Aroma Lust Secrets

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Peggy’s fecal fragrance has whetted my desire. So when she offered an extension of our fecal romp I am happy to comply. Our shit scented adventures have many facets. There is the overt play that she manifests. It matches my growing horniness to engage in the most filthy behavior. She also has her subtle ways to stimulate me to exhaustion. She will taunt me with what appears to be a clean finger, but will have an intensely strong fragrance of shit that my nostrils are so drawn to. As she romances me with her so stinky finger I can barely detect shit residue around her so fragrant cuticle. But that lovely fragrance sends me. I linger over it.

Peggy has suggested that we review some of the compelling solo scat videos. We both have a special affinity to the masturbating aspect of the shit smearing and then shit eating videos. As our shit smelling obsession overwhelmingly involves masturbation it is a very special eroticism. Until meeting Evelyn masturbation was my aroma lust forte. Since I had no one up until that time to share my lust for the fragrance of feces my own secret lust gave me terrific pleasure. Over time keeping it so secretive was it’s own pleasure. That desire was constant although I have developed a partiality to certain fecal scents. Peggy also shares a partiality for subtle shit smells. She actually has mixed some flowery perfumes with her own feces to produce very desirable smells. While my desire is the smell of shit, Peggy swoons over cotton clothing infused with stale female piss. I have also come to desire inhaling the piss aroma when it is that intense. Peggy enjoys drinking the piss dregs after the garments will not retain any more liquid. As I have said she is a generous host and offered me a few sips. I demurred.

Peggy picked out few solo smear and taste videos. She had us put on filth stained panties and fishnet stockings. We each had at our disposal several fecal clotted and piss smelling tight panties to wear on our faces. Visual, tactile and olfactory senses combined. The olfactory sense always wins. A large screen lets us see the anal details and Peggy encourages me to shit while we are watching the porn. The comfortable cloth chair has been previously been used this way. It is magnificently stained with dried feces. Our diet has been prescribed so that we both expel a wonderful smelling excrement. We both control our bowels so that we will please each other. Our shit may be culturally defined. It is very brown and firm, unlike some video excrement that is tinged with green and is loose and gassy. Yes, we are proud of our shit.

The matron in the video is past fifty and looks directly into the camera. She enjoys muğla escort what she is doing and is articulate. Unlike most scat videos she spends a lot of time inhaling the product of her anus and the first smearing on her face is on her lips. She is very slow and methodical. The philtrum below the nose is gently massaged with an ample amount of feces and she is constantly smelling her shit smeared fingers as she masturbates. Since this is how Peggy and I have had sex most of our lives we are so horny that it hurts. We are both probing our assholes to mimic what we are seeing. We are well rewarded. I cannot retain on my finger the turd that I have pulled from my ass. I press it to my nose and lick the edge to savor the pungent taste and smell. Peggy has pushed out a sizable turd that squeezes out of her underpants. Her entire hand, palm and digits are covered. She seems like she will faint from the ecstasy of the aroma and taste. We share each others feces. We are breaking into a stinky sweat. Our shit passion is intense, for the smell of shit and each other. Unlike Peggy’s masterwork, the Rhino pleasure bed, the chairs have not been cured with shit. Nevertheless the intense fragrant, fecal aroma emanates from the chairs stains. Even the mildly stained chair arms smell delightful.

Peggy requested that we have another session on the Rhino bed. This time she wants to seduce me from underneath. This ingenious piece of furniture is very versatile. She has set it up to be a faux torture, massage bed with a chiropractic feature to rest your face in. The shit infused leather smell does not dissipate. It is perfume that keeps my vagina fragrant and drippy. As an added feature there is a gurney like contraption that Peggy also constructed that fits under the Rhino bed. Peggy lies on the gurney so that we are face to face. Only a few inches apart. I am being stimulated in many of my orifices. The gelatin penis that I am grinding on is gently pulsating as well as my butt plug. I grab the pulleys to grind my vagina up and down. I am sweating from erotic passion. Peggy assumes her position underneath. The last time I fucked the Rhino bed I had dirty undies to smell. That was great. Now Peggy’s face, smeared with her excrement, is lighting me up. Peggy’s tongue, tipped with shit, traces the inside of my nostrils,. She then licks my eyebrows, seasoning them in a likewise manner. This lovemaking goes on for over ten minutes. Her fetid breath puts me in ecstasy. After dozing off for a few minutes it’s time to clean up and get some dinner in town.

After taking a hot shower together we are once again smelling acceptable to the general population. muğla escort bayan Our secret passion to remain our secret. While having dinner Peggy tells me that her passion for shit smelling goes back a long time and that she wants to share the story with me when we get back to the ranch. Her secret for decades. This is very exciting.

Our mental accoutrements will be enhanced by the social lubricants of wine and hashish. After getting mellow and stoned I am an eager listener. Peggy has kept me as horny as a twenty year old.

As she began her narrative, Peggy had early been attracted sexually to the smell of shit. We are similar in that way, hard wired. Growing up in Lower Manhattan her older apartment building roof was a refuge and allowed her to practice her secret sex passion. She had found on the roof a storage area that contained cleaning supplies and was walled with chicken wire. It had originally been someone’s pigeon coop. In an obscure corner there was an old unused toilet. One late afternoon after coming back from her classes at City College she decided to masturbate in her newly discovered hiding place. The toilet was well hidden and as an extra precaution she had put a hasp lock on the outside of the door that led to the stairway. With her bargain store toy bucket placed in the old toilet she slowly squeezed out a turd. She inserted her index finger in her anus and smelled her fecal discharge. This sexual delight did not last long. Her masturbating produced an intense and satisfying orgasm in no time. The roof was her secret refuge for many, many masturbations. The only disturbances were the occasional curious pigeons that flapped and cooed about on the roof.

Her next shit smelling encounter was when she was vacationing in California. To me this one was so much more erotic and made me jealous. I wish I had such an encounter as the next one that Peggy related to me.

In her early twenties Peggy took a solo vacation out to the West Coast. After landing in San Francisco Peggy took an excursion through wine country. Highway 12 goes into Napa and northward into Sonoma County. It is a beautiful ride. The town of Guernville in the Russian River Valley was a lovely place to stay. Little did she know how lovely it would be. Checking into a bed and breakfast establishment run by an elderly woman. Peggy was physically attracted to this sixties something woman. She was very fit and seemed very Butch. Peggy made it obvious to Agnes, the proprietor, that she was interested in her. Agnes was very interested in her. After dinner Peggy came over to Agnes and asked her about the town. Agnes made a point to explain escort muğla that she loved the town that was so accommodating to her. That she was a flaming lesbian with peculiarities. Peggy interjected that she was lesbian also. Agnes then offered Peggy a drink to be had in her private residence. Peggy said she would be delighted. Agnes plied Peggy with several glasses of wine and then offered her a joint. Peggy knew where this was going and was eager to comply. With her inhibitions set aside she said that she had sexual peculiarities of her own. Agnes did not miss a beat. My peculiarities are of the anal kind. Not metaphoric but literally anal. Peggy responded immediately that so were her preferences. Agnes opined that if Peggy preferred she could sleep with her and explore some exciting possibilities. That does sound exciting, Peggy added.

As prearranged, Peggy knocked at Agnes’ door at midnight. Agnes was decked out in fishnet stockings, a fishnet bra and a very tight pair of leather panties. While the attire was a little off putting to Peggy the next thing she noted exhilarated her.

Agnes smelled from shit and had shit on her fingers. This reminded me of my fecal encounter with Evelyn on the Gay Mediterranean Cruise. Agnes smelled her finger and replied this is my peculiarity and my absolute passion. Peggy smiled and responded she was delighted to smell shit with her as a sex act. Peggy inquired as to how dirty they could get. Agnes beamed that she had no limits. That she would love for Peggy to foul her up anyway that she wanted. Agnes had prepared her bed in the same manner that Evelyn had prepared her shipboard digs. Plastic sheets were under cotton sheets. Agnes requested that Peggy shit on her when they laid down. Peggy asked to strip her first. Agnes wanted to taste Peggy’s shit, but first she removed her dentures. Peggy adequately complied. Agnes was eager to smell, smear and ingest whatever Peggy’s ordure flowed. Peggy got on top, bent over and pushed. When Agnes first saw the turd emerge she asked Peggy to hold her excrement in that position so that she could play with it. Agnes fingered the turd and then sniffed her fingers adding that Peggy should eat out her pussy. As Peggy slurped her engorged vagina she simultaneously expelled her excrement to the waiting mouth of Agnes. Agnes had no problem with the fecal mass that she rolled around in her mouth until it was liquid slurry. Agnes had also coated her lips, chin and nose. Agnes then requested that Peggy make love to her with her two headed dildo. Peggy and Agnes repeated their coitus several times that night. Their stinky bodies stuck to each other until they showered. It had been a long and satisfying encounter.

So after the tale was told I asked her if she ever returned to see Agnes again. Peggy said that unfortunately that did not happen. But the memories endure. I added that they created new memories for me. Thank you for your secrets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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