Anything for My Daddy

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Big Tits

Chapter 1 – My Father’s Sacrifice For Me


If there is one tenant that has always determined my actions regarding sex with my father, it’s that as his daughter, I willingly submit myself to whatever desires and needs he has. I’m immensely proud of the fact that I have NEVER refused to give myself to him no matter where or when and what he has asked. At the same time, it’s NOT a master-slave relation in any way, shape or form. Part of the reason I submit to my father to a degree that I would NEVER do with any other man, at least until I am married, is that I know he loves me unconditionally and would never even ask me to do anything he knows I don’t want or is not in my best interest.

A good example of that is anal sex. While I know my father enjoys it, he recognizes that I do not and he has never even hinted to me that he would like me to do it. Many people have asked me if I would let him fuck my ass if he asked. Sorry, I won’t fall into that trap because it’s a moot question as he would never ask me in the first place.

All this is not to say that I thoroughly enjoy EVERYTHING he likes to do with me. Like most guys, my dad gets off now and then spraying his cum on my face and body. I blame the porn industry for putting that stupid idea into guys’ heads but regardless, I know it turns him on to do it and it doesn’t really hurt me, it’s just annoying.

Probably the most difficult thing for me has been dealing with Uncle Jim, my dad’s younger brother. My dad has been infatuated with his eighteen year-old daughter. There were times my dad didn’t dare get out of the hot tub when Tammy was over because of the huge erection he would get seeing her budding boobs start to push out against her bikini top. Sometimes he would pat her bottom as she went by and I knew he wanted nothing more than to squeeze her cute ass with its curves and ever shrinking bikini bottom hiding it less and less every year.

Because I didn’t give my virginity to my dad but rather to a boyfriend at the time, I’ve always had to bear the guilt that comes from knowing how badly he wanted to be my first and how I deprived him of his right to my womanhood. A case could be made that I shouldn’t feel guilty about because at the time I had no idea my dad harbored those types of feelings for me, but the results are what they are, regardless of how I may try to rationalize them.

Tammy provided me with an opportunity to make up somewhat to my dad for what I denied him. Long story made short (the details are in my diary if you’re interested), I arranged for my dad to be Tammy’s first. I think my dad thought he’d died and gone to heaven that first time. Since then he hasn’t had many opportunities to fuck Tammy, but when he does, he tries to make the most of it. Honestly, what older man wouldn’t be thrilled to fuck his petite niece?

There was a price to pay for my father’s early romps with Tammy although at the time, I didn’t realize it. Almost a year before my dad had Tammy, I started having sex with her dad, my Uncle Jim. At the time, it was sort of a thrill to do my uncle, even though he wasn’t exactly the nicest man in the world. What I think got me off the most wasn’t my uncle fucking me, it was that I was fucking my Aunt Shari’s husband behind her back. My aunt is a religious fruitcake who frowns on anything the least bit sexual. She was always on my mom’s case over how I dress, the way I act around guys at school and even church. If she had ANY idea that I was getting laid by her husband, she probably would have killed us both – and I’m not exaggerating. I remember to this day the first time I saw her just after my uncle had filled my pussy with his cum. OMG, the thrill it gave me just can’t be described!

Like many things, that thrill died away but my uncle’s boorish manners didn’t. Eventually it deteriorated to where I hated it when he fucked me. He was fat, rough and foul-mouthed (there’s a difference between talking dirty during sex and cursing), didn’t bathe as he should, and was just generally not someone I enjoyed being around. I put up with him mainly because my dad loved fucking Tammy and although it was never said so straight out, I was worried that if I cut off my uncle that he would keep my dad from fucking Tammy.

Back in the fall of last year my dad and his brother re-enacted the first time the two of the swapped daughters. The first time was fun and exciting, most likely because it WAS the first time that Tammy was fucked by her dad and I got to watch it. This time, though, was totally different. Although I allowed him to fuck me, I detested him the entire time and even though his dick felt good in me (you can’t help but feel good when you’re being fucked, no matter the guy attached to the dick), in the end I felt empty and used. Well, empty spiritually and emotionally, not in terms of the contents of my pussy!

The more I dwelled on it the more it ate away at me. It got to where I couldn’t bear to even imagine allowing my uncle bayan esmer escort bursa to fuck me again. For a long time I put up with it but our last time went over the top and the dam finally gave way. It took me a while but finally I worked up the courage to go to my father and explain to him how I felt about my Uncle Jim fucking me. After I’d finished my well-rehearsed but poorly delivered speech, I just sat there across from him on the couch, wringing my hands as I waited for him to respond, certain he would be terribly disappointed in me.

Well, if there was ever even the slightest of doubts as to my father’s love and respect for me, his answer swept them aside. He reached over and kissed me for the longest time, a deep, passionate kiss as our tongues met and we pulled up tight against each other. Then he smiled and told me I never had to do anything I didn’t want to and that if I didn’t want my uncle to fuck me, then he would make sure I never had to worry about it again. When I started to say something about Tammy, he stopped me and told me to let him worry about that and that my need’s came first. Isn’t my father a truly fantastic man?!

As things turned out, my fears came true. My mom told me later that my dad had gone to my uncle and told him that he couldn’t fuck me anymore. My uncle immediately retaliated by informing him that his niece was officially off-limits from that point onward. I guess for a while things were tense between them but after all, they are brothers and brothers work through these sorts of things. Besides, it’s not like my dad had nobody else to turn to. My mom was there for him not to mention my Aunt Linda and cousin Kristi. Of course, there was me, even if I was living in my own place now. The only thing is, the youngest of us is Kristi and she isn’t even a teenager anymore. In fact, she can legally drink in just a few months. I can only imagine how it felt for my dad to see the college girls at the mall and church and have to think about how Tammy was once available to him and now she wasn’t.

My dad never mentioned anything about Tammy, at least from a sexual perspective, after the day I told him about not wanting to be fucked by my uncle. Even so, at Christmas and other family gatherings, not to mention church and school activities, I noticed his eyes were always on Tammy. I made it a point not to mention her either, not wanting to pour salt in any wounds. At the same time, I noticed my Uncle Jim would leer at me and grin when he thought nobody else was looking. God, he was such a jerk!

Chapter 2 – My Mom and Kristi Gang Up On Me


After this went on for months, I stopped thinking about it as much and assumed life would go on as it was with regards to my uncle and niece. I knew my dad still lusted for Tammy but then he lusted for Amanda Tapping every time StarGate SG1 was on TV and he didn’t get to fuck her either. Then one day I was having lunch at the mall with my mom and she let me in on the REAL situation.

“You know Kelly, your dad really misses fucking Tammy.”

We had been talking about the new summer outfits in the store until then when she dropped this little bombshell on my lap. Damn, talk about a shift in the conversation!

“Oh really? What does he tell you?”

My mom looked around quickly to make sure nobody was standing behind her listening. The food court was crowded but even though that meant a lot of people were around, the general background noise made eavesdropping all but impossible.

“When I came home from work last night he was jerking himself off so hard he never even noticed I was in the room. He had his eyes closed and was moaning for Tammy to suck him harder and the fuck him harder. He even had some of her photos up on the computer screen.”

“You sure it was Tammy he was thinking about Mom?” I asked, “I mean, what’s the big deal about him jerking off when you’re out anyway. He use to do that all the time if I remember correctly.”

“Maybe it was the ‘Tammy, oh god Tammy’ part of the moans,” my mom responding with a wry grin.

“Well whatever. Heck mom, dad’s always jerking off about Tammy. What’s the big deal now?”

“No, you don’t understand,” she replied, shaking her head with her eyes looking down at the table as if she was afraid to look me in the eyes, “It’s ALL the time now. It seems every time he masturbates, it’s about her. He has one of her bikini photos as his screensaver on the computer. I had to poke him in church last week when he kept staring at her boobs during the service. THEN, last night when he was fucking me, he called me Tammy!”

“You’re kidding!” I said, my mouth hanging open. If there as one thing my father NEVER did, and that was put anyone before my mother when it came to sex, not even me.

“No, I’m dead serious,” she said in a low voice, “He’s NEVER done anything like that before. Hell, he never even did that with your name, not even bursa ucuz eskort when the two of you were fucking like rabbits.”

“Well, I knew he always liked fucking her, but I didn’t realize he would go this far overboard over it,” I said apologetically.

“I could deal with it,” my mom sighed, “except now he’s gone to looking at little girls on the web and even in public”

I sat there stunned as she delivered the final body blow.

“I’m really frightened at how fixated he has become with her,” my mom said, her voice starting to crack as her emotions came out, “I’m worried he’s going to get caught downloading porn – or worse. All I need is someone turning him on for stalking girls on campus or God knows what else.”

“Oh mom, Dad would NEVER do anything like that!”

“I never would have thought so either,” she said, the concern deep in her voice, “But lately I don’t know so much for sure. “It’s almost frightening. He’s obsessed!”

“OK, but why tell me?” I asked, although I had this sinking feeling in my stomach that I knew where the conversation was heading.

“You’ve GOT to do something Kelly,” she said, almost begging me, “You’ve got to convince your uncle to let John start fucking Tammy again.”

There was no doubt in my mind that I could persuade my uncle, just as I was sure there was no doubt in my mom’s mind either. Why else would she be asking me? Even so, my mouth went dry as I grasped the enormity of what she was asking me to do and what I knew deep down was necessary.

“But mom… he’s so gross,” I pleaded, hoping she would have a Plan B that didn’t involve Uncle Jim’s smelly dick.

“Kelly, you HAVE to let him do you,” my mom pleaded again, “We both know it’s the only way he’ll ever let your dad have her again.”

“But mom, dad told me I didn’t have to let him do me any more,” I tried to reason with her.

“I know, and that’s the hard part,” she sighed, “You can’t let your dad know about it. He would never let you do it.”

“Well, he couldn’t stop me if I really wanted to,” I responded.

“Kelly, that’s not the point and you know it,” she snapped slightly at me, “Oh sure, he’ll fuck Tammy if he gets the chance; he’s not THAT much of a saint. It’s just that he’ll never feel as good about it as he would if he hadn’t found out that you had sacrificed that way for him.”

At that point, what could I say? I knew it must have been terribly hard for my mom to bring this up. Something told me she probably wasn’t telling me half the story as it had to be a lot worse than what she described for her to ask me this. All my life my mom was the one who protected me from my dad’s sometimes “overzealous” moods, those times when he would get really horny and almost do something stupid, like trying to fondle me in public. Usually it was my mom saying “no” and for her to even propose such a thing told me more than she could ever explain.

The relief on her face when I agreed was instant, as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. As much as my stomach was churning at the moment, seeing her expression told me I had made the right decision. Now the question was, how to get it done!

I suppose I could have just gone to my Uncle Jim and announced my intentions. In retrospect, that would have been a better idea. My only concern was that he was such a boor that he might say no just to be a prick. He knew he held all the cards. How can you compare am eighteen year-old girl against one who was almost 23 when it came to a swap? Other than I weighed probably a hundred pounds less, I could’ve been my aunt compared to how my dad would view Tammy laying naked on the bed. I knew my mom would be too worked up to discuss it further with her and of course, I couldn’t ask my dad for his ideas so who do you turn to in these times? Well, why not turn to the family whore? In my case that was my cousin Kristi.

“You’ve GOT to be shitting me!”

Kristi’s outburst when I first explained to her my plans was as foulmouthed as it was predictable. Fortunately, at least in this case, Kristi didn’t have to worry about a father who had the hots for her little cousin so she stayed a mile away from our uncle whenever she had the chance. We both shared the same opinion of him.

“Kelly, you’re a saint, you know that,” she sighed as she sat back in the overstuffed chair in her living room.

“Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

I had called Kristi up and explained to her that I needed to talk to her about something important. She wasn’t working this particular evening so I drove over and we shared a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke.

“So what do you think I should do now?” I asked her, sipping from my glass.

“Well, you COULD take off all your clothes and lick my cunt,” she replied, a big grin on her face. I threw a pillow at her and huffed.

“Gee whiz Kristi, is that all you ever think about? C’mon, be serious bursa anal yapan escort for once. I have to figure this out and you’re not helping matters.”

“Who said I wasn’t being serious?” she replied mischievously. The problem was, I knew she WAS being serious. If there was any further proof as to how much this was bothering me, the fact I was turning her down said more than anything.

“You know girl, this really IS all your fault,” Kristi teased me.

“Say what??”

“Well, if you hadn’t been so obstinate about living on your own and stayed home to take care of your daddy’s needs, he wouldn’t be thinking about Tammy so much.”

I glared at her, trying to figure out from her impish face if she was teasing me or expressing how she really felt.

“Fuck you Kristi. That has nothing to do with this and you know it.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. He’s been a LOT more horny since you moved out,” she countered and then grinned, “and if anyone should know, it’s me.”

The dirty little whore! I knew exactly what she was referring to. It was like when I was away at college and she “filled in” for me with my dad. Now I wasn’t almost four hours away, barely more than four minutes if you hit the lights right. My dad could have me anytime he wanted and I knew it. All he had to do is call if he needed me that bad.

“Well screw you Kristi!”

THAT certainly was an intelligent way to end the conversation but it worked. Even though I knew all I had to do was spread my legs a little and she would be on me in a second, she tried to be helpful, as much as my blonde cousin can. Fortunately, we were discussing the ONE subject she excelled at – sex.

“Well, first of all, you need to do the foursome thing again.”

I looked at her and squinted, as if I was having a hard time hearing her. No way did I hear her say THAT!

“You know, father-daughter, swap thing, all that,” she went on, ignoring the look on my face, “At least that way your dad’s around to keep him under control.”

Now THAT made sense finally. One of my fears was that my uncle tends to get rough and with my dad there, even if he WAS busy screwing Tammy, maybe my uncle would be a little less likely to go overboard.

“And you can’t make it like you are doing this just so your dad can fuck Tammy. You need to make him think you WANT him to fuck you.”

Yeah right, and next I would convince him I was an alien from outer space. She could tell from my expression that I was unconvinced.

“Look Kelly, Uncle Jim is a guy and a not too bright one at that. Just get him horny and he’ll believe anything if it means getting in your panties.”

She had a point. If Kristi knew anything, it was how to manipulate men. As good as I felt I was sometimes at it, I had to concede that she was the master!

Kristi went on like she was a professor giving a lecture, “The trick is to make him think HE is the one initiating it. Then he’ll never suspect it is something you are trying to get him to do.”

“OK, sounds good,” I acknowledged, “Now just how the hell do I do that?”

“Fuck Kelly, I don’t have to tell YOU how to do that,” she sighed loudly, “Just wiggle that cute little ass of yours in his face and make eyes with him. It doesn’t take much to get him going anyway. Just don’t be TOO obvious about it.”

Chapter 3 – Kristi “Inspires” Me


Then Kristi looked at me and I could see her mind had shifted gears. She licked her lips subconsciously and I could see her staring at my boobs and then my crotch. Something told me the conversation about Uncle Jim was over!

Kristi got up from her chair and walked over to mine where she put her hands on the back of the chair, one on each side of my head. She was wearing a tight tank top but that didn’t stop her boobs from hanging down in my face as she leaned down to kiss me. Our mouths met and I felt her tongue instantly reach out, searching for mine. God she smelled like pussy! She must have been soaking wet already.

“Speaking of your cute little ass, why don’t you get out of those clothes and show it to me,” she whispered huskily in my ear, her voice thick with lust.

We both stood up and quickly stripped, leaving our clothes on the rug as we sat on the couch and held each other in our arms. Our legs draped over each other and I could feel her small boobs press against mine as she leaned into me.

“I’m going to fuck you cuz,” she said as she started to fondle me and reach between my legs. God, she must have been super horny to go straight for the crotch! Suddenly she sat up and her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me and said, “Hang on just a second, I have to get something.”

I watched her naked little butt wiggle suggestively as she scurried up the stairs to their bedroom (her mom and she shared a bed since she was two). I heard a dresser drawer opening and then a couple of minutes later she was running back down the stairs again, only this time there was something different about her. My god, she had grown a dick! Well, actually my naughty cousin was wearing a strap-on dildo.

“What the hell???” I started to ask but she cut me off.

“Not another word Kelly,” she said, putting her hand over my mouth, “I know what you’ve said in the past but today it’s time you tried one of these on for size.”

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