Apparently Word had Gotten Out… Ch. 04

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Sorry, it has been so long since I’ve worked on this story, I had other things in my head that I needed to get down!

As with most series, it’s better if you read them in order, but no hard no foul

As always, I really appreciate likes, comments and such!

This is a story about a hot 18 yr old who moves to a new town with his mother and is immediately spotted as a cocksucker by the first guys he meets!


When the truck was finally unloaded and boxes were all placed in the proper rooms, I found the boxes for each bedroom that were labeled bedding, and first opened the one of my mother’s room. I was surprised when the guys started helping me put the beds together, we did mom’s first so she could just come home and tumble into bed. We put a few other things away and then Fred said it was time to take the truck back, and then we could come back and have some fun in and around the pool.

Fred rode with Joe, and Steve rode with me. They had let me clean up most of the mess on my face, but made me leave the dried cum and goo on my chest and belly, but I was fine since it was now hidden by my shirt. Just to tease me a bit more, while I was driving the big moving truck, Steve said, “well cocksucker you handle this big rig almost as well as you handled my big rig. You got your face wiped off, but…then he leaned over to me and said, you still reek of sweaty balls and Jerry’s asshole, so don’t get too close to the attendant at the counter or he’s going to know where your face and mouth have been!”

We both laughed at that!

When we got to the truck rental place, we all went in together. Since these guys are there a lot from helping people move they know the attendants working there. Two of them are hot as hell, the other one wasn’t and he seemed to stay away.

I signed the paperwork and gave them the credit card mom always had me carry for emergencies and we finished up the transaction. The guy waiting on me was all smiles and “very” friendly, the other one was carrying on a conversation with Fred and Joe that I couldn’t hear. But soon we all piled into Fred’s truck and headed back to the house.

Fred was teasing and telling the guys he was sorry, but my mom said, that we all had to swim in our underwear! They all got a chuckle out of that. Steve mentioned that since in this state 18 is the legal drinking age, we should stop and get some cold ones!

Everyone thought that was a great idea, and Steve and Fred went in and came back out with a case of beer each! While they were gone Fred said, “So cocksucker you happy with the activities of the day so far?”

“Oh hell yes, back home I only had two guys that I’d see once or twice a month each, it was the bible belt and things were very strict there, I’ve had more fun today, than in a month back home!”

“Good because Billy was a hungry cocksucker like you, and we’ve really missed him since he moved, there is not one other decent cocksucker in this town, you’re going to love living here. Now some other guys are going to find out and want you to service them too, but it’s all kept private, no one will ever disrespect you in public, but you will be treated like the hungry little whore you are in private, you good with that?”

I was just saying, “Hell yes!” as Steve and Joe jumped back in the truck! “Hell yes, what?” Joe asked.

“Well our new little cocksucker here pretty much just agreed to take care of all the cocks in town that we send his way, we will all be happy again, and his throat will get all the action it needs! With pretty much the same arrangement we had with Billy, treat him like the whore he is in private, and show respect in public!”

Steve chimed in, “Well I hope you like to give up some ass because I’ve had my eye on that sweet butt since I saw you when we pulled up!”

They all laughed and Fred said, “Kid we all like some ass now and then, but Steve and Jerry, are true ass men…they’d take a piece of ass over a blowjob any day!”

I could feel my face getting red, for some reason the thought of getting fucked by these guys not only excited me, but it also embarrassed me a bit. “Fred asked me why I was turning so red?”

I explained that although I had been fucked a few times by two different guys, I didn’t enjoy it as much as sucking cocks, and sometimes it kind of hurt, but I did it to keep my guys happy.

Steve was the first to respond, “Well then you’ve probably never had the right guy fuck you! If a man knows what he’s doing he will make the guy he’s fucking 1xbet yeni giriş enjoy it as much or even more, than the guy fucking enjoys it, I promise that!”

We made our way back to the house, the guys carried the beer in, and we all headed out back to the pool. We were naked in a flash, I was really happy that the previous owners made the area so private. We all grabbed a beer, took a couple of pulls off of them and dove and jumped into the pool! It felt great after the hard days’ work.

Soon all three guys sat lined up on the edge of the pool and I went down the line having a cock buffet. After several passes back and forth to all of their cocks, Steve told me to get out of the pool. Fred laid back on one of the chaise lounges my mother had bought for the pool area.

I stood there admiring Fred’s hot body and hard cock, then I knelt on the lounge between his legs and started licking and sucking his cock, almost immediately I felt Steve spread the cheeks of my butt and whistled. Joe was right there with him. Steve said, “Jesus, look at that ass, just enough muscle to be round and firm, but not too hard, smooth as a baby’s butt on the cheeks and a nice bit of fuzz in the crack, looks good enough to eat to me!” Joe agreed!

Soon I felt two pair of lips, licking and kissing my cheeks until they were slowly spread, and Steve started licking up and down my crack. I almost jumped off the lounge when his tongue skittled across my hole! I had rimmed a few asses like Jerry’s this morning, but no one had ever actually rimmed me!

At the same time Steve’s tongue penetrated my tight hole, Fred’s cock slid deep in my throat, I thought I had died and gone to cocksucker heaven!

The guys were making my butt feel amazing, and I actually loved it when one of them slid a finger in. It came back out and the rimming started again, then a finger, and then rimming.

Fred was panting because I guess I was deepthroating him like a madman. After a while, I felt two fingers and even that felt good, but the next session of rimming felt even better after being opened by two fingers!

They went back and forth, rim then finger, rim then fingers and Joe said, “I think this little cocksucker is about ready to get fucked!”

Then the thought hit me, there were two very hot men standing behind me with hard cocks, and both of those cocks were fucking huge. I had never sucked a cock anywhere near as large as those and the thought of one of them stretching my hole open scared the shit out of me!

Just as they were deciding who was going to get into my butt first I heard the slider open, then I heard a pair of shorts hit the ground and Steve said, “Perfect timing Jerry, we need a small cock to open up this tight ass!”

“Fuck you, Steve 7.5″ isn’t small, it’s above average, it just isn’t a gargantuan cock like you three have!”

In short order Jerry was behind me rubbing his cock, that is much closer to my own cock size up and down my crack, “Fuck what a gorgeous ass!”

Joe chimed in and said, “Yeah, but it apparently needs to be broken in a bit, I guess this cocksucker has only been fucked 4 or 5 times and didn’t enjoy it much…our job is to change that!”

Jerry said, “Oh yeah, I’ll get him to enjoy it, hell I’ll make him love it!”

Jerry pushed against my hole but didn’t go in. Then Steve or Joe would lick and finger, then Jerry’s cock would come back to my hole. This went on for quite a while and I was getting to enjoy it.

Finally, Jerry’s cock slid into me easily. Even though it didn’t hurt, he pulled it right back out and Steve and Joe licked and fingered more. Then Jerry’s cock slid in again, and out again. They did this over and over until Jerry’s cock was spending more time in me and it was feeling amazing!

I knew he was taking it easy on me, because the other guys that I’d let fuck me, just jammed it in, it hurt like fuck, they got about 10 to 20 strokes, shot their load, pulled out and it was over, there was only a hint that something could have felt good, and that was the only reason that I allowed it to happen.

Well this had been going on for some time, and now that Jerry’s steel hard cock was easily sliding in and out of me, I went back to sucking Fred’s cock in earnest, and it felt fucking amazing! He actually had me ease up a bit, “Ease off there a bit cocksucker, I want to shoot my next load in your hot ass, and at the rate you’re going I’m not going to last much longer!

I went back to licking his big hairy nuts, and he scrunched forward 1xbet giriş a bit and I even took a few swipes at his hairy crack and hole. He moaned and I loved it.

Jerry was picking up speed and intensity, I could tell he was getting somewhat close, so could Steve because he tapped me on the shoulder and offered me his uber thick cock and said, “Let’s get this bad boy nice and slick and ready, it’s going in next, Jerry isn’t far from blast off!”

I let Steve slide his thick cock into my mouth and after a few slurps he said, “I need a better angle!” With that, he stepped onto the chaise lounge and straddled Fred. He slowly slid down Fred’s torso until his cock was as close to Fred’s as he could get it. I started going back and forth sucking one cock and then the other, the texture and precum flavors were distinctly different and it got me even hotter!

I guess Jerry seeing this scene was pushed over the edge, and suddenly he was fucking like a bronco, similar to the previous fucks I’d experience, but now I was open and slick and it felt amazing! Jerry shot a huge load like earlier today, I could feel my insides flooded with warmth and I could feel his cock pulsing it into me!

Jerry finished and laid down on my back, I enjoyed feeling his hairy and sweat soaked body against mine. Steve stood up to go get behind me, and I guess he saw that look of worry on my face. “Don’t worry boy, Jerry got your hole nicely opened, this big cock won’t hurt you one bit now, you’ll feel a bit of a stretch but you’ll like it!”

“Okay, I’ll do my best to relax as you showed me before, but damn that thing is thick!”

“Well think about it this way cocksucker, it made it into your throat, it can easily go into your ass, besides, you’re going to like it a lot, it’s kind of shaped like a buttplug, you get to feel that stretch over and over, every time I go in and out!”

I’m not certain that thought made me feel any better, but I was excited about the prospect of it feeling “really” great!

After Steve got up, Fred got up too! I missed having a cock to suck, but only for a minute, as Jerry took his position and offered me his cum covered cock! Steve stepped up behind me, I heard Fred say, “I can’t wait to see this!” Joe agreed!

Steve told me to go ahead and start sucking Jerry’s cock, and just concentrate on that, and to relax my hole, but all I could do was clench it. So he said, “that’s okay cocksucker, go ahead and clench, keep it clenched, it will get tired and relax on its own, we’ve got all day here, so take your time!”

I started really getting into licking the last of the cum from Jerry’s still steel hard cock, it tasted great like the big load he had shot in my mouth earlier today! I was a bit afraid that it might taste funny after being in my butt, but if anything it tasted better and was all clean.

I kept on clenching my butthole tight and then just letting it relax and after a minute or two I was able to actually push it open a bit, but suddenly it made a high pitch farting noise, that embarrassed the hell out of me.

The guys all laughed and Fred said, “Listen to that high pitch, that is one tight hole!”

What embarrassed me, even more, is that fact that right after that I felt some of Jerry’s cum kind of squirt out of my hole!

Steve said, “Look at that, I’m going to be using Jerry’s cum for my lube!”

I felt the thick blunt head of Steve’s cock make contact with the back of my ballsack and he slowly slid it up toward my butthole, taking with him, the cum that had dribbled out of me.

When his thick cockhead made contact with my hole, I clenched at first, but he said, “Come on cocksucker don’t lock it down, open up your hole, you have one of the finest asses I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it was just made for hot fuck sessions like this!”

I pushed my hole open again, it squeaked again, I felt a lot more of Jerry’s cum squirt out, and just as Jerry plunged his cum leaking cock into my throat, Steve took the opportunity and slid the fat head of his big cock into my hole!

I moaned around Jerry’s cock but didn’t move away from Steve, and he slowly slid the rest of his cock inside of me, and I felt my hole stretch wide, and then close down around the more narrow base, as I felt his pubes make contact with my smooth butt cheeks! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Thankfully Steve took it easy on me too, he slowly withdrew until I could feel the thicker part of his cock stretching my hole again, and then he’d slide slowly back in. 1xbet güvenilirmi He didn’t take it all the way out, just enough for me to feel his cock slowly open my hole up some.

Jerry was getting a bit wild for someone who had just shot his big thick load up inside of me and was fucking my face furiously! Not only did I love it, but it kind of took my mind off of what was going on at my other entrance.

I was distracted again when I heard the sliding door to the patio open and shut again, and a few “Hey there, hot scene!”


“Hell yes, this is what we need!” statements. I knew it was two more guys and I even recognized the sound of their shorts or pants hitting the concrete as they dropped them.

The thought went through my mind, just as Steve was starting to fuck faster with longer strokes, I could feel my hole being stretched open on each stroke, here I was on my first day in a new place and I was potentially going to have sex with 6 men, two of who I had no idea who there were!

I heard Fred say, “Alright Kyle and Lester, glad you guys could make it, we are breaking in the new town cocksucker, it’s getting fucking hot!”

As I was pretty busy with a cock in my throat and the largest cock I’d ever had in my ass, fucking me and working up to a frenzy, it took me a few seconds to register who Fred was talking, but it was two of the guys from the U-Haul place!

Soon Fred took charge as he apparently usually does and said, “Come on Jerry, you’re hogging the cocksucker’s mouth, let these guys get in there a bit, it’s been way too long since Billy moved away, these men need some action!”

Jerry pulled his cock from my mouth and one cock appeared at eye level on either side of the lounge. Steve was working up to a frenzy and I couldn’t believe how great it felt to have his thick cock plunging in and out of my newly opened hole!

There was a very thick about 7″ uncut cock with a thick reddish bush and fuzzy nuts, that was Lester, and a longer thinner cock about 8″ with a trimmed dark bush and some real low hangers to my other side.

I went for Kyle’s cock first, but Lester almost immediately pulled my head to his side. My head was going back and forth between the two totally different cocks, and Steve was going crazy on my hole, sliding his cock all the way out and plunging back in! My hole had never been so open, so happy or felt so good, these guys were right, I was now going to want to get fucked all the time.

Kyle leaned over me and was watching Steve’s cock plug me, and said, “Holy Shit Steve, you pounding like that after you shot that big load?”

Fred said, “No, that’s Jerry’s big load Steve is whipping into a batch of thick cream!”

Kyle laughed and said, “Fuck that is one amazing ass, you guys are making a big creamy mess of it, I hope I get a turn at that!”

With that Steve announced that he was going to shoot and leaned down on me and started fucking at a different angle and an even faster pace! I left Kyle’s cock and returned to Lester’s and Steve surprised me by leaning farther forward and he slurped Kyle’s cock into his mouth and shoved his cock even deeper inside of me!

Fred said, “Wow Steve, never saw you suck a cock before!” Steve mumbled around Kyle’s cock, “When the mood strikes!” With that, I felt Steve lurch and buck as he pounded his load into me!

He was almost knocking the breath out of me as he pounded me and sucked a big cock!

That put me over the edge and I started firing my load all over the chaise lounge below me! Steve felt my ass flexing as I shot my load and I think that made him cum even more! That had to be one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot because it was the first time in my life I ever shot with a cock pounding my ass!

Steve finally collapsed his sweaty torso on my arched back. A minute later as he was regaining his breath, I felt his thick cock pop out of my hole and a gush of air and mixed cum a bunch of cum exited my butt! It didn’t have that high pitched squeaky sound this time and Fred, Joe, and Steve all laughed and one of them said, “Well that is the sound of a well-fucked hole! Next!”

Lester moved around in front of me for a true face fuck with his thick uncut cock, I felt a couple of fingers slide into my hole and they moved in and out pretty damn fast and deep! When they were pulled out, Joe came and smeared thick cum onto Lester’s cock and Lester plunged in so I could taste the two loads that were inside of me!

Steve moved Lester out of the way, and then I knew that Fred, Joe, Steve, Jerry, Lester, and Kyle were behind me stroking and looking at my well-fucked butt! One by one they plunged just the head of their cock into my hole and then brought it to my face for me to slurp the cum off of it!

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