Asian Adventures Ch. 04

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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed — as always — to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures — Chapter 4

** SoonJa’s Joy **

** A Working Relationship — and Happy Hour **

I’ll keep this introductory information short in the interest of erotica. Suffice it to say I had a business associate who was lovely — and Asian. I had met her when she interviewed at the company I worked for; but I did not know she had been hired as she was at the company HQ in another state. We encountered each other during some rather tense meetings with a key (and very large) customer, with the meetings taking place at my location. I was the technical lead and she was sent out to support me. We got along famously right off the bat; but our intimate relationship didn’t begin for another year when I began making regular trips down to HQ.

We had gone out with several friends for some drinks and companionship — a ‘happy hour’ in honor of my visit. My friend — we’ll call her SoonJa — had insisted on picking me up at my hotel and driving me to the club to meet the others. She was, as her name suggests, of Korean descent. In fact she was born and raised in Korea, moving to the states with her family as a teenager. In her late 30’s and a mother of two boys in their teens, she was in fantastic shape and very attractive. The other men in the group were obviously envious of my closeness with her, although I wasn’t certain it meant anything other than that she didn’t want closeness with any of them.

SoonJa got more than a little tipsy, and ended up leaning heavily on me to keep her in ice water, and I insisted on going and getting her some food to soak up some of the alcohol, then a cup of coffee. In an hour or so she was sobering up, although she still seemed to want to lean on me — which I didn’t mind at all. The others had all gone home to their families by nine o’clock, and SoonJa and I went up to the bar to have one more cup of coffee before heading out.

We got out to the car and she handed me her keys. “Probably better if you drive Rob. I’m still pretty woozy.” she told me. I nodded and pressed the remote to unlock the doors, opening hers to let her in first. On her way past me she managed to press pretty much all of her body against me even though there was plenty of room to avoid it. She grazed her fingernails along my arm as she sat down, smiling up at me. “Thanks.” I closed her door and headed around to climb into the drivers seat. We drove to my hotel in silence with the windows down to give her extra fresh air, and when I drove up to the lobby doors she reached over and gently grabbed my arm. “I’m not sure I should drive home. C-can I stay here with you?” she asked. I nodded and drove around to a parking spot near the door.

We went in through one of the side doors so as not to alert the desk that there would be a second guest in the room, and took the stairs to the second floor before grabbing the elevator for the rest of the trip up to the seventh floor and my room. SoonJa seemed to walking pretty well for a drunk woman; but I wasn’t looking this particular gift horse in the mouth. Her ass looked incredible in the painted-on jeans she was wearing, and her movements were exquisite in those jeans. We arrived at the room and made it inside without being seen. There still was that stigma about the situation, what with us being business associates.

Inside the door we stopped, taking each others shoulders in our hands and looking in each others eyes as if to ask do we really want to do this?. I was the first one to speak. “SoonJa, this is very flattering; but do we really want to do this?” I asked, not quite believing what I’d just said.

She smiled, one of her hands working over my shoulder to my neck. “Well I think so.” she replied. “I mean… I have needs too, and I would rather satisfy those needs with someone I trust than some stranger from a bar.” she giggled, her fingers grazing the back of my neck. She gently pulled my head toward hers and our lips met for the first time. It was a soft kiss — the kind usually reserved for a long-time lover. Our lips separated and she looked in my eyes again. “Do you want it too?” she asked softly. Rather than replying with words I pulled her to me, kissing her more deeply than before as my hands wandered over her back and shoulder blades. This one lasted a bit longer before we broke the kiss. “Let’s shower together…”

Her body was every bit as good naked as clothed, her workout regimen keeping her toned and firm. There were no signs of child-bearing anywhere, her breasts were pert and perky, her belly smooth and firm. I had to hold back a gasp when I saw her perfect butt without clothes for the first time. She had turned to face away from me and peeled the snug jeans over her hips, bending at the waist to tug them over her feet. The light blue panties didn’t hide much; güvenilir bahis but then she whisked them off as well leaving me staring at her taut cheeks. She turned around before I could recover, nude and still holding her panties hooked on one finger. She laughed. “You like my butt?” she asked. When I didn’t answer she dropped the panties on a chair and came over to me, her fingers making quick work of my clothes. “You can’t take a shower with all this stuff on.” As my boxers came down it became obvious that I did, in fact, like her butt. SoonJa giggled, her fingers lightly tugging at my semi-turgid cock. “Glad to see I have a friend…”

SoonJa kept her fingers on my penis, leading the way into the bathroom. I was fully erect by the time we got there, and she turned around to give me a kiss. “I’m so glad you’re okay with this Rob. I’ve wanted you for a long time.” she told me, punctuating her phrases with little kisses on my face and lips and gentle strokes of her fingers.

“Me too.” I replied, reaching over to turn on the water to get it warm. The shower was quick, only enough time for us to wash each others private parts — with a few moments extra to tease. Then the water was off and I grabbed two towels, handing her one and using the other to get most of the water off of my body. Less than a minute later we were out of the tub and anxious for the next phase of our relationship to begin. We were like teenagers playing grabass as we finished drying and practically ran to the bed, falling on it in each others arms. Our mouths found each other again and the kiss quickly became a passionate duel, our lips feasting hungrily while our hands groped and fondled the other’s body.

My fingers drifted down between her legs which SoonJa had conveniently spread, finding her already moist and eager for my touch. I broke the kiss and nibbled my way down her neck, stopping along the way to capture each nipple between my lips. I slipped a finger gently between the soft folds of her vulva as my tongue drifted down her belly, tickling her navel before teasing at her clit. Her pussy smelled like heaven itself as I gently fingered the wet portal. SoonJa moaned, her hands pushing and pulling on my head trying to get contact where she wanted it. I slowly worked my body over her left leg, kneeling between her thighs and gazing down at her pretty face. Her eyes fluttered open and she returned the gaze, writhing her hips against my finger with exactly the kind of lust I’d dreamed about. “Make me cum, lover. Taste me.” she said hoarsely. I didn’t need a second invitation and quickly dropped between her lithe limbs, my hands gently stroking the silky skin of her thighs as I lowered my mouth to her mound.

The first touch of my lips on her sensitive folds brought a squeal from my lover’s lips, her fingers tugging on my hair as her hips wriggled between my mouth and the bed. I let my hands roam over her body, drifting over her firm hips and up her sides to settle atop each firm breast. I took a nipple between the fingers of each hand, gently pinching the stiff little nubs as my lips sucked at her clit. “Ohhhhmmmmmm…” SoonJa moaned, her fingers grazing the fur on my forearms. “So…good….ohhhhhhhhgawd…” I left one hand attending her sensitive boobs and brought the other one down to join my lustful assault on her pussy, tickling at the soft curls of her pubis before beginning a gentle massage of her nether lips.

She was soaking wet at this point, her sweet pussy offering little resistance to my thick middle finger as it slipped inside. I gently hooked it at the first knuckle and began searching for her passion place. “Ohgeeeeezzzz…baby…ohgawd…ahhhhhhhmmm…” SoonJa’s moans became suddenly more urgent. My fingertip stroked the folds inside her tunnel as my tongue flicked across the stiff little nubbin of her clit. I could feel her muscles clenching my digit, then suddenly she pushed my head away, turning her hips to disengage my finger as well. “I want to taste you… NOW.” she ordered, pulling at my arms.

I climbed over her and lay down on my back next to her. She showered my face and neck with wet kisses as her fingers quickly brought my cock back to full erection. She brought her face as close to mine as she could without touching, her eyes smoldering pools of passion as she kissed me on the mouth. “I want to SUCK YOUR COCK.” she hissed, giving me another kiss before sliding down my torso to take my penis in her warm oral cavern. “Mmmphhhhh… Glphhhh…” came her muffled grunts as she sucked hungrily on my organ. My hand reached over to softly run up and down her leg, which was all I could reach from our positions. SoonJa got the message, and scooted her body closer to me without loosing her oral contact with my organ. My fingers roamed up and over her firm buttocks, then slipped down the crevice between them. I paid careful attention to her reaction as I barely touched her little wrinkle, and was pleased that her lips worked their way down to my root and she mewled softly.

She worked at my cock for a good long time as my fingers teased her. I slipped two fingers into her hot pussy and gently pulled. Again, canlı bahis SoonJa got the message and eased her left leg over my head, settling her pussy down right at my mouth — again without losing her own oral connection. My hands settled on her perfect ass, my fingers gently tugging her cheeks apart as I resumed my oral ministrations on her pussy. I loved this position, as I had a hot mouth working at my dick, a hot pussy available to my lips and tongue, and the little starfish winking at me from between the sweetest cheeks. I knew I could last a good long time like this, and could detect the signs that she was close as well so that I could keep her right at the edge without letting her cum too soon. I let a finger roam down to her wet cunt, pulling her natural lube up to coat the little ring just above. She moaned, sucking hard on my shaft and taking it deep into her throat. After several trips for her juices I teased her anus with my finger. I carefully pushed at the tiny hole, sensing when the muscle was sufficiently relaxed and slipping the tip of my pinky into her ass.

That drove her past the edge so quickly I couldn’t stop it, her hips bouncing up and down on my face and pushing her butt onto my finger. “MphhHHHHH…GRLAGGGGGHHH” came her muffled howl. My cock was suddenly quite cool as she withdrew her mouth. “GAWDDDDD… OHGAWD.. OHGAWDDDD… CUMMMMINGGGG…” SoonJa screamed. I was using both hands to keep her hips from bouncing both of us right off the bed. The pinky of my right hand was buried in the tight confines of her asshole, and I had to swallow repeatedly to keep from drowning in the juices of her lust. I held her there, her body trembling and twitching, until her breathing finally calmed down,then released my grip, expecting her to relax and recover.

In a flash she had swapped ends and rolled to her back, her hands reaching over to pull at me. Her eyes were still glazed over with lust as she pleaded with me. “Fuck me Rob. I want you to FUCK ME with that beautiful cock! I want you to FILL ME UP!”

I quickly rolled over with my torso between her wide spread legs and positioned the bulbous head of my meat against her wetness. SoonJa reached up and put her sinewy fingers on my hips. “FUCK ME.” she hissed. In one long thrust I empaled her on my cock, sliding it balls-deep in her seething tunnel. “yyYYESSS…” she grunted, reaching up to pull my face down to hers. Again our tongues fought passion’s battle as our loins melted together. Her pussy was incredibly wet, yet her muscles were still able to grip my penis tight. We had been fucking for a good twenty minutes when I felt those muscles spasm, indicating the beginning of another orgasm for my lover. I held her lips to mine and pounded into her, then felt my own climax rushing to the peak as I poured what felt like a gallon of my seed into her belly. Our squeals and groans remained muffled as our lips held the passionate kiss. When we finally separated we were both spent for the moment, curling up in each others arms as our breathing slowly recovered. SoonJa whispered in my ear “I want to sleep here tonight, okay?” she asked.

“Okay; but we should make sure we wake up early enough so you can get home to prepare for work.” I replied, leaning over her to set the alarm clock for four am. We were asleep in minutes, still cuddling in each others arms.

I returned home the next day; but this trip had been a real milestone. My first adventure with a working associate on a business trip. SoonJa and I were closer from that moment on; but remained very discrete in our communications.

** Romantic Dinner **

She had told me about Bruce — her ‘boy toy’ as she referred to him — about two weeks after my last trip. She’d met him on an airline flight and had begun dating him on a regular basis. I didn’t know how that would affect our ‘relationship’, and couldn’t really ask that question as she did not have a ‘personal’ e-mail account (just the one at work). My next trip came along and I sent her a quick message letting her know. She responded with a similarly quick note that said ‘call my cell when you check in’. I didn’t know what to think; but a call couldn’t hurt.

I arrived — as usual — late in the day, arriving at the hotel just before six. I took a quick shower to rinse off the ‘travel dirt’ and made the call. “SoonJa” came her answer.

“It’s Rob.” I replied. “I’m checked in.”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” she replied, ending the call. I put the handset back on the cradle and wondered what would happen. Reaching into the minibar I pulled out a beer and popped it open, switching the TV on to catch the weather forecast. The prediction was for showers later in the evening and overnight, with warm and humid conditions returning tomorrow. Typical autumn weather for these parts. I drank the beer and grabbed my leather satchel — SoonJa called it my ‘man purse’ — then headed down to the lobby. At thirty minutes on the button her champagne-colored Camry pulled up. Before I could get there she jumped out and hurried over to me, throwing her arms around me and kissing my neck. “I’m so glad to see you.” she said softly, bahis siteleri squeezing me tight to her body.

“Me too sweetie.” I replied, returning the squeeze.

“Hungry?” she asked, smiling broadly as she headed back to the driver’s side.

“Sure!” I replied, climbing in the passenger’s side and settling in. “Where we going?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.” she told me with a giggle.

We made small talk as she drove for nearly an hour, heading out of town and into the hills. Most of the conversation was work-related, and I finally had to ask “So… what about Bruce?”

SoonJa laughed and gave me a playful pat on my thigh. “Oh don’t worry about him. He’s no doubt at home wondering what I’m doing all evening.” she told me. She noticed my incredulous look. “What?” she asked. “I told you, he’s a boy toy. A man to satisfy my cravings when I can’t have what I really want.” She added, smiling and giving me a wink. I returned the smile and reached over to give her thigh a squeeze.

The drive to the restaurant ended at a place right on ‘the lake’, and SoonJa looked quickly at her watch as she parked the Camry. “Perfect timing.” she said. Turns out our reservation was for seven-thirty, and it was twenty-five after. We walked in, hand-in-hand, and the hostess guided us to a ‘privacy booth’ with a view of the sunset over the lake. She took our drink order and left us with menus, then left us to our view.

“Romantic.” I said softly, reaching across to take her hands.

“I hoped you would think that.” SoonJa said. “And I don’t want you to think you’re stealing somebody else’s girl either. You’re not, you know.” she told me. “I’m not Bruce’s girl. I’m not yours either, so don’t get any ideas.” she added with a soft chuckle. “But I am yours for tonight — and tomorrow if we can swing it.”

Dinner was fantastic, with fresh seafood and delicious wine adding to the lovely company seated across the table. We toasted to pretty much everything, going through a full bottle of excellent Chardonnay before the dessert course. After our meal we decided to enjoy a Cappuccino on the observation deck outside, sitting close against the cool breeze. SoonJa was pressing her lithe form tight against me, making her intentions clear. “You’re not uncomfortable with this, are you Rob?” she asked. “I mean the whole Bruce thing?” she added.

“What does he know?” I asked her sincerely. I knew how I would feel were I in his place.

“All he knows is that I have a friend in town for a few days and I am spending my time with that friend.” SoonJa told me. “He doesn’t know the friend is a man, certainly not that he is a lover.” she added. “Besides, it isn’t any of his business.” Then she snuggled in close and pressed her lips to my neck. “And he doesn’t do it for me the way you do.”

That sent shivers up my spine. “Really?” I queried.

SoonJa laughed. “Nah, he’s just a safe fuck to keep the kitty happy.”

We finished our coffees and headed out. SoonJa picked up the tab, refusing to let me take it or even help with it. She handed me the keys as we got to the car, insisting that I drive. The cruise back to my hotel was pretty quiet, both of us soaking in the situation. As I pulled into the hotel lot I looked over at my lovely friend. “Come in for a drink?” I suggested.

“You got it. Besides, you’re not getting away this early.” she laughed.

** Drinks and more **

The bar was nearly empty, with the Sunday evening crowd already gone to prepare for the workweek. We had a quick glass of wine before standing up to leave. I made the turn toward the car and SoonJa resisted. “Your room is the other way.” she said, giving me a wink. I didn’t argue, taking her hand and heading to the stairs, avoiding the front desk as usual. We walked into the room and she stopped, turning around and kissing me hard. In moments we were naked and showering together, soaping up the naughty bits as we continued our kiss. My hands kneaded her buttocks, pulling her loins against mine as my penis grew to full strength between her soapy legs. I ran a finger down the crack of her ass and tickled her anus, finding it slippery and receptive. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned into my mouth, pressing her bottom back against the finger. Then she surprised me…

SoonJa broke from the kiss and turned around, sticking her backside out toward me. “I want a nice deep cleaning.” she said, reaching back to pull herself open. When I didn’t move quickly she barked “Fuck my butt!”

I bent my knees slightly to position the head of my organ at her tiny wrinkle, grasping her hips to steady myself then applying just enough pressure to push the head past her ring. When the slight pressure didn’t do it I pulled back, running my fingers down her back before slipping one inside her back door. “Ohhhyes…. Stretch me out lover… get my ass ready..” she moaned, pushing her bottom back on the intruder. I fingered her bunghole for a minute, then added a second digit. “Ahhhhmmmm… do it lover… fuck my ass…” she groaned. I withdrew the fingers, running one around the ring to make sure she was relaxed before pressing my cock against her tight hole. “AHHHHHHHHMMMMM” SoonJa groaned as her rectal muscles stretched wide to accept my penis. I pushed a couple of inches into her butthole, holding there to let her get used to the lewd act.

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