Aunt Caroline Moves In Ch. 01

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My name is Raymond, Ray to my friends, and I am ashamed to admit, Nancy to my Aunt Caroline. We’ll get to that later. I’m twenty-nine years old in reasonable good shape. My story starts about ten years ago when I was just nineteen. It was the day after my birthday, so it’s easy to remember. Mom, dad, my sister Amy and I were up early. My Aunt Caroline was moving in with us. We had a big house, and after her divorce my mom invited her to live with us, at least for a while. I gave her my room which had its own bath and shower, and I moved into the remodeled attic, which I preferred anyway. It had an outside stairway so I wouldn’t bother anyone coming and going.

Dad and I moved several cardboard boxes in the attic for storage and a couple of rolling racks of garment bags of Aunt Caroline’s, which wouldn’t be in my way.

I should mention that Aunt Caroline is in her mid fifties, a few years older than mom is. Our whole family, me included have the dinner table curse as my mom calls it. Just a few pounds here and there.

That first week was a little hectic bursa escort but things eventually settled down to a routine, or so I thought. I came home late one evening after stopping for a burger and I made it all the way to my little attic apartment. Well, not quite. I was walking down the short hallway when I stumbled on a box. Burger went one way, French fries another and me on top of the box. I managed to hang onto the vanilla shake. Before I got up I promised my self to turn the lights on after that. I looked down at the box; it was one of Aunt Caroline’s.

It was full of lingerie. Not the kind that you would expect a middle aged woman to have. I looked as best I could while I cleaned up my burger and fries. Lots of fancy undies, lacy and sexy. I shoved the box out of the way and went in to eat my dinner. I really wanted to look more, I mean I was a nineteen your old boy after all, but I certainly didn’t want to get caught snooping.

The next morning I was up early. Not because of anything I needed to do, but because of the noise. I carefully bursa escort opened my apartment door and saw Aunt Caroline trying to move several of her boxes that dad and I moved there.

“Oh Raymond. Please excuse a clumsy old lady. I’m looking for something and these boxes didn’t seem so heavy when I packed them.” Aunt Caroline said standing up.

“Let me help.” I said.

“This box I think.” Aunt Caroline said. Would you mind putting bit on your couch so I can sit while I’m looking?”

I moved the box the few steps into my apartment, and started making a pot of coffee. When I looked back, Aunt Caroline had panties and bras stacked up all over my couch.

“Find what you’re looking for?” I asked, my words coming out in a rush.

Aunt Caroline held up a pair of what appeared to be dark green panties and a matching bra. I took a quick look and went back to making coffee.

“Oh Raymond. Did I embarrass you?” Aunt Caroline said. “Come here and sit by me for a minute.”

I did sit next to her. bursa eskort Very uncomfortably I might add.

“Raymond, I might be old, but I’m not dead. I still enjoy sex, especially with younger men. Dressing up is a part of the experience.” Aunt Caroline said, placing the bra and panties she had been searching for in my lap.

I couldn’t help myself. The extremely soft material just found it’s way into my fingers. The material was so soft and sensual. I looked back at Aunt Caroline who was sitting there smiling. “Like how they feel?” She asked.

“Yes.” I stuttered.

“It’s alright Raymond. They won’t bite.” Aunt Caroline said. Although I might. She added with a smile.

I stood up and let the bra and panties fall onto the floor.

“Relax Raymond. You’re family. I’m not that kinky yet,” Aunt Caroline said.

I helped her put everything back into the box and carried it back to where it was stored. Back in my apartment I poured another cup of coffee and sat down. I reached for the TV remote and instead felt something soft. Aunt Caroline left another pair of panties, on purpose I guessed. Two shades of pink, lace trim and practically transparent they were so thin. I don’t know how she managed it, and I never did find out, but there was a small note, hand written under the panties.

‘Just For You’ the note said.

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