As Right as Rain

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There was only one picture of Elena’s mother.

The photo, surrounded by a hand-made wooden frame, sat on Elena’s bedroom dresser.

Stacy, Elena’s best friend, studied the family photo. Kneeling in front of the dresser, as if before an alter, Elena studied the picture. She reverently held the frame in her long thin fingers as her eyes took in each detail of the photo.

Elena’s mother was on the right. She was very young, just over eighteen years old and very pretty. Her auburn hair was unkempt and made a strange counterpoint to a face of classic beauty. Oddly, that face bore no expression. But her eyes, green and luminous, beamed, quite obviously to Stacy, a distant and desperate look. Those eyes seemed to be asking Stacy for something; and Stacy thought she knew what Elena’s mother was asking her.

In that same photo were two other people. There was a baby girl about two months old; that was Elena. She was being held by her father; the father that raised her for all of her now eighteen years. Stacy studied every feature on this man’s face. He had changed little over the intervening years. It was eighteen years since but he looked only a few years older than he did in the picture. He was as handsome as Elena’s mother was pretty. But his eyes were kind and open. Stacy’s eyes traced down from his easy smile to his sinewy neck and strong arms that bore baby Elena. Stacy’s blood began to race through her veins. She felt that familiar tingly need deep in her belly. She always felt the same ‘want’ when she looked at or talked to Elena’s dad. And even this eighteen year old photo elicited the same sensation inside her.

Stacy looked again at Elena’s mother. One month after the photo was taken she had left them. She did leave a brief note, two sentences according the Elena, and then just disappeared. Elena’s dad was devastated and tried to track her for over a year, and then occasionally after that. Not even a whiff of her whereabouts was ever found. Elena’s dad had never remarried, but was a really great dad. Stacy thought of how much better Elena’s situation was than her own. Her own family was completely dysfunctional. Her parents drank too much and fought constantly. That was why she spent so much time at Elena’s house. Well, she smiled at the thought, there might be one other reason.

Stacy suddenly felt the need to pee. Place put the picture back onto the dresser top and went into the bathroom. No sooner had she finished when she heard the front door of the house open.

“Elena should not be home so soon.” Stacy realized. Her friend had volleyball practice and was not due home for about an hour and a half. A few years ago Elena gave Stacy a key to the house, they were best friends. Stacy would often let herself in. Elena’s dad had no problem with that.

“Damn, did I leave the front door unlocked today, shit!” Stacy was about to call out to see if someone had come in. But even before Stacy had a chance to pull her panties up the bathroom door burst open.

Completely shocked, Stacy jumped up and backed into the towel rack leaving her panties and shorts in a pile in front of the toilet. Stacy looked up at the intruder. But the intruder turned out to be Elena’s dad! He took two steps into the bathroom as he pulled his pants zipper down. It was only then that he saw Stacy.

“What the…” Nick Maurer blurted as he startled at seeing someone in his bathroom. It took him a second or two to recognize the girl. “Stacy! Oh my god, I didn’t know you were here. It’s just that I’m about to explode…” It was then that he noticed Stacy’s state of undress.

Neither of them made a move, they looked at each other, thoughts racing. It was then that Stacy spoke.

“It’s OK. You look like you really have to go. Go ahead, I don’t mind.” And with that she lifted the toilet seat but made no attempt to leave or to dress.

Nick Maurer looked at the pretty girl in front of him, naked from the waist down. This was his daughter’s best friend, so gorgeous, so sexy. They had, over the past few years, grown to like each other very much. Nick often thought about Stacy, in ways other than as a friend of his daughter. He looked at her face and into her eyes. Her blue eyes were smoldering, her breathing was rapid. Her moist lips parted revealing a pink tongue. Primal need forced him to step forward. He reached down and picked up the denim shorts and yellow panties. He brushed them across his nose and cheek and deposited them on the sink vanity. He turned to the toilet and pulled his meaty penis from his pants. He heard a soft gasp. As he relaxed he wondered what he should do next. “Would Stacy really be open to his advances?”

“Let me help you with that Mr…oohhh,” offered Stacy as she took the thick shaft into her fingers and nudged his hand aside. Stacy couldn’t believe that she had just taken her best friend’s father’s penis into her hand. But she knew that an opportunity like this would not come again. Earlier, as she was ankara türbanlı escort sitting on the toilet, just before the front door opened, she was daydreaming about this man. A movie played in her head where Elena’s dad was kissing and holding her, touching her, licking her…

“Stacy, maybe you can just call me Nick.” And with that they both laughed. With the broken tension Nick’s bladder relaxed and he jetted out a yellow stream. Stacy felt the liquid ripple through the thin skin on the underside of his penis. She was fascinated by the sensation in her fingertips.

As soon as he finished Nick turned toward Stacy as his cock began to stiffen in her hand. Her eyes still had that same imploring gaze. Her face lifted toward his, almost pleading, while a slight smile widened her lips. Nick reached forward; his large rough hands encircled her small waist. Her tender skin was smooth and warm. He gently, almost imperceptively, pulled the girl toward him. As she leaned forward he heard a snap and his pants dropped to his ankles. They fell exactly where Stacy’s had been a minute before. With locked eyes they leaned toward each other. Both of them seemed to be holding their breath; almost afraid that they might wake from a dream or break an enchanting spell. And then their lips met.

Tenderly, at first, almost cautiously, timidly parting, but only slightly…

And as if by magnetism their mouths drew together again and the kiss was real, deeper and more passionate. The kiss persisted. With open mouths their lips caressed and their tongues probed and explored. Nick felt his underpants get pushed down and they too slid down to his ankles. Their bodies converged, bellies touching first; Nick’s chest pressed against Stacy’s heaving breasts. He could feel the yielding mounds through his work shirt. The kiss intensified and enflamed their passion as their hips came together. Stacy released Nick’s now turgid manhood and allowed it to prod the soft bellymeat just above her pussy.

Despite a raging need Nick broke the kiss, “Stacy, are you sure? Do you want to…you know…I’m a lot older than you.”

“Oh Nick, please, yes; oh yes. I’ve dreamt of this moment for such a long time. And you are not that much older than me.” She began to unbutton Nick’s shirt. She worked her way down as Nick glided his hands over the girl’s silky back. She peeled the shirt from his shoulders, down and off his arms. She tossed it onto the vanity with her shorts and panties.

Nick, spurred on by Stacy, gave his pent up need release. He had to see this young girl’s tits. He needed to feel her nipples on his tongue and press his lips into her pert fleshy mounds. His hands slid slowly up her sides from waist to armpit. Just next to his hands the thin cotton fabric of her tank gathered and retreated. Her taut belly was bared first; the gathered fabric bunched as it pushed into her full breasts. But as Nick’s hands continued upward the firm nearly white mounds lifted and delayed the inevitable. Suddenly, the thin cotton stretched and slid up and the girl’s opalescent orbs were revealed. They were full, firm and round; each one tipped with a quarter-sized pink areola and centered with an erect rosy tip. Nick paused for a minute to take in the beauty before him; her long blonde hair, pretty face, satiny skin, wonderful tits and a pussy sparsely covered by golden down; his need now raged and his blood boiled.

Stacy stretched her arms straight overhead as Nick pushed her shirt up. He pushed it up until it reached her wrists. Nick twisted the shirt around her wrists and held both of her arms with one of his, stretching her and jutting her young breasts out. They kissed and Stacy felt Nick’s hand slide down her arm, roll over her shoulder and slip down her back. He was soon caressing her pert ass cheeks. Stacy released a deep moan. To be handled like this by the man she desired from afar for so long; it felt like a wonderful naughty dream. They held their kiss and felt his hand slide around her waist and move up, oh, just the fingertips tickled her belly and ribs; but they didn’t stop there. His thumb drummed up her ribcage and he took a full handful of breastmeat. The squeeze was gently but firm, perfect; and then he began to tug on her nipple. Another moan poured from the girl’s throat like honey.

Nick with his one arm up, holding Stacy’s arms, smelled the workday on himself. He did not want to offend or distract her enjoyment of his attention so he flicked open the shower curtain and turned on the spray. Stacy looked inquisitively at him.

“I smell. It was a hot day, until the rain,” offered Nick as an explanation.

“Well, I think you smell great,” replied Stacy.

Nick kissed his way down the girl’s neck and across her collarbone. He didn’t stop there but ran his lips downward. Stacy so wanted to feel his mouth on her young tits, and Nick did not disappoint her. He kissed over and around the fleshy orbs. ankara ukraynalı escort Then he licked teasingly across until he reached her pouting areola. He paused, building anticipation. He was able to hold her arms up while his mouth was at her breasts. Stacy felt the swirl of his tongue around the edges of the swelling areola. His tongue ran around and around slowly, spirally his prey, targeting the turgid center. His tongue then laved then entire nipple and his mouth slurped in as much breastment as possible. This sent sparks from her tits to a place deep in her belly. Her knees were getting weak and she slumped against the wall and released a breathy sigh.

Nick noticed the bathroom was filling with steam. He lowered Stacy’s arms; she didn’t attempt to remove the twisted shirt from her wrists, so Nick did it for her. He stepped out of his puddled pants and pulled off his shoes and socks. Stacy was already naked except for her slip-on sandals. She kicked them off. He wrapped his arm around her and eased her into the shower – he followed her in. As soon as he entered he grabbed the soap and began to lather. Stacy stopped him.

“Hey, let me do that silly.” Stacy washed his chest and arms. “If I do a good job will you return the favor?”

“I think you already smell great. But, of course, I’ll return the favor.”

Stacy washed Nick from the neck down. His back, chest and belly were soon clean. Then she worked her way down his legs to the very soles of his feet. She initially felt shy about the other parts of him but this man was irresistible. Her lathered hands took his cock and washed it clean. Her fingers probed everywhere, she was curious and eager.

“Hey!” Stacy implored, “How come with this part the more I clean the more there is to clean?” Her impish laugh filled the shower as she pointed out the erection in her hand. Then remarked, “It’s like way bigger than I thought it would be.” It was Nick’s turn to laugh.

He took the soap from her hand and in similar fashion covered her with slippery bubbles. His hands were strong but never rough. So gentle that she relaxed so much that she felt herself almost drifting to sleep. But then his hands brushed across her sex. His fingertips swirled through her fine blonde pubes and eased into her pussy lips. His touch aroused her and lust coursed throughout her body. She felt her nether lips begin to swell and separate; she could sense desire and need for this man in her very core. She had to feel his cock in her mouth and deep in her cunt. Once again her knees grew weak. Somehow Nick knew how the girl felt and ended the shower. He held her tightly and rinsed both of them off in the warm water. Her trembling body was ready for release; her need brought to him the same sweet ache.

Nick turned off the water and lifted Stacy up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her pussy against his groin. He grabbed a towel, threw it over them and carried her to the family room. They sat down on the big leather couch, she in his lap. They kissed, feverishly, desperately. His hands played over her wet back and ass. She held his head in her arms and ground her hips into his. Her needy pussy pressed wetly against his growing manhood. Her virginity did not cause her any doubt, not with this man. She wanted him, now!

But Nick did not want things to happen so fast. There was much of this girl and for this girl to enjoy. He wanted to give her more than she expected. He then knew what he wanted Stacy to experience.

With his arms running up Stacy’s back and his hands on her shoulders he pulled her body away from his, leaning her back while still sitting on his lap. Nick leaned in to kiss, lick and nibble at her body, from belly to breasts. Her skin felt like silk on Nick’s tongue, it smelled feminine and faintly of exotic spice. And she was so very responsive to his ministrations. His mouth felt so good on her skin and especially on all those special bits. Wherever his mouth touched her there was a new sensation. She tingled with excitement; an excitement that drew deeply to her core, and right down to her naïve pussy. Nick’s blood-gorged manhood stood upright between them. Stacy’s pussy lips pressed against its underside. She was rubbing and sliding her sex along its length. The girl’s musky juices flowed and coated her ass and his testicles. He was making her crazy; she wanted his mouth everywhere, her neck, her nipples, her belly; anywhere and everywhere! Stacy then knew where she wanted Nick’s beautiful mouth. Oh, the thought made her tremble with lust. Nick felt her quiver, or maybe he just read her mind.

He turned on the couch and laid Stacy on her back. Without pause he kissed her and ran his tongue down her throat and between her breasts. He licked and sucked each nipple in turn and then his mouth resumed its original course. Straight down her belly to where it explored her tender navel. Nick stroked the delicate skin behind the ulus escort girl’s knees and along her inner thighs. His mouth moved again and entered the stand of fine blonde hairs on her pubic mound. Stacy sighed as she realized that her wish was about to come true.

“Oh, Nick please. Touch me; lick me there, oh yes!”

Nick needed no more encouragement. His tongue sought the pink furrow as he pulled her legs apart. His lips found her nether lips and he suckled at them gently. He pushed her knees wide and the girl’s pussy opened like a ripened peach. His tongue pushed aside the now red-pink inner labia and he kissed her open slit. He mouthed it from top to bottom as his tongue probed her small opening. With each taste he trailed upward and teased the nubbin at the top of her open furrow. Then he felt it on his lips. Her clit eased itself from the wet pink folds. The small red-bud yearned for attention, and Nick grazed it with tongue.

“Oh! Fuck yeah; Oh god, that’s it, mmmm,” cried Stacy.

And Nick drew his tongue across it again.

“Mmmm, oh my god, yeah; keep going, do that more, yeah…”

Nick swirled his tongue around and over the bulging bump. He changed tempo and pressure so she could not settle into a comfortable rhythm. His tongue and lips explored her pussy everywhere but her sensitive clit always got the attention it craved. Stacy was going nuts. Honey poured from her. An exotic spiciness filled Nick’s nose. The fragrance made him mad with desire. Never before had the smell of something drawn this response from him. No other woman made his blood boil like this young girl before him. He couldn’t control himself. He prized Stacy’s clitoris from its velvet nest with his lips and flittered his tongue around and over it.

“Oh, shit; holy…holy crap, arrgh…oh god yeah Nick, that’s it, don’t stop. Fuuuck yeah!” Stacy cheered Nick on.

Nick rolled his tongue round and round, the raspy top and the slick bottom offered a change of texture to Stacy’s tortured bud. Nick varied the pressure and the pace. Stacy was breathing heavily, she moaned and body quivered. She was close, so close…

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, that’s it, like that, keep going, yeah…

…oh god, don’t stop Nick, you’re making me cum, yeah, cumming, oohhh…”

And with that Stacy moaned loudly and an orgasm exploded through her body. The young girl shook and her thighs clamped Nick’s face tightly to her pussy, not that he would have moved it anyway. Stacy had the most powerful orgasm of her young life. As it rattled through her lithe body all she could savor was the pure pleasure pouring over her. She could also feel Nick’s warm breath flow over her sensitive pussy.

Slowly, as her orgasm subsided Stacy’s legs relaxed their grip and her hands found his head. She pulled him up so that he could lie beside her. They hugged.

“I’m guessing, but I think you liked that,” teased Nick as he tenderly squeezed her breast.

“That was the first time anyone, other than myself, gave me an orgasm. That was way fantastic!” She gushed as she turned her face and kissed him. She could taste and smell herself on his lips. Stacy’s hand accidentally found Nick’s penis, surprisingly thick; tumescent and erect. “And just what do you think you’re gonna do with this?” Stacy teased.

Nick looked into her eyes, “Are you ready?”

“Well, it sure looks like you are!” giggled Stacy. “And just so you know, I can’t wait any longer. Come on Nick, I’m like really ready. I want you in me.”

Nick got to his knees between Stacy’s outstretched legs, his erection pointed straight at the girl’s belly. Stacy took a quick look at the turgid man-flesh and wondered how it could possibly fit inside her petite body. But her curiosity and desire overcame any concern.

Nick pinched Stacy’s nipples as he rubbed his manhood through the pink furrow before him. Fresh girl juice bubbled forth. Neither of them could stand to wait any longer. Stacy looked longingly up at the man above her; the look in her eyes said it all. Nick placed the bulbous head of his cock to Stacy’s weeping entrance. Slowly he thrust his hips forward and eased his meat into her. It was thick, engorged, but soon she began to accept its girth. Little by little his insistence allowed the entire cockhead to penetrate her virginity.

“Oh, god; you’re fuckin’ huge; so fat, so good…” Stacy bubbled. “Keep going, please, more please…”

Nick could not resist the urging of this eighteen year old virgin before him. His pelvis rocked back and then forward with some weight behind it. He could feel his glans pushing through her soft wetness. He saw an inch of his veined shaft disappear into Stacy’s pussy. She groaned as he entered her more deeply; then she felt an odd pressure. They both knew what it was.

“Stacy, this is it. If you want me to be your first lover, well, I think you know what’s going on. Maybe there’ll be a little pain, but it won’t be too bad; and then it’ll be great. Or, I can just back out now.” Nick hoped that he would not be disappointed, but he would not force Stacy to do anything.

“Oh, no Nick,” Stacy insisted as she grabbed his elbows and looked at the cock entering her sex. “It looks like you are already my first, let’s go for it! Will it hurt very much?”

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