Aunt and I Share Summer of ’69

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It was the summer of 1969, and I had just turned 18. My parents had decided suddenly and unexpectedly to move to Philadelphia to join my Dad’s brother, uncle Bob, in his new business venture. He promised that we would get rich and my father, always a sucker for a get-rich scheme, followed.

All around me where strange long hair men and women, in ragged clothes, sandals, bandanas and carrying guitars. They always seemed to be thumbing for a ride, and yet not being in any hurry to get where they were going. I remember thinking that they seemed odd and old, but looking back at that summer long time ago, I realize that they were about my age or perhaps a few years older. It was the summer of love, except I did not know it.

My uncle, whom I thought of as old at the time, was only 29 years-old that summer and was married to his third wife, a woman I called aunt Marie. Although I thought of aunt Marie as old too, I later came to realize that she was only 23 at the time, and barely five years older than me.

Aunt Marie was a stunning and fun loving red-head with big tits, wide hips and hazel eyes. She was petite, only 5′ 2′ and about 105 pounds, with creamy smooth skin. She seemed wild, by our family’s sheltered Catholic standards. She wore a bandana on her head most of the time, tight jeans with rips at the knees and seemed to always be putting two fingers up in the air, in what I stupidly thought was a victory sign. Now I know that being only 25 she was part of the hippie movement of the 60’s.

It was a large house my uncle lived in. The kind of house that has “wings” for different members of the family. Since we had just moved, we were staying with my uncle and aunt Marie until we found a house of our own. It never occurred to me until a few years later that my uncle, being well off, could’ve afford to have a house ready for us when we arrived. But that’s another story.

My uncle and Dad were always out, developing their new venture, (and I am sure other things as well. It was common knowledge to the entire family back then that the both of them had plenty of women around) mom found work at the telephone company and I, being summer, laid around the house, watching TV and enjoying the many amenities the house had to offer.

One day a was laying by the pool, chilling and drinking my uncle’s beer, when I had to go inside the house to relieve myself. I could have used the bathroom closer to the pool, but I was nosey and decided to use the master bathroom, which was closer to my uncle’s bedroom.

While I was relieving myself I thought I heard noises coming from that side of the house. Thinking I was alone in the house I went to investigate. The noises seemed to be coming from my uncle’s room and as I got closer, I could tell that the sounds were definitely coming from his room.

I was a virgin in the summer of ’69, but I had made out with enough girls to recognize the sounds as the moans and groans from a woman having a good time. Thinking that I would catch my uncle getting an afternoon piece of ass, I peeked around the corner to see what I could see. Laying in bed, totally naked with a plantain sticking out of her red-hair covered pussy was my aunt Marie. She was shoving the plantain in and out of her pussy with one hand, while pinching her nipples with the other.

I stood there transfixed, in my swim trunks with an 18-year-old Ankara bayan escort hard-on. I had never seen a grown woman naked before. Up-to-that point in my life I had only managed to get the usual stinky-finger and the occasional peek at the young girl pussy through the elastic of their panties.

Being young and impetuous I pulled my dick through the leg of my swimming trunks and began jacking-off. From my vantage point I had a clear view of my first grown pussy and it belonged to my 25 year old aunt who was furiously fucking herself with a huge vegetable. Being young and inexperienced, it wasn’t long before I shot a load all over the marble floor, letting out an involuntary groan in the process.

I looked into the room and realized that my aunt Marie was looking at me from her bed. She had an intense look in her eyes and I thought I was dead. For sure she would yell at me and then tell my uncle and father when they got home. But she just lay there with the plantain half-way in her pussy, just looking at me.

“Are you having fun spying on me?” she asked, seemingly angry.

“I’m sorry” I managed to mumble while frantically trying to hide my dick from her view.

“Come here” she ordered and I thought I was in for it. I was so nervous and afraid that it didn’t occur to me to think that while she seemed angry, she had not covered herself, taken the plantain out of her pussy, or acted in the way I expected her to. I walked over to her and stood by her bed waiting for the tongue lashing I was sure was coming.

“Is not polite to spy on people, you know” she said sternly.

“I know. I’m sorry aunt Marie. I just thought that somebody was in the house, I didn’t mean to see…” I tried to explain.

“Okay, I believe you. I won’t tell on you if you do me a favor” she said. I was so afraid at this point that I said, “Sure aunt Marie, anything” She then took my hand and placed it on her nipples and told me to pinch them slightly. Being nervous and over eager I pinched too hard making her wince in pain.

“No, not that hard. Like this” she said as she showed me how to caress and pinch her nipple the way she liked it. After a while she went back to fucking herself with the plantain as she had before. I was so close that I could smell her pussy in the room and hear the noises the plantain made as she plunged it in and out of her red, swollen pussy.

“Ahhh” she whispered as she quickened the pace of her fucking. “Ohhhh, that feels good” she moaned. Suddenly she began to shake and buck like a Bronco. Her chest became red right above her huge tits and she shoved the plantain all the way into her pussy. “Ohhhh shit, I’m cummmminnnnnn!” she screamed as clear liquid gushed out of her pussy. She was breathing really heavily and her breath was troubled. For a moment I thought she was in some kind of medical stress, but she finally recovered.

After she had gained her composure she looked up at me and noticed the huge hard-on bulging inside my trunks. “Would you like me to take care of that?” she asked. I couldn’t speak, I just swallowed hard as she reached for the waist band of my trunks, pulled my dick out and slowly smeared my pre-cum all over the head of my 7″ cock. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the head. I thought I would cum right then and there. My only experience with girls had been the typical make out session Escort bayan Ankara in the back seat of my car where you were lucky to grab some tit, finger fuck them ’til they came and then left you high and dry. If you were really lucky, you might get was a hand-job and never, ever, would they allow you to put it in their mouth.

My aunt was a pro. She sucked the head of my cock gently, moving up and down the shaft from time to time. She seemed to know when I was ready to explode because every time I thought I would cum, she took her mouth of the head of my cock and lick the sides. “Do you like that?” she asked. “Uh huh” I moaned.

She then stopped, pulled my trunks all the way down and told me to lay down in bed next to her. Once in bed and totally naked, she continued to suck my cock, except that now, she was rubbing her long fingernails around my thighs, around my scrotum and around my ass. I tensed up a little, not having experienced anything near my ass before, but soon it began to feel good. I relaxed and began to really enjoy the experience.

“Mmmm, stick your fingers in my pussy” she begged as she turned around and placed her soaked pussy closer to my hand. Now this is something I knew a little about so I slowly stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. I remember thinking how loose and wet it was compared to the girls my age I had messed around with in high school.

She moaned loudly and began to suck my cock really hard. Next she did something that I have never known before, not only was I getting my first true blowjob, but aunt Marie stuck my whole dick in her mouth and down her throat. It felt so damn good that I came right then and there. I thought she would gag and spit and be pissed, but she sucked even harder and swallowed every drop. I couldn’t believe it! Aunt Marie swallowed my load without so much as a hiccup.

After a while she let go of my cock with an audible flop and ran her fingers through her lips like someone who had just had a good piece of BBQ ribs.

“Have you ever eaten pussy?” she asked.

“No, not really” I fumbled with the words

“Want to learn?” she asked, “Yeah” I replied sarcastically.

She leaned back and opened her legs. She was gorgeous, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She patiently showed me her clit, pulling back the sheath and showing me the cute, small button-like organ. She then opened her red, swollen lips and showed me the inside of her pussy, still filled with the white, creamy fluid of her cum. She inserted a finger inside her pussy and gently brought it to my nose, showing me the musty and wonderful scent of an aroused woman. She then put the finger in my mouth and told me to lick it so that I could taste a pussy for the first time.

She taught me how to rub her clit, play with her pussy lips and how to gently insert my fingers into her gently to let her get wet. Then she taught me how to lick, where and how long to suck, or nibble. When to stick my tongue in her pussy to keep her from cumin too fast and to make sure I licked her pussy juice.

It was all very tentative at first, but with her tutelage and my eagerness she soon was writhing in pleasure and producing more pussy juice that I could possibly swallow. From that very day I became addicted to eating pussy. I can still remember the bitter-sweet taste of her juice, and the vinaigrette-like Bayan escort Ankara smell of her pussy.

It seemed like a very short time then, but thinking back to that day, I must have eaten her for about 30 minutes before she came in torrents. Without missing a beat, though, she pulled me toward her and shoved my cock in her pussy. The smooth, hot velvet inside of her pussy gripped by cock like a warm glove.

Instinctually, I pumped her pussy fast and furious, which she didn’t seem to mind. I think that after all that had happened that afternoon, she was as anxious as I was to get off. It wasn’t long before I came inside of her moist and hot cunt, but I kept going, not wanting the afternoon to end.

“Wait, I want to show you something” she said as she pushed me off her and turned around with her ass in the air. “I want you to do me doggie-style” and with that she grabbed by cock and push it inside of her again. I was in heaven. Not only was I loosing my virginity to a gorgeous, horny, experienced woman, but for the first time I could see my 7′ cock going in an out of her pussy. It was like watching the best porn ever!

I was fucking her hard, I was fucking her slow. Having cum once already I had plenty of energy and could last longer. Sweat was pouring from the both of us. Her pussy was making weird slopping noises as my cum, mixed with her own juice, created a vacuum whenever I shoved my cock in her.

“Here” she said as she grabbed my left hand and placed on her ass. “I want you to play with my asshole while you fuck me” She then took my finger and slipped it in her asshole and told me to fuck her. I did as told and before I knew it, the kinkiness of the whole situation got to me and in a moment I was cumin again. This time I moaned as I came and she yelled that she was cumin too.

Even at 18 I was beginning to grow soft after the third cum that afternoon, but she soon did something that had me hard again in no time flat. She took my cum and pussy-juice covered cock and took it in her mouth. I had never had this done before and soon I was hard again.

She took my cock out of her mouth and with a smile she said, “Good, now I can teach you something else” with a glint in her eye.

She once again knelt on the bed with her ass in the air, but this time she guided my cock in her ass! What a feeling! As good as my first pussy was, and trust me, I was a lucky boy to have this happen to me, the heat and tightness of her ass was something I did not expect or could have ever imagined. It as so tight it actually hurt a little, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I fucker aunt Marie like my life depended on making he cum.

Having cum three time already I really needed some time to recover so her ass got a pretty good beating which she didn’t seem to mind. She came three or four times before I unleashed a torrent of cum into her tight and hot ass.

We both collapsed exhausted in bed, breathing hard and covered in sweat. I looked at her and all I could come up with was, “Thanks aunt Marie, thank”,

“No sweat man. There’s so much more I want to teach you, but let this be our little secret okay” she said. Yeah, like I was going to go blabbing it to everyone.

Anyway, there were many more intimate moments between aunt Marie and I that summer and for the two years we lived in Philly. Unfortunately, Aunt Marie and uncle Bob divorced, we moved back home and the whole thing ended and life continued as it should. But as I write this some 36 years later, I realize how lucky I was to have lost my virginity to a groovy, sexually liberated Aunt in the summer of love.

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