Aunt Sherry Comes to Visit Ch. 02

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Ellen roused to consciousness, in full heat. She became aware, of her surroundings. Sherry was kneeling over her, using the dildo on her. Sherry was quite pleased, by Ellen’s response.

“Good morning, my pretty, little, whore. You opened, so well. It is always like that, when a woman, is properly aroused.”

Sherry, lightly, switched, the globes of Ellen’s, sensitive tits. Sherry spoke, as she amused herself, with her new slave.

“Some women, like yourself, will never be properly aroused, without the pain. Light pain, in the morning, to start the day. Heaver pain, as the day goes on. It’ll become, almost unbearable, in the dark of night. It’s in the dark of the night, that a whore shines.”

Sherry dipped her head, as she nipped, Ellen’s nipples, to erection. Sherry spoke with a smile.

“You’ll shine, for me, tonight.”

Sherry removed the dildo, and licked it clean.

“Go take care of your self. Remove the plug. Clean it, and yourself. Come to me, naked.”

Ellen blushed, as she heard Sherry’s commands. In her sleep, she had forgotten, about the plug in her ass. Suddenly, she could not stop thinking, about the intruding butt plug. She also, could not stop thinking, about her impending violation.

“Walk slowly, across the room. I love to see, your naked ass, as you walk.”

Sherry rolled over, onto her back. She used the dildo, in her cunt, as she watched her naked slave, walk, slowly, across the room. Sherry loved the purple pattern, of bruises, across Ellen’s back, and legs. And, on her ass.

Ellen returned, from the bathroom, with the clean butt plug, in her hand. Sherry took it, from her. She laid Ellen, onto her back, on the bed. Sherry propped Ellen up, so that she could watch, her mistress play. Sherry lubricated, Ellen’s rose bud. She greased up, a thin dildo.

“Ass fucking, is so intense. It hurts, so, bad, when it first goes in.”

Sherry pushed the dildo, into Ellen’s, almost, virgin asshole. Ellen’s eyes flared open, from the shock. Her eyes, filled with tears. Sherry began to fuck, Ellen’s ass.

“When the pain lessens, it turns to, pure, lust.”

Sherry took, Ellen’s hands, and placed them, on the dildo.

“Do it for me. I want to taste your lust, when you kiss me.”

Ellen took the dildo. She fucked herself, for her mistress’s pleasure. Ellen was soon, fucking herself, for her own pleasure. As the pain subsided, it did, indeed, turn to lust. Sherry drank, Ellen’s orgasm, from her mouth. Sherry loved, the tart taste, of unbridled lust.

Ellen’s orgasm, was neither, bridled, nor quiet. Sherry retrieved the dildo, wiped it off, and sat it aside. Sherry lubricated, Ellen’s rose bud, and a, larger, butt plug. Sherry was grinning, with pleasure, as she handed it, to Ellen.

“Put it in, little bitch.”

“Yes ma’am”

There was fear, in Ellen’s eyes. The fear was over shadowed, by Ellen’s excitement, and lust. Ellen placed, the pointed end, of the plug, against her sphincter. She fucked, her ass, with the smooth, slippery, plastic.

Ellen pushed it in, further each time. Ellen pulled it back, when the pain became, too intense. Ellen began to cry, from the pain. She would not stop. Her mistress, had ordered to put it in, and she would, always, obey her mistress’s orders.

Sherry’s eyes, were shinning, with excitement. She, shuddered, when she heard, Ellen’s sharp exclamation, of pain, as the widest part, of the plug, crossed Ellen’s, sphincter muscle. The butt plug slid, the rest of the way in. The pain subsided, as Sherry kissed away, the tears.

Sherry pulled Ellen up.

“Get your, lazy, ass moving. Go wake up my man, his favorite way. Give him your pussy, if he wants it.”

“Yes Mistress”

“After, my men is no longer tense, go fix the coffee.”

“Your man, interests me more, this morning, than the coffee does.”

“You little bitch. I’ll have, your ass.”

Ellen smiled mischievously.

“You already have, mistress”

Ellen dressed herself, in silk stockings, and garters. Ellen straightened, and smoothed her silk stockings. She sat on the chair, and buckled her heel’s, onto her ankles. She stood up, and posed for her mistress.

“I’ll serve your customer, like a whore.”

Ellen walked, from the bedroom, to the den. Ellen felt, so, alive. She was full of life, and energy. Ellen knew, she no longer walked, like a little girl. She no longer felt, like a little girl. Ellen could feel, the invading butt plug, inside of her. It was a constant reminder, of her servitude, and her maturity.

Ellen walked, to the full-length mirror, in the hallway. She paused, to admire herself. The ravishing, young woman, who looked back at her, was like a stranger to her.

Ellen posed for herself, as she slowly turned around. There was nothing immature, about the woman, in the mirror. It was hard for Ellen to accept, the mature young woman, looking back at her, as herself.

The effect, of the large golden loops, in her ears, and the tattoo on her breast, accentuated her maturity. Ellen shuddered escort bursa with delight, as she thought, to herself, “I’m a woman, for sure. I’m, my mistress’s slave. I’m, her whore.”

Ellen was ecstatic, with life, and lust. She said, to herself, I will please my mistress, by pleasing her man.

Ellen approached the sleeping man, on the couch in the den. She stood before him, looking down, at his sleeping form. She saw him, not as her uncle, but as her mistress’s, customer. Her intent, as she removed the cover, from him, was not to please him, or herself. Her intent, was to please, her mistress.

Ellen’s heart began to race, as her eyes fell, onto the man’s erection. Ellen’s vagina flushed, with moisture, and lust. Ellen began to masturbate, herself, to passion.

Ellen’s body, was filled with lust, and passion. Her body, wanted to fuck. Every nerve in her body, was vibrating, with sexual energy.

Ellen knelt beside, the sleeping customer. As she watched, he turned onto his back. He displayed, his full erection to her, as he slept. Ellen worked her self up, with her hand, while she filled her mouth, with saliva.

Ellen lowered her head. She took to cock, into her mouth. His cock became as wet, and shiny, as her cunt. Ellen sucked him to passion, and wakefulness.

He, instinctively, took her head. He masturbated himself, with her wet, velvet smooth, mouth. His lust, raised. His eye’s, sparkled.

Ellen pulled back, from him. She stood, displaying her full body, to him.

“Do you think, I’m sexy?” Do you like, my tits?”

Ellen smiled coyly.

“Do you want, to fuck me?”

“You fucking, little, whore, get your ass over here. I want a piece of it.”

Ellen approached him, demurely.

“You’re so big, and strong. Please, don’t hurt me. I’m just, a little girl.”

Ellen watched the lust, flair in his eyes, as his erection began to pulse. Ellen knelt, next to him. She spoke, with a whimper.

“I’m, so, naughty. I can’t, help myself.”

She spoke, with a demure voice. Almost, in a whisper.

“I want to be, a good girl. Please make me, good. I want to be, so, good, for you.”

She spoke, pleadingly, as she lay across, his lap.


Jim grinned, as he spanked her. Ellen loved the sensations, from the fresh pain, of his spanking hand. She felt, the dull pain, of her bruises. Ellen’s lust, was raging. Her cunt was open, and wet. She wanted to please him, for her mistress.

Her vagina, wanted the erection, for it’s own pleasure. It was as if, her vagina, was a separate person, living with her. Ellen knew in her heart, that her vagina, would have command her, to fuck Jim, even if her mistress, had not.

Ellen knew, that she was a slave, to them both. She reveled, in her servitude. She was a willing slave, to her mistress, and to her own lusts. Ellen rose up, to her knees. She straddled, her aroused customer. She, slowly, settled down, onto his erection.

Ellen’s vagina, took the erection, easily. It filled her fuller, than it had last night. She could feel the pressure, on the erection, from the wide butt plug, firmly in her ass. With both, solid intrusions, Ellen was full. Ellen smiled, thinking the only thing better, would be, two erections in her.

She blushed, at the thought, of two men fucking her, at the same time. The idea, set her on fire. She no longer thought, like a little girl. She did not feel, like a little girl. The raging lust that drove her, was not the curious lust, of a girl. Her lust was full, and deep. Ellen fucked, like the young woman, she had become.

Ellen fucked her customer, like a pro. Ellen could feel, Jim’s erection, swelling, for his orgasm. A sense of disappointment, crossed her mind. Ellen, was raging. She knew it would be over, before she reached her climax. She did not let her customer know, of her frustration.

She fucked him, to completion. Just before, he reached his climax, he, roughly, rolled her over, onto her back. He fucked her hard, and deep.

His lust, was for himself. The writhing woman below him, was just a cunt, to ejaculate in. He slammed himself, into her. Jim’s erection, became his weapon, of domination. Ellen loved the, rough, raw, sex. She wanted to fuck, forever. He wanted to feel her, tight, vagina around his cock, as he came.

His orgasm was intense, and full. He flooded her, with his semen, and his lust. Jim’s orgasm, was for him, and him, alone. Ellen slipped off, his softening erection, and cleaned it, with her mouth. Jim was satisfied. Ellen was not.

Ellen smiled, as she thought; My mistress, will satisfy me soon. Ellen remembered, her mistress’s orders. She removed her heel’s and stockings, before she went to the kitchen. She was naked, for her mistress, as she made the coffee.

Ellen couldn’t, keep her hand, out of her, wet, vagina. She worked, as a domestic servant. As she worked, at her menial chores, she managed to get herself, a small orgasm.

Her small orgasm, calmed her a little. It did not calm, the raging lust in bursa merkez eskort her vagina. Ellen returned to the den, as the coffee brewed. Jim was, no longer, in the room. Ellen looked at the mess. She began to clean, and straighten the room. She continued neatening. As she worked, she found herself, in the doorway, of the master bedroom.

Jim was on top, of Sherry. He was fucking her, with the passion, Ellen had wanted. Ellen’s attention, was on her mistress. Sherry was in, the throes of passion. Ellen watched, her mistress’s lust, and passion, rise to fruition. Ellen thought to herself, She is, so, beautiful.

Ellen’s passion rose, with her mistress’s passion. Sherry’s passion, was raised, by her husband’s erection. Ellen’s passion, was raised with her hand. Sherry’s lust, excited Ellen.

Ellen was sure, her lust for Sherry, was not because she was a lesbian. Ellen’s lust for Sherry, came from, her enslavement, by her mistress. Ellen knew in her heart, she was a slave. Even the thought, sent shivers of excitement, through her body, and her mind.

Ellen saw, her mistress glowing, as Jim left her, to go into the bathroom. Sherry called Ellen, to her, with her eyes. Ellen knew, her place,. She was happy to kneel, between her mistress legs. The, heady, aroma of sex, filled the bed. Ellen’s lust, filled her vagina, with juices, as Ellen filled her mouth, with her mistress’s juices, mingled with fresh semen.

Ellen loved the taste, of semen, mixed with the taste, of an aroused woman. Sherry accepted Ellen’s services, as a pleasure slave. Sherry used her slave, to finish what Jim, had started. Sherry was sure, it was time, to change men. Sherry changed husbands, like dresses. Every season, brought a new style.

Sherry was bored, with him. His rough passion, had excited her, at first. It was losing, its effect on her, quickly. Sherry filled Ellen’s mouth, with her passion. Sherry grinned down at Ellen.

“Is my slave, horny?”

Ellen bowed, her head.

“Yes mistress.”

Ellen looked up at her mistress, with pleading eyes.

“I’m so horny, I want to rape someone. Anyone.”

Ellen lowered her head.

“Anyone my mistress, gives me.”

“First coffee. Lust, like good coffee, must brew awhile, or it will be weak, and tasteless. Watered down sex, is nasty. I’ll have, none of it. I will have you. Hot, wet, and obedient. Go serve coffee, on the patio

“Yes mistress.”

Ellen left, the bedroom, to serve coffee, and her mistress, on the patio. Ellen waited for her mistress. Ellen was masturbating, as she waited.

Ellen had just finished a small orgasm, when Sherry arrived, with her man, in tow. Jim’s eyes, and attention, were not on Sherry. He thought, only, of the slave, that served his wife.

Ellen served the coffee, and pastries. Ellen made sure, she posed herself, at all times. Ellen moved within Jim’s reach, at regular intervals. She suffered his crude groping, with smiles. Ellen was dripping with lust, not from Jim’s, rough, handling, and leering gaze. What excited Ellen, was her servitude, to her mistress.

When they were finished, Sherry kissed her man.

“Go have fun today. After the game, go to the whore house, and deposit your lust, in one, or more, of the whores.”

Sherry looked at Ellen, and commanded.

“Turn around. Bend over. Show your uncle, your new toy.”

Ellen bent, in her servitude. Ellen’s face was bright red, as she spread, her ass cheeks. She displayed, the butt plug, in her ass, for her uncles view.”

“A young woman’s first ass fucking, should be long, and slow. It must last long enough, to justify the pain. I will not have, my new slave, turned off, by ass fucking.”

Jim got up. He kissed Sherry, briefly. He inquired, as he leered at Ellen’s display.

“When, should I return?”

“Around 10:00, will be fine.”

Jim stepped up to Ellen. He pulled her up, roughly. He turned her around. He kissed her, lewdly.

“I’ll be back, for that virgin ass. I’ll fuck, your sweet cunt, till you can’t walk. Then, I’ll turn you over, and fill your virgin ass, with my cum.”

Ellen shivered, at the crude words. Ellen felt, like a slut.

“I serve my mistress. You can have my ass, if she gives it to you. If she doesn’t, you’ll have to jack off.”

Jim snarled.

“Fucking bitch, you’ll give my your ass tonight, or I’ll take it. If your mistress doesn’t like it, I’ll butt fuck, both of you.”

Jim stormed out of the house, in a rage, slamming the door behind him.

Sherry was amused.

“Just think of him, as a useful dildo. I do.”

Sherry, and her slave, retired, to the walk-in bathtub. Ellen served her mistress, well. Sherry accepted, her slave’s ministrations. She returned Ellen’s kisses, with spanks, and lashes. Ellen, was on fire. She was whimpering, with need. Sherry loved, to see the lust, in her slaves’ eyes.

Sherry was in love, with Ellen’s pleadings. Sherry took her, to the bedroom. She threw the naked slave, onto the bursa sınırsız escort bed. Sherry’s eyes were narrowed, with lust, and excitement. She spoke, with her whip in her hand.

“Beg, bitch. Tell me, of your need. Beg like a slut, in heat.”

Sherry methodically, beat her slave, as she stroked, her own cunt. Ellen was wailing, and pleading.

“Please, I need it so. Beat my ass. Fuck me. Please.”

Sherry was furious, as she screamed at her slave, punctuating her words with the whip.

“I don’t want to hear, a little girl beg. I don’t want to hear, a woman beg. I want to hear, a slut beg. I want to hear, slutty, words, coming out of your, slutty, mouth, like the juice falls out of, your slutty cunt.”

Ellen let go of, any nice girl, that was inside of her. She had always acted like a slut, in her fantasies. She had never had the courage, to act like a slut, in the real world. The words, coming out of her, slutty, mouth, raped the ‘nice little girl,’ inside of her.

Ellen became the slut ,of her fantasies, as she begged, for her mistress.

“Fuck me, mistress. Fuck me, in my mouth. Fuck my, wet, cunt. Fuck my, little asshole. Make me cum. I’m as hot, as a street whore. I fucking want, a fucking cock, in my fucking cunt. Make my hot pussy, hotter.”

Ellen was sparkling. Her eyes were alive with lust, and longing, for her mistress.

“Please, fuck your, dirty, whore. I’ll suck, your cunt. I’ll lick, your shoes. I’ll peddle my ass, on the street. Just, fuck me. My cunt is, hot. I want to be fucked, right now. Any way, you want to fuck me. Make my pussy drip, like a whore, who loves her work.”

Sherry was pleased, with her niece’s education. Sherry lay down on the bed ,spreading her legs.

“Make me cum, and I’ll let you jack off, for me.”

Ellen went about her task, with enthusiasm, and Sherry’s dildo. Ellen lost none, of her slutty ways, nor did she stop, giving her mistress slutty words.

“I love your cunt, mistress. The smell, drives me crazy. I love, the feel of it. I love, the taste of it. I love to feel, my mouth, fill with your cum. My pussy drips, for you.”

Ellen sank her face, into the depths, of Sherry’s, open, wet, cunt. She was, eating her. She was, sucking her. Ellen was beaming, inside, as her mistress spasmed, with her orgasm. Ellen wanted, so much, to please her.

“I want to watch, you cum.”

Ellen began a dance of lust, for her mistress. She was on her knees, with her legs spread, apart. Ellen swayed ,to the music, in her head. She made love, to her mistress, with her eyes. Ellen began to rise up, to her orgasm. She was, so, hot, it took no time, at all. Ellen’s nostrils, flared, as her hands, moved faster.

“Please, fuck me. I want your mouth, and your hands on me. Please, use me. I want to fuck, for you. I’ll fuck anyone, for you. Please. I need more. My hands, are not enough.”

Sherry threw the dildo, to Ellen.

“Amuse me.”

Ellen grinned, as she picked up, he shiny wet dildo. She pushed it, into her, open, vagina. Ellen used the dildo, on herself, for her mistress’ pleasure, and for her, own lust.

“I love to fuck. I love to fuck, for you. I’m such, a slut. My pussy drips, for you.”

Ellen moved closer, to Sherry.

“I’m so naughty. I need, a spanking. It would make me, so, good.”

Ellen plead, with her mistress. She plead, with her eyes, and her mouth.

“Please, make me good. I’ll cum so hard, for you. Please.”

Sherry used her whip, on Ellen’s, bare, ass. Sherry punished her, in earnest. Ellen began, to moan. The pain brought on her orgasm, in shuddering waves. She shouted out, to her mistress, as she came.

“I’m coming. I’m coming, for you. My pussy, is yours. My pleasure, is for you.”

Ellen fell back, unable to hold herself up, any longer. She made sure, she was properly displayed, for her mistress. Ellen shook, with waves of pleasure. Ellen’s gaze was fixed, on her mistress, as she convulsed, and writhed. Ellen’s words, were almost unintelligible.

“It’s for you, mistress, my cum, is for you.”

Sherry said wickedly, “Not good enough, bitch. I’ll make, you cum.” Sherry rose up, onto her knees. She used her whip, on Ellen’s tits. She spoke, sternly.

“Use that dildo, like a horny man. Rape yourself, for me. Make it hurt.”

Ellen used the dildo, like Jim had used his cock, on her, last night. Ellen loved the pain, of her violent rape, of herself. She was screaming out her pleasure, in sounds, and moans. The only words, she used, were her vulgar commands, to herself.

“Harder, bitch. Do it harder. Fucking slut. Whore. Bitch.”

Ellen obeyed, her own commands. Ellen lost all sense of time, and circumstances, as she made a show, for her mistress. Ellen’s orgasm peaked, with convulsions, of lust. Before she could take her after glow, Sherry spoke.

“Get your, dirty, mouth, on my cunt. Suck me dry. Make me cum.

“Yes mistress. I love, to bring you pleasure.”

Sherry accepted Ellen’s devotion, and her, busy, tongue.

“So do I, woman. So do I.”

Sherry spent the day, playing with her new slave. Sherry took Ellen to her room. She spent the morning, playing dolls. Ellen was the doll. Sherry dressed Ellen, and undressed her. Sherry made Ellen, service her, in many different outfits. Sherry kept Ellen, in a constant state, of arousal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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