At Nana’s Place Pt. 01

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Note : All characters in this story are above the age of eighteen.

The author will like to hear/read your views and suggestions in the comment box.

If I want refuge from the fast and dreary routine of city life I take a bus and go to my Nana’s farm house. It is just an hour’s ride by bus from our city. I love the peaceful, tranquil surroundings, the clean air, the greenery. The house is surrounded all around with fields. She owns two acres of land where she grows fodder for her cattle. The house is situated in the center of the land. A narrow dirt road takes you from the bus stop of the village to her farmhouse.

Nana has cows and buffalos and does good business in milk and milk products. Her name is Heera. Translated into English it means Diamond. And she is a gem of a woman. She is a well educated and reads a lot and has many other hobbies she is good with crochet and needles, likes to cook and has a good ear for music.

Salochna, a woman from the village, comes to help her with the cattle and stays till evening at the farm. There is no fixed time for her coming and goings. She is also single, a divorcee. Grandma took her under her wings soon after she came to live with her parents after the divorce. Though she is much younger than grandma, around forty, they are as thick as thieves. She is treated like a family member.

When I am there, I like to roam the fields daydreaming and getting the fresh air and I love to take bath under the tube well’s powerful stream of water. But the thing I like the most about the place is that I get to do whatever I want to do without any interference. Granny is always busy and there is no one else.

Because of the hard work she does. Grandma looks much younger than the sixty years she is. She got taut muscles and very sexy curvaceous body with an ample bosom and a nice round big ass. Though most of the time all this is hidden under her loose fitting work clothes. Her face is also pretty, the crow’s feet and a couple of lines around the corner of mouth have just started to appear but they don’t make her any less pretty. Being a widow she does not wear any make-up but if you ask me, she does need any.

I sometimes go to the cow shed to watch her working energetically, grooming the cattle, feeding and milking the cows, usually when she is alone. We talk some while she is working but mostly we have our chats at dinner. That is if I decide to stay the night. So our talks are a rare thing but a bonding has developed between us which is hard to explain. I like her very much and she also looks forward to my visits eagerly.

Sometimes I take my books with me if I want to prepare some lesson for the next day or want to do some college assignment but I always carry my laptop with me; to watch porno clips or read erotic stories and novellas. There I can do that without any interference and without fear of getting caught. And when I get real hot and horny I go to the guest room and masturbate. Mostly I just jerk it off with my hands but sometimes I like to ride the pillow. It takes longer that way.

That Sunday, I started early in the morning and was at the farmhouse by nine. Granny had just returned from the cow shed after milking the cattle and now was readying her breakfast. She greeted me with a tight hug and gave me a motherly peck on the cheek. She was not wearing her bra. It was nothing unusual. I have seen her going braless many a time before, especially in the evenings and early mornings. But what made me take notice was that the hug had lingered a little longer, though only for a miniscule moment. As if she didn’t want to let go. I didn’t give it much thought at that time and reciprocated by hugging her back. It felt good to feel her soft fleshy bulges mash and melt against my hard muscular chest.

We took breakfast in the kitchen. Salochna came just as we were finishing. I saw her face light up as her eyes fell upon me. Nana poured porridge for her in a plate, gave her tea and went to her room to change. I and Salochna kept on standing in the kitchen silently not knowing what to say. She kept on throwing stealthy glances towards me. The two of them left immediately to work in the barn as soon as nana came back from her room.

Left alone to my own devices, I took out my laptop from its bag and came out to sit in the sun on a solid thick log which lay a few steps away from the front door of the house. It lies between the house and the cow shed and is my favorite place. Soon I was engrossed in an erotic story. My dick thickened inside my pants. It kept on growing larger as I started caressing it softly enjoying the good feeling fully. I was so lost in the act that I never made it when she came to stand behind me.

“So what are we reading?” She asked softly. I was so startled I all but dropped the laptop. I immediately pressed the key to shut the display. That was the only option open to me.

But she bent over my shoulder and pressed it back and the screen came back to life again.

“There is no need casino siteleri to hide. And there is no need to feel ashamed or guilty.”

I just kept mum. Words failed me.

“I also read these stories sometime.” She said trying to reassure me.

But her revelation shocked me even further.

“But I thought that you brought your laptop with you to study.” She said lightly pulling my ear.

“I do, but today I just didn’t feel like studying.”

“It happens sometimes.” She said agreeing with me and came around the log to sit next to me.

“Maybe it’s the weather.”

“Maybe, today I also didn’t feel like working so I came back early, leaving Salochna to finish the job.” She placed her hand on my knee. “Why do you read such stories?”

“I don’t know. Just like that, I don’t read them all the time. It is a very rare thing” I said regaining my poise, knowing that no punishment was in the offing. But her plain, matter of factly tone made me curious.

“That is no answer. You read them it means you like them otherwise you won’t be reading them at all. Like, I read these stories when I feel bored and lonely. I am single. Hardly anybody comes here. And who’s going to give a second look to an old hag like me, growing older by the day.” She laughed a hollow laugh. “But you? You are young and handsome there must be a lot of girls hovering around you to get your attention.” She pinched my thigh teasingly. “Don’t you have any girl friend?”

“No”. I hiked my shoulders.

“Don’t tell me.” She said loudly making a surprised face. “How come you don’t have a girl friend? You are so handsome, dark and tall and intelligent.” She asked.

“I can set you up with someone if you want.” She said in the same breathe turning towards me, her hand moved a little higher towards my thigh. It was soft, warm and felt good and reassuring

I didn’t know what to say. But I felt my cock again raising its head inside my pants. My body tensed. With whom she could set me up? I had not seen anyone my age around. The only other female I had seen was Salochna. I knew about her single status. My mind raced.

Salochna is not very pretty to look at. She is small in stature and her skin is dark and she talks so loudly. More over her clothes are always shabby and ill fitting. But you couldn’t miss her nice figure and her full juices lips were something that had always caught my attention. Something is better than nothing. I thought. A ‘desi’ rural twat or an urban cunt what difference does it real make? And this one may be more eager to please you than your previous girl friend.

“I know that Salochna is a bit older than you but she will be a good friend. She will be very obedient and faithful. You will enjoy her company very much.” She said as if reading my mind. “And I am not going to tell anybody about your exploits here.”

I reddened visibly. The idea was already appealing me very much.

“If you think it is alright.” I replied trying not to look too eager.

“You don’t like her; just because she is a villager and illiterate.” Nana said in a gruff voice, clearly disappointed..

“I didn’t say anything like that.” I replied. I had forgotten all about the story by that time.

“But you didn’t say yes also.” She said a little stiffly.

My mind was still swinging between a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Was nana serious about it or is it some kind of test.

“Are you going to stay the night?” She asked after sometime when I didn’t say anything. Her voice mellow and a few decibels lower than before.

“No.” I blurted out inadvertently and a little loudly. “I have to go back and finish an assignment for the physics class tomorrow.” Though I had no such plans made.

“Oh!” She said loudly and removed her hand away from my thigh. It felt like some vital connection had been snapped. Her face became gloomy and old showing all of her sixty years.

I felt miserable. I had hurt her. The one person who loved me more than anybody else, except my mother of course and she was my mother’s mother. I didn’t want her to look sad. I wanted to see her like always, smiling and laughing and full of energy. You have axed your own feet. I told myself. The golden opportunity you were just offered doesn’t come your way every day.

“I will come again next Sunday.” I said to save the situation “I will.” I repeated to show my will and determination and turned towards her and our knees connected.

She put a hand on my shoulder her slender long fingers in my long hair. “Promise?”

“Promise,” I said smiling.

“You won’t regret it ever. I promise to put a smile on these lips” .She said touching my lips with the finger of her other hand. A smile spread on her face. Her touch was soft and cold. Her voice quivered with excitement. I wanted to hold her hand but she withdrew it quickly. I too was excited. I had a short romantic fling with one of my classmates last year. But I never could get any further than kissing her and feeling her breasts over canlı casino her clothes. So I was still a virgin practically.

Not for long. I thought. If what Nana said was right. I remembered Salochna’s quick glances towards me in the kitchen, in the morning. She looked all set. I won’t be reading any sexy stories the next time around. The thought brought me back to the story I was reading. The laptop had gone to sleep mode. I clicked the mouse and the screen came back to life. I proceeded to switch the machine off but nana stopped me.

“Don’t you want to finish the story?” She asked. “I liked it even though I didn’t get to read it from the start.”

“You liked it? I too like it. You got an email address? I can send it to you right now.”

“No, I don’t have an email. Let’s finish it now reading together. It has got me interested very much.” She said.

The story was about Ruchi, a forty two years old mother and Sameer, her twenty year old son. She had been recently deserted by her husband. The son gives up college and takes a job at a store to keep them going. He too is feeling very bad. He had to leave his studies and he was conscious of the stares people gave them and the things they must be saying behind their backs. But s he quickly comes to terms with the situation at hand and even starts liking his job. He is proud that he didn’t fail his mother.

But the Mom sitting at home is simply inconsolable. She had loved her husband so much. She had given him everything she had. Moreover she couldn’t for a moment bear to see her son straining from morning till evening without any break and coming back home only to dinner and sleep. The time he should be spending at college with books, with friends and girl-friends he was being forced to spend earning bread for them. She is gloomy and sad and keeps weeping whole day long. The son can’t find a way to calm her, to console her.

Then one night when he is lying in his bed unable to sleep, hearing his mom’s sobs and sighs, I t becomes simply intolerable. He goes to his mother’s room to console her. His sweet talk, his soft tender touch, and gentle wiping of her tears along with her deep sighs and hot breath take them both down a different path. The pent up emotions the unfulfilled desire all comes out at once. He leans over her folding his arms around her and puts his lips over hers. His strong chest crushing her small breasts and his lips pressing hard against her full lips do succeed in putting an end to her wails and sobs.

….’His lips nibbled and sucked on her juicy soft full lips. The warm comfort of his strong arms his hot breaths the attention being given to her eager lips sparked off a fire inside her and her lips parted.’ Was the sentence where we had stopped reading.

I scrolled down with the mouse and we started reading further. I turned the laptop on my lap a little so that she could read easily without craning her neck. Our thighs and bodies were pressed against each other’s. My dick was already moving inside my pants. For the time being it was hidden under the laptop.

‘……His tongue moved into his mother’s mouth to play with her tongue. He felt each and every tooth with the tip of his tongue and felt the inside of her mother’s cheeks and felt her palate, felt their saliva mix. He withdrew his tongue from her mouth and licked her teeth and lips. His mother’s tongue came out and he busied himself sucking it hungrily. He felt her mother’s finger dig into his shoulder blades like strong claws. She didn’t want to break that kiss…..’

We read on. I felt granny’s grip on my thigh tighten. She was already breathing faster. I couldn’t imagine what will happen when we came to the end of the story. And I didn’t know how it was going to come out.

Suddenly granny took her eyes off the screen and looked at me.

“Don’t you feel the wind is got a little chill in it? Let’s move inside. Or we will catch a cold. All heated up inside and cold wind outside?” She said giggling.

I don’t like it inside. It is dark and cold. The moment I enter the guest room allotted to me I open the curtains. But granny keeps the curtains drawn. But I was not going to refuse her anything. I lifted the laptop and made for inside. We entered the big drawing room.

She surprised me by going and opening all the curtains. The sunlight and heat at once started flowing in. The sun was in exactly the right spot, the sunlight fell directly on the big sofa and the center table. I sat down and lifted my legs on to the center table. She came to sit next to me with her legs folded under her. We carried on from where we stopped. The son keeps showering kisses all over his mother’s body. She encourages him by opening up more and more. And then came the crucial moment, the point of no return. He pulls his mom in his laps and she opens her legs to lock them around his slim waist.

‘…..He pulled her to him, folding her in his arms the boobs and nipples pressed against his chest, her head thrown back, and his kaçak casino hot lips on her moaning mouth. Son’s hard dick came to cling tightly to the mother cunt; between her swollen wanting love lips. As son’s hot kisses kept the fire inside her burning strong the throbbing hard cock grinding her soft pudenda and clit was adding fuel to that fire…..’

I felt it very awkward reading about cunt and dick and clit sitting next to someone whom I had always thought about only as an old, kind motherly figure. My thoughts about her were changing by the minute. For the first time I thought about her like a woman, a woman of interest. I stole a glance and she was all engrossed in the story. She looked very pretty I had a keen desire to kiss her. My cock was rock hard and stuck in the small frenchie I was wearing. She must have noticed my discomfort. She took the laptop from me. “Make yourself comfortable.” She said.

I discreetly straightened the dick and it came to lie behind the zipper bulging horribly. She threw a look at my crotch and gave me the laptop back. The back of her fingers brushed against the bulge in my crotch as she slid the laptop back. It was most probably done intentionally but I could not say it for sure. She was checking it out I felt.

We again reverted to our reading she leaned against me putting her head against my upper arm. I slid down so that she could comfortably place her head on my shoulder. After some time I lifted my arm to wrap it around her back. With her cheek on my chest and her one breast stuck to my ribs I was getting hornier by the minute. I stealthily let my hand travel down to touch her thigh. She ignored my little maneuver. Her thigh muscles were strong and skin smooth. I let my hand linger there for some time.

‘…..The mother’s night dress had ridden high exposing her young beautiful thighs. She felt her son’s hand caress them and she moved away from him. Her panties were soaking wet with her secretions. She hooked her finger in the waist band and pulled the panties down. The son completed the job lifting her nightie and taking it off of her hot simmering body. Ruchi couldn’t wait any longer she slipped her hand inside his shorts and her fingers curled around his thick long shaft…..’

I couldn’t read any further. My mother is the only female I ever had a crush upon. Even the simple smell of her hair shampoo can lead me to an erection. I imagined her beautiful painted and hennaed hand around my robust erection. I was already near ejaculation. I tried to force these thoughts about my mother out of my mind. Everybody said that mom resembled her mother very much. Granny’s face was lower and I could easily look at it as long as I pleased without her knowing it. There was definitely some resemblance, especially the lips were the same and so were the high cheek bones. My eyes moved further down and I could see a lot of cleavage and part of her one breast. Her boobs were bigger than my moms.

“Haven’t you finished yet?” Nana asked suddenly bringing me back from my fantasy and I moved the cursor to scroll down and read further.

‘……The hard virgin cock was getting the taste of his very first cunt. The dick was deep inside the mom cunt, gone straight in up to the hilt. The dick was soaked in her secretions and mom had no problem vigorously sliding up and down that sturdy pole. Her breasts were bouncing hard, crashing against his chest again and again The son was trying hard to match her pace. He had long stopped to control her fury. He was only too pleased to bring out all the pent up anger and pain…..’

Will my mother be also that furious in her love making? I wanted her to. I will do anything for her. I was ready to go to any length to please her. Mom had become a little irascible of late. I knew that mom and dad were not sleeping together these days. Is that the reason? I think it is? And I was ready to do her bidding. I stopped thinking these thought about my mother and moved the cursor further. Nana moved a bit to scratch her crotch. The itching had started. I knew what it meant. The sun had warmed the room and Nana’s cheek was glowing red. I caressed it lightly with the tips of my fingers reaching the corner of her mouth, not bold enough to touch her beautiful lips. Her eyes shot upwards to meet my eyes and immediately fell back to read further. She moved a little closer to me and I too tightened my embrace.

‘…..She climaxed, her body arched backwards and a shrill loud scream escaped her mouth. The muscles of her vagina tightened around her son’s hard dick in a lusty grip. He pulled his mom back into his arms and held her like that for a long time until her body relaxed and muscle around his cock unclenched. Then he laid her down on the soft mattress. He moved between her legs holding the dick to put it back in and mama opened her thighs wide and placed a pillow under her lower back to welcome her sonny dick. She felt it travel deep inside her smoothly stretching her soft insides. She felt excited immediately. Ruchi couldn’t believe it was happening and there was no guilt no hesitation or awkwardness.. Both were behaving like it was nothing out of ordinary.. Like, they had been doing it day in day out. ‘They were not but the will from now onwards.’ She decided.

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