Aunt Liz’s Fantasy Comes True Ch. 02

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The sound of the phone ringing. Again.

Liz rolled over and looked at the clock on the bedside table. Unblinking green numbers told her that it was 8:30am. “It’s Saturday.” She moaned, stretching her arms above her head. Unfortunately she didn’t need to check the caller ID to know who was calling. Again. For the last week, the phone had rung constantly; either the house phone or her cell phone rang with an insistent quality that was slowly making her insane.

Picking up the receiver she said, “Hello?”

“Aunt Liz?” Tyler’s hopeful voice echoed in her ear. Like a bad dream, she thought. No, that’s not right, she corrected herself. He’s just being 18. And you know damn well you set this whole thing in motion with your foolish actions.

“Hi Tyler. Did you know that it’s only 8:30 on Saturday?” And I was going to sleep in because the kids are at camp and Brian’s out of town, she didn’t bother to say the words out loud. But you know that since you’ve called every freakin’ day for the last two weeks.

“Yeah, but dad said to come over and cut the grass since Uncle Brian’s been out of town. And I wanted to make sure you were up.” His excited voice rolled over her like a blanket of cold snow.

“Tyler, I’m up now. Thanks.” She tried to keep her voice emotionless because she was afraid that he would take any softening in her attitude as encouragement. She’d managed to avoid all of his calls; dodging the questioning looks that Brian and the girls threw her way when Tyler called the house and her cell repeatedly.

“He’s having girl problems.” She told them. “And he thinks that I can help and I can’t.” Somewhat true; just not divulging to her family that she was the source of his girl problems.

“So can I come over?” He sounded like a puppy; one that she couldn’t possibly kick.

“Yeah, come over. Give me a while to get showered and dressed.” Perhaps not the best image to give him. “You can’t cut the grass until 9:00 anyway. The cops will come and take you away.” She teased him in spite of herself and was rewarded with a chuckle.

“Okay, I’ll be over at 9:00. And if you’re not quite dressed, that would be okay too.”

“Bye Tyler.” She hung up the phone and stared down at the wedding rings on her finger in contemplation. Only two weeks ago she’d given the boy the night of a lifetime and then turned him out like last-year’s Christmas tree. Sent him home to his parents and came home to this house wracked with guilt over what she’d done. Luckily Brian had still been asleep in the chair and she’d been able to drop her cum soaked cami and grass stained shorts in the wash before anyone could question her appearance. And when Tyler started calling her, looking for round two, she had ignored him, guilt making her unable to even say his name before today.

A week ago Brian had taken the girls to soccer camp before he left on a business trip and Liz had been afraid that Tyler would drop in, confronting her on her poor treatment of him. With no ready answers, she would have been uncomfortable to have him alone in the house with her. Like today.

“Quick shower.” She said as she hopped out of the bed. A glimpse in the mirror of her tanned legs under the short black nightgown made liseli porno her stop and consider her body objectively. Running her hands over her breasts, she remembered the feel of Tyler’s soft skin in her hands. The way he felt in her mouth, the sound he made as he came against her. Her fingers stroked the soft skin between her thighs and she said aloud, “My god, I’m soaking wet just thinking about him.”

“Tyler’s coming over.” She told the image in the mirror, frowning at herself and making lines in her forehead. “And you are SO not going to seduce him in this empty house on this empty bed…..or else.”

Liz was sitting decorously on the back deck when Tyler’s rusty Escort pulled into the driveway some twenty minutes later. A pink sundress covered her skin and a pair of dark sunglasses hid her eyes from his view.

“Hey Aunt Liz.” He bounded out of the car just like the puppy she imagined him to be. Easily excited and eager for new experiences. “Or do I get to just call you Liz?” A wide smile on his face made her realize that he wasn’t going to forget and move on.

Dismayed, she stood and said, “Tyler, it’s time get over what happened. It was a mistake; what I did was so very wrong and it won’t happen again. You’re too young to realize that what I did was hideously inappropriate.”

The sun glinted off the red highlights in his dark hair as Tyler shook his head. “You know, I’ve jacked off every night since then, imagining your mouth on me again. It was not a mistake and I want it to happen again. Look…”

He stepped up on the deck and as he came towards her Liz could see the bulge in his pants. “This is because of you. Because of what your mouth felt like on my body. I’ve been dying for you to be inappropriate with me again.” A silly grin lit his features and Liz felt herself melting…again.

“Tyler, you were going to mow the grass. Your Uncle Brian is due home this afternoon so you need to get busy.”

“I want to get busy with you.” He was closer yet and Liz stopped him with a hand on his chest.

“No way Tyler. Just mow the grass and go home.” She took several steps back and said, “The mower is in the garage. I’ll go write out a check.”

“Don’t want your money.” His voice was sulky now and Liz was reminded again of his youthfulness. “What the hell? I’m not good enough any more?”

“The mower is in the garage.” Liz repeated and opened the door into the house, walking away from him. Sweat rolled down her back into the hollow of her spine, making her aware that summer had come with a passion. She forced herself to ignore the sounds of mowing outside; organizing some bills to be paid and emptying the dishwasher. Simple housework took over her mind, distracting her from wondering what Tyler was thinking as he mowed.

So absorbed was she in the tasks that she failed to hear the back door open and Tyler enter the house. Until he touched her arm with a sweaty hand.

“I’m done.” He stood in front of her, the sweat dripping from his body making his copper skin glisten. At some point he’d taken off his shirt and she found herself admiring his body against all common sense. And as she stared, his erection grew again and strained mobil porno against his silky gym shorts.

“Thanks….for…mowing…the grass.” The words stumbled from her dry lips and she used her tongue to moisten them. Aware that he was watching her do it. “Let me get that check.”

This time it was his hand that stopped her movement. Gripping her upper arm, he said hoarsely, “Liz, I’ve been dreaming about you nonstop. I get a hardon at work ’cause I’m so horny for you. I wake up every morning with a hardon, dreaming about you. Despite the fact that I jerk off every chance I get. Don’t do this to me.”

“I’m not doing anything. That’s the whole point.” Liz averted her eyes from the pleading face before her. “C’mon Tyler. Let me get the check.”

“No way.” His voice was jagged with emotion. “No check. I want a different kind of payment from you.”

Gripping her wrists with one hand, Tyler pushed her against the cabinets, his mouth hard on hers. “I want you so much Liz. I dream about having you like this every day.” His mouth moved down to her neck, licking and sucking on the soft skin.

Wrestling against his grip, Liz said, “Tyler, I’ve had two weeks to think about what happened and I was wrong. You can’t do this to make it right.”

“It doesn’t have to be right. It just has to be what it is.” His lips returned to her mouth and he kissed her roughly again, forcing her head back with the pressure. Grinding against her body, making her feel the hardness of his erection. Suddenly, as if aware of her discomfort, he softened his mouth and sucked gently on her tongue. Teasing her with his mouth instead of punishing her.

Liz’s head hung limply backward, long blonde hair hanging down her back, coherent thought an impossibility as Tyler’s hands ran over her breasts and down to the hem of her dress.

Pushing the dress up over her hips, he dropped to his knees and ran his tongue over the soft skin of her stomach. Liz moaned aloud as he stroked his tongue along the straight line of her boy shorts, remembering how she had teased him the same way. His mouth kissed the silky material down to the center of her thighs, sliding his thumb beneath the elastic as he pressed her legs apart.

Now Liz’s hands gripped his hair, holding on as though he would have to support her entire body weight, her legs no longer able to do so. “Tyler..” She moaned as his thumb thrust into her body.

“You are so wet.” He stroked her. “Look at me.”

Liz opened her eyes and looked down at the sight of her nephew kneeling between her legs, even as his thumb continued to caress her. His eyes were ablaze with desire and he commanded, “Tell me what you want. Do you want me to stop this? Be honest with yourself and with me already.”

He pulled his thumb from under the elastic and put it into his mouth, sucking it as she watched. “You taste so good. I want to bury my face in you.” Watching her eyes as he thrust his thumb inside of her again, aware of the effect of his stroking on her body.

“Oh Tyler.” Liz’s voice cracked, the desire in her voice obvious to both of them.

“Tell me.” He demanded. “Say it.”

“I don’t want you to stop.” She groaned. öğrenci porno “I want this as much as you do.”

And was rewarded immediately with him pulling the shorts down over her hips and knees to the floor, his mouth returning instantly to her thighs, hands caressing her skin as he pushed them apart.

“Let me see you.” His tone was almost begging and Liz sank to the floor beside him, allowing him to press her down with her back against the hard tile. Head back, staring at the ceiling; she felt him spread her thighs and closed her eyes against the desire to have him admire her body.

“You are,” As he touched her gently he spoke softly, “You are so amazing.” Running his fingers over her belly and down against her wetness, he leaned over her body and kissed her mouth deeply, sliding two fingers inside of her as he teased her mouth with his lips. Thrusting in time with the kissing, he could feel the spasming of Liz’s body against his hand.

“Tyler, I’m cumming.” She groaned, “Don’t stop.”

“Won’t.” He continued to thrust his fingers rapidly, encouraging her with his voice. “Cum for me Lizzie, I want to taste you when you cum.”

Bucking against his fingers, Liz cried out “Oh my god, Tyler. Now.”

The feel of Tyler’s tongue against her flesh took Liz over the edge of the orgasm and she arched her back, thrashing her head against the cold tile. “Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.” Chanting his name as she dug her fingers into his scalp. “That feels so good, oh don’t stop.”

The ringing of the phone jarred her from the intensity of the orgasm. Tyler sat back, eyes wide, staring at her as they both listened to the recorder echoing from above them on the counter.

“Hi honey. Just letting you know that I’m on my way home from the airport. Just passing the mall now. Be home soon.” Brian’s voice boomed over the mild static from his cell phone. Both listeners could hear the excitement in his voice. “Can’t wait to see you – been a long week without you darling.”

“Fuck.” Tyler whispered, as if his uncle could hear him; could see him between Liz’s knees, could see the evidence of her orgasm on his face.

“Fuck is it.” She struggled to her feet, fumbling with her dress and hair. “Go, go home Tyler. He’ll be here in 15 minutes.”

The stared at each other for a moment and Tyler glanced ruefully at the erection that still tented his pants. “Guess we’ll have to take care of this another time.”

“On your own darling. GO.” Liz grabbed him by the shoulders and hurried him to the door. “I’ll drop that check in the mail.”

“Don’t.” Tyler turned back and enveloped her in a hug. “I love you Aunt Liz. And I’m really looking forward to the next time Uncle Brian goes out of town.”

“GO.” She repeated, watching as he bolted out the door and into his car. Forcing herself not to wave at him like an idiot. “Somehow, I don’t think that it’s gonna be that long Tyler.” Feeling the slick wetness of her thighs, remembering the ease with which he’d brought her to an orgasm, she clenched her fists against the desire to call him back to finish what they’d started. Calculating in her head just how long it would be until Brian left on another business trip, Liz went back into the house to find her shorts before Brian came home and questioned their absence. He’d never imagine that she would greet him without them. That’s what lovers do, not wives, he’d tell her. And she would smile to herself, imagining her lover’s reaction when his hands roamed beneath her dress the next time they met.

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