, we grab the backpack and blanket and walk down to the main beach area. There are a few people scattered about the sand, keeping their social distance. Once again, I’m reminded that this is anything but normal. On a normal day, this beach would be wall-to-wall naked tits and cocks and pussies.

We have a lot of real estate to choose from. We find a nice bit of sand close to the rock outcroppings and I spread out the blanket. Karen pulls the beach towels out of the backpack and lays them on the blanket as I stand and survey the coastline. The waves are gentle today, they ebb and flow along the sandy shore. Karen sits on her towel and leans back on her elbows.

“Wow Rob, this is so beautiful. I love the sand and the surf, the sound of the ocean. Hey, are you going to just stand there or what? I came all this way to see you naked. Drop the shorts buddy, show me the goods.”

My cock just got harder with her taunting. Well, this is a nude beach and I’ve been here so many times, I’ve lost count. I take off my shirt and unbutton my cargo shorts. They slide to the ground and my seven-inches springs up full staff. My cock ring circles my shaft, and my balls hang low in the gentle breeze.

“We’ll look at you. Is that a cock ring I see? There’s no hiding that bright neon orange, I love it. Come closer, let me have a look.”

I move next to Karen and she reaches up to wrap her hand around my hard cock. She strokes my shaft while she squeezes me. Her fingers glide along my thick member.

“Mmm, I’ve missed this all summer. I’m so happy to be here. It reminds me of our time at Big Sur.”

Karen grabs my balls and pulls me down. I move behind her and straddle her hips as I press my thick boner into her backside. I reach around and pull the top of her sundress down, freeing her gorgeous breasts. I cup her round orbs and lift them up as I squeeze the pliant flesh and tweak her nipples.

“Grab the sunscreen from the backpack and I’ll protect these puppies from the sun’s rays.”

Karen hands me the tube of sunblock and I squirt a line of lotion across her shoulder blades. She shudders at the sudden cool sensation. Karen remarks that the sunblock is cold on her skin. I gently massage it into her skin, warming her in the process. I pour some lotion onto my palms and apply it to both of her tits at the same time. I rub and massage the sunblock into each firm mound. I make sure her nipples are covered in cream. They harden under my touch, so I pull them up and out.

Karen grabs my hands, “Hey, be gentle. You should be sucking those, not torturing them.”

Karen lays her head back on my shoulder and coos as I continue to pay homage to her glorious boobs. I spend more time than necessary holding and squeezing and molding. I whisper into her ear about how this reminds me of our beach time at Big Sur. I tell Karen I would canlı bahis siteleri love to eat her pussy like I did back then. I feel her entire body shudder at the thought and urge her to slide her dress all the way off.

Karen shimmies out of her sundress, lays back and spreads her legs. She anticipates my next move. I position my body between her thighs and look around to see if anyone is watching. The nearest couple is about seventy-five yards away and they are not looking in our direction. Actually, it looks like the lady is sitting on top of the man and riding fast. I can’t make out too much of the action, but I would say that they are definitely fucking.

I refocus on the smooth pussy lips just inches away from my face. Karen reaches down and strokes her thighs and cunt. She uses her fingers to spread her inner lips, opening her gash for my inspection. The landing strip of curly salt and pepper pubic hair begins right above her clit and extends up her firm Mound of Venus. I’ve been here before and am happy for a repeat performance. Karen sighs as I dip my head down and inhale her sweet fragrance.

I wrap my hands around her womanly ass. Karen spreads her legs a little more. I have room to stroke her inner labia and clit. I use this opportunity to ignite her pussy, so I stick my tongue out and lick the length of her pink slit. Her sweet fragrance has my mouth watering; her inner labia is moist with dew. I drill up into her sweet pussy; I press my lips together and suck on her clit. The hard nub emerges from beneath its fleshy hood, ready for my oral assault. I flick the pearl with my tongue and Karen grinds her cunt up into my face.

“Oh, gawd Rob, you’re going to make me cum again. It’s even better than before. The thought of getting caught out in public has my pussy dripping.”

She is definitely wet as she lays on the blanket with her legs spread. I dart my tongue between the puffy folds deep into her core. Karen’s flushed inner labia hang down from within her folds. I love sucking them between my lips. She squirms while I trace up and down her rosy lips, gathering as much cum as I can. Karen’s pussy gets wetter with each swipe of my tongue.

“I’m so ready, make me cum now.”

I’ve learned that Karen really gets off when my fingers are buried deep in her pussy. I insert two fingers between Karen’s pink labia and curl them up to find her magic ridge. I stroke her G-Spot with my fingertips which sends Karen over the edge. She bucks her hips and flails her legs as her first climax rushes through her body. I press her hips down onto the blanket and the soft sand below molds to her sweet ass.

“I’m cuming, I’m cummiiinngg. I don’t care who’s watching, eat me baby, eat my pussy.”

The erotic pleasure centered in her vagina spreads throughout her whole body. I love watching her orgasm and encourage her to let go completely. The sound of waves crashing to the shore drowns out Karen’s vocal accords.

As her orgasm wanes, I withdraw my fingers from between her puffy lips and suck them in to my mouth. I clean my digits before returning to Karen’s pussy. I lick the puffy lips that are now bright pink from her arousal. I lick her wet labia that still pulsates. I kiss her soft inner thighs and then slide up her body hovering over Karen. Her hard nipples etch against my chest as we share a kiss and the cum on my lips. We kiss passionately and Karen tastes herself on my lips and tongue. My hard cock throbs just inches from her satiated pussy. I resist slamming my shaft into her cunt, as I have other ideas.

“Oh, gawd Rob, that was fabulous. You really know how to satisfy me. I’m ready for your thick cock.”

“Let me show you something Karen, I think you might like it. I have a special place to make love.”

“Make it fast buster, I need you deep inside of me.”

I push up from Karen and stand over her. My seven-inch lance points out to sea. Karen reaches up to me and I pull her to her feet. She hugs me tight, grinding her pussy into my cock.

“So, where’s this special place?”

I point out to the cropping of large rocks along the right side of the beach and whisper in her ear, “I want to make love against that big boulder out there. There’s just a couple feet of water out there; I plan to hold your leg high and slide my hard cock deep inside of you.”

“That is so decadent. I’m game, let’s go.”

We hold hands as we stroll across the sand. My cock remains semi-erect and sways back and forth while I stare at Karen’s huge tits. She takes notice, extending her hand down to hold my shaft. She leads me a few yards further and into the foamy surf without releasing her grip.

We make our way over to the rocks and move around to the flat side of a five-foot boulder. I press Karen up against the rock and lift her left leg with my hand as promised. Standing in shallow water, I point my cock at her entrance and push deep inside her pussy. Karen’s inner flesh is steaming and wet. I bottom out and hold her tight against the rock. My cock throbs with anticipation. Holding her leg high and pressing her ass against the rock I piston in and out. Eating Karen’s pussy and delivering a satisfying orgasm is all the foreplay we needed today. Now, it’s simply hard fucking leading to fast and furious orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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