Aunt Sherry Comes to Visit Ch. 01

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A classic tale retold.

Copyright “08”

Molly J

Ellen closed the door behind her. Leaning against the closed door, her hands went, naturally, to her crotch.

“He is, so, sexy.”

Ellen’s knees, were weak. She was afraid, she would collapse, onto the floor. Ellen tore off her clothes, letting them lay, where they fell. Ellen flushed, with embarrassment, as she rolled her wet panties, off her ample hips.

She had just changed them. In fact, Ellen was almost out, of clean panties. She had to change them, several times today. Ellen could barely contain herself, as she slipped under the covers.

The sheets were still cool, when her orgasm started. She buried her head, into the pillow, and screamed. Her, practiced, fingers brought her, to an intense orgasm.

She continued to scream, in little gasps, as her orgasm subsided. It’s not, as if I’m related to him. He is my Aunt’s husband, almost a stranger.

Her uncle Jim, came into her life, two years ago. Ellen shuddered, as her lust rose. She thought about the events, of the day. This was the most exciting day, she ever had. Ellen rolled over, onto her back. Her legs were open.

Ellen played with herself, as she remembered, her first orgasm, of the day. It was shortly after, she greeted her uncle, with a family type of embrace, and a proper kiss, on the cheek.

As she held him, she caught the heady aroma, of his masculinity. Her vagina gushed. Her panties, turned into an absorbent pad.

She could feel the wetness spread, throughout her pubic area. She blushed furiously. She excused her self, to her room. She removed her damp panties. She fell across her bed, burying her face into her pillow. Her hands went, to her crotch.

Ellen, still, could not believe, that it had happened. It was her first, real, sexual experience. She had made out, with a few boys. She had, even, let some of them, play with her tits. One night, she had masturbated a boy, while he used his hands on her. That night had been, so, frustrating.

Her only orgasm that night, was at home, alone, with her hand. This was, way, different. This was, real, adult, sex. It was not fucking, but it was close. She had just turned eighteen. She would be graduating soon. She was tired, of being a girl. She wanted to be, a woman. Her lush body, demanded it.

Ellen’s hands, began to work her self up, as she remembered her experience today. She had been flushed with passion, all day long. She had flirted, with her uncle. She teased him. First instinctively, then with intent. She felt so mature, as she teased him, through the day.

It was late, in the afternoon. Her parents had left them alone, in the house, to go to the store. Ellen walked into the front room. Her uncle grabbed her. He spun her around, and pressed her roughly against the textured wall. He spoke into her ear, as he pulled her blouse, out of her skirt.

“You picked the wrong man, to tease, little girl. Show it to me, and I’ll take it.”

He pushed her blouse, up above her tits. He was not abusive, but his hands were rough. He slipped his hands, under the bra cups. He made free use of his hands, on her firm tits. She was pressed, against the wall. She could feel the abrasive nature, of the texturing, on her bared body. His rough hands, were warm, on her body. He spoke softly, as he commanded her.

“Lift your skirt. Put your hands, in your panties.”

Ellen complied, as if in a trance. She masturbated, as he fondled her. He kissed her neck, biting her, gently, with little love nips. Ellen was mostly aware, of his firm erection. His hard organ, pressed against her ass. She could feel it pulse, with life.

Ellen began to moan. She twisted her head, trying to get to his lips.

“You’re a hot, little, number.”

Ellen was experiencing, her first spasms of orgasm. Her moaning, became louder. He pulled her, to her knees, in front of the, wide, over stuffed chair, in the living room. He took his seat. He leered at her, as he opened his pants. He pulled out, his erection.

Ellen was intimidated, by its size. Ellen was blushing brightly.

“You, little, cock teasing, whore. Put your mouth, to work.”

The crudeness of his words, brought Ellen new waves of lust. He spoke harshly. He slapped her soundly, but not hard.

“Do it, bitch. Keep your hand, in your cunt. I want to see, your eyes sparkle, while you suck me off.”

Ellen was shocked by the slap. And, by her uncle’s crude words. Ellen hesitated only a moment, when her uncle pushed her head to his erection.

“Now, bitch. Do me, good.”

Ellen had no choice, about whither she would take him, into her mouth. His hands, on the sides of her head, were strong, and insistent. Ellen wrapped one hand, around his erection. She began to stroke him, as she masturbated herself, to an orgasm.

Her orgasm, was spasming her body, as her uncle, filled her mouth, with his, silky smooth, semen.

“Clean me up.”

Ellen licked his cock, and her hands, clean. She startled, as she heard her parents, in the driveway. She, and her uncle, quickly tucked, and neatened, porno indir themselves.

Ellen was flushed, with embarrassment. She went out to help, bring the groceries into the house. She was sure, that everyone, would notice her arousal. She could smell herself. She could smell, her uncle’s arousal. She was sure, her parents would, also, smell the scents, of sexual arousal.

Her parents, did not seem to notice, any of it. Ellen excused herself, as soon as she could. She took a, quick, shower. When she returned, her uncle acted, as if nothing had happened. He was light, and chipper, as he made his goodbyes.

He hugged her goodbye, as he let his hand slip onto her ass. He fondled, her ass, lightly, as he spoke.

“I’ll see you, tomorrow.”

He had said it aloud, but Ellen was sure, he was talking, just to her.

Ellen should have been, tired the next day. She slept lightly. She woke up several times, through the night, in the throes of passion. She did not like muffling her moans, and cries of passion, but she did. Her best masturbations, were when she was alone. Her cries, and moans, of passion aroused herself, to greater excitement.

Ellen arose. She said to her self, It will all be different, today.

Her Aunt Sherry would be here, with her uncle. Ellen was sure, that he would not try anything, with Sherry around. Her parents were going, for the weekend, to visit her older brother. Patrick, had moved to the campus, of a distant collage. The were leaving tonight. Her parents would not be back, until Monday about noon.

They said, they wanted to drive into the night, so that they could be there early, Saturday morning. Ellen knew, they were looking forward to a night alone, in a motel. They had been acting like teenagers, since they had planned the trip.

Ellen said to her self. Its no wonder, I’m aroused. They’re filling the house, with their lust.

Ellen shuddered, as she thought, They are so old. She blushed, thinking of her uncle. He was the same age, as her parents. He didn’t seem old, at all.

Ellen spent the day, helping her mother pack. They made snacks, for the trip. They packed the car, and were ready to leave. They would leave, as soon as her aunt, and uncle, arrived.

When Aunt Sherry arrived, they quickly, exchanged contact information. Her parent’s left, hand in hand. They were bubbling, and excited.

As soon as her parents left, the mood changed. The mood of the house, went from light, and airy, to a sultry aura, of sensuality. Sherry and Jim, kissed and fondled. Aunt Sherry, had Ellen help unpack her luggage, into the master bedroom.

Her aunt’s luggage, was filled with sexy clothes, and night wear. Ellen blushed, as her aunt unpacked a small bag, into the drawer, next to the bed. Her aunt made sure, that Ellen saw the sex toys. She embraced Ellen, as she spoke.

“We’ll have so much fun, this weekend. At least, Jim and I, will have fun this weekend.”

Ellen shivered, at the implication. Sherry led Ellen, to the front room.

“Jim, please be a dear. Go get us some takeout, for dinner. Chinese would be nice.”

Sherry drew Ellen, tightly against her.

” We can nibble, all night. Take your time. Ellen and I, are going to have a little, girl to girl talk.”

Uncle Jim, kissed Sherry.

“I’ll be back, in an hour. I think I’ll stop for a beer, and give you ladies a chance to talk.”

Jim left the house. Sherry’s mood changed, instantly. Sherry took Ellen, by the hair, and marched her into the bedroom.

“You little, bitch. Whore.”

Ellen was crying, as Sherry threw her onto the bed. Sherry removed the wide belt from her waist. She slashed at Ellen’s upturned ass .

“Fucking slut. You sucked, my husbands cock.”

Sherry circled the bed, as she spoke.

“Jim tells me, everything.”

Sherry continued to stalk Ellen, slashing her, with the belt.

“Bitch. Whore. Slut. I’m going to beat, your ass. Get those clothes off. Do it now.”

Sherry was bubbling, with lust, as she stalked Ellen. She slashed, at Ellen, as she spoke.

“I want you, naked, when I beat your ass.”

Ellen was frightened. She was afraid, to follow the orders. She was afraid, not to follow, her aunt’s orders. Ellen was sobbing. Her face, was wet, with tears. Her ass, was on fire. Ellen’s vagina, was dripping. Her head was bowed, as she complied with Sherry’s orders.

Ellen was soon on her knees, on the bed, naked, and sobbing.

“I’m so sorry, Aunt Sherry, I didn’t mean to do it. He’s so strong, and forceful.”

Sherry went wild, with the belt.

“You bitch. Blaming it on Jim. He told me, how you shook that sexy ass, at him. You flashed those pretty tits, in his face.”

Sherry pulled Ellen’s face, up to her own.

“Are you implying, that Jim was lying to me?”

Ellen shook, with fear.

“No aunt Sherry, please, I didn’t mean to. He’s so sexy, I couldn’t help myself. Please, I won’t do it again.”

Aunt sherry smiled.

“You’ll do it again, you little slut. You do not rise a mans passion, then rokettube leave him cold. You’re going to do it, again. This time with class. I’ll teach you how.”

Sherry sat down, in a wide armless chair, next to the bed.

“Get up here. You naughty girl. Lay across my lap.

Ellen was crying, as she climbed, off of the bed. She laid herself, across Sherry lap. Sherry, inspected her open vagina, with her fingers.

” A virgin. I wonder, how you’ve been able to keep it, acting like a slut.”

Sherry spanked, Ellen’s, already, red, ass. She pushed Ellen, from her lap.

“I love beating your, ass, it excites me so. I wouldn’t be like this, if you hadn’t been fucking, with my man.”

Sherry pushed Ellen, from her lap. She slid forward, in the chair.

“Get that bitchy, witchy, mouth on me. Do it good. Or, I’ll get off beating you, black and blue.”

Ellen realized, what was being commanded of her, she wailed.

“Please, aunt Sherry. Please, don’t make me do that.”

Sherry pushed Ellen, over on to her side. Sherry beat her, again, with the wide belt.

” You little whore, do not ever, defy me again. You’ll beg me, to do it.”

“Please, no.”

Sherry spoke, with venom in her voice.

“Wrong answer.”

Sherry continued to lash, at Ellen. She covered her ass, her back, and her thighs, with wide red splotches.

“Please. Stop. I’ll do it.”

“Not good enough.”

Sherry continued to lash, at Ellen. Sherry continued whipping Ellen, until she heard the sobbing girl wail.

“Please, let me do it.”

Sherry smiled, and drew Ellen up to her knees. Sharron spoke sweetly, as she kissed the crying girl.

“That was better. I’m sure, you can beg better, than that. Try it.”

Ellen was in tears. She tried to control her sobs, as she moaned out her plea, with a bright red face.

“Please let me …”

Her words became, a, stuttering, confused noise.”

“That was close. Try this. Please mistress, let me eat your cunt.”

“Aunt Sherry, I, just, can’t say that.”

Sherry was in great glee, as she slapped Ellen, hard.

“Do not defy me. Say it now, or you will still be naked, and being beat, when Jim gets back.”

“Please. No. I’d die, of shame. Please.”

“Say it. Say it now. Don’t make me, stand up.”

Ellen’s shoulders lowered. Her head bowed.

“Please Mistress, let me eat your cunt.”

The last words were barely audible. Sherry looked down at her sobbing niece, as she relaxed back, pulling Ellen’s face to her.

” Yes, my lovely niece, you may eat my cunt. I know, how much you want to do it. You want, to make it up to me, for sucking my husbands cock.”

Ellen was not sure, what she was supposed to do. The musk of Sherry’s arousal, excited her. Ellen didn’t have to worry, about her inexperience. Sherry took control, of Ellen’s head, with her hands. She took control, of Ellen’s tongue, with her words.

“Eat me. Eat me, like a whore. Eat me, like you ate, my husband. Bitch. Whore. Slut.”

Sherry took her pleasure, from Ellen’s mouth. Sherry flooded her mouth, with rich, pungent, juices.

“Drink it all. Don’t waste, a drop.”

Sherry’s orgasm was powerful, with spasms of pleasure, and copious secretions.

When Sherry had recovered, from her orgasm, and her after glow, she went to the bed, and reclined.

“Undress me, my pretty, little, love slave.”

Ellen stripped, her aunt Sherry. Sherry pulled Ellen to her, holding her comfortingly. Sherry was Crooning.

“My poor, little, niece. Let me comfort you. You got your spanking, now it’s over.”

Sherry caressed Ellen, up into passion. It took little energy, to do so. Ellen was hot, with lust.

“Your ass is, so, hot. I’m sure, that you are all worked up. I can’t let Jim see you, like this. He won’t be able, to control himself.”

Sherry kissed Ellen. Sherry delivered, short shots of pain, to Ellen, with her teeth. Sherry used her practiced hand, to raise Ellen’s passion.

Ellen was moaning. She began to scream, out her orgasm. Sherry drank in Ellen’s lust, as it raged. Soon, the spasming young woman, was kissing Sherry, with passion. Ellen shared her orgasm, with her mistress.

Sherry and Ellen, shared their afterglow, with kisses, and caresses. Ellen’s kisses, were ones of devotion. Sherry’s, were ones of lust.

Sherry’s skillful hands, and lips, brought Ellen’s vagina alive. Ellen felt, as if her vagina, was in charge. Ellen blushed at the thought. She smiled, as she said to herself, My mistress, is in charge.

As the thought formed, Ellen shuddered with delight.

“Go have a bath. Return to me, naked.”

“Yes mistress.”

Ellen was flushed, with embarrassment, and excitement.

Ellen returned, bathed and refreshed. She had a towel around her, as she entered the room. Sherry slapped her.”

“I told you, to return naked. You will, always, obey my orders, exactly. Go back, and try it again. Bitch.”

Ellen’s eyes, filled with tears, as she returned to the bathroom. Ellen hung the towel seks filmi up, then returned to Sherry, naked, except for her, bright, red mantle, of embarrassment.

“That’s better. You will obey me, in all things. You will do, exactly, what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. You’ll do, whatever I tell you to do, with whoever, I tell you to do it with.”

As sherry was speaking, she was also forcing Ellen, to her knees, before her. She looked down, at her kneeling niece.

“Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sherry spoke, with a wicked smile.

“If I tell you to lick my shoes, you will do it.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Sherry glared at Ellen. She spoke in a voice, dripping with venom.

“Lick my shoes, little girl.”

Ellen flushed, with embarrassment, again.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Ellen knelt down, before her mistress. Ellen leaned forward, and bathed Sherry’s spiked heels, with her saliva, and her devotion.

“Get up, you lazy slut. There’s work, to be done. Tonight, you are a serving slave.”

Ellen rose to her feet. She wanted, to kiss Sherry. She knew, she must only follow orders.

“I have, just, the right outfit for you. Sherry laid out a white silk Chinese dress. The dress had Chinese dragons, embroidered on the dress. The silk dress was thin, and clinging. The dragons looked, as if they were climbing, over the mountains of Ellen’s full breasts.

The dress fit tight ,across her ass. Ellen felt naked, even with the dress on. The knotted buttons, secured the dress, tightly, to her lush body. Ellen was buttoned, from her neck, to just above the knees, where the dress ended.

Sherry brushed, Ellen’s hair. She twisted it, into a tight knot, at the back of her head. Sherry secured, Ellen’s bun, with two lacquered chopsticks.

Sherry, lightly, made up Ellen’s face. Sherry used eyelash color, and penciled in Ellen’s brows. She applied, violet eyeliner, on Ellen’s eyes. When Ellen saw herself, in the mirror, she was pleasantly surprised. A woman, was looking back at her.

Sherry, looked Ellen over.

“Almost perfect. It’s just, a little, conservative.”

Sherry circled Ellen, with amusement in her eyes.

“We’ll play a game. Whenever I say ‘open,’ you will unbutton, one button.” Let’s try it now. Open.”

Ellen was caught, in the excitement, of the game. Ellen smiled slyly, wetting her lips, with her tongue. She flirted with Sherry, as she unbuttoned the top button.


Ellen unbuttoned another button, with a coy smile. Sherry repeated her commands, until Ellen’s dress, was unbuttoned, to her breasts. As Ellen moved, the dress gaped, showing her ample cleavage, and her tits, almost to the nipples.

“That’s better.”

Sherry led Ellen, into the den. She made Ellen, serve her drinks. Sherry shared her drinks, with Ellen, from her mouth. Ellen was light, and cheery, when she heard Jim’s car, pull into the driveway.

Sherry spoke her command, with authority in her voice.

“A serving slave, meets her master, kneeling at the door.”

“Yes, Mistress”

Ellen rose, to obey her mistress. Ellen’s eyes, were sparkling, as she knelt, by the door. She pulled herself up, pushing her taught breasts, against the, thin, material. Ellen was, totally, into her role.

Ellen leaned forward a little, allowing the dress, to gape open. She proudly, displayed her charms. Ellen had never been so excited, in her life.

Sherry walked up, to her husband. She embraced him, and kissed him deeply.

Jim was leering, at Ellen, in her servitude.”

“We have a serving slave, to serve us tonight.”

Jim set the plastic bags of food down.

“She’s, a pretty, little, serving wench.”

Sherry led Jim, into the den.

“Put the food on dishes, find some covers, so the food won’t get cold, before you serve it.”

“Yes Mistress”

Sherry sat her husband, on the low wide couch. Sherry served him a drink. Sherry, and Jim, petted, and kissed. They caressed each other, as they watched their serving slave, put out the food. Sherry stroked, his erection.

“You are just too tense, to eat, right now. That is, except our little slave.”

Sherry slipped onto the floor, before Jim. Sherry remove his pants, and his shorts. Sherry worked them, over his knees. She began to kiss, and fondle, his erection.

“Your uncle is, so, excited. Get up, on the couch. Kneel, next to him. He wants to see, what a big girl, you are.”

“Yes, Mistress”

Ellen knelt, next to her uncle.


Sherry took Jim’s erection, into her mouth. Ellen smiled, as she opened, one more button on her dress. Jim moved his hands, into the dress. He moved his lips, to hers.

Sherry pulled the erection, from her mouth.

“You can play, but you may not have her, until you’ve pleased me.”

Sherry stroked, his erection.

“If you please me tonight, you can eat, her sweet pussy, for desert.”

Sherry sucked Jim, expertly. Jim busied himself, with Ellen’s charms. He was fucking, his wife’s mouth. His is sexual energy, was focused on Ellen.

Ellen was agitated, and frustrated. She wanted sex, now, in every way.

Jim filled Sherry’s mouth, with semen, as he growled, with pleasure. Ellen was flushed, and frustrated. Sherry ignored her. She was into her husband’s pleasure, and her own lusts.

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