Art Model Ch. 05

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This is a true story which happened a few years ago. I tend to be conservative, but with a wild streak which once in a while reveals itself. Sometimes a very small choice to indulge my exhibitionist interests leads to additional small choices linked together to form one of my adventures. Just a warning, my stories are detailed and slow to buildup for some readers. In Chapter 1, I had taken the plunge and agreed to pose for the class. While having some second thoughts, I decided to go back for another session. In Chapter 2, my session went a little late while one student kept going and things became less than professional. In Chapter 3, I had a session with another model and continued my after class routine with one of the students. In Chapter 4, my modeling session included a duo with a male model.


Thursday was a special day at the company. We had been making good progress and they had reached some important technical milestones ahead of schedule. We knew about it Wednesday and there were plans to have a celebratory lunch.

I wore the best items I had packed — a white silk skirt which form fit my waist and butt very well. This was part of a full business suit and came with a fitted jacket. I wore a blue silk blouse to accompany and wore a pair of nice white high heels. I thought I really looked sharp.

We had established a great deal of credibility with the company and I knew this would carry over for hopefully many years. In fact, to this day, this is one of our more successful ventures.

So I was feeling great about what we had accomplished. Under normal circumstances, this might have been a good night to go out to dinner with the company team, but I knew there would be a lot of occasions for that in the future. However, we were beginning to wrap up the training, so I was a little melancholy too that I would be coming down to visit them less going forward.

Within that context, I began to recognize the need to savor the art modeling. Whenever I visit an unusual location, I often wonder when I leave when, or if, I will return. Australia was like that, only one time so far, but that is another story.

I thought there was a chance I could run late again to class, so as I left for the company that day I packed my little carry bag with some items so I could change into something more casual.

Sure enough, I could not leave early enough to go back to the hotel in time to change clothes and get a shower. I pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes late. I had called Dr. Reynolds to let him know, but I only got his message machine.

I pulled into the school parking lot to a thrill. There was Tony’s black Corvette! I had hoped he would make it, but somehow I was not expecting him.

I got my bag and walked into class as quickly as I could. I apologized to the entire class.

Tony was posing solo already and the class was already drawing. He said, “Hey, I wondered if Mike got me here under false pretenses. What kind of place are you running here?”

Everyone laughed at his comment.

Dr. Reynolds chuckled and motioned for me to go ahead and get ready.

Tony chimed in, “Mike, let her pose dressed tonight. We’ve got the future Senator here!”

He was in good form. I laughed but another part of my brain had registered how good Tony looked. I have previously described him, but he was definitely a great looking man.

Dr. Reynolds commented, “I knew you would make it, so I have Tony posing so you can easily join in.”

I made my way to the dressing room as they continued. I was just unpacking my bag. I had my hair up for work and began to let it down and brush it out when Dr. Reynolds came in. He showed me the photo pose.

I said, “I really want to apologize. I don’t think it is OK to just show up late again and this is not normal for me. But it is very tough to leave the company sometimes when that is the real reason I am supposed to be down here.”

He smiled at me, “You don’t need to say that. You have been here frankly more times than I expected and you have been very professional about letting me know your schedule. I knew it must have been something like that.”

I started to unbutton my blouse as we talked. I untucked it from my skirt and let it hang showing my bra as I stepped out of my shoes.

He was looking at me as I explained I was not sure yet how much more I would be coming down as it appeared we were starting to wind down the training.

He nodded understandingly, but still looking at me as we talked. This was part of our little routine. As I took off my blouse and put it on a hanger, I thought it was interesting we had gone through this same routine each time except when Tony and I were getting ready together the previous evening. He had the door basically closed. It was cracked a little, but no one could see in from that angle.

He was asking how many times I thought I had left as I stood in my bra. He listened carefully as I candidly said I was not sure, maybe only a couple more sessions.

He Bycasino had noticed my bra was a front clasp this time as he said, “Well, I guess you don’t need any help with that one.”

I smiled as I undid the front and exposed my breasts to him. He had been absolutely professional the entire time I knew him and always made me comfortable. Yet as I stood there topless and my nipples hardened under the scrutiny, I realized we both understood the other was aware of the little game and accepted it.

I said, “Sorry. How about you help me with this skirt instead? It is always tough to get the zipper.” I lied; it was easy.

He walked closer and quickly stepped to unzip my skirt. It fit well enough that it did not just drop down on its own, even unzipped. He looked up at me as if asking what to do next. I turned a little so I now had my back to him with my arms at my side.

He got the signal and pulled down at the waist of my skirt. His fingers were touching my skin as he got it past my hips. I wiggled a bit to help him.

I was left with a fancy panty which matched my bra. A lacy look. I also had on white nylons to match the outfit, thigh highs with a fancy white print at the upper thigh to keep them up.

I took the skirt from him and hung it up. This was one of my best outfits. I said, “Thank you, are you done helping?”

He looked up at me quizzically. I held my arms out to my side, “Do you want me to go out like this? Tell me what more I should leave on and I will go out whenever you are ready.”

He smiled and said, “Well, originally I had planned you would go out fully nude tonight. But these are nice.”

I still held my arms out and shrugged. He leaned over and reached for my panty. He slipped his finger under the waist band at my outer hip. They were not tight by any means, but they did not just fall off. He slid his fingers over my side hips and then along the back as he inched them down.

He avoided touching me in the front, but by the time he got them down far enough to slip off, he had gotten to touch my butt quite a bit. I stepped out of the panty. All of this was happening very quickly. However, if we were in the room much longer, it might give the wrong idea to the class.

I looked at Dr. Reynolds who had sat down on the bench to help me with the panty. Or really, to help himself to the little gift. He smiled and reached over to help with the stocking. His finger touched up very high on my inner thigh before he slipped his finger inside and slipped down the thigh band. They came off easily once down a little. First he did the left leg and then repeated it for my right leg. I slipped out of both when he stood up.

He said, “Thanks kid. You just gave an old guy a very sweet present. Very much appreciated.”

I stopped smiling for a moment, “No, my pleasure. You have given me a chance to fulfill a very nice fantasy.”

He looked at me, first smiling and then a nod. We both understood what had happened.

We headed out to the class when he explained where he wanted me. Tony was basically standing relaxed, fully nude. The ‘package’ was in full view and looked lovely. He smiled at me as I came out.

Dr. Reynolds had me sit down in front of him. My butt was on the floor at his left foot. He had me extend my right leg straight out. My foot went past Tony’s right leg. He had me take my left leg and bend it into a ‘V’ with my knee raised a couple of inches off the floor. My left arm was extended and laid palm flat on the floor.

He wanted me to wrap my right arm around Tony’s left leg and hold him. First, to the viewer, my face was only a few inches from his penis although I was not looking at him. I had my right hand near his upper calf and my back and head were leaned up against the outside of his thigh.

Dr. Reynolds came around and adjusted my legs and posture a little. Then he said, “Raise your right hand higher Beth.”

I started to raise my hand higher when Tony the ham cried out, “Hello, don’t I get dinner and a movie first?”

The whole class cracked up laughing, including Dr. Reynolds and me.

In response, I said, “You would have, but the Three Stooges are not playing anywhere and I could not find any corn dogs.”

The class went to a whole new level of laughter and I felt Tony breaking up too.

“Touché,'” he replied.

I had never actually moved my hand during all of this joking, but now Dr. Reynolds motioned both of his hands in an upward motion, as if saying ‘please’.

I raised my hand higher and he stopped me when the heel of my hand was at his upper knee and my fingertips were a full hand length higher, so maybe my fingers were about halfway up his thigh with my forearm and hand parallel to his leg on the inside of his thigh.

Tony made another smart aleck remark and I playfully dug my nails into his leg. That cut him off and I said, “One more word out of you and we’ll have a eunuch here.”

That remark had everyone laughing again and Dr. Reynolds commented, Bycasino giriş “It is 7:23 pm just in case anyone wanted to know when I officially lost control of the class.”

He was not serious; everyone could tell he thought creating a friendly environment in the class was very important. The students got back to drawing and it was quiet now while they worked. It felt nice to be touching Tony like this. My hand on his leg was not erotic this way, but there was enough skin contact that it was still very engaging. As he would shift his stance one in a while, my shoulder would rub against him and would slide my hand in a small caress and go back to our pose.

I was not in need of a break, but Tony and the students were in need when Dr. Reynolds gave us a few minutes. Tony was the quite the gentleman and moved around in front of me with hands extended to lift me up. I took his hands and he smoothly but quickly lifted me up. We came together at the hips but I curved my torso back.

One of the students noticed and said, “Let’s draw that.”

We held it for a second while Dr. Reynolds said, “Beth, can you lean back even further? Tony, hold her at the waist. Tilt your head back and lift up one of you feet backwards so form a circle.”

The students really liked the pose and Dr. Reynolds said maybe we could try it next session.

Tony and I both felt we could try and hold the pose, but it was more of a pose which would work for photography, but was perhaps too strenuous to hold for the time needed here. I lifted back up and Tony released me. I went in the changing room with Tony not far behind.

He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me with my back against his chest, saying, “Hey, I thought you stood me up.”

His embrace was not sexual, with his arms up high around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms over his and said, “On the contrary, I have been looking forward to tonight. I was really happy to see your car when I arrived.”

He was silent, but he hugged me a little tighter.

I continued, “I am really sorry to be late. I could not get out of work.”

He said, “I loved your clothes tonight. You looked fantastic. Although I kind of like you this way too.”

I laughed at that and he said, “So, how about that drink tonight afterward?”

I said, “That would be great.”

He started to release me and I held his arms in place saying, “Just a little longer, that feels nice.”

We eventually let go and I told him to sit down and rest. He sat on the bench and I went around behind him and started to rub his shoulders.

I said, “You got me last time, my turn to return the favor.”

We chatted for a bit while I massaged his shoulders and then we went back out to complete the earlier pose. It was clear Dr. Reynolds would have to decide whether to go longer with this pose because I came in late, have a shorter time with the second pose, or go a little longer at the end. I could not tell the level of progress on the drawings, but I assumed he was taking all of that into consideration.

I again enjoyed this pose, mainly due to the contact of my entire forearm and hand on the inside of Tony’s leg. I also never got tired of the feeling of being the center of attention for the class’s attention.

Dr. Reynolds called for us to finish up this pose and take another break. In a way, I was disappointed as I had liked the pose we just finished, but I also knew the next one could also be nice.

I went back to the dressing room without checking the drawings. I had made the decision to avoid direct eye contact or conversation with James. I was not mad at him, but I also thought it was just best to avoid any conflict.

Even taking that attitude, I still adored James, and still do to this day. I mean he and I shared something very special. He is a very special person; very sweet, very innocent and so very talented. But it was going to be tough to just end it with him; practically we already had ended it. Better to just let it run its course.

Tony stayed out with the class this time. Maybe he was enjoying walking around the students fully nude. I could guess it was a bit of thrill to be talking with a young coed while standing next to her nude. But he was so casual and nonchalant about it that it appeared everyone was quite at ease. He also spent time talking to the guys so I think the girls did not feel he was trying to hit on them.

Instead, Dr. Reynolds stuck his head in the door, “Are you decent?”

I got the joke as I had not bothered to put on the robe much the last few sessions. Dr. Reynolds seemed to be much more casual around me in this state than when I had been getting dressed or undressed. How ironic is that?

I said, “C’mon in. What’s up?”

He said, “I wanted to run the next options for poses by you.”

He had three photos. I was fine with all of them, but really I would have just trusted his judgment anyway. The first would have Tony sitting facing the class with me behind him, where Bycasino deneme bonusu I would be kneeling and my head would be higher than his with my hands on his shoulders. The second would be a simple side by side standing photo with me a little angled to him with his arm around my shoulder. It would be a good figure drawing pose to capture each of our bodies. The third option would have Tony reclining on the sofa with me reclining against him, my back against his chest. There is always some variability within the pose, specific arm and leg positions for example, but in this pose the way it was presented in the photo, one of the male model’s hands was on the girl’s stomach, with the fingertips relatively close to her pubic area with the other hand on her chest just under the breast, touching but not cupping it.

I told Dr. Reynolds I was flexible and asked him which pose he or the class preferred. He said, “My favorite is the third one, but I just wanted to clear it with you first because of the degree of contact is highest.”

I said, “No, it is all right. Let’s do that one since it is your preference, but thank you for asking.”

He smiled and I went back out. Dr. Reynolds got Tony the way he wanted him. He was sitting with his back against the sofa. His legs were extended and his torso was at a 45 degree angle to the floor. He was to have his right leg nearest the students lay flat. He had to spread his left leg fairly wide as I was going to sit in between and lay back against his chest. I climbed up, taking a look at Tony’s body as I got up close.

He had me shift my butt both closer then farther away from Tony until he got my head at just the height he wanted.

As I lay back against him, the skin contact again felt good. Dr. Reynolds wanted my right leg inside Tony’s but he put a towel under my thigh. He wanted my leg a little bent so it would be seen but not too high. He wanted my left leg to be bent up still higher and then Tony’s back leg to be highest yet. He got the legs the way he wanted.

Dr. Reynolds wanted my right hand on Tony’s leg. Again I was touching his thigh about half way up. My left hand was to reach back and reach up to his neck. He got my hair flowing out the way he wanted. It was actually a very nice pose as usual and I was once again impressed by the setup of how he structured the entire class from the very beginning until now.

I think we looked awesome as a couple. I am embarrassed to say part of it was my skin being so much lighter than Tony, the contrast really being part of the great look. Both of us had good bodies and Dr. Reynolds selected very flattering positions for us. I continued to enjoy the entire experience.

Then came time for Dr. Reynolds to direct the position of Tony’s hands. He held up the photo instead of specifically directing him.

Tony tentatively moved his hands from his sides up to my stomach. He then lowered his right hand nearest the class. Dr. Reynolds called out ‘good’ at a position which was less provocative than in the photo. The middle of his palm was about equal to my belly button but off to the side, leaving his fingers extended downward so he was maybe an inch from the top of where my little strip of hair stopped.

He then moved his left hand upward toward my breast. His fingers were just touching the underside of my breast with his thumb pointed upward along the side. This part the class could not see as it was away from their view.

Dr. Reynolds pronounced his satisfaction with ‘Great’ and the class went to work again. This was an interesting pose. I had a lot of skin contact with Tony; my back was against his chest even though my butt was not close enough to touch him at these angles. Our legs rubbed against each other with our hands touching each other, not intimately but close enough for strong sensations. I don’t mean to be complaining, it felt very nice to be so close to such a nice looking guy.

The real surprise was that in addition to being so nice looking, Tony actually seemed to be a nice guy. He was outgoing, but much of it seemed to be an act. He had actually been very respectful to me. Of course there had been flirting, but he had not made any unwelcome advances, either in the dressing room or during the actual poses.

I was soaking in the scene. One aspect of the class which I may not have mentioned before is how the pose changes for each individual student based on where they are located. With eight or nice students fanned out in a semi-circle around the model, the viewpoint is different for each person. So what might be in view for one artist is not the same as for the others.

We had been quiet for maybe 10 minutes during the pose when I felt Tony’s dick rise up to touch my back. In hindsight, it is frankly a surprise it took so long. When he was lying there relaxed, he had been hanging down between his legs. I was not sure at this angle how far away from him I was exactly, but it was not mistakable when I felt him touch me for a moment.

Just then, Tony whispered only for me, “Sorry about that Beth.”

I could not really answer him the way our heads were positioned without everyone hearing. As I felt him again rise up and then fall, touching me for a couple of seconds, I did not answer but I gave his leg a small squeeze so he knew I had heard him.

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