Audrey’s Punishment

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This story is dedicated to a woman who, through her writing and encouragement to me, has become an incredible inspiration. She read my first story and was kind enough to write to me with words both kind and passionate. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a kindred spirit.

She recently turned twenty-one, and this is my birthday present to her. I am the uncle, she is the niece, and this is our fantasy.

Happy birthday, my dear.


It was a hot July day, and Dave was deep in the throes of his fantasy. The sweat on his muscular body cooled and evaporated in his air-conditioned bedroom as he reclined, naked, upon his bed. His right hand slowly stroked his erect cock while his left hand loosely held the fetish that made the blood boil in his brain.


Cotton and pink, plain and innocent, yet so utterly sensual and intimate. He brought them to his nose and breathed deeply, inhaling the trace of musk, the feint aroma of the young woman from whom he had stolen them. He had had them for some time, and the odor had faded, but was still delightfully evident, and brought sharply into focus the image of their former owner.

Audrey. His niece.

He had stolen them from the bathroom hamper nearly two months ago during one of his visits to his sister’s house. He could still remember the way his breathing had quickened when he’d gone to the bathroom, as he had done so often, hoping to find Audrey’s panties there. Most times he would content himself with simply finding a pair and eagerly sniffing them, inhaling as much of the residual fragrance of her young body as he could, and perhaps running his tongue over the slightly stained crotch. Several times he’d been unable to stop himself, and he’d taken out his furious cock and hurriedly jacked off a huge load of cum directly onto the cotton lining of a pair of her panties, the lingering scent of her pussy in his nostrils making the job the work of mere minutes.

But that day had been different. He had been there to help his sister, Susan, clean out the garage. Susan’s husband had left her several years earlier, and Dave was only too happy to help her out with grunt work when it needed doing, especially as the years passed and Susan’s daughter began to develop into a stunning young woman.

Audrey had helped them that day in the garage. It had been a hot May afternoon, and Dave had had to concentrate on not looking at his niece for too long. She was the perfect vision of teenaged loveliness. She’d had her long, golden hair tied back in a ponytail, and it made her look even younger than her eighteen years. Her face was flawless. Her eyes were a clear green that could knock a man dead at a hundred paces. Her chin was firm, her lips perfect, her nose had a slight up turn that was simply too cute for words. She had a dancers body, weighing perhaps a a hundred and fifteen pounds and stood 5’6″ tall. On that day she had worn a blue, sleeveless top that accentuated her full breasts and flat stomach. The shorts she wore hugged her ass, and rode up when she bent over to move a box in such a way as to nearly make Dave groan aloud at the sight. He imagined he could almost make out the delicate lips of her pussy outlined beneath the material. Her legs were long, tan, muscular, but not so much as to overwhelm their feminine shape. She was a schoolboys dream, popular, pretty, with a personality that drew people to her. She was sharp of wit, and laughed easily, and Dave was consumed with lust for her.

The three of them had worked all that afternoon in the hot garage, but it was fun work with the constant barrage of jokes that passed between them. Audrey had known Dave since she was a baby, and she’d always thought of him as her favorite uncle. After her father had left, she sometimes found herself thinking of him as her dad. She spent lots of time at his house, as he lived only two miles away. He was single, with no children, and had done very well for himself. He had a pool and an incredible game room, and sometimes he let her drive his Mustang, as long as she’d promised not to tell her mom.

Of course she’d noticed the way her uncle sometimes looked at her. She was not unaware of her body and the effect it had on men. She’d grown accustomed to the lustful stares from the boys (and men) at school, and she didn’t try to fool herself into believing Uncle Dave was any different. But while she merely ignored the whistles and catcalls she sometimes drew while walking down the street, the sidelong looks from Uncle Dave somehow pleased her, made her feel attractive. She trusted him and felt so safe with him, and well, there was no denying that Uncle Dave was a good-looking man. Because of that she couldn’t help but tease Uncle Dave just a bit. Many times when he was over she would prance through the house in nothing but a short t-shirt and panties while her mother scolded her and Uncle Dave grinned and pretended to be interested in anything else. She would hug him, and press her young breasts into his firm chest, knowing that he could casino siteleri feel her nipples poking into him. It made her feel so naughty, and she couldn’t deny the sense of power it gave her. The feeling was delicious, and truth be known, it sometimes caused her panties to become damp. Several times while lying in bed at night she would think of her Uncle Dave and let her hand trail down to that soft junction between her legs. She would feel the moistness there, and bite her lower lip as she pressed on her clit. She had only recently discovered masturbation, but it was fast becoming her favorite hobby. It was a secrete, sinful pleasure, imagining her Uncle Dave sweeping her into his arms and taking her. The idea of him using her young body for his pleasure excited her very much, but she barely dared admit such a thing to herself. He was, after all, her uncle, and such a thing could never be.

That day in the garage she teased him. Bending over to lift a box, she could feel his eyes roam across her behind or catch glimpses of breast down her shirt. It was all in good fun, and Uncle Dave never made it obvious that he was looking.

When the sun had touched the horizon, and the garage chore had been completed, Audrey had announced that she was going to a friend’s house to study. She gave her Uncle Dave a tight, sweaty hug, and he made the appropriate fuss about her being too hot. He pushed her away, but she held on, their sweat soaked limbs sliding against each other. They laughed as he finally got her off of him, and she headed into the house to take a shower.

In the bathroom, Audrey peeled her sweaty cloths from her body. Tossing them in the hamper, she had had a sudden memory of a day about three weeks before. Uncle Dave had been there that day as well. She remembered him going to the bathroom, and her having to use it soon after. She had sat there on the toilet, when her eye had caught a bit of cloth hanging from under the lip of the hamper lid. She had instantly recognized it for what it was, a pair of her panties. Her first reaction had been girlish embarrassment at the thought of Uncle Dave seeing her underwear, so she had lifted the lid, meaning to shove them under the rest of the dirty cloths. But upon grasping them she had noticed something else. She had looked at her fingers and saw that they were wet with a shiny, vicious, something. Picking up the panties and examining them more closely she had seen that their crotch was stained with globs of the stuff. She had touched it again and found it still warm.

Audrey had had very little experience with sex, but she knew instinctively what it was. Uncle Dave, she had realized, had cum on her panties just moments before!

She’d stared at the semen, fascinated. She’d scooped some up and felt it slide between her thumb and forefinger. The idea of her Uncle’s cum, and the fact that it had been her panties that had inspired him to do such a thing gave her a rush that she had never known before. Her legs had suddenly felt weak, and she had realized that the panties she was currently wearing were wet. Not just wet, soaked! Every nerve had seemed afire, and her nipples ached the way they did only when she touched herself at night.

As if hypnotized, she had brought the crotch of the panties to her lips. The smell of Uncle Dave’s cum filled her head, and before she had even thought about what she was doing, she had licked the crotch of her own panties, and with three long strokes of her tongue, had devoured Uncle Dave’s cum! The smooth texture, the slightly salty taste, the heady aroma, it had all seemed to travel from her mouth straight to her virgin pussy, and without even touching herself she had cum so hard that she had had to grip the sink edge to keep from falling.

Later she had berated herself, calling herself a “pervert” and a “sicko”. She had buried the panties deep under the pile of cloths and had forced herself to think of it no more.

But three weeks later, running the shower after helping to clean the garage, with her sweat soaked, pink cotton panties in her hand, she could not help but remember that day, and the way that her lust had taken hold of her so completely. The idea that her Uncle Dave desired her and masturbated into her panties brought on that same warm feeling, and her nipples were suddenly hard as marbles. She thought of him downstairs and the way he looked at her, and with careful intent, she placed her panties square atop the rest of the dirty cloths in the hamper. She stepped into the shower and let the water sizzle against her too warm flesh, and with a groan, she leaned with her forearm against the shower wall and feverishly plunged two finger of her right hand into her young pussy, going as far as her hymen would allow, and mashing her palm against her clit, all the while imagining her Uncle Dave stepping into the shower behind her, naked, his hands circling her body, embracing her, cupping her breasts, his hard cock nestling between the wet cheeks of her ass. The fantasy was so dirty, so wrong, so…incestuous, yet it’s very canlı casino depravity took her to the brink and beyond, and an orgasm hit her, the likes of which she had not had since the day she had licked his cum from her panties.

Of course it was that pair of pink, cotton panties that Dave had liberated later that evening after Audrey had left. They had been moist with her sweat, and the musky odor of her clung so strongly to them that he had decided to risk it and had quickly shoved them into his pocket. Since that day he had masturbated with them probably three dozen times, and while her scent was now just a trace memory, the mere sight of them was still enough to make him as hard as stone.

Which brings us back to that fateful day when Dave reclined in his large bed, naked, those pink panties pressed to his face, his cock, rigid and huge, gripped in his oiled fist.

The doorbell rang.

“Shit!” Dave cursed, pausing in mid-stroke and cocking an ear, hoping that whoever it was would go away. But it was not to be. The doorbell rang again. Dave swore under his breath and quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He hoped the shirt was long enough to cover the pronounced bulge in his pants. His cock had not quite gone down yet. He thrust the panties into his dresser drawer, and as the doorbell chimed for a third time, he took a deep breath, smoothed back his hair and hurried downstairs to the front door.

What he saw upon opening it made him forget all about his anger at having been interrupted. There, on his front porch, was his friend, Roger Holdencort, and standing next to him, her head hung in shame, was Audrey.

Roger and Dave had been friends since high school. After graduation Roger had entered the police academy and had now been one of the cities finest for ten years. He stood on Dave’s porch now, dressed in his uniform, his squad car parked on the street behind him, with his left hand gripping Audrey firmly above her right elbow. Dave looked from Roger to Audrey and back again, and he knew that his niece had gotten herself into some trouble.

“Roger, what the…?” Dave started.

“Maybe we want to talk about this inside.” Roger suggested.

“Yeah,” Dave said, stepping back to let them in. He was still in shock at seeing Audrey in this state. She would not meet his eyes, and the fact that she was wearing her catholic school uniform made her look every bit the guilty little girl.

“Audrey,” Roger said, “Why don’t you go have a seat on the couch while your uncle and I have a talk.” He let her go, and Audrey did as she was told, sitting on the couch, her hands tightly folded in her lap, her eyes firmly on the floor.

Roger and Dave stepped into the kitchen, and though they kept their voices low and Audrey could not hear them, she knew exactly what they were talking about. Ten minutes seemed to take an hour, but finally the two men stepped back into the living room. Dave shook Rogers hand and said, “Thanks, Rog, I owe you one. A big one.”

“You can buy me a beer next time I see you. Hell, it’s just kid stuff.” Roger looked at Audrey and then headed for the door, “I just better not ever see you in trouble again, young lady! She’s in your hands, Dave. I’ll see ya.” The officer stepped out of the house, and with a final word of thanks, Dave shut the door.

He stood facing the door for several minutes, wondering what the best way to handle this situation would be. He turned and looked at his niece, who would still not raise her eyes. She looked so innocent, so young and so fragile. Yet in her pleated skirt, her crisp white blouse and striped tie, her knee high socks and simple black shoes, she was the very picture of a schoolgirl in trouble, and slowly a plan began to take shape in Dave’s mind. He knew it was wrong. He knew he should simply drive Audrey to her mother’s house and let her face the music. But as the plan began to take shape, he knew that he was going to follow through with it.

He sat down next to Audrey on the couch. “So,” he said, “You want to tell me what happened?”

And that was it. The dam burst, and tears spilled from Audrey’s eyes in a torrent. She was crying so hard that her words came out in an unintelligible jumble, part confession, part explanation. Dave stopped her, putting an arm around her shoulder. “Audrey, you’ve got to calm down. Here,” he patted his lap, “Sit on my lap like you used to when you were a little girl, take a deep breath and tell me what happened.” He took a Kleenex from the box on the coffee table and handed it to her. She wiped her eyes and did as she was told, sitting on Uncle Dave’s lap, her head against his chest, his strong arm wrapped around her. She dabbed her eyes and told her story.

It was a classic case of teenaged stupidity. Audrey and her friend, Megan, had gone shopping at the mall, Megan thought it would be fun to steal a few blouses a clothing store, but Audrey was the one who had had a big enough purse to stow the goods in. Megan had stuffed the blouses into Audrey’s purse without even asking, and Audrey, kaçak casino not wanting to be un-cool, had said nothing. Of course the store detective had stopped them on the way out, and the next thing they knew the two girls were in the back office, waiting for the cops. Megan, showing her true colors, had flatly denied taking anything, and since all the evidence was in Audrey’s purse, the police had let Megan go and were prepared to book Audrey for the crime. But upon taking her name, the officer in charge had recognized it and realized she was Dave’s niece. That officer, Roger Holdencort, had talked to the store manager, and the next thing she knew they were at Dave’s house.

As Audrey told the story, she clamed down, and realized that she was indeed sitting on her Uncle Dave’s lap, and she began to think that perhaps she would get out of this thing if she played her cards right. She was not an especially manipulative girl, she was not a bad girl, but right then she was a frightened girl, frightened of what her mother would do if she found out. Perhaps, she thought, if she could play to Uncle Dave’s weakness for her he would not tell.

She laid her head against his solid chest, and squeezed him close. She wriggled her bottom, ever so subtly, on his lap, and with surprise and secrete satisfaction, she felt the effect it had on him. Beneath her butt she felt a lump begin to stir and grow. She wriggled a bit more, letting her skirt ride up a bit, exposing her creamy thighs, and she looked, pleadingly, into his eyes.

“Your not going to tell mom, are you, Uncle Dave?” she asked in her best little girl voice, biting her lower lip, and turning on all the innocence and charm she could muster.

Dave nearly gave in right there. It was so very difficult to say no to her, but at the last second he saw through her ruse. The little bitch is trying to angle her way out of this thing! He thought. He felt her firm ass wriggle on his lap, and his cock slowly filled with blood at the thought of what he really wanted to do to her behind. He strengthened his resolve.

“Of course I’m going to tell your mother! What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t tell her what her daughter is up to?”

“But Uncle Dave…!: she wailed, but he cut her off.

“Audrey, there’s no excuses for what you did.” Dave looked at her sternly, “I don’t care if you were just the one holding the bag, the fact is, you could have told Megan to fuck off, and put the cloths back. You could have, but you didn’t. Your just lucky I have a friend on the police force and that he was the one who took the call, otherwise you’d be sitting in a holding cell right now!” he knew that that part was probably un-true, but he wanted to scare her a bit, keep her off balance. “No, Audrey, you did a very bad thing, and I’m sure your mother is going to punish you severely for it.”

He let the words sink in, and watched fresh tears well up in Audrey’s eyes as she realized that she would be receiving no mercy from Uncle Dave. He waited, counting the seconds, watching her get more and more worked up, knowing that his next word could lead him to the realization of years of lustful dreams for this young girl. Finally, he said it.

“Unless…” he let the word trail off, as if he were considering something. A spark of hope blossomed in Audrey’s eyes, and she looked at Dave.

“Unless what? Unless what? Uncle Dave, tell me, unless what? I’ll do anything, just please don’t tell mom!”

Dave suppressed the smile that wanted to give away his serious face. “Well, Audrey, I suppose I could punish you here. I know what I would do with you if I were your father, and if your willing to take your medicine from me, then maybe your mother doesn’t have to know.”

She looked confused. “You’re going to punish me? What…h-how…how are you going to punish me?”

“A spanking.” He said, looking straight into her eyes to let her know how deadly serious he was. “A good old fashioned across-the-knee spanking. I know your mother would probably take your car, or ground you for a few months, but I’m of the opinion that a few smacks across your bottom would go a lot further toward making you stop and think the next time someone tries to get you to do something stupid. But it’s your choice, Audrey. You can either take your punishment from me, or I’ll drive you back to your house right now. What’s it going to be?”

She lowered her gaze in shame at being in such a position. Minutes slipped by and just as Dave was sure that she was going to opt for her mother’s punishment she whispered, “The spanking.” At her acquiescence Dave felt his cock throb against her bottom, and he knew she could probably feel it too. He didn’t care. He had gone too far to turn back.

“Very good. I want you to lay on your stomach across my lap.” He said, doing his best to keep his voice firm and authoritative. She rose and positioned herself as he had told her to, lying across his lap with her skirted ass in position. Beneath her belly she could feel his cock now at full erection. She felt humiliated; yet another emotion began to creep through her as well. Excitement. A shiver of anticipation crept over her as she realized that she had relinquished all control to her Uncle, that he was going to spank her and there was nothing she could do about it.

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