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So I meet a girl on the internet. We exchange e-mail, mostly erotic, for some time. We decide to take the plunge and meet face to face. She knows or should know what she’s getting into — I’m very explicit in my letters and tell her what to expect. I fly out to see her for the weekend, and here’s what happens:

I show up at her door. She’s nervous and in a vintage corset — wasp waist, plush hips, you know the story. The corset’s so tight I think she might have had a neighbor help her into it and wonder how many people she’s fucking. Aside from a black thong and black high heels all wrapped up under a smoking jacket, that’s all she’s got on.

Who cares what I’m wearing.

It’s a bit awkward at first. We chat, I tell her I love what she’s in. We drink a bit. I tell her “Why don’t you take your jacket off? Now.” She’s taken aback. She knows I’m dominant, but still, aren’t we just getting to know each other? But she stands and sheds it. She’s exposed and knows it. I walk up to her and pull her very heavy breasts out of the corset, and I think she’s beginning to feel embarrassed for dressing like such a whore. I tweak her nipples. She gasps. I sit down, and say,

“Present your breast to me. Put your nipple in my mouth.” She says, “okay.” Okay what? “Okay, sir.” So she bends over my chair and lifts a tit to my mouth. I lick, she moans. We drink a bit more.

I stand up, open my suitcase, and pull almanbahis out two fine leather cuffs lined in fleece. I put them on her wrists. Then, pulling her arms back, I march her to her bedroom and push her down on the bed on her back. Pull her down so her ass is right on the edge of the bed. Clip her wrists together and pull her arms above her head. “Where can I find a bowl and a towel?”

I’m gone for a few minutes, rummaging in her kitchen. When I come back I’ve got a razor, a towel, a bowl, and some cream. I pull a chair to the edge of the bed. “Put your feet on the bed. Now spread your legs. Wider. Don’t move.”

Later, when she’s clean, we move into the dining room. She’s moved into sub-space. As instructed, she’s had an eyebolt installed in the ceiling. I attach her wrist cuffs to the bolt, and now she’s stretched, feet still on the floor and hands in the air. She’s so exposed. “Spread your legs.”

She looks good. Heels, corset, cuffs. I get a horse crop and run it down her back, softly, teasingly… till I get to the point of her mid lower back. I stop there and jab her ever so lightly. “Arch your back for me.” This will become a mantra in the two days we spend together. She arches her back, jutting her breasts forward and her ass, with her legs spread, protruding even more. I put her hair up in a pony tail. I like it that way. Something to grab.

I slap her softly with the crop. Breasts, almanbahis yeni giriş inner thighs, buttocks. Her eyes are closed. Lulled into a sense of comfort and then suddenly brought out of it by a harsh slap on the ass. I put a rubber ball gag in her mouth, forcing it open and leaving her with no voice, other than groans.

Her ass becomes my whipping ground. “Don’t slouch.” Slap. A soft slap on one cheek and then the other. Then a caress. Then a slap. I cup a breast, bounce it slightly. Then reach for a nipple. A squeeze. Her ass is so red.

I unhook her from the bolt and lead her gently into the bedroom and guide her onto the bed. “Get on all fours.” She is open and her breasts sway unhampered. The room is lit by her nightstand lamp. I position her so that her ass is at the end of the bed. Again, the mantra — “arch your back for me.” I run the crop over her body, gently, then lightly slap her ass. She is aroused and sensitive to the touch of the crop, moaning and wanting a caress. And then she freezes — she feels the crop at the entrance of her ass. I have it turned around and say “I’m going to fuck you with the handle.” She feels it enter ever so slightly and then stop.

“Move your ass back.” I want her to impale your ass on the crop. She blushes, hesitates. “Now!” I say.

So she does. She fucks her ass on the crop while I hold it still. And begins to move back and forth almanbahis giriş on my command. It is long, slim and so controlled. When it is about four inches into her I stop and tell her not to move. I let go of the crop and tell her to keep it in that position. Sticking straight out of her ass. She complies. It is about eighteen inches long and makes such a beautiful tail sticking out of her ass that it’s hard for me not to cum.

I unbutton my shirt. Rattle ice in my glass. Slap her ass. Unzip my pants. Shoes off. I caress her buttocks…. remove her ball gag. “God I want you,” she says.

“I know.” Her ass is trembling with the effort of holding the crop with her sphincter. I slowly pull it out. “Open your mouth.” She bites the crop and I tell her to hold it lengthwise in her mouth.

“When I tell you, I want you to look back at me so I can see you with my crop in your mouth.” I pour oil down the cleft of her cheeks and work one, two fingers into her. In and out. And suddenly, she arches her back and realizes it isn’t my fingers, it is ME. My cock is pressed against her asshole and her ring relaxes as I shove myself up her ass. “Now!” I say and she looks back at me. She looks like she has a bridle in her mouth. Her breasts are swaying furiously. I fuck her ass as hard as I can and hold her hair and say “are you my submissive? are you?” punctuated by deep thrusts in her ass. I am getting there.

“Are you my pussy? Are you?” Another deep thrust and another. Deep and fast. And as her ring contracts around my cock and I unload my cum into her ass and shout “are you?” it is all she can do to drop the crop from her mouth and yell “yes! Yes! YES!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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